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Found 71 results

  1. I went to the gym a few days ago and my muscles are still hurting. This is very unusual for me and I've noticed a lot more aches and pains. Not to mention my back and neck hurt after sitting for a while. I figure this must be associated with the accutane as I've read similar stories in the past. The worst was this morning when I tried to blow-dry my hair; my joints (elbows) got so sore I had to keep taking breaks. I'm surprised the joint pain has happened this early and worried that is a ba
  2. Yesterday i noticed some horrific large spots in my scalp - almost cyst size - 3/4 large, inflamed, inflamed, painful to touch spots. Today they are significantly reduced and on way to fading but i did sleep a good 9 hours for the first time in ages last night. Things to note: Last 2 nights i have used a shampoo i don't usually use, normally i would use somekind of dandruff type one but i was somewhere else so had no choice - one i used: Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo
  3. Hi guys . I need your help in my condition . I uploaded photos for more clear vision . I have this condition since my late childhood . Maybe 12 years old untel now . 30 . I can not shave the beard because it will irritate my face and all comes nasty . So i keep it on . But still pimples all over my face . Oily skin all day . I wash it 2 to 3 times a day with a cleanser . I tried tea tree oil but nothing . Tried other pharmaceutical tubes and nothing . Maybe the only thing it changed it a bit is
  4. Hey guys, I’m a 19 year old girl and went on a very successful Accutane course of 40mg from December 2015 -August 2016. I don’t regret it and adore my current skin, but hair loss was always the ONE THING I didn’t want to experience. I was happy to risk the other side effects, even liver damage. What I didn’t want to do, however, was trade in one aesthetic problem for another. I started experiencing telogen effluvium hair loss in June (it was then that I started shedding moderate amount
  5. Hi guys, i am totally new to this forum, but am desperate for answers. Firstly a bit of background, I'm 20 years old, diagnosed with pcos when i was 15yrs. my symptoms are acne, a little hair thinning and some body hair. I have started taking 100 mg of minocycline and 100mg of sprionolactone for about 3 months, and have noticed that my hairline has started to recede and my parting is becoming wider. I am losing more hair then usual in the shower as well. I'm freaking out!! if anyone else
  6. So i've been on accutane fo 27 days (the medicine im taking is called Isosupra, its accutane but renamed for a certain reason, where I live, Beirut, we only have that type of accutane) and i have been experiencing ALOT of side effects, im on 2 pills a day (each pill 16mg) but one side effect that made me get so depressed, and not wanting to go on accutane anymore, is facial hair growth!!!! Has anyone experienced it??! Its making me so depressed, im thinking now about stopping the accutane and go
  7. I used this initially for my heart (it helps with palpitations etc) and noticed how much dryer my face became. It was so dry i could actually moisturize with emu oil which i did not mind at all. It took 1-2 weeks to kick in, taking 1 gram in 600ml of water every morning, from a bpa free cup. I did not change my diet, but i did also drink more water (because i was drinking this in the first hour of being awake) I stopped taking Alcar recently due to bad time management and have noticed how oily m
  8. Hello guys, I took accutane 40mg/day, for 7 months. I have been off it for a bout 2 and a half months, while my face remains clear, I recently started getting pimples in my scalp that hurt alot. Something similar happened the first time i was on doxycicline for 5 months right after stopping that within 2 weeks i got my scalp and face full of pimples, This is similar but to a lesser degree and its not on my face for now... Has anyone experienced this before? Does it go away? Thank yo
  9. Hey guys, This is my first post here, so bear with me! Anyway, I started accutane a little less than a month ago, and I'm a male, 19, and 150 pounds. My acne is by no means severe, or even moderate. I would call it mild, but persistent (my nurse practitioner views accutane as the first-line treatment for practically all acne cases, no matter how slight). I am currently taking 40mg, soon to bump up to 80mg. Within one week of treatment, I noticed that my hair undoubtedly has been shedding. Li
  10. My hair (everywhere) is growing so fast on Accutane. It is so annoying. At first I thought it was my hormones acting up but all tests have come back fine. The doctor says the Accutance might be causing the excessive hair growth but it's not listed as a common side effect. I have never had a hair on my foot or toe or upper lip and now boom! there is hair everywhere. I used to only shave my legs and armpits twice a week now I have to do it every second day. I sure hope when I stop the Ac
  11. Treating Acne When You Have Facial Hair

    A Beard May Reduce Absorption Most topical medications, including acne treatments, are effective only when absorbed deep into the skin. To get absorbed, the medications have to contact the skin directly. If you wear a full beard or even a short beard, it may be difficult for the skin to absorb the drug because facial hair literally stands in its way. Applying more medication would probably help. However, you should be reasonable with how much you...
  12. Hi everyone. I've been on 100mg/day spiro for 6 months. For the last month I've noticed a significant amount of hair loss and thinning (all signs point to telogen affluvium) which at first I attributed to stress. At first, I noticed it 2-3 months ago when most of my body hair grew very thin. Good news, right? But there were downsides: My lashes fell out more easily, when I over tweezed my eyebrows, they wouldn't grow back, my head hair also grew very slowly, and now the density is low. Yeste
  13. Hi everyone, So I've been doing the regimen for about 5 months or so now and I still get a decent amount of pimples, but they only appear on my temples on the hairline/under my hair about 2mm in. I think this is happening because after i do the regimen in the mornings, i always have the moisturizer/aha/benzoyl peroxide in my hair on the hairline because I'm treating those pimples that pop up there. When i have to leave to go to school, i usually wipe the stuff out of my hair with a towe
  14. Hi guys! I need some on help cause im massive losing hair. Ive been on accutane 3 months aprox. and now every time i wash my hair ( only conditioner not shampoo ) a pile of hair keep on my hands :(. What products can i use for my thick my hair and make it doesnt fall. Im a 17 yo guy from Chile. Ty have a great day!
  15. Has anyone with dark brown/black hair experienced bleaching of the eyebrows or hairline? I've been using a 4% BP face wash (PanOxyl) and have not noticed any bleaching of my black hair, but have been told PanOxyl products don't bleach... not sure if that's true, I do know however that not all people with dark hair are affected by hair lightening. Mostly afraid that the over-night application as opposed to my usual quick wash would lead to my eyebrows changing color.. Any advice would be reall
  16. I've been on accutane for 3 months and 3 weeks and I have noticed that my hair looks thinner. Could this be due to my hairs dryness or is it just thin now? I've been using Fructis "Ultra Recharge" as shampoo and a "for dry/frizzy hair" conditioner. Any recommendations for my situation?
  17. Hi all I have been suffering with acne since I dropped BC in april. I’ve been prescribed Finacea a month ago, and I have been really happy with it until I realized, that it made my facial hair a lot longer and more visible! I have always been a hairy girl, so I’m really sad, that it has gotten worse! I’ve stopped using Finacea, so I hope, it will go away again. But have you got any experience with it? Will the longer hairs disappear, once I’ve stopped using the Finacea gel?
  18. Sorry ladies, it seems you're all out of luck for this acne treatment. I'm 21, and have had mild - moderate (much more on the moderate side of things) acne since about the age of 15. A few months back, I was looking to try on a new style, and decided to shave my head and dress a little differently. I did this not thinking at all of what it might do for my acne, but I *discovered*... that all my acne completely went away. I would shave my head on Friday of each week, and I noticed that by
  19. Hello all. I made this thread to question what I should do about the rest of the skin on my body since I started treating the skin on my face with utmost care. I am currently using some run of the mill mens body wash and am beginning to think that I can do better. I have been checking out a line of products called "Yes To" and they seem to have a good reputation and from a consumer standpoint they seem reliable with a quality product that isnt expensive. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D42C9H8/r
  20. Hello Acne.org people !!! I've searching trough lots of topics regarding my question,and i can't find a "complete" response lol. So,i love styling my hair,and i did before time ago before accutane. When this acne issue started i stopped doing it since my confidence was destroyed. Now, i fell (and look) a lot better,so i started doing it again. But i have a big concern. My hair is really straight. Accutane already dried it completely. So,now it's dry and a bit thinner. This c
  21. Hello all, I have been suffering from light acne for a while now and have a good regimen that has been helping keep things under control. However, it recently occurred to me that my hair product might be contributing to my breakouts. I use either waxes or pomades and, while many of them are top of the line grooming products, they do contain beeswax and oil-based ingredients. I am afraid that these ingredients might be transferring to my pillow and onto my skin. Does anyone know about a m
  22. I looked up some side effects of Differin and hair loss is included among them. There are a couple Differin-related hair loss threads on this forum, but they don't have many replies. The information that I have learned is that vitamin A toxicity can happen, since Differin and other retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A. However, hair loss is not listed on the package because it is not a confirmed side effect. I am concerned: I don't think my acne is going away (I've been using Differin
  23. Now, I've been on the Acne.org Regimen for a solid three years and would consider myself an anecdotal professional. I currently am 99.9% clear and have been for about two and a half years (the regimen took about six months to fully kick in!) I could not be happier! ...Or so I lied. I love the regimen, but I'm the kinda guy that loves to try out new products even though the ones I may already use are absolutely fine and work perfectly. http://www.selsunblue.ca/natural-dandruff-shampoo.aspx
  24. How long does a product have to sit on skin to clog it? Like I have leave in conditioner for my hair that I rinse off my skin thoroughly, but would it sitting on my skin for 20 mins already be too late and clog my pores? I assume a lotion would clog pores cause you leave it on all day and sometimes even sleep in it. But what if you come in contact with a hair conditioner like I said? I'm paranoid a tad.
  25. Hey all! I don't spend a ton of time around here anymore, but recently did a lot of digging on this particular subject and thought I would start a thread with my findings where others could join in! Finding non-comedogenic hair products has always been a pain, partially because I don't think the companies really worry about it, but also because even when a product may be non-comedogenic, it's not a label they're going to put on a hair product--after all, it's for your hair, not your face, ri