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Found 1,437 results

  1. Hi there everyone! I am new to posting but have been reading the forums on and off for about a year. I've had acne for years, I am 24 and it's increased exponentially for about the last 5 years. As a teenager I would have a pimple and it would be no big deal. Now I always have one or two or five. I had blackheads whiteheads and cystic pimples for about a year before I visited the derm. I told him I tried everything over the counter possible. Drugstore stuff. Expensive sephora and ulta stuff. And proactiv. None of it worked. He put me on one daily dose of doxycycline 100 mg and tretinoin at night. After three months it still wasn't great. He urged me to try accutane but I am scared bc I have heard terrible things. He then prescribed me clindamycin lotion to use every morning. Now, seven months after initially going to the derm, I must admit it's a little better. I only have a cyst now and then. But I still have little dots And bumps and clogged pores all over. I significantly reduced the amount of makeup I put on as well. It's limited to mascara eyeliner and if necessary a touch of concealer. The worst part is when people try to tell me I don't have acne or that it's not that bad. I know my face. I am the one who has to look in the mirror everyday. It shouldn't be like this. I should also mention I have been on numerous different types of birth control and none make a difference negatively or positively. I am currently on the depo shot. I am about to throw in the towel. I am so unsure about accutane and it's apparently very expensive too. Anyone have any alternative suggestions? Open to anything. Thanks The pic keeps coming up upside down
  2. brittnynicole

    Need Help With Exfoliation

    Whenever I exfoliate with a washcloth I'm gentle as possible but still my face gets irritated it gets really oily and I see fine lines that weren't there before...I even tried with my fingers I had same results chemical exfoliates do same thing..so I decided to massage gentle cleanser morning and night and no irritation but will this keep dead skin away ? what I do is splash lukewarm water on face then massage cleanser then when it's all off I splash face with cool water
  3. kitkat123345

    Reoccurring Cysts

    Does anyone know if when cystic acne is dried up by a topical if the sac will remain under your skin and form into a cyst again? Or is the bacteria killed completely?
  4. Skintuition

    A Solution?

    I've had flaky skin from BP for 8 months and I can't take it anymore, so I am changing up the regimen to meet my needs, and I want everyone's advice and input. I'm willing to do ANYTHING to stop my skin from flaking. (btw I suffer from acne, so using too little bp I will break out) WHAT I DO NOW: Mornin': Cleanser, 1 pump BP, 2 pumps moisturizer + 5 drops of jojoba Night: Same thing WHAT I USE: CeraVe foaming facial cleanser, acne.org bp, cerave moisturizing lotion, acne.org jojoba oil WHAT I'M GOING TO CHANGE: I am slowly going to decrease the amount of BP I use in the morning, and use a little more at night. I also want a more moisturizing cleanser that will cleanse my face but not strip it of all its moisture. UPDATE: WHAT I DO NOW: *OPERATION CLEAR ACNE & NO FLAKES* Mornin': 1 1/2 pump of cerave hydrating cleanser, (st ives apricot scrub 2-3 times a week) then 2 pumps of cerave moisturizing lotion + 6 drops of jojoba oil Night: 1 1/2 pump of cerave hydrating cleanser, wait 3 minutes, 2 pumps of acne.org BP, wait 15-30 minutes, cetaphil moisturizing cream IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE TELL ME! I'M DESPERATE! KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM AN ACNE SUFFERER! I break out with blemishes and whiteheads if my acne isn't treated properly, but all this bp is just way too drying. Please help me!!!
  5. Okay so I'm 14 and yeah... I'm a girl. A couple months ago I went on proavtiv and it cleared my skin for like a week then it started to come back. I did some research and decided to do the whole no wash caveman thing and that really didn't do anything besides make my face extremly flaky. I did the Ocm for about a week after that and it made my skin worse. Now I'm back on proactiv and its not helping much. Its making new zits shrink faster but thats about it. My sister has some retin-a that we got from mexico that didn't work for her. I think I might use that. My mom is trying to find my sisters antibiotics she took for her acne too so I can take them. I'm not sure what they are. For the whole retin-a thing how do you use it? Once or twice a day? What other products should I use with it? I know its supposed to make your skin really flaky so should I exfoliate or what? Do you moisterize with it? How long does it take to work? I'm going on a cruise in less than a month and I really don't want discusting skin on the cruise cause it would be embarassing and not as fun. Idk I'm sick of this acne. It used to be not that bad but now its starting to turn into cysts and scars and I'm starting to look like those people who haver really severe acne...
  6. Hi all I have been prescribed my GP and have read that I should start seeing results after 4 weeks. It's been 5 weeks and all throughout the last few weeks I have started developing large red and angry spots which I didn't have before, they are making more unhappy with my skin then I was before. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it just be getting rid of all the rubbish from my face before I start seeing results? I don't know whether I should get another 1 month prescription of it and see if it makes any improvements or go back to the GP for something new. (
  7. Hi guys, I've been looking through this place a little bit for the past few weeks, and I thought I'd make a post today. I'm now 18 (almost 19) and I started having spots/acne in certain places around 2 years ago. I didn't know much about cleaning and moisturizing back then, and I unfortunately used to go crazy at these spots and pick and pop. Fast forward today, I have dark spots/marks from previous spots (it'd probably be the same as red scars, but I'm dark skinned so--) and I still get spots all the time now. Some whiteheads that come out in the same spots over and over, others are like little spots around my mouth and cheeks that are way more visible in sunlight/any form of light. I should also mention that those little spots around my mouth/chin/cheeks have only gotten worse more recently and I don't know why. They can also be moderately itchy too. My face in general is also pretty dry. Like every time I wash my face even just with water, it'll be visibly dry. I've tried loads of different facial washes, moisturizers, salicylic acid pads, tea tree oil, steaming, honey mask, bla bla bla. Nothing has really worked at all and now it's starting to emotionally affect me in my everyday life. I've been thinking of going to my GP but I have a feeling he'll shrug it off and just tell me it's teenage acne and will go away by itself.
  8. I'm 19. I eat healthy, rarely have sugar in my diet. I drink around two litres of water daily + 2 cups of green tea. My skin has never been this bad in my life. Not even going through puberty. I don't have cystic acne. But they're clusters of pimples, I would usually get them on my cheeks badly(still do) but now I have then all along my chin it's like a little trail. They're weepy after I squeeze them then they scab. I get about a 5cent peice diameter of redness around the pimple and it makes my skin look twice as bad. I also have like white little lumps, they aren't white heads but they are pussy if squeezed. I get blacks on my once and lip line but they aren't bad or noticeable. I have adult eczema, so my skin is always dry. I use special face washes and sometimes when my skin is okay I'll use something stronger. I also use benzac 10% which does nothing my pimples anymore except maybe reduce the swelling slightly. I use a moisture which will tend to help my skin, and pimples. It it doesn't do much. I was my face everyday, and change my pillow cases constantly. I don't get forehead of nose pimples, maybe an odd one here and there. I also get them under and along my jaw line and down my neck near my glands. These aren't that bad either. I've been to a dermatologist but that was for my eczema and my pimples were never bad, nor are they cystic so I doubt he's aloud to proscribe me aracutaine or anything. I'm really self conscious about it. I finished school last year, and don't have a job so I'm pretty much stress free and I never where makeup anymore now that I'm always home. So please do help me, I don't know how to fix my skin or the cause of it.
  9. Ok. So I have a cyst on my cheek. I've had it for awhile, and at first I tried to pop it, but I've stopped for months. Every once in awhile it will get really swollen, and get small pimples around it (I try not to touch anything). It will even bruise when it gets swollen. It gets very sensitive. After a few weeks or so, the bruising/swelling will go down, but it won't go away. I can still see and feel the cyst, and it will stay purple. I don't want to mess with it, but I can feel the dirty stuff under my skin, and I hate it. What can I do about this?! And has anyone had anything similar?! Please help me!!!
  10. Stanley Ching

    My Nightmare on Repeat

    So this is my first time posting, let me give you a really short explanation of my situation. But in year 8/9/10 I had a reddish patch on my left cheek due to acne and possibly from using Duac cream. It hindered my social development, as you can understand. Two weeks ago, I went to the doctor to get some cream for my acne, they gave me Duac, and note, I am 21, it has been close to 5/6/7 years since I last had a dark mark on my left cheek, so I applied Duac. Right now it has burnt my skin, giving it a reddish, stretched, chemical burn kind of look. Kind of like this, but I think (hope) mine is slightly better. This is distressing since for a number of years my skin was okay, it wasn't great and I would get pimples, but it didn't make me feel self conscious. Now I am getting headaches thinking about reliving my nightmare. MY QUESTION TO YOU READERS is... 1) Firstly does this classify as acne scars? 2) How long does it take these scars to heal, or my pigmentation to go back to normal? 3) How can I speed up the recovery process? 4) How can I get rid of cystic acne? 5) How come Duac did this to my skin? Am I allergic to a chemical in it? 6) Can someone link me to how I should deal with white heads or black heads? 7) What other creams or tablets should I stay away from? 8) What creams and tablets should I start using? 9) Will applying lemon on the affected area make it worse? 10) Should I use a Clarisonic? Will it help it? How often should I generally use it? 11) What are some good Aloe Vera skin care products? Thank you so much, I know you can only give generalisation since all skin is different, but I would appreciate any sort of guidance right now. I can't believe I am repeating this process, all because of some allergic reaction I suppose. I WILL ALSO READ LINKS IF YOU PROVIDE THEM! Question 2 and 3 are the most important and would appreciate answers there the most. Stanley
  11. So I used this la Roche possay thing for marks like 3 months after my second course of accutane and I think it might have burned my skin.. This was like 6 months ago.. my face is fine now but I have quite distinct redness where my non existent moustache would be.. my doctor gave me fucidin first..didn't work. Now I'm using Daktacort and this seems to be making it redder. It's really really annoying me! I remember at first when I had it there was little loads of under the skin headless spots in the area if you looked up close..they're gone now and it's just a red rash looking thing in the area.Any help would be much appreciated,Thanks!
  12. Ok guys, honestly, I had to sign up to ask if anybody knows what's going on or has had similar experiences. Basically, I have had a serious breakout of small little whiteheads all around my neck and parts of my front torso. I'm not talking a few, I'm talking countless. Out if nowhere. One day, zero pimpkes, next day a dam forrest of whiteheads. I'm thinking maybe it's an allergic reaction or perhaps due to hormones, but I'm a dude so I thought hormones weren't a thing to worry about. Lately I've been having panic attacks as I tried to do a ketogenic/vegan diet. I have changed the diet up, panic attacks are gone, but the whiteheads sprouted up in omen-like fashion. Anybody had anything like this? I look like a dam monster!!
  13. Omg_itskanesha

    Please help!

    The first 3 pictures are after me using proactiv for about 4 days, my skin was burning!!!!! It ended up burning and drying out my face so bad. My face was so hard and dry for days.... It also itched a lot. Now idk what to do, the 4th picture is about a week later of my skin! Any help? (The last is with makeup) which I hate wearing bc it irritates it
  14. Hello my friends I hope you can help me I got this huge acne on my ass and is bleeding like no stop , it's coming too much blood , I have this huge pimple almost a 5 months ago she come Beck and go , every time she come.beck.plesse help me i don't know what to do here is a photo of that pimple .
  15. Hi everyone, my name is Klarissa, and this is my first post! Today, I woke up with my acne worse than it’s been in about a year, and I freaked out and refused going to school, so I’m taking every step to trying to help my skin for good. I am 16 years old and started getting cystic acne at the age of 10. Yes, 10 years old. My acne then developed and started to cover my face entirely in cystic acne. It was more severe along my chin, under my eyes, and especially around my mouth, sometimes on my lip. I have spent years trying to clear my acne and have gone through countless drugstore cleansers, spot treatments, serums, ect. But none have worked. I have had 3 prescriptions for my acne, 1 oral & 2 creams, but after using each product fully, my acne did not improve, and while using the topical gels for the full duration, my skin actually got worse. The oral prescription was a type of birth control specifically for acne, and is only perscibed as one three month trial. I saw improvements about 2 months in, and at the end of the trial, I asked for more but they couldn’t prescribe a refill. Another prescription that worked well was a 3 week antibiotic perscribed for an infection in my foot, and although it didn’t work for what it was prescribed for, it cleared my acne while I was using it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a refill and my acne returned prominently after the 3 weeks were over. After multiple failures with chemical based treatments, I switched to an all natural regime and it had seemed to work up until this week, with no apparent reason. My acne is not just “hormonal teenage acne”, it is severe and painful and when I break out, they are swollen, bright red, and atleast a centimetre in diameter. I cannot cover them with makeup and I don’t have enough money for serious treatments and I cannot go on accutane, so I am really at a loss for what to do.
  16. Hi, could anyone please help me identify my acne? I've had it since March. They started forming around the time I had problems with my back and had to take antibiotics and injections for 2 months. I'm wearing makeup because it's more visible on camera that way but basically, I have tiny spots all over my face- mainly on forehead. They never come to a head, they just simply exist and ruin my life. Also, my face hurts and itches after I take my makeup off, or even touch my skin. I've been taking probiotics for 2 months but see no difference. I use Bioderma Micellar water to take my makeup off, La Roche Posay face wash and cream for sensitive skin. Also tried using Sulfur Soap as well as Black Mud soap but didn't see any difference. Anyone has any idea how to treat them? Could it possibly be Folliculitis?
  17. Hello people, Im new to the forum and this is my first post. Im a 14 (soon to be 15) year old male with severe acne (but more on the mild side, its not nor has never been as bad as the acne in pictures that make you cringe). I have been taking Accutane (actually Roaccutan on my country) 20mg since march this year (I have acne since the start of 2013 but before accutane I did a 6 month treatment with a drug called "Tetralisal"). I first started taking one pill a day but about 2 months ago started taking 2 pills 4 days a week. My skin is quite better but theres only still a pimple a week or one every two weeks (plus the never dissapearing red marks). Blood tests seem to come fine so thats ok. My problem is that Ive had about all of this stupid drug's side effects: joint pain, dryness (especially in the mouth and nose which difficult sleep), tiredness, depression (already had some Social Anxiety), loss of sport stamina (not sure if side effect), etc, etc. Now last time I went to my Dermatologist, she said I was just half way through the treatment and that I would finish at this pace around November. My concerns now are: First, isnt 9 months wayy too much for an accutane treatment? All the people Ive heard of have been on it for about 5-6 months. Second, my main doctor says he is going to talk to my derm. and discuss if I should cut the treatment. This scares me, since Im sure the second I stop accutane my face is going to explode again (as happened to a friend), so what do you guys recomend? Keep the treatment or drop it and try something like "The Regimen"? (do you think I could try it while on accutane or would it be too much irritation?) Well, let me hear your opinions and thanks in advance. PD: I think Im forgetting something, Il probably make a reply to this with what Im forgetting.
  18. DurableFibre

    Question !!!!

    I’ve been using the acene.org regimen for more then 5 months now, I’ve recently purchased the AHA+. How is this used? I’d like to use it as an all over the face treatment, do I wash it off after? Is it a leave in treatment? How is it used???
  19. Amber Kathleen

    I Am Desperate..

    Hello, everyone! My name is Amber, I just registered. I am getting married in about 9 months or so, and I'm desperate for my skin to clear up. I have been (and still sort of am) on Proactiv. It seems to help a bit, but I still have inflamed and sometimes painful acne. Without using any acne treatments, my chin, cheeks, and sides of my face break out awfully with whiteheads and inflamed acne, and my chin will get very painful cystic acne. After reading up some more on this website, I have realized Proactiv's cleanser may be irritating my face a bit, so I am now using Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser, Proactiv 2.5 Benzoyl Peroxide, and Eucerin SPF 15 Moisturizer. I am starting to break out with more whiteheads. I am considering starting The Regimen using acne.org products. I was wondering.. since this here (Cetaphil, Proactiv, Eucerine) is not working for me, and it's the same concept, will Dan's products work better? Is it different? Any help would be much appreciated, I'm new to this! xx
  20. crawfo666

    Acne For 7 Years

    We will call me Noah, i have had acne for 7 years, started out light but is pretty bad now, have blackheads whiteheads, red bumps, acne scars, dry skin, oily skin. I have tried everything i can think of, from antibiotics (about 6 or 7 different types) creames from the doctors (differin, BP etc) alot of OTC products, taking vitamins, changing diet, changing exercise, changing regimes about 100 times, changing pillow case every night, changing sheets every 4 nights, you name it ive tried it (not accutane and wont). Have even tried the caveman regime, did not wash my face for 4 months, made no difference, but didnt make it worse. i have tried so many things and have spent thousands of pounds already, and i am at the end, as all of you will know the psychological effects of acne, and how its breaks you! I am currently trying the no milk method starting today, as one of my favorite things is milk and cereal, so that will be hard. What this post is all about, is that i need to get this sorted, and therefore if people can suggest things i have not tried, and the person who advises something and it gets me 100% clear, i will honestly give that person £5000, that's how much that would mean to me. So suggest effective methods to try and if it works i will give that person £5000 GBP of my own money, and this is not a joke. I just need help.
  21. Hello. I started the caveman regimen two days ago. My forehead, nose, and chin are extremely oily so I've basically had just a layer of oil on my face. Today I was outside doing lawn work all day so I was sweating and getting dirt on my face, so that sat on my face for awhile. Then I went for a run and sweated a ton more and when i got home I took a shower and gently rinsed my face. An hour later I looked in the mirror and I have small pimples everywhere and some itchy weird rashes! I don't know if I should stop or keep at the regimen? Any advice please? The reason I wanted to do this is because I had pretty nice skin a year ago when I first started breaking out, and was actually able to get rid of most of it with a healthy diet and lifestyle and barely used anything on my face. Then I started using a whole mess of products including BHAs and what not to get rid of my blackheads (biggest mistake of my life). I think they've really ruined my face, plus I started getting bad acne again. I feel so ugly and depressed. Anyways I still eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle and I actually started seeing a holistic doctor for it. But absolutely no improvement. SO not really sure what's wrong with me...wanting to give up seriously. Thanks in advance for the advice/help.
  22. I have very very very dry skin, it looks really bad, looks like im shedding, i don't want to wipe the dead skin off because i don't want to irritated my acne. Right now my acne is very bad, im afraid the dead skin is clogging my pores more. Any suggestions would be helpful,thank you!
  23. I started using clinque acne solution emergency gel lotion, which is 5% benzoyl peroxide, i have been using it for almost a year, it helped my acne drastically from day one,i had moderate acne. And now i want to try the regimen because i started breaking out from switching my cleanser. So now im scared i will break out more if i change medications especially to a lower percentage of benzoyl peroxide. Any advice will be helpful.
  24. Hi guys, I’m a 21 yrs old, 150lbs female. I’ve had severe acne due to oily skin since I was 14. I’ve been treated with antibiotics and many topicals that unfortunately didn’t work for me. About 2-3 years ago I started my first course of accutane. I’ve seen improvement but shortly after I stopped, my skin started to break out again. I visited my dermatologist and she started me on another course of 6 months (monitoring my blood work). Again, there was a major improvement, my skin became so clear. I go overseas during that summer and it was very clear but after I came back to the States, my skin started to break out again so much. I revisited my dermatologist and she told me I might need another course and decided to put me on a higher dosage of 60mg! That dried my skin so much and I bled a couple through my nose. I stopped after two months because there was danger on my kidneys and nothing would help my dryness. Last summer I went overseas again and when I came back, the severe acne returned again. I was so frustrated and back to my dermatologist who told me that my acne is hormonal that’s why it didn’t disappear after almost 3 courses of accutane! Now I’m on tretinoin cream but my skin breaks out everyday for no reason! I workout, my diet doesn’t consist of lots of dairy nor fats and I sleep well. Can someone please explain to me if they had a similar experience? Should I go back on accutane?