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Found 70 results

  1. Hi guys, about 6months into Spiro it finally started working and my acne cleared, but my hair started shedding like CRAZY and I'm losing my hair (it comes out with the bulb). Has anyone experienced this? Is it temporary? Please help it's the only treatment that worked after Accutane relapse and I'd be devastated to lose it....
  2. From the album: Accutane Hair Loss

    One month of growth. Still shedding, but not as much after sulfate-free shampoo, tea rinses, low oxalate diet, quitting supplements that may have contributed to my high DHEA levels, getting more protein, and drinking more wayer.
  3. So, I started taking saw palmetto about two weeks ago in yet another desperate attempt to cure my horrible acne. But the past couple of days I've noticed loads of hair falling out which has never ever happened to me before. I know one of the uses of saw palmetto is to stop hair loss but it's the only thing I've done differently recently. Is it possible that it's actually causing hair loss for me or is that completely ridiculous? I don't want to lose all my lovely hair on top of having incurable
  4. This isn't really anything new as there are dozens if not hundreds of people complaining on this board about accutane side effects. If possible, I'd like this thread to be used to discuss mainly hair loss (and, inherently, any other problems that might be addressed through similar treatment). What happened: I'm 24. A couple of years ago I started accutane by doctor's order because of cystic acne on my face (a first, even though I've always had regular acne breakouts every once in a while). 6
  5. Hello fellow sufferers. I am an 18 year old male and took accutane for my acne around 2 years ago now. As soon as I got off of accutane I started to notice that my hair seemed thinner, but I ignored it for half a years time basically. By then I started to notice it getting increasingly worse in a diffuse pattern that mainly has affected the top of my scalp, and slightly on the sides about by sideburn area. I am linking some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. 8 months after accu
  6. I am 23 years old male from india and my cystic acne kind of returned which was treated by derms with no accutane and from last 4 years i never had major breakouts. Just some occasional pimples. This time its intensity was very low so my derm just put me on 3 week accutane course to control sebum production in body. I was on 40 mg a day. Althought i never had a single pimple since i started accutane n i got cleared in almost 10 days. But what i noticed is extreme hairfall and dry scalp in just 1
  7. Hey guys, I remember browsing these forums when I first started losing hair on Accutane, and it was terrifying because people rarely have any good news. It is common for people who experience recovery to forget these forums and never post their stories, but sufferers check as often as they can. I told myself I would post my story if I ever became a success, so here I am. First, my story: The Why I had crazy acne starting around 10th grade in High school (16 years old?). My face was o
  8. Hey guys, This is my first post here, so bear with me! Anyway, I started accutane a little less than a month ago, and I'm a male, 19, and 150 pounds. My acne is by no means severe, or even moderate. I would call it mild, but persistent (my nurse practitioner views accutane as the first-line treatment for practically all acne cases, no matter how slight). I am currently taking 40mg, soon to bump up to 80mg. Within one week of treatment, I noticed that my hair undoubtedly has been shedding. Li
  9. Starting a low dose accutane course I mean super low dose like 10mg twice a week I am we'll aware this will take a long time to work (if it works at all) I am prepared to up the dose depending on how I react to side affects! I am terrified of the hair loss that's the main issue for me like litrely terrified!! I'm planning on takin biotin and putting coconut oil on my scalp and hopping for the best anyone been on low dose accutane before? X
  10. Hello everyone! Okay, so I am new to this site but I have always found it very helpful. I have been having some major problems with the hair loss side effect of accutane for a while, and I would be SO grateful if everyone and anyone who has also experienced this would help me out!! I took accutane at 60 mg for 6 months, and have been off for three months. It cleared up my skin beautifully. However, exactly a month after stopping the medication, i started to notice my hair falling out a litt
  11. I've had acne since I was 12 years old. Just like most of you, I probably tried everything. One day I finally had enough, and after doing some research online I decided to ask my dermatologist to prescribe me Spironolactone. She prescribed me 75mg, and after 2 months I had only seen very little difference. Even though I read so many times that it could take 6+ months to work, I got impatient and upped my dosage to 100mg myself. I saw results within 3 weeks, I was clearing up! This is where ev
  12. It's been past 5 months since my hair started falling out at the end of accutane treatment. I am still losing hair but not much any more. I also see new hair growing and it grows curly now, not wavy but proper curly! My natural hair is very thick and straight asian type but after accutane and major hair loss I am now growing a very curly hair. I do not mind it as I always wanted to have curly hair....and, hmm well I do have it now. Maybe it might be interesting for some people what I do(take) to
  13. How common is Hair loss on low dose accutane? I was on 20 mg daily for 21 days and it felt like my hair was already falling out, so I stopped cold feey,I’m afraid my acne will come back since I don’t know if I can use topicals ob my face again. I don’t want tl lose my hair. Accutane takes a toll at my mental wise,but acne does too. When can I use topicame again? Should I keep going on accutane? Idk what to do and my derm refuses to see me
  14. Hi everyone. I've been on 100mg/day spiro for 6 months. For the last month I've noticed a significant amount of hair loss and thinning (all signs point to telogen affluvium) which at first I attributed to stress. At first, I noticed it 2-3 months ago when most of my body hair grew very thin. Good news, right? But there were downsides: My lashes fell out more easily, when I over tweezed my eyebrows, they wouldn't grow back, my head hair also grew very slowly, and now the density is low. Yeste
  15. Hi everyone, I'm a 24-year-old female who started Accutane five months ago, after trying nearly every other product on the market. I have had horrible acne all over my body for nearly a decade, and I am happy to report that five months into treatment, there is not a blemish in sight. My skin has never looked this good! However, I stopped taking Claravis (40, 60, 80, 80, 80) about two weeks ago, a month before I was supposed to, because my hair was suddenly shedding at an alarming rate. L
  16. Hi guys! I need some on help cause im massive losing hair. Ive been on accutane 3 months aprox. and now every time i wash my hair ( only conditioner not shampoo ) a pile of hair keep on my hands :(. What products can i use for my thick my hair and make it doesnt fall. Im a 17 yo guy from Chile. Ty have a great day!
  17. I have started to notice great differences in my skin, but I am terrified of potential hair thinning or hair loss. I have very fine/thin hair to begin with, so reading stories about losing chunks or 50% of your hair is really scaring me. I do not want to give up on this drug, but I am feeling quite hopeless. I feel as if I may have to choose between having clear skin or having hair. Having acne has been one of the most difficult things I have dealt with emotionally and mentally, and I am startin
  18. After 5 days of being on Accutane at 50 mg I noticed crazy hair shedding, my hair was really thick and almost immediately the shafts became so thin and fragile, along with an itchy scalp. Any time I touch it, hair breaks and or falls out entirely. I stopped taking the drug 3 days after I first noticed the hair loss, it has been two days since I stopped the drug and it is still falling out. Will I lose all my hair or will the hair fall stop? Please help! Is there anything I can do to stop the hai
  19. I started an accutane regimen last January after my acne didn't respond to other AB's. I was 18 at the time and for the first month I was put on 10 mg pills. When my dermatologist was going over the side effects with me she never said anything about hair loss. If she had, I probably wouldn't have taken it. I felt a change in my hair within the first week of me taking it. It just felt thinner around my temples and I could feel parts of my skull that I couldn't remember ever feeling before. But, I
  20. I really want to keep the threat of hair loss and thinning at a absolute minimun whilst I am taking roaccutane. Normally, my hair is really greasy due to gel I put in it. Is there anything I can do before and after my course is finished to keep my scalp and hair oily? Would this prevent and loss or thinning of hair? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi - I hope some of you will be able to help me! I started taking a Vitex tincture (Agnus Castus Vitex) a month ago to try to clear my hormonal acne. It has already helped a lot which is wonderful. But unfortunately, I am starting to lose lots of hair! Appearently hair loss is a quite common side effect of Vitex. Now my question: Does anyone know why Vitex causes hair loss for some people? And should I stop taking the remedy immidiately or do I have to wait and see if it's just
  22. Summarized version of my success: No masturbation No daily hot showers; short cool showers after 2 days minimumNo face washing or "skincare regimen" of any kind; the only thing that hits my skin is cool water when I shower (and of course washing my hands with soap, but that's it for my skin) My story with detail: Looking back, I realize I started having acne when I started masturbating. Over the next five years, I had many doctors give me all sorts of creams, pills, and so on - it all faile
  23. I've been off of Accutane for a little more than two months now. Recently, I've been losing hair at an alarming rate. Like picking up six or seven strand everytime I run my fingers through my hair. During Accutane, I never lost any hair. I'm a little scared of what's happening. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  24. Accutane can cause massive shedding. If you experience that, and you are a guy, here's how you can slow down the shedding : - take Saw Palmetto (it slowed down my hair loss from 200+ hair/day to 20-30/day - take vitamin D3 (im taking about 5000i.u./EOD.....it dries my hair alot, and lowers the itchy scalp, and lowers the hair loss up to a point, but doesnt stop it) Here's a connection i tried to make about Accutane hair loss and hormones : I, for example, also got E.D. from Accutane.
  25. Well, this is my first time ever posting on any kind of forum... so I hope i'm doing this right. So I first started getting acne when i was around 13, and it progressively got worse and worse throughout high school. It started just on my face, rather tamely, but quickly jumped up a notch becoming severe cystic acne, that spread to my back, neck and finally my chest. I've tried countless different products to counteract it (Doxycycline was without a doubt the most effective prescription for me).