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Found 38 results

  1. I went to the gym a few days ago and my muscles are still hurting. This is very unusual for me and I've noticed a lot more aches and pains. Not to mention my back and neck hurt after sitting for a while. I figure this must be associated with the accutane as I've read similar stories in the past. The worst was this morning when I tried to blow-dry my hair; my joints (elbows) got so sore I had to keep taking breaks. I'm surprised the joint pain has happened this early and worried that is a ba
  2. I had a pimple, which i popped. I picked the skin around the pimple and kept picking it! 2 weeks later I let it dry out but it wasnt my skin tone it almost looked purpley so i picked the skin hoping it will grow back normally but it hasnt! One of the splotches will not seem to heal fast and the other will never dry out. Please help, anything i can put or use to heal it please!
  3. Guys so i've been dealing with severe acnes almost two months!! I am so shamed of it. My face never been like this before i wanna cry. Ive tried facial at one of skincare place in my country but i think it gets addicted like really correct me if im wrong. My face used to be clean and soft and good but once i stopped, my face getting worse. Shall i try the laser treatment? But im afraid if it will not works out on my skin, it is too expensive. But if i do the natural wayyy idk my face is too sens
  4. This scar first appeared a week ago, it was a pimple that I popped it & then this appeared. The first picture is a day ago, the 2nd picture is from today. I have been using a scar cream on it, something similar to mederma. How long should this take to heal?
  5. Does anyone have any tips for shaving with acne? One of my biggest problems is that even though I may not pick at the whiteheads, shaving obviously opens them up. I know that my shaving is causing the acne so I changed the way I shave to help prevent razor burn and it helped some but it still hasn't fully helped, much less keep from reopening the sores day after day. Plus, my face becomes very dry only in the areas that I shave. Even after moisturizing, it still dries out pretty quick. Any ideas
  6. hello friends! holistic living and healthy diet is known to have a positive effect on us,acne sufferers. so having a balanced diet and having an active life(both physically and mentally) is important. also eliminating food items that cause u problem is a must.(different people seems to have different intolerance..so don't go by what others are following.check for yourselves what suits you and what doesn't but make it a point to share your unique experiences and ideas/concepts.it'll not onl
  7. Just a quick update that I'll be getting Broad Band Light treatment tomorrow (I think it's an updated type of intense pulse light treatment). It's supposed to help with sun damage, pigmentation issues, and overall skin health. It supposedly can help decrease your change of developing skin cancer in the future too which sounds like a nice bonus to me. I spent basically my entire youth frying in the sun and then my skin got scars from all my cystic acne so my skin has been through a lot. I figure
  8. To keep it simple, if you are an adult ( > 20) and still have acne, you have a leaky gut. You must be thinking all the time, why those guys eat all the shit (oily, spicy, gluten, dairy, sugar) and still have flawless skin but I feel like being cursed for something I did in my past life. Not your fault my friend. The only fault is where the food is being absorbed. To make it more clear, where the toxins (and undigested) food is being absorbed i.e. Your GUT. "All disease begins in gut" ~ Hippo
  9. I would like to know if anyone has any studies on which form of topical vitamin c is best. I know that a lot of people on here think that topical vitamin c is BS, but I am not here to talk about this. I know that there are some companies such as 302 that will tell you that any type of acid is bad for your skin (example – ascorbic acid). So which vitamin c is best? Anyone? Thanks.
  10. Anybody got a laser with RF ? and had bad experience ? melted skin after the laser ? and more scars? saggy skin skin ? dry skin ? I have come to the conclusion, that the first ever treatment for my scars, the Matrix RF laser was too powerful and have melted my skin and made it saggy, more scar, kind of dry and REAL bad heal skin.... MY skin couldn't even heal from a Fucki?)=G injection from a tiny small needle before the subcision treatment, so I now have small look a like ice pick scars from
  11. Hello everyone, I'm started my second course of accutane last week. I really enjoyed reading other people's experiences so I'm going to start a weekly log posting to share my experience with you. Background info:I'm a 21 year old male and my acne began in 12 th grade and persisted. In my first year of college my dermatologist put me on 70 mg/day does of Accutane for my acne which was considered moderately-severe. My system absorbed this very well and killed my acne completely in a short cours
  12. Curing Accutane's Long Term side effects Hey, I am a 22 year old who suffered from Accutanes side effects since I was 16, and I think I am cured, though for me while sexual dysfunction was the side effect that made me notice accutane had affected me, it was not the only side effect. The route to curing my own side effects was by using nutrition and supplements, as well as meditation, to undo the damage accutane did to my brain. Personally I believe Accutane causes its negative side effect
  13. How Do Acne Lesions Heal?

    Acne is primarily an inflammatory disease. In fact, inflammation is present throughout the entire cycle of an acne lesion, from before a recognizable lesion even forms all the way until the lesion is healed. Inflammation is present in all types of acne lesions, including: Microcomedones (microscopically tiny clogged pores). Whiteheads and blackheads, which scientists call "non-inflammatory lesions" because they are not red and sore. Regardless of the name "non-inflammatory lesions" there is still some inflammation present. Papules, pustules, nodules,...
  14. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if this is a good regimen for clearing up red marks/scabs caused by pimples. I don't think my acne is too bad. Just a lot of redness from picking before, but I'm going to stop with that. Anyway my regimen right now that I'm going to try and stick with is: 1. Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser Scrub 2. Lush Tea Tree Water Toner 3. Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer Morning and night, with a spot treatment at night. Anyone feel free to let me know about experience
  15. So i have my acne under control atm .. im just closing in my 6th month of differin... i get a pimple now every 2-3 weeks or so im 17 almost and basically im just left with some hyperpigmentation and i heard aloe vera is really good for that... can i put aloe vera gel from the leaf itsself after differin ?? anyone have any experience of aloe vera gel??
  16. I've been getting these blackheads/zits around nose and near the crease on my upper lip, they tend to turn red and I squeeze at them, which makes my face look red and then these big red scabs seem to form. It looks disgusting, and I know that when I don't get these, my face for the most part stays clear. Does this happen to anyone else? Please let me know, and also I hate going out in public or being seen by anyone when I have them, it makes me VERY insecure. I usually sit inside while they're
  17. What Is Acne?

    Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that starts after the onset of puberty when hormones increase. These hormones initiate to the production of skin oil, which is necessary for acne to form. Acne can occur on any part of the body that has pores, which are tiny hair follicles. All parts of the body except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have pores. However, we see acne mostly on the face...
  18. Hypochlorous Acid: What Is It, and Can It Help with Acne?

    Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, making it a powerful sanitizer. Because of this, hypochlorous acid is an active ingredient in many household cleaning products. It is also the disinfectant found in chlorinated swimming pools. These everyday uses of hypochlorous acid are actually mimicking its function in the human body. The body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to fight infections.1-4 In addition to its antibacterial activity, hypochlorous acid can help relieve...
  19. I am so desperate to clear my chin acne, it is bugging me too much. I tried using tea tree oil, but it burned my skin, now I'm using vitamin e to try to heal the burn, but still have the stubborn pimples. Help. Suggestions. Anything
  20. hey everybody I've never posted anything on a forum before and I probalby won't after this but i really felt I had to share this info with other people and I'm hoping maybe it might just help someone out, make their day a lil better... And sorry for all the typo and grammatical mistakes i might do, I'm really not the writing type. Anyway so what i would like to share is my frustrating, depressing experince i had with a "blackhead scar or pimple scar" i got over the la two weeks and lik
  21. If you live in NYC or the surrounding burroughs (or know anyone with problem skin who does) I would love to help you! Feel free to contact me. My info is on my website www.lovenicolep.wordpress.com I can't wait to hear from you! I understand how desprate everyone with acne is. It is time for a change! -love- Nicole
  22. So I've been applying Neosporin on my popped pimples after I get them. It literally heals them in under an hour, but it's still red and has that like scab thing that goes over it kind of as a protection device that happens with every pimple. Should I continue to apply Neosporin once it begins its healing process? Will it continue to help it heal faster? Thanks
  23. I am not one to post things online like this, but I know how much posts like these helped me as I was fighting acne. So, I decided to share my story of healing my acne. I am 18 years old and graduated high school last month. I really only suffered from acne since 9th grade, but it got noticeably bad at the start of my senior year. I had moderately severe acne- cystic and lots of red zits. I tried many things to stop it- clean & clear advantage, proactiv, and then back to clean & clear a
  24. I popped a pimple the other day and it was, just a small red mark. I put lemon juice on it like I normally do with a cotton ball and it seemed fine. But for some reason the skin around the red mark got all white and puffy so I put neosporin on it before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning it was this huge dark red rough mark that looks awful and is a little painful to the touch. I've been keep it moist with neosporin all day but its still a little bubbly and dark red. What can I do to cle
  25. I think I finally found a way to reduce my very stubborn hormonal acne. I am 30 and have been struggling with hormonal acne for as long as I can remember. I usually get them around my mouth and chin, and I get very oily skin in that area. I usually start breaking out at around 2 weeks before my period. Sometimes they get as high as my cheeks and some really hurt (Even recently I started getting cystic acne along my jawline). Unfortunately I have a very bad habit of picking at them especially whe