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Found 1,437 results

  1. brittnynicole

    Need Help With Exfoliation

    Whenever I exfoliate with a washcloth I'm gentle as possible but still my face gets irritated it gets really oily and I see fine lines that weren't there before...I even tried with my fingers I had same results chemical exfoliates do same thing..so I decided to massage gentle cleanser morning and night and no irritation but will this keep dead skin away ? what I do is splash lukewarm water on face then massage cleanser then when it's all off I splash face with cool water
  2. I'm 19. I eat healthy, rarely have sugar in my diet. I drink around two litres of water daily + 2 cups of green tea. My skin has never been this bad in my life. Not even going through puberty. I don't have cystic acne. But they're clusters of pimples, I would usually get them on my cheeks badly(still do) but now I have then all along my chin it's like a little trail. They're weepy after I squeeze them then they scab. I get about a 5cent peice diameter of redness around the pimple and it makes my skin look twice as bad. I also have like white little lumps, they aren't white heads but they are pussy if squeezed. I get blacks on my once and lip line but they aren't bad or noticeable. I have adult eczema, so my skin is always dry. I use special face washes and sometimes when my skin is okay I'll use something stronger. I also use benzac 10% which does nothing my pimples anymore except maybe reduce the swelling slightly. I use a moisture which will tend to help my skin, and pimples. It it doesn't do much. I was my face everyday, and change my pillow cases constantly. I don't get forehead of nose pimples, maybe an odd one here and there. I also get them under and along my jaw line and down my neck near my glands. These aren't that bad either. I've been to a dermatologist but that was for my eczema and my pimples were never bad, nor are they cystic so I doubt he's aloud to proscribe me aracutaine or anything. I'm really self conscious about it. I finished school last year, and don't have a job so I'm pretty much stress free and I never where makeup anymore now that I'm always home. So please do help me, I don't know how to fix my skin or the cause of it.
  3. Ok. So I have a cyst on my cheek. I've had it for awhile, and at first I tried to pop it, but I've stopped for months. Every once in awhile it will get really swollen, and get small pimples around it (I try not to touch anything). It will even bruise when it gets swollen. It gets very sensitive. After a few weeks or so, the bruising/swelling will go down, but it won't go away. I can still see and feel the cyst, and it will stay purple. I don't want to mess with it, but I can feel the dirty stuff under my skin, and I hate it. What can I do about this?! And has anyone had anything similar?! Please help me!!!
  4. Ok guys, honestly, I had to sign up to ask if anybody knows what's going on or has had similar experiences. Basically, I have had a serious breakout of small little whiteheads all around my neck and parts of my front torso. I'm not talking a few, I'm talking countless. Out if nowhere. One day, zero pimpkes, next day a dam forrest of whiteheads. I'm thinking maybe it's an allergic reaction or perhaps due to hormones, but I'm a dude so I thought hormones weren't a thing to worry about. Lately I've been having panic attacks as I tried to do a ketogenic/vegan diet. I have changed the diet up, panic attacks are gone, but the whiteheads sprouted up in omen-like fashion. Anybody had anything like this? I look like a dam monster!!
  5. Omg_itskanesha

    Please help!

    The first 3 pictures are after me using proactiv for about 4 days, my skin was burning!!!!! It ended up burning and drying out my face so bad. My face was so hard and dry for days.... It also itched a lot. Now idk what to do, the 4th picture is about a week later of my skin! Any help? (The last is with makeup) which I hate wearing bc it irritates it
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Klarissa, and this is my first post! Today, I woke up with my acne worse than it’s been in about a year, and I freaked out and refused going to school, so I’m taking every step to trying to help my skin for good. I am 16 years old and started getting cystic acne at the age of 10. Yes, 10 years old. My acne then developed and started to cover my face entirely in cystic acne. It was more severe along my chin, under my eyes, and especially around my mouth, sometimes on my lip. I have spent years trying to clear my acne and have gone through countless drugstore cleansers, spot treatments, serums, ect. But none have worked. I have had 3 prescriptions for my acne, 1 oral & 2 creams, but after using each product fully, my acne did not improve, and while using the topical gels for the full duration, my skin actually got worse. The oral prescription was a type of birth control specifically for acne, and is only perscibed as one three month trial. I saw improvements about 2 months in, and at the end of the trial, I asked for more but they couldn’t prescribe a refill. Another prescription that worked well was a 3 week antibiotic perscribed for an infection in my foot, and although it didn’t work for what it was prescribed for, it cleared my acne while I was using it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a refill and my acne returned prominently after the 3 weeks were over. After multiple failures with chemical based treatments, I switched to an all natural regime and it had seemed to work up until this week, with no apparent reason. My acne is not just “hormonal teenage acne”, it is severe and painful and when I break out, they are swollen, bright red, and atleast a centimetre in diameter. I cannot cover them with makeup and I don’t have enough money for serious treatments and I cannot go on accutane, so I am really at a loss for what to do.
  7. Hello people, Im new to the forum and this is my first post. Im a 14 (soon to be 15) year old male with severe acne (but more on the mild side, its not nor has never been as bad as the acne in pictures that make you cringe). I have been taking Accutane (actually Roaccutan on my country) 20mg since march this year (I have acne since the start of 2013 but before accutane I did a 6 month treatment with a drug called "Tetralisal"). I first started taking one pill a day but about 2 months ago started taking 2 pills 4 days a week. My skin is quite better but theres only still a pimple a week or one every two weeks (plus the never dissapearing red marks). Blood tests seem to come fine so thats ok. My problem is that Ive had about all of this stupid drug's side effects: joint pain, dryness (especially in the mouth and nose which difficult sleep), tiredness, depression (already had some Social Anxiety), loss of sport stamina (not sure if side effect), etc, etc. Now last time I went to my Dermatologist, she said I was just half way through the treatment and that I would finish at this pace around November. My concerns now are: First, isnt 9 months wayy too much for an accutane treatment? All the people Ive heard of have been on it for about 5-6 months. Second, my main doctor says he is going to talk to my derm. and discuss if I should cut the treatment. This scares me, since Im sure the second I stop accutane my face is going to explode again (as happened to a friend), so what do you guys recomend? Keep the treatment or drop it and try something like "The Regimen"? (do you think I could try it while on accutane or would it be too much irritation?) Well, let me hear your opinions and thanks in advance. PD: I think Im forgetting something, Il probably make a reply to this with what Im forgetting.
  8. crawfo666

    Acne For 7 Years

    We will call me Noah, i have had acne for 7 years, started out light but is pretty bad now, have blackheads whiteheads, red bumps, acne scars, dry skin, oily skin. I have tried everything i can think of, from antibiotics (about 6 or 7 different types) creames from the doctors (differin, BP etc) alot of OTC products, taking vitamins, changing diet, changing exercise, changing regimes about 100 times, changing pillow case every night, changing sheets every 4 nights, you name it ive tried it (not accutane and wont). Have even tried the caveman regime, did not wash my face for 4 months, made no difference, but didnt make it worse. i have tried so many things and have spent thousands of pounds already, and i am at the end, as all of you will know the psychological effects of acne, and how its breaks you! I am currently trying the no milk method starting today, as one of my favorite things is milk and cereal, so that will be hard. What this post is all about, is that i need to get this sorted, and therefore if people can suggest things i have not tried, and the person who advises something and it gets me 100% clear, i will honestly give that person £5000, that's how much that would mean to me. So suggest effective methods to try and if it works i will give that person £5000 GBP of my own money, and this is not a joke. I just need help.
  9. I have very very very dry skin, it looks really bad, looks like im shedding, i don't want to wipe the dead skin off because i don't want to irritated my acne. Right now my acne is very bad, im afraid the dead skin is clogging my pores more. Any suggestions would be helpful,thank you!
  10. I started using clinque acne solution emergency gel lotion, which is 5% benzoyl peroxide, i have been using it for almost a year, it helped my acne drastically from day one,i had moderate acne. And now i want to try the regimen because i started breaking out from switching my cleanser. So now im scared i will break out more if i change medications especially to a lower percentage of benzoyl peroxide. Any advice will be helpful.
  11. 989898L


    Hi everyone. Right so I'm just going to start off with this: I've been staying away from all things acne related which includes this web site, looking up cures and watching videos on YouTube as that seems to be all I ever do but I'm back and I feel so low about my acne, I know I have people around to help me but all I constantly read is that people's PIH have gone during Accutane and mine is still here and I want it gone more than anything. My birthday is coming up and if that would be the only thing I would ever get, for the rest of my life, I would be happy. I'm using sunscreen and doing everything I can. Did your PIH/PIE fade? My mine have turned a purple colour. Please help me! Please reply! I'm desperate. I don't want to be stuck with this for a year or longer.
  12. Hey guys I just made an account because I wanted to post this to help people. I had acne for about a year recently and I tried almost everything to get it off: oils, facial creams and wash, moisturisers, and yes I did try potatoes. They all didn't work and actually made the acne worse. then I tried using an aloe vera plant and it was so good at getting rid of acne that I could see some results in just a few days. watch this video I posted on youtube to explain my method. {LINK REMOVED} Hopefully this can help some of you guys It really helped me.
  13. lynettenicole

    Adding Pictures! Help!

    I have no idea how to upload pictures o here. I would like to show my success, if there is any. Someone please help!! It would be GREATLY appreciated
  14. Hey there guys. I used to suffer from very bad acne. I have been on a variety of medications and am currently on Dianette which is masking my acne (making the switch to Yasmin very soon). I used to suffer from quite bad depression and anxiety because of my acne. I would refuse to leave the house, felt conscious that people were staring at my skin whilst talking to me and felt extremely insecure. I would think about my skin 24/7. I'm in my final year of studying Broadcast Journalism at University/College and I am making a documentary about the psychological impact of acne. I have interviewed many people who have experienced acne and the extent of psychological suffering they have experienced. Some felt self conscious but were able to carry on with their daily lives, others felt quite depressed and wouldn't leave the house. I have interviewed a psychologist who has been studying acne patients' experiences of living with the condition and am due to interview a dermatologist about their views about the psychological distress and if further help is required to tackle these impacts. I will also be interviewing a skin charity. The reason I am telling you all of this, is because I want to represent/explore a range of views in regard to this issue. I think more awareness needs to raised about the psychological impact of acne, especially to those who have never experienced acne. I am hoping to send my documentary to festivals. I have a Facebook page for my documentary if you wish to like it and keep up to date. It will be released on the 26th of may but sneak peeks will be released over the upcoming weeks. https://www.facebook.com/SkinDeepTheDocumentary/ / (If links can't be used it is the usual face book dot com with a forward slant SkinDeepTheDocumentary). I would love to hear your views on the psychological impact and also your personal stories. Let me know below, let's chat. Sending much love.
  15. PlumBunting

    Itchy red bumps

    I have red bumps and they can get really itchy at times, anyway to fix this or to stop the inflammation. I have really sensitive skin btw
  16. Can someone please help me get rid of my acne. I am 19 years old a male with light skin that is somewhat shiny but is sensitive when over washed. For example my skin itches real bad with benzoyl peroxide. I have been fighting acne for about 3-4 years until about 3 months ago when I got my first girlfriend ( acne decreased confidence) and then miraculously with me trying to lose weight, (still trying) eating a little healthier and also going to the derm and getting aczone and Tazorac has helped me get rid of my forehead acne (somewhat). And I was sooo happy. This past month I've been breakin out more. Especially on chin and on eyebrows. And with my light skin acne pops out like a sore thumb. It is sooo embarrassing and me personally already had low confidence. And just a little acne makes me cry, and for a big guy like myself not much makes me cry. But I don't want people seeing me like this. It makes me worry and stress. I go to my derm and he just prescribes more Tazorac. I would like to get it cured and be happy again. Please help me, thank you. God bless
  17. Hello everyone. I have struggled with acne scars on my nose for about 5 years now. I am currently 18 and have been trying so many products but none is helping. I will take better pictures if it is needed but here it is I also have on my chin but it's not really as noticeable as my nose. Please any help would be grateful!
  18. I have been struggling with acne for about 4 years now. I had totally given up. I started seeing a dermatologists which was a complete waste of time. He prescribed cream after cream for me which did nothing. After complaining to him about my acne, he started to prescribe antibiotics which was another complete waste of time. I knew then that he was no help to me so i started to do my own research. I found acne.org and boy am i happy. After about a month of the regimen my skin really started to clear up. I get about 2 new pimples a week which is a blessing. I am really starting to see improvement. Sadly, I realized when my acne died down, i had a lot of what i believed to be scars. Scared that i would have them forever i did some more research. After finding out that the redness is hyperpigmentation, and it WILL fade over time i became a little more relieved. Unfortunately, I learn that it could take years for the hyperpigmentation to fade. That is ridiculous! I am sick of having to be embarrassed and hide my face in public. Please help me. Note: I use the regimen everyday twice a day as instructed and I started to use the AHA (but no significant improvement has been made)
  19. rodin1840


    From the album: Need help figuring out what's going on here

    Forehead with makeup.
  20. rodin1840


    From the album: Need help figuring out what's going on here

    Left cheek with makeup.
  21. DefiantChub

    Just my story of how it affects my life

    Hello to anyone reading this, I have had bad skin which quickly turned into acne since I was 12. I moved schools at this age and used to get bullied because I was different. As many others, when it first started my mum said it was just "teenage skin" probably only a few pimples. I have seen photos of me then and it didn't look to bad. Throughout the years I have tried very hard to control my skin, using lots of different products on my face. Nothing seemed to help it. I had no confidence and did not want anyone to look at me because I felt so hideous! When I discovered foundation and concealer I managed to gain a bit of self esteem and manage to leave the house to go to school. I would try countless types of gels, creams, face-masks, moisturisers but every day I would wake up with more spots on my face. Sometimes it would die down for a bit, and my soul started to shimmer with hope that I would finally be able to do something about my disgusting face, but it would never last. The more the acne showed on my face the more makeup I wore, at nights being too depressed to take it off or either being compulsive and toning my face over and over again, wishing the bad skin away. I never wanted to tell anyone how depressed it made me feel, even suicidal, but my mum always told me other people didn't notice and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I hated looking in the mirror and didn't want any photos of me, couldn't leave the house without makeup yet even when I was wearing it I still felt disgusting. I started picking and squeezing, yuck, thinking I was making it better but it only got worse and worse. Finally, after a lot of tears I went to a doctor and got benzoyl peroxide, zineryt, and others which helped a bit my completely dried out my skin. I would persist with whatever lotions/creams the doctor gave me for a matter of months, as he would not let me have the medication (pills) because I was about 14 and they had heavy side effects. While all of this was going on, on the inside, I hoped people wouldn't be frightened/disgusted speaking to me because of my horrible acne. Whenever I stayed at a friends house I could not take off my makeup in front of them, so would sleep with it on, only to reapply it in the morning because I was so self conscious of my face. This gave me huge anxiety because I couldn't keep a good skincare routine of whatever products I was using on my face at the time. I was feared anyone I knew would turn up at my house when I wasn't wearing it, so I wore it hid away most of my teenage years, living in isolation where it only got worse. The only person who saw me without any makeup was mum, who still insisted I was beautiful, I was so angry at her for obviously telling me lies! I was hideous, she was my mum so she had to tell me it wasn't that bad! I lost a lot of friends due to me not going out. After leaving school and moving away, made the decision to stop wearing makeup when i wasn't going anywhere and this did help my skin... I only wore BB cream when I went out and prayed no one would be staring at my spots, even though I saw them doing it. It got so bad, I thought I was destined to have acne (age 20) and was put on medication for depression, which then sent me into a psychotic episode. I came off the mess and stayed home for a few months, not baring to look in a mirror at my disgusting self. When I did socialise which was hardly ever I could not look anyone in the eye... Now I have discovered that I have body dysmorphia (BDD) and my acne was the main focus. I am currently using proactiv, I would recommend it but you need to try for yourselves as each skin type is different. My acne is starting to heal, and the scars are still very visible but hopefully by letting my face breath it is getting better. Thank you for reading my story if anyone has read this to the end, I read a story on here which inspired me to write about my own experience. If anyone reading this is suicidal because of their acne, take it from me it will get better... Never give up, you are here for a reason and you are just as beautiful as the stars in the sky
  22. I'm really in need of Accutane. I almost had it from my last dermatologist, but my insurance didn't cover it. I've tried everything else. I'm going to be on Medicaid soon, hoping that it'll be able to cover the cost of it, but it's considered 'cosmetic' It gets to the point where it's really messing with my mental state. Which I think should be taken into account. I e-mailed pharmacuetical companies, and most of them to not offer help for Accutane. Are there any other patient assistance programs for Accutane?
  23. sullihits

    Is This Scar ? :(

    Okay so I have mild acne and it was in control but I went to barber and he have wrong pooped my pimple So im wondering is this scar and will this ever recover I will die if its permanent :, (