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Found 35 results

  1. Hey this is my first time posting on this website, but i felt the obligation to give you my two cents. This worked for me, and i don't have any research or anything just personal experience. i started taking accuaane about a year ago and I started losing hair during my treatment, I didn't really care (and I'm not being cocky) because I always had THICK hair, I'm half hawaien and half latino, my hair is super straight but very thick, I always got and get complemented ALL the time and i always wor
  2. Hello fellow sufferers. I am an 18 year old male and took accutane for my acne around 2 years ago now. As soon as I got off of accutane I started to notice that my hair seemed thinner, but I ignored it for half a years time basically. By then I started to notice it getting increasingly worse in a diffuse pattern that mainly has affected the top of my scalp, and slightly on the sides about by sideburn area. I am linking some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. 8 months after accu
  3. http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-roche-pharmaceuticals-give-us-the-truth-about-accutane PLEASE SIGN THE ABOVE PETITION. TELL YOUR STORY.
  4. Can anyone relate to having severely tight/ dry skin coming on suddenly post accutane??? My skin has become painfully tight and feel taught around my mouth, cheeks, and forehead and indescribably dry as the desert. NO OIL PRODUCTION at all. The rest of the skin on my body is increasingly dry and uncomfortable also. This coincides with overly dry/brittle hair & severe hairloss which started a couple months after finishing. cumulative doseage was around 14 000mg's 53 KG adult female
  5. I've been on accutane for about a month and a half now. During my first month my derm started me off with 40mg once a day and all i noticed was dry skin, and dry lips. After my second visit my derm told me to move up to 40 mg twice a day (80mgs) it is my third week into my treatment and I started to notice that my hair has been getting thinner in the back of my head. Is this normal? Should i be taking vitamins to help prevent hair loss?
  6. I was prescribed a cumulative dosage of around 14 000 mg over 11 months finishing Nov 2010. I had only minor acne, hormonal and persistent. I weigh 54kg./ = 266.67 mg per kg and am suffering severe side effects since including: Severe dry hair & hair loss - well over 70% and continuing. No regrowth 18 mnths later massive skin issues - severe dry,tight ashy skin, painful, subcutaneous fat loss brittle nails joint problems sleep disturbance dry mouth, nose etc Has anyone ever
  7. Hi!! I've been on Accutane for 4 months. I heard that not just men, but women too can have hairloss a few months after finishing Accutane, and that sometimes it can be permanent. What's the probability of hairloss on women post Accutane? I haven't lost any hair since I started, but I'm worried about the next months and after... Thx!
  8. My entire body is dehydrating from the inside out. 12 month course of 60:40. Ive been overdosed. My hair is worse than a troll dolls and much thinner, My skin is destroyed, Im 31 and have my whole life ahead...but I cant live this way. I want my Sebum back. I am desperate for a way out. Please help me.
  9. Hey everyone, I am an 18 year old male, and I have recently been prescribed 60mgs of accutane (2 30mg pills of Clavaris morning and night). I am on my 5th day, which is early, but I think I am beginning to see results. My face is less inflamed, and much less red. I have been on just about every product before accutane, so it definitely seems like a last resort kind of option. Considering I am a freshman in college, I really tend to blame acne on basically any shortcomings I have. It's
  10. hello accytane people low dose!!!!!!!! accutane causes hairl loss... as ive been reading up so much on accutane and how research from scientist have carried out tests on groups of 500 etc people in groups.. and how the low dose can be effective .... even if its a high dose for the 1st month too clear oil then a low dose maintence.... i want to know if any one has been on this ...and exactly what side effects they have had??? mainly hair loss as ihave been on the higher corse and lost loads of h
  11. In 2012, I endured 2 courses of accutane and it is the biggest regret of my life! Short Bio I am a 28 year old Asian male with cystic acne that was moderate starting at 16. Traditional therapies such as antibiotics and topicals had cleared up my skin for a little while but as I grew into my 20s my acne started changing and affected my back, chest, and neck and accutane was a last resort. First course I was on 40 MG for 6 months and had results... the only side effect was dry skin and dr
  12. Hey guys! I've been looking in the forum whether someone has already asked the same question, but I haven't found anything... So, here's my story. I'm 22 years old and I have suffered from mild (I would say normal) acne from when I was 13 till I was 17. Then I had a boyfriend, so I started taking the pill and since my skin wasn't perfect, my gynecologist prescribed Diane 35. I didn't think about it or read about side effects when going off it, I took it and I loved it. I had no negativ
  13. Hello, I really need help with my condition. I have posted here before but over the years I have not been able to find a solution to my problems. Here is what I am suffering from: 1. Extreme OILY DEHYDRATED face.After I wash my face (with water only) and put on moisturizer, my skin feels very very tight. About 30 minutes later my skin is extremely oily, but still very tight and dehydrated. I looks awful, very leathery. All this time I thought I had dry skin, but according to many articles onli
  14. Hey Forum Im here to share my experience post accutane hairloss. This is for the people stressed and frantically googling for help like i was. I started accutane in 2012 may and took a dosage of average 40mg over 9 months, 2 months after the treatment i started shedding. The shedding started slowly at first ranging from 5-10 frizzy hairs falling out, increasing to 50 in month 2-5 and at month 6 i started loosing close to 200. Heres what ive observed -The hairloss is all
  15. Hey guys I took (low dose) accutane for 2 months and my course ended almost seven months ago. Ever since I stopped taking the drug my hair started falling out. I always had really thick and long hair but during these months it's gotten a lot thinner and I'm really scared it's just gonna keep falling out.. I didn't notice the shedding while on the drug it was only after i stopped taking it I started seeing a ton of hair coming out. Every time I run my hand trough my hair i feel like 10 strands c
  16. HI, I am located in SYDNEY Australia. I am looking for any other people suffering from this drug located in Australia to take part in a class action law suit. Please contact me at: (email address removed)
  17. Please help Me... Severe sideffects. Now 18 months post 12 month course. 60:40 alternative. female 53 KG's. finished Dec'10. FFwd 3 mnths, HAIRLOSS - dryness-brittleness..been going 18 mnths now. Lost the majority of my long once thick beautiful hair. Lose hand fulls everyday, just falls out from the root. New hairs as wel as long hairs. Its not growing. Skin looks and feels gorgeous though, so I take the god with the bad and hold on with hope my hair will recover. FF'wd to May 2012.
  18. Ok, so i started accutane 2 weeks ago, on 20mg a day. Today I have started to alternate between 20 and 40mg /day and in two weeks start 40mg/day. I was just wondering what are the chances of losing hair and does it come back after treatment? I've been reading some pretty scary stuff on the side-effects. It's one of my most concerned side effects, as i do attempt to maintain it and style it. Also is there anything i can do to prevent or minimise it?
  19. Hi! I really need some advice about whether or not I should take accutane... my derm has already okayed it, but I have two (slightly less now) weeks until I get my perscription - i.e. time to back out! I started breaking out when I was about 12/13 - at first mild then moderate. In all honesty, I didn't notice at all, a school nurse pulled me aside and complained to me about it. Mentally scarring or what? Anyway, she made me go to the doctors, and I was given some topical and oral antibiotics
  20. Hey guys. So I recently started the third month of my course on 80 mg/day. I recently visited my ophthalmologist and he said I have blepharitis. It's fine because it's very common on accutane users and supposedly very easy to treat. My only concern is that I just hope it doesn't worsen! Has anyone had any issues with hair loss, particularly eyebrows and eyelashes? I have very thin hair and not an "abundance" of it. I have androgenic alopecia, and it runs in the family. My kind just makes my
  21. Been dealing with this for 2 years now... Has anyone experienced hard sebum (rice like grain) plugs in their eyebrows causing the eyebrow hair to fall out? I used to have Seb Derm in my eyebrows and I feel like the two are interconnected. I saw someone here post about it in 2014, but has stopped responding. If someone has found a solution, I would love to know as I am really desperate. Just some background info: - I have dehydrated skin (dry yet oily) - face feels
  22. Hi, around 3 and a bit months ago i started Accutane, then when i noticed my hair starting to thin, immediately stopped it 2 and a half months in. From then i start to use Stieva-A, which is the same as retin-A, and i was wondering if there's any chance that a topical ointment could cause hairloss? BTW I'm also using finacea for AM. Will, the retinoid keep my vit-A levels high? and continue the hairloss?
  23. Hi I would like to start off by saying that I think I am losing all of my hair by the regimen. I know that is not one of the main side effects but I'm pretty sure it is because of it and I'll tell you why. I'm pretty sure because I stopped using the benzoyl peroxide for like 3 weeks and my hair began too grow but also my acne. I started the regimen again and again my hair began too fall. I don't know what to do I'm only 18 and don't want acne or hair loss ps. Sorry for any grammar o
  24. Hi acne.org i'm a just 15 year old boy, who stopped taking accutane about 8 months ago. The accutane had great efffects on my acne, and after just 4 months on accutane, I was acne free. But the started a nightmare, i started to notice a litle hair loss about two months into the treatment, but i did not stop taking accutane. When i stopped the treatment my hair loss progressed, i've been to several doctors who have all said that the hair loss is not genetic (even though there is a history o