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Found 9 results

  1. I will never sympathize with cancer patients or people who have HIV/AIDS or diabetes etc. They get all these charities and donations and support and I get stared at like a freak. After years of anxiety humiliation and bullying nothing will ever change my mind about this. I couldn't care less about them while we get nothing
  2. [attacver I dont exactly know what they are These marks have been on my face for about 4 months now and still havent gone. Age: 17 Gender: Male Yes I use the acne.org regiment twice a day every single day How do I get rid of them, heres some images of it with flash and without
  3. Who else is feeling depressed and unwell because of their Acne? I know I am. I'm 15 years old and I used to have severe Acne on my back, upper arm, and my face. That was when I would just breakout - usually just when I'm on my periods. I'd just have the urge to pick them which is annoying because it's actually really hard to stop thinking about a pimple or let it stop bothering you unless you pop/pick it. I thought I had Dermotillomania because of how much of a bad condition I was in and how i
  4. I have had acne for 3 years now. Will it ever end. I guess you could say its mild but it's a bit worse than that but I wouldn't say severe either. Its just enough to make you hate yourself. I can't even remember having clear skin. I don't EVER take pictures. So when I'm older I won't remeber a large portion of my life thanks to my terrible skin. I avoid mirrors as much as possible. Whenever I look at one my whole day I literally ruined. .... I dont look people in the eye. I don't want to think
  5. Hi! I've had a tough time with my acne for about a year now (pictures can be seen here) and I've been trying really hard not the get so down about it. I've tried telling myself that I'm beautiful inside and out but I can't believe this lie anymore. Last year I was really depressed and down but I told no one and I though about suicide. I feel as if even my insides have been tainted by acne, I used to be so happy and "charismatic" but again, it feels as if it's all been tainted and I'm ang
  6. pretty much just hate myself. my acne isn't that bad but I've had points in my life when it was super awful and i'm paranoid that my skin will go back to those dark times. as I said before, my skin isn't so bad right now, but I still find it fucking ugly. I hate the redness, white heads, and zits. I have so many little whiteheads. and the scars, don't get me started. it's a recipe for ultimate self hate. I've tried everything: eating well, taking supplements, you name it. I can't believe I
  7. have about 23 pimples on my forehead and between my eyebrows, started using clean and clear continuous acne cleanser,but nothing has helped. I'm underweight so don't eat a lot of fat or sugar. I have vertigo as well so don't know if that has made this worse.
  8. Okay, I have pretty severe acne. I have attached a picture in case you didn't feel like going on my profile. It's 100% hereditary, and I've had it since I was eight or nine. I'm seventeen, so I've had it almost half of my life. Yeah, I've been dealing with it. Sometimes, it doesn't bug me. However, I'm in that terrible position at school where if you have one flaw, you're ugly, don't belong in a group, have no friends, etc. It's bad enough that I have nasty pimples that CONSTANTLY pop up over th
  9. hello everyone I have been struggling with acne for over 4 years now im 17 , its started to get alot worse over the past year, so i decided to try accutane i started 20 mg about 3 weeks ago and i have seen much improvement yet which i expected but my face seems to be very red still and still looks quite bad, im currently using simple soap to wash my face in the morning and the night, with lukewarm water and afterwards using simple light moisturiser i find my skin gets a tad dry but not flaky