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Found 500 results

  1. I had some cortisone injections to treat cystic acne on my chin in March. We’re now in June (4 months later) and the indented scars are still there. How long did it take for your scars to fill in following your cortisone injections?
  2. I've had acne since I was 13. It became worse as I grew older. I am now 19 years old and I'm having a lot of trouble with my appearance. My nose bothers me that much that I would rather have pimples on my cheeks rather than my nose. I want to know if the things on my nose are scars brought by acne or just pimples. They are painless and colorless bumps that cover majority of my nose. I have major depression and my acne makes it worse. Seeing my face everyday is a struggle. What can I do about it?
  3. Hello people, Can you please help me detect what this is? These are very very tiny 'pimples' skin colored which look very uneaven, the texture looks very rough. Please if anyone had similar problem and can detect what this is? It's all over my face
  4. Hello guys! I hope you all are well! I need help! No one really knows what it is! I had lip fillers more than a year ago and it didn’t show any reaction. A month ago I started getting tiny blisters that turned into yellow crust. After that it spread around my lips. First doctor said its cold sore, second one said my immune system is very low and 3rd didn’t have a clue!?! I’m still waiting for dermatologist to tell me what should I do but no luck yet. I started to treat lips with a
  5. Hi, My acne has come back in the six weeks and it is becoming increasingly severe. I think the main reason is because I have over-exfoliated and now I've damaged my skin barrier. My skin has sooo many fine lines and feels dry, causing it to breakout. However, no moisturisers or anything are rehydrating my skin and there has been no improvement, often when I focus on hydration, I have to discontinue acne topical treatments which breaks me out and some hydrating products break me out. Can any
  6. Hi everyone, Im 17 , about to turn 18, I finished a 7 month course of roaccutane in September. In December my acne started to come back, and now in January it is bad again. I am devastated, its my 18th birthday in a few weeks, I have prom soon and I have 3 holidays I was really looking forward to and I am going to Uni in October. My acne is severe, and I am never myself with acne as my self confidence is shattered by it. I last saw my NHS dermatologist in September, will I have to be refer
  7. lizuca10


    please read my first forum before starting this. today, i stayed home from school again woke up to a zit i cant help it i try not to let my acne control my life, but it literally will not let me go free ive noticed lately i do not cry as much about my acne like i used to. when the acne first started creeping up, i would cry over small teeny pimples. now that i am getting regular painful cysts i have become desensitized, yet still so sensitive when it comes to my ski
  8. I get a lot of tiny milia under my eyes and on my cheeks, but recently a larger bump formed under my eye. Figuring it was just a larger milia bump, I poked the skin and drained the bump. It was very stringy and bled quite a bit afterward. I drained it as much as I could and figured that once the wound healed, the bump would be gone. Wrong. Not only has the bump come back (larger), the wound on my cheek won’t heal either. It’s been about a month now since I drained it. The pore remains open and w
  9. Hello guys, before I will start I would like to say everybody my apologizes for English bc it is not my native language. Sorry for any further inconvenience. Ok, guys, lets me start from the beginning. My name is Tim and I'm 25 yo. And I have a lot of scars. But when I was 20(it was happed in Russia) I went to the clinic where they promise me to get rid of the scar. I did 5 times laser(i didn't remember it was Fraxel or another one), 1 time per 2 months and 0 results. When I become 23
  10. Please can someone give me some advice!! I dabbed the acnecide gel to my spots (forehead, t zone and chin) and left overnight, woke up today with burn marks in the places I applied the gel which were all very red, sore and tight! I immediately washed my face with cold water and removed the gel then finished with the simple moisturiser. Couple hours later and my skin is still really sore and almost blister like? Ive put some aloe vera on now and hoping for the best overnight but my wh
  11. So I was wondering if there are people where even after doing accutane (more than once) it never fully got rid of it and you still get acne ? My body fights to fucking produce it no matter what I do and I'm 30 years old it doesn't show any signs of stopping. I believe it's strongly genetic related as I did hormone check ups there is nothing wrong with me as far as I know. My uncle had extreme severe cystic acne that quite literally disfigured his face, so did pretty much everyone on my one
  12. [Help] Need help with my skin! Hello, (pics below) So I’ve been struggling with acne since I was 14.. 24 now, and the only relief I ever had was when I was on Bactrim DS. I was on this for 3 years with using Cetaphil Oil Remover washing both day and night and that cleared my skin, I use to have skin I only could dream of! Well I had stopped taking it about 7 months ago as I felt confident enough to stop taking it, initially everything was fine - I went back to my derm and we discu
  13. Hello, I pray that you all are feeling well today! I love Acne.org and have been using The Regimen since July 2018. However, I have one issue... When I apply Acne.orgs benzoyl peroxide, the fumes ALWAYS burn my eyes (I am diligent about not applying it too close to my eyes). The burning only persists for about 1-2 minutes (until the BP dries down), but it's still a nuisance to have burning/stinging/watery eyes during each application. Should I be concerned about my (eye) health? Has
  14. Hello, I pray that you all are feeling well today! I love Acne.org and have been using The Regimen since July 2018. However, I have one issue... When I apply Acne.orgs benzoyl peroxide, the fumes ALWAYS burn my eyes (I am diligent about not applying it too close to my eyes). The burning only persists for about 1-2 minutes (until the BP dries down), but it's still a nuisance to have burning/stinging/watery eyes during each application. Should I be concerned about my (eye) health? Has
  15. Hello everyone! So, about two years ago, I actually tried and was very very successful on the acne.org regimen! I was so happy with my skin, bar a few breakouts around my period. However, about 3 months ago, my friend had told me about the aging effects of BP over time, so I decided to switch.. about 1-2 months in, I saw a noticeable difference in my face texture, but thought nothing of it. Then, after returning from Singapore this summer.. all hell had broken loose. Cysts had
  16. Can anyone please tell me the best treatment for this type of scar and how many treatments you think it'll need.
  17. I’m a really small person and really thin, i’m guessing i’m about 100 lbs and 5’3 ft. My dermatologist put me in 40 mg twice a day and i was wondering if this was safe?? i’ve moderate acne and really stubborn. I’ve tried 3 different types of antibiotics and nothing really helps
  18. I’m on my 2nd week on the regimen going on my 3rd in a few days . So all my acne are going away . I don’t have any active acne on my face . But the bottom half of my face is flaky , peeling , and leaving dark patches. Help ???! Will this go away when with ”AHA” use ? It’s the 6th I will be able to use it on the 20th ,which will be a month . Will the dark patches go away ? Please help . The dark patches have this weird texture
  19. Lately I am starting to loose hope with my face scars. I am not just scarred outside but also inside. Can someone tell me if there are many positive results of acne scars treatment? I would feel somehow at rest knowing that there are actually some cure for my/our problems. at least show me some scars improvements from YOU or other people you may know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  20. Hi there, About three months ago, my face broke out in closed comedones all over. They didn't have any color or irritation, just tiny bumps EVERYWHERE. I had had acne previously that was similar, but not to this degree. Inititally, I thought it might be fungal acne, so treated it as such, but nothing much happened. Then, having been prescribed epiduo previously (it worked for me), I started using it again. Around the time I started using it I starting breaking out all over my face, worse th
  21. any tips on how to deal with this problem ive had some time, need an answer/solution that has worked for u in the past. I have a combination skin type, gets dry but gets very oily throughout the day. if any photos are needed then comment so
  22. I am struggling hardcore with my skin, and at this point, I don't know what to do. I'm 19 and have had cystic acne for years, and have yet to find a skincare routine that works for me. My skin is fairly sensitive, but the acne is out of control. I am desperate for any advice on products that won't break the bank but will really help my skin's appearance. If you guys could *please* give me your best recommendations, I would be so appreciative. I don't have any products that I swear by; I'm lookin
  23. Hello, i wash my face two times a day, change my pillow covers every 3 days, pat dry my face, and wash my mouth area properly after eating. I use a face wash and exfoliatior... please explain what this is on my face. I’m only 17 and this Is NOT regular teen acne!!!