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Found 500 results

  1. I am trying to diagnose my acne so that I can find a good cure. For the past three years i have had perfectly good skin all summer long. As soon as the colder weather hits (around novemberish?), I begin to break out really badly. I break out on my forehead and chin/mouth area, and sometimes cheeks. I notice that my forehead acne goes away slightly after the first few months, but around my chin stays. As soon as March hits, almost overnight I am clear, or at least it seems that wa
  2. Hello, i am new and need some advice/guidance. I am currently 23 female with cystic acne. I have had acne since I was 10-11 started puberty at 9. It wasn't too bad looking back on it it was normal zits that went away. 2 years around I started getting hard lumps on my face that would come to a head. I think I was over drying my skin with over the counter products when I already have dry skin to begin with. Now I am stuck.. I have tried so many options from over the counter to holistic and fitness
  3. I am a female teen and have been using the acne.org regimen for a little over 5 months. Up until the last month it worked as it said it would, I was completely clear. However, within the last month the benzoyl peroxide has caused extreme redness, dryness and itchiness. I did not change anything, that I am aware of. Because of the extreme discomfort of the benzoyl peroxide, I took a break for about a week. I started using a natural regimen recommended by a women with much knowledge in natural
  4. Okay so I have mild acne and it was in control but I went to barber and he have wrong pooped my pimple So im wondering is this scar and will this ever recover I will die if its permanent :, (
  5. I have said this in many of my other posts on this website but I will say it again for those of you who have not read my other posts. Almost 4 months ago I started a new birth control called ortho try cyclin. I went on it strictly for bad Cramps and acne. Before the birth control my acne was mild to moderate. Now almost finishing my fourth month I have the worst skin I have ever had and I need your help. I am left with the worst red marks from pimples that have left my skin almost 2 to 3 month
  6. Hello guys I need advice. I've struggled with acne a couple of years now and it does seem to get worse. My genetics have apparently blessed me with large pores and bad skin in general (see attachments). I've tried the regimen but it didn't help. It made my skin more oily and the pores more visible. Pore strips have a rather negative reputation since many people say that they only make the pores larger, something which I absolutely don't want to happen. Can you give me advice on products
  7. Since I was in middle school, probably in the fourth grade, I've had acne. Its not like huge bumps and pimples; its small black heads anf the occasionally whiteheads and those big stress bumps. Its all over my face expect my nose and mouth area. I'm not in the 11th grade and I have been using regular soap but they are not going away. I used proactiv for like 2-3 weeks. It workwd but after about 4 big bumps were on my chin. I don't know what to do. I don't want to take junior pictures with pimp
  8. Im on mo.2 of accutane and am taking 80mg a day - 1 in the morning 1 at night. its a pretty high dose in my opinion, but whatever works... However, I'm getting some real possible side effects now. I got 3 nose bleeds in one day, I'm having moderate back pain, feeling weak, and every part of my body BUT MY FACE decides to lock in moisture. My face is peeling and scabbing like no other. On top of that, even though I'm constantly lubricating my lips with chapstick ("carmex healing" and other va
  9. So I started the almost caveman-regime and have been improving constantly without any new breakouts over the week. I've been wondering why this treatment has been working...and I've come to a conclusion. It's my tap water. We have a water softener, but the tap water at my house still dries out my skin and hair. Doing research, I've found that many houses have terribly heavy-metal ridden tap-water and chlorine. The chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean, but must be filtered out via the ho
  10. Hello, I just came across acne.org today. I really hate my skin and I’m willing to try anything that works. My skin has been getting worse over the last 2years and I really want to deal with it now. I don’t want to purchase the products before I know it is legit. Can anyone help me? kind regards x
  11. Hello everyone. I am 16, (I eat high carb low fat vegan) < including that so I can give you an idea of what I eat. So this summer my skin has gotten horrible. I could control it pretty well when I ate even worse during the school year - when I was dehydrated, ate a lot of oil and other junk. But now I don't eat anything processed or junky and I have such bad acne. I really don't understand, the only thing that really changed was the kind of rice that I was eating (short grain to long grain)
  12. Sooo I made this account just to start this topic because I took a picture of my skin today and it looks soo bad. I started the caveman regimen a little more than 3 weeks ago and yes i know I should at least try it out for 2 months but i really need some advice (feel free to ask for background etc). Any advice would be helpful please. this is how my skin looked before i started doing the caveman regimen so around 3 weeks ago and this is how it looks right now
  13. If I scar easily and maybe heal slow( I think I heal slow ) Maybe because of accutane 2 years ago.. Is it then GAME OVER for me, to just fade my scars or made them a bit better looking with some treatments are needling /dermaroller,dermapen,dermastamp,single) a total no go? even with a small needle length?
  14. So I know there are a millions threads specific to flesh colored bumps, but I just had to share my own since everyone is different. Backstory: I've had mild-moderate acne since I was 15 years old (I'm now 20). The worst case happened at 18-19 where I broke out horribly on my cheeks and this acne was stubborn as heck. It was red, big, and left marks. Fortunately, the acne.org regimen did wonders and cleared my face up along with the hyperpigmentation! A year later, my forehead is still kind of
  15. Hi guys, So basically i've been on doxycycline hyclate 50 mg for 3 months now. As a result, my acne has completely disappeared leaving only scars behind. However my family expresses concern that this drug might be bad to my body with its possible side effects and its long term use. So now I am looking for a possible alternative natural remedy that could take the place of doxycline hyclate, or figure out if its fine to countinue the use of this drug. Some basic info, I am currently 15 in hig
  16. Photo attached I've had these tiny bumps all over my face for about a year now. They started around the same time I had breast augmentation, but idk if they're correlated. I've been reading online and at first I thought it was milia so I bought face wash with salysuric acid, but that didn't help cause I discovered it isn't milia after all. Then I thought maybe it's rosacea, but it's not itchy at all or get red. I've tried squeezing them like a pimple and I just end up squeezing so hard I tear
  17. At the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 I went on accutane and it was absolute hell for 4 months. I finished it in March and had absolutely beautiful skin for 11 months, only minor breakouts, and a zit or two around the time of my period. I started using tri cyclen (birth control) in February 2016and since then my acne has tripled, I am on my third pack. I get a new breakout a day and have a swarm of them on my forehead. I used to be able to control them with cream or so but lately that hasn't
  18. To start this off I would say I had severe acne or just right before having severe acne. I didnt have insurance so i could not afford accutane after hours of searching online i found a us based chemist who sold accutane he had reviews on his accutane so i decided to buy some. they come in 20 mg pills. for 1 month a took 1 pill a day. for the last 20 days i have taken 2 pills a day so 40mg/day. i still have a long way to go but i am happy with the results so far (knock on wood) I think I may end
  19. So I've been using the acne treatment for four days now, it's actually been pretty good so far however I started getting flaky skin on my third day of using it, cheeks, nose and chin. I've been seeing a lot of post about the flaky skin or peeling but those people have been on the treatment for weeks already and I don't even have a week yet. Is it too soon to get that reaction? I've been using the product exactly how they said. I just wanna know if it happened to anybody else so soon or should I
  20. Hi, I'm a brand new poster on this website, so please excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong. I'll start off by saying that I have gone to two different dermatologists, tried everything from over the counter products (literally every single acne topical that claims to clear skin), online products (proactive, acnefree, etc.), prescription products (Tazorac, epiduo, epiduo fote, etc.), antibiotics, birth control, and to even supplements that claim to clear acne as well (yes, I tried that nasty M
  21. So this is my first time posting, let me give you a really short explanation of my situation. But in year 8/9/10 I had a reddish patch on my left cheek due to acne and possibly from using Duac cream. It hindered my social development, as you can understand. Two weeks ago, I went to the doctor to get some cream for my acne, they gave me Duac, and note, I am 21, it has been close to 5/6/7 years since I last had a dark mark on my left cheek, so I applied Duac. Right now it has burnt my skin, gi
  22. I have moderate to severe acne and now thankfully I have gotten rid of almost every pimple on one side of my face but it's just the acne scars now. I really need some help on how to get rid of them.
  23. Ok guys, honestly, I had to sign up to ask if anybody knows what's going on or has had similar experiences. Basically, I have had a serious breakout of small little whiteheads all around my neck and parts of my front torso. I'm not talking a few, I'm talking countless. Out if nowhere. One day, zero pimpkes, next day a dam forrest of whiteheads. I'm thinking maybe it's an allergic reaction or perhaps due to hormones, but I'm a dude so I thought hormones weren't a thing to worry about. Lately I've
  24. Hello I've not had acne for over 10 years, barely even a hormonal spot and now after coming off the pill in April I've broke out badly. Lots and lots of little skin coloured bumps on my cheeks and pimples! I've tried numerous creams/washes and very reluctant to go back on the pill again. Not been to see a doctor yet however it's starting to really get me down. When I got spots in my teens they never looked like this so really unsure what to do. Any advice? xx