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Found 10 results

  1. does anyone know any tips or ways to be happy with acne? Every time I look in the mirror I start to cry. I'm so insecure about my acne that it takes away all my happiness. You don't really know what it feels like until you have it on yourself and can't get rid of it. Anyways what are some things you can do? because for me, Ive been depressed for years about it and I was even hospitalized for a suicide attempt because of it. The worst is when people point it out. All I want to do in that situati
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to post something different on this forum. I have suffered with acne for 6 years, I have literally tried everything possible and through those six years I have experienced an array of emotions. I have been angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and insecure. I'm not going to tell you that I am at my optimum confidence level or that I even love myself now or more. It seems like people promote that they love themselves after they make their flaws disappear, but that's not always
  3. Where to start? I haven't been here since wow... forever honestly. Jeez it's so frigging crazy how time flies. Since then I've only been working on my skin getting better and better throughout the days and life has passed me by I forgot how to enjoy myself because of it. Masking my mental state of mind with prescription drugs, alcohol, drugs, whatever else I could get my hands on in my earlier years . It's been a really rough time. I've gotten through my mental perception of myself and it
  4. Hey you! Since you are on this site, I'm assuming that you, just like me, are living with acne or acne scars/marks on your face and that you are seeking treatments for it. And I also know that acne can have a big effect on your self esteem, social anxiety, and mood. So I'm writing this to all of you who are depressed, sad, worried, anxious or hopeless because of your acne or scars. Your acne is not who you are. Nor does it define you in any way! You just simply have spots on your skin. That's i
  5. acneruinsmylife

    Day 71 - shmooooodd

    I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  6. Hey guys! I just wanted to put something out there on this site that reminded everyone that they are beautiful. Reading through posts from of all sorts of people, I long to comment on each one saying to not be discouraged! I just want to say to each of you: Feel proud of yourself. Let confidence and happiness spill from within. Each one of you are talented and compassionate and so mindful and thoughtful. Don't lose sight of that. Take a moment to recognize that which you bring to the worl
  7. I've updated my signature to contain my acne rx history, to the best of my knowledge. I've been on rx acne medication, both oral antibiotics and topical creams, for 20 years. I am 30 years old. When I was 24, after suffering from the physical and psychological effects of acne throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond, a dermatologist finally took pity on me and prescribed isotretinoin (Claravis). I responded well to the treatment and had almost no side effects, not even dry skin
  8. SurealsRoad

    My Road To Clarity

    Hello All, I am really excited to have stumbled on this site and to begin The Regime - For myself I have always had mild to moderate acne but what makes it worse is I am prone to easy scarring. When I was a teenager I never had this. It was only as I hit my late 20s that suddenly things have made a turn for the worst. More acne meant more scars. I am so happy I found this site because the advice is sound counsel that is simple - and I loved reading the blogs of others that are here: Talk a
  9. Hi all, I have been a reader of the acne.org message boards for years but never created an account because it always made me feel it would make the condition more real. I had moderate (all over the face, also some hormonal on jaw, and occasional but lenghty cysts that left tons of scars on my pale freckly skin) but very chronic acne for probably half my life, I am now a 22 year old young woman who is practically acne free! I honestly chose to share this now because I have experienced the c
  10. (Bare in mind the photo above ^ is with makeup and good lighting. To see my skin without makeup go on my previous blog post) So how do I say this without sounding conceded, I am an average person I would say physically. I am not a "unattractive person" per say. However, facing moderate to mild acne for a couple years now has really affected my personal views on myself. From someone who was very comfortable in herself to some extent I went from trying being happy with myself to avoiding eye