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Found 41 results

  1. Hey guys! I just wanted to share my story with y'all in hopes that maybe it can inspire someone to take the leap to heal their body and finally get rid of their acne. I have battled with acne since I was in 7th grade, was placed on birth control since 9th grade and countless of other acne meds since then. Not only did I have horrible acne that continued to get worse with age, but I also was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at he young age of 19. The odd thing was that I wasn't overweight and thy
  2. Tremaine

    My Acne.org Regimen Results!

    From the album: Acne.org Regimen Results

    I wasn't going to post these pictures because it's embarrassing to see just how bad my skin used to be!!! However, I figured someone could benefit from my struggle. I've struggled with acne for the last 10 years. I've tried changing my diet, prescription meds, Proactiv, Murad, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, all-natural face washes, masks, scrubs, etc. YOU NAME IT, I'VE TRIED IT!!!! I even tried to cover it with makeup. But no matter how much concealer you use, there's just no covering a bumpy su
  3. ConorCoughlanMu

    General Advice!

    Hi all. I'm new here so forgive me if I'm not doing this right, ha! I'm 17 years old and have had acne for roughly about 3 years now. However, it has come and gone over the years. My acne has always been the same - always around the chin, and mouth. Literally everywhere else on my face is clear. I feel like I am doing everything in my power to have clear, nice skin. I work out, eat incredibly healthy, drink lot's and lot's of water, wash my face and moisturize morning and night and e
  4. Simple question. Sounds like a dumb one but recently I went on holiday and was eating rubbish the whole time and didn't get one single break out the whole time. Literally once I started my healthy eating again, I started breaking out. Anyone else had any experience with this?
  5. Guys that's my first post here and i want to share my experience with you so i can help anyone who struggled with acne like i did. For the past few years i always had acne on my cheeks it wasn't severe it was barely seen but still i wasn't satisfied and was trying to get rid if it,looking at my skin back then i had the perfect skin and what's ironic i didn't like my skin and saw that tiny pimple a big deal not until 8 months ago that my face erupted in cysts on my chin and cheeks and forehead a
  6. I wanted to post here because I've battled with acne for over 10 years. I always wondered why my skin was breaking out. I tried accutane 8 years ago with great results, and it permanently got rid of some acne but most of it came back. A couple months ago, I drastically increased my water intake simply with a focus to be more healthy. I drink about 8 liters of water a day. I buy organic lemons and squeeze 1-2 lemons throughout the day and add it to my water. I started to eat less junkfood and go
  7. hello! i'm not sure if anyone else has this question in mind but i am in serious confusion! there are people who say white rice is poison and others who stress on a gluten-free diet. if one had to choose,which one would you choose? going by logic , white rice is bad for it raises the insulin level(sudden spike) ..for it's got high GI.whereas gluten is said to be inflammatory. so,what do u think?which one is (let's say) less harmful(or safer to carry on with)?? (my story : i have
  8. Jen143

    Acne Cure

    Hi everyone, I am 24 and started getting acne at 21. About 2 yrs ago, there was a time that all I ate was cereal for some reason, and during that time I noticed my acne completely went away. When I started eating other things, it came back. Also, shortly after that, I started drinking ovaltine every day three times a day and noticed that it made my acne go away as well . This was about 6 months, when I stopped drinking it , it came back. What does this mean?
  9. Hi Guys! So, I've heard sooo much about how diet affects the skin, and of cause, no doubt about it. But can you be too fanatic about it? I have developed some habbits and essential foods, that I have been eating for the last 7-8 months. But I havent really had anyone to look at my diet. I know that you guys are not dieticians, but any input or advice, comments, would be great. I Dont eat dairy, nor wheat/gluten and hardly any sugar. A typical day : Breakfast: 1 glass of
  10. Healthy but still get acne? So I've tried so many different methods in getting rid of my acne, I've tried strong prescription meds and topical creams and over the counter cleansers/creams. Ive even tried laser treatments. Nothing seems to work. I have a very healthy diet too (No sodas, chips, candy, over sugar foods, pastries, any junk food, etc) and eat more vegetables and fruits nowadays. My current routine is washing my face twice a day and at night using a gentle cleanser. I also shave once
  11. I care about my skin a lot. I used to wash it everyday with (Clarasonic + Good cleanser) with good results. I heard regularly washing your skin keeps it looking young and healthy. However, when I do wash it, I sometimes get break outs. I think it's because when I wash it, my skin starts to produce more oil. Last 2 month, I BARELY ever washed my face. Maybe once every 5 - 6 days. Now my skin is actually SMOOTHER and barely have any acne anymore. I am confused now because now I feel like m
  12. Hello friends!! i wanted to know that whether indulging (very lil') once in a while is alright for acne prone skin(or someone who has acne..less or more) ?? i'm not too bad at the moment.and i lead a healthy life of late..atleast for a few months i am. i dont eat out.have home cooked food that has very less oil and spice. i don't like sweet..so except for some curries(yes,am indian) or vegetable dishes with requires very lil' sugar(about a tbspn for the curry made for a family of 2-3). i do
  13. Hi all, I came across an article about ORTHOREXIA, which is an eating disorder defined by strict, rigid, religious healthy eating, and wondered if my "healthy eating" is considered orthorexic. I am a 21 year old Japanese female, who has been struggling with mild acne since 12. My acne flared up high school and first years of university both due to a combination of stress and medication. Since medications were only making the acne worse, I tried controlling my acne more naturally by firs
  14. After a failed attempt with Saw Palmetto (for acne & facial hair;result: disaster zone), birth control (Ocella for 3 days, I broke out immediately), Retin A (peeling, redness, sensitivity and even worse with Differin), Minocycline (it's just okay, but someday the body will resist), No more vitamins and herbs, such a waste of money -except L-lysine (helps my skin heal quicker, its awesome, and juicing (ahhh juicing ...juicing WORKED!) My skin never looked better. I first tried fresh jui
  15. Lilacink

    No Dairy week 2 Plus Apple Cyder Vinegar

    From the album: No Dairy 11-4/Apple Cyder Vinager & Green Tea WIth Lemon toner

    Two weeks of eating no dairy, avioding greasy food, and drinking 2 liters of water a day plus a cup or 2 of tea and coffee a day. Taking Zing 50 mg pills a day, Vitamin E 400 IU softgel a day, "E energen Healthy Skin Soft-Smooth Clear" pills (one a day). Made a toner using apple cyder vinegar, green tea (brewed several minsutes), water, and lemon juice. First day using this toner. Will post more pictures.
  16. I am learning more and more about just how closely acne and diet are related. I've read a lot of books regarding nutrition and how it plays a role in either creating acne or encouraging clear skin. I never used to believe that eliminating certain foods could actually benefit skin health. I've seen it all first hand now though and I believe it more and more. Over Christmas and Thanksgiving, I indulged too much. I'm sure I'm not alone in that! It's such a hard time of year to stay on track but n
  17. My solution is really simple so I’ll keep this short. I remember obsessively scrolling through this forum every day years ago and promising I’d come back and make a post if I ever cleared my face up. Start by saying the usual I tried everything under the sun. Every pill and cream to stop it and nothing worked. I went vegan and actually ate healthy. Not living off Oreos and potato chips cuz those are vegan but nothing will change for you. Cooked with minimal oil and tracked my nutrie
  18. I've had moderate acne for 5+ years and have been using the regimen for the last 2 years. The regimen of cleanse, BP, moisturize has helped my skin stay somewhat under control, but I have serious breakouts a few times a month (usually with 1-3 big inflamed cysts). The last year I added AHA+ which has helped smooth my skin, but I haven't REALLY noticed any other profound effect. I've started seriously cleaning out my diet to see what foods might trigger outbreaks (eating only clean meats, comp
  19. Neve

    Facing The Facts

    I'm not a huge fan of water. This sounds really bad, but I honestly don't drink near enough water. I drink it while I'm working out and if I'm craving water (which doesn't happen very often) and everywhere I read everything is telling me that drinking water is just fantastic! It will make me feel better, help clear my skin, keep me hydrated. But let's face it water is boring, boring, boring. But I believe if I set my mind to it I can replace 90% of what I drink with water. With the help of a cut
  20. SurealsRoad

    My Road To Clarity

    Hello All, I am really excited to have stumbled on this site and to begin The Regime - For myself I have always had mild to moderate acne but what makes it worse is I am prone to easy scarring. When I was a teenager I never had this. It was only as I hit my late 20s that suddenly things have made a turn for the worst. More acne meant more scars. I am so happy I found this site because the advice is sound counsel that is simple - and I loved reading the blogs of others that are here: Talk a
  21. DC-girl

    Lavender Oil

    Wow, I have recently discovered the wonder of Lavender Oil for pimples. Next time you have a chance get some 100 pure essentail lavendar oil. Apply it a couple times a day to red/sore spots coming up or any current pimples you have, it will dry it up and prevent you from getting a big cyst; I'm in love with it. Best of all, its natural, no chemicals and it smells good! Hope this can help some of you! God bless, and don't give up hope; I used to have the worst acne and now I can go out in pu
  22. I've always had mild-moderate acne. Always struggled with lots of blackheads, a lot of bumps and then I'll get the big hard painful ones sporadically. About 2 years ago I managed to get it cleared up with the help of medication and that lasted for about a year and a half. But the last dix months it's just gotten worse again. Tried going on medication again but that hasn't done anything. I have a good diet (vegan, lots of natural foods, little junk), I exercise regularly, wash my face twice
  23. Hey! Diamond here, I'm a new user. Here's a little background of me. I'm a male, 17 years old, about 5 foot 10, weigh 129 and have had pesty acne since 8th grade. Before I ask for any help, let me give you a quick rundown of my skin care routine and diet. In the morning, I wash with a Christina Moss Naturals organic face wash and follow that up with an aloe vera based organic and non comedogenic mouisturizer. I don't wash again until I get home from school, and only with water. I follow the ri