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Found 37 results

  1. This morning I told my partner how happy I was about how my scars were improving after I had subcision, prp and laser performed on my face. I told her how the suctioning seems to really be improving the outcome of my face. Instead of saying "oh that's wonderful, I'm so happy for you", she told me to please not talk to her about it. She just thinks it's so vain for a man my age to be worried about this sort of thing. It's sad that such an important thing in my life can mean absolutely nothi
  2. Hello everyone, today is my 66th day , I recently went up to 30 mg from the previous 20mg a day, I think there was a fluke in my last blood test , so I'm very happy this one worked out in my favor, the doctor said I might be on it for a year , unless they can keep using my dosage. So we'll see! But my back still kills but nothing else really , expect dry lips
  3. AutreMonde


    From the album: Before And After

    After being true to "The Treatment" BP and going on Tri Sprintec Oral Contraceptives, my skin is healthier, happier, and a new, foreign texture that fears not the click of a camera. Finally.
  4. Okay so finally after trying nearly every over the counter product I could gets my hands on I went to a assistant physician ( all the dermatologist were booked.)He prescribed me clindamycin 1% for the morning and tretinoin .025% for night. I've been doing this regimen for two days now and its just gotten worse. My cheeks were smooth and now they are bumby again and my forehead is just getting more and more whiteheads. Has anyone else had this regimen? How did it work for you and when am I g
  5. Hi all! Right.. accutane - the big debate... For me personally it has opened up alot of doors for me! I used to suffer from moderate - severe acne, and after years of the classic, quick fix but long strugle, that was antibiotics.. i finally got referred to the hospital for treatment using accutane! I was on a high dose for around 5 months, and is by far (in my opinion) the best choice for acne sufferers! I did suffer some side effects, some aches and pains, dry skin, hair, and very dry l
  6. cin13p

    6 Months In...

    Hello, Its been a while since I put up a blog or even been on the site since I started the Regimen. When I first started my skin was incredibly bad, like ugly raw skin bad. I guess it gets worst before it gets better. That's what my friend told me who recommended me this treatment. I'm not going to lie that whole month I felt ugly. I couldn't wear makeup, I couldn't be in the sun, and I even couldn't go out to do family stuff. I felt ugly because during the regimen I broke out so bad,
  7. Hey guys, so today is day 45 on retin a and im in awe... ive been tracking my progress using photos and i see a major imporvement in my skin! smoother skin, more evened out skin tone, smaller blemishes, very few blemishes! For the first time in a while im just so happy to be able to go out and not be afraid to be seen! its a big emotional reliever and physical also! i never wake up with a sore face due to my acne i can move my face around and i wont feel any pain! (just using an example, do not
  8. I'm getting my blood test done in less than 1hr! I'm super excited about my decision and I can't imagine what life would be for the next couple of months to half year without having to apply any topical/treatment on my skin http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png It feels good having birthday cake without acting weird around people and not worrying that it may theoretically break me out, hehe Cheerios
  9. Quetexan

    7 August 2015

    From the album: My Testimony

    Four months after starting the regimen and my acne has cleared only leaving some scars. The red moisturizer continues to help my acne scars and smooth my complexion. My self-esteem, -worth, and -confidence have returned, not fully, but it's getting there.
  10. From the album: My Acne

    This is my skin almost two months after accutane. I still have quite a bit of pigmentation, but it is slowly healing. I don't wear any kind of coverup most days, and I feel confident going out of the house. I love my skin now and I'm excited to spend my first summer in almost 9 years not feeling so trapped and embarrassed by my skin.
  11. I went back to the dermatologist today and she told me that my red bumps on my face was my skins reaction to the super dry skin, bumpy eczema. So we stop my accutane at the lower end of my final dosage, with the fear the the eczema on my face would get worse and do more damage to my skin. I've been off the medicine since Tuesday but still super dry ! The photo attached in from Tuesday , the day I stopped the medicine.
  12. So i'm sitting here with a bunch of moisturizer on my face feeling super sexy because my skin is looking DAMN GOOD. All jokes aside, i'm honestly wondering why I didn't go to a doctor to get anything prescription until now. My acne was never serious, but it was worse than mild. I'd say it was in the moderate/mild range depending on what I was doing to it at the time. I struggled for years with bad skin. I had to wear makeup at all times- NO ONE got to see me without makeup (not my parents, n
  13. So it's been about 6 months after Accutane, and I've had ONE pimple. I got it on my chin right where I had been leaning on it with my hand for weeks so I'm pretty sure that was what brought it out. But it was VERY small and went away very quickly. I honestly can't believe that my skin is so clear it's not even something I think about anymore (which is crazy since I used to think about it constantly, it made me miserable and self conscious and I always struggled). Now I'm just out and about l
  14. hi im marlene and im 25 and im so happy with my results using acne.org and ive only been on it for 2 weeks and my face has completely cleared up!!! i started getting acne about 2 years ago out of nowhere. ive had model-like gorgeous skin my whole life then the acne came and would stop right before i purchased the regime on acne.org i was seeing a dermatologist and was put on birth control and going all the time to get bloodwork and tests watch videos about birth defects due to accutane anyway
  15. https://flipagram.com/f/12qVo7t7itT im not sure if the link above will work, but that is the video I made post accutane, with all my acne pictures I could find on my phone and the best pictures I have of my skin post accutane. Accutane is a miracle drug and if u are considering going on it... don't hold back. beftoe and after pictures.
  16. When I first started this blog. I had absolutely no idea how much it would change my life. The support and help I recieved from you guys was amazing and because of all the positivity, I had motivation to become acne free! I dont remember the last time I looked in the mirror and hated what i saw! This isn't much of a blog, i would think of it as more of a "thank you/this is the end of my journey" blog. Looking back at my previous posts and seeing how much I've changed since then gives me such a s
  17. Hey. So if you've been following my posts for awhile you'd know that I struggle with acne and flaky skin. I've been on the regimen for 8 months now, and it's really the only thing that's gotten my acne under control. Dryness however has ALWAYS been a problem since starting the regimen. Nothing has really cured the flaky skin yet. I have a question about scrubs... Since I have a lot of dead skin cells, is it okay to exfoliate every week or so? I have relatively sensitive skin, so I don't want to
  18. From the album: 30 mg Accutane experience

    So I am now on my last pill of accutane, and no... my skin is not perfect. But compared to the first photo I posted, this is an absolute miracle. I've got some hyper pigmentation, but that is said to fade drastically and even completely within the year. Overall, I feel blessed everyday for this medication. There's no telling what deep depressing hole I'd be in if it didn't exist. It absolutely hanged my life for the better! My skin is completely clear, I haven't gotten a new pimple or spot in mo
  19. Hi everyone, I've done two courses of Accutane in my life time, one long one and then one shorter one a year later to finish it off. (see older posts for details). It's been exactly a year since my last pill and I am noticing some definite side effects just kicking in as of recently. The side effects are annoying but pretty easy to cope with from a day to day basis... Here are the symptoms I've noticed since stopping accutane: Dry eyes Dry skin Tingles (hands, feet, face) Dizziness T
  20. So i'm sitting here with a bunch of moisturizer on my face feeling super sexy because my skin is looking DAMN GOOD. All jokes aside, i'm honestly wondering why I didn't go to a doctor to get anything prescription until now. My acne was never serious, but it was worse than mild. I'd say it was in the moderate/mild range depending on what I was doing to it at the time. I struggled for years with bad skin. I had to wear makeup at all times- NO ONE got to see me without makeup (not my parents, n
  21. I dont think anything is going on. My chin and around my mouth area looks horrible.My left cheek is still awful. I dont look good basically but its okay because im going home on friday to sunday and hopefully will feel more relaxed. My mental health is a lot better. Such an annoyance though. I think bad skin is the worse thing ever and it really effects your self-confidence more than people can imagine. Anyway update on specifics Forehead: very spotty but flatter than before Left Cheek: a b
  22. From the album: My Skin

    Can't believe how great this new routine is working, & how FAST! If you want your blemishes to clear quickly, try beta carotene. I've never seen my pimples go away so fast. This is only the 3rd day since I began using this treatment. Very happy & surprised by the results so far! I am also limiting my dairy but I think the beta carotene is having a greater impact. Both are probably beneficial, however. Also, NO NEW BREAKOUTS are forming. How fantastic!!! Feeling blessed!
  23. From the album: My Skin

    Here is the front view of my face. A lot less hyper-pigmentation as you can see, but a few scant blemishes. Definitely not my problem area.