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Found 14 results

  1. OK i have had this Redness going on for 6 years i have tried many many things salycic acid for a month seen no improvment benzoil peroxide glycolic peel lactic peel and nothing but i have been using nizoral and head and shoulders shampoo and seen a little.. imporvment but not much been using for 2 months.. but what are these red marks and overall redness i dont believe it can be acne because my skin is very smooth and i dont feel any bumps http://i49.tinypic.com/14ac6jd.jpg
  2. I want to start off by saying I am a 21 year old female. I have NEVER had a problem with acne before. As a teenager I might have had a couple zits here and there but never full blown acne. I started the depo shot when I was 20 after being on it for 9 months I noticed really bad breakouts that would come and go. My doctor said to try one more cycle (1 shot, 3 months) to see if it would go away. The acne got worse at the end of the three months I decided I HAD to do something else. He put me on qu
  3. Hi all, first post here I believe. I've had bacne for about 3 years now and I've always been pretty depressed and self concious about it, stopped dating girls, swimming etc. However I've just started dating a girl and I'm going to need to become more confident with taking my shirt off etc if we go to the beach, sleep together. This is my bacne at the moment http://imgur.com/a/59p0u#LjeBU there are a lot of red marks around my back which may not be shown in the picture, I also have some sort o
  4. I am having a horrible time trying to leave my face alone. My face feels like it wants to heal, but I can't help but pick at the new little bumps. I keep getting acne in the same spots as previous acne. I know its most likely because I KEEP PICKING AT MY FACE....buts its just so hard. I don't know what to do?? I should leave my face alone and let the acne take its course right? But if I do...and I get new bumps...and leave them alone...will my skin eventually get better?? I feel like If I leave
  5. Jikstah

    How Do I Fix This?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've used this website to do some research on the Regimen and just acne in general. I need help classifying what my type of acne is, moderate or severe or maybe in between.. and with that, I want to know the best way to tackle this. I guess I'm sort of lucky, as I've only had acne for about ~6 months. I'm 17. I have a picture back in November where I barely have any acne, just a few pimples! And also a few photos I took this morning, for a comparison. And boy is
  6. Richard Williams

    surgical scar sunburn

    i had a tiny birthmark removed from my right check where the doctor removed the sutures and i didnt use mederma spf 30 scar cream! it left two tiny dots sunburned and wanted to just know if theres anything to remove the sunburn like an injection or some other kind of treatment by a dermatologist? does anyone know? thank you.
  7. So I need some help! I have been suffering with these bumps for nearly two years. . I'm on a limited diet. I've never drank sodas or consumed lots of sugar. I've always been some what of a health nut. No matter what I do they won't go away!! They cluster and I can squeeze stuff out of them but it never does a thing, the bump will come back in two seconds! I'm 19 now and I started getting this when I was about 17. Its only become worse. . From the research I've done it could be pityrosporum fol
  8. I jumped the gun on doing a problematic spot and I ended up with this. I can't tell if It's a scar or if I should use tweezers to take it off. http://s1052.photobucket.com/albums/s443/shadow3217/?action=view&current=photo.jpg What do I do? Also if there is anything you can think of to lighten the redness surrounding it that would be great. Anyway, is this remaining puss or is it a scar? If I touch it it's pretty hard but I also see a small tip of white.
  9. Savannahclarke

    Forehead Acne

    I'm really hoping I can finally get some opinions/help MY ACNE STORY. I had flawless skin until grade 9. I started getting a few pimples, then soon enough my entire forehead was covered in colourless bumps. Since it started I haven't had a day without tons of acne on my forehead. My entire family has never had acne. So I didn't really have anyone to get good advice from, which of course lead me to buying super harsh face scrubs/topical gels I didn't need. That made it SO MUCH WORSE, my ent
  10. tried everything, only to make matters worse: silicone sheets - just made it bumpy and almost turned into a pimple again bio oil - nope emu oil- clogged it again lemon juice - made it redder help appreciated!! (:
  11. Hey guys im hoping someone can help me long story shory, ive been on a generic brand of diane-35 called novo-cyproterone for about 2 years. The first year my skin was completely clear and amazing, it really cleared up my severe cystic acne. But! 9months ago the pharmasist switched my pill to another generic brand without telling me.. my skin broke out into severe acne. i quicklywent back on my original pill and was very angry with the pharmacy. Now its been 9 months back on the original pill an
  12. Started the regimen almost a month ago with minor tweaks to help (use a gentle scrub like once or twice a week) and my skin has gotten better. I got of birth control pills and my skin went a little nuts (I am now taking vitex and probiotics for less than a month which seems to have helped as well),. Right now I am having a bit of a pre period breakout, not great but not terrible. I have been using dan's bp and it is gentle and glides easily on skin, and love using it at night becasue af
  13. So I just got put on a new regimen by my derm since he ruined my skin with Fraxel without first warning me of the side effects. I'm supposed to use Duac in the morning, RetinA at night, and take the antibiotic Bactrim twice a day. Can I use moisturizer with RetinA? How long do I need to wait after applying RetinA to apply moisturizer? Also, wouldn't Epiduo be more effective since it is the Benzoyl Peroxide and a retinoid in one? Yes, it lacks the clindamycin, but I don't know how effective
  14. I have been prescribed MInocycline by my derm. and after a week Im broken out in hives and my face is not clearer in fact i have red spots all over. School starts tomorrow! Anyone else have this problem?