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Found 10 results

  1. So i've been on accutane fo 27 days (the medicine im taking is called Isosupra, its accutane but renamed for a certain reason, where I live, Beirut, we only have that type of accutane) and i have been experiencing ALOT of side effects, im on 2 pills a day (each pill 16mg) but one side effect that made me get so depressed, and not wanting to go on accutane anymore, is facial hair growth!!!! Has anyone experienced it??! Its making me so depressed, im thinking now about stopping the accutane and go
  2. So i've been experimenting with sheep's cheese and other alternative dairy products. So far, i'm pretty sure that they are not having a substantial effect, which is great! However i would really like to know what it is in cows milk/ cheese that supposedly causes all the problems. I know people can have sensitivities, but is this genetic or an environmental factor? If so, can it be undone? Tell me about your experiences with these dairy products, does it cause problems with you? p.s how l
  3. Hello, I've just been recently prescribed by my dermatologist Isotretinoin (accutane) and am on my 4th day of treatment. After doing extensive research on how accutane affects growth, it really concerns me as I'm currently only 16 years and 8 months old and hence am still in the growing stage of my life. My dermatologist however has prescribed me a very low dosage of 10mg per day for 7 consecutive days, after which would be switching onto a 30mg PER WEEK dose. My body mass is currently 65k
  4. Hi all I'm currently five weeks into my treatment with isotretinoin. I have a history of mild but very persistent, unresponsive and inflammatory acne that leaves my skin with severe post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I'm on 80mg/ week (20mg Tue, Thurs, Sat + Sun). Before I started the course I was losing hair excessively and this prompted me to have bloods and other tests done to find the cause. My doctor attributed it to Vitamin D and iron deficiency. Although I supplemented my hair conti
  5. no i havent got beaten up yet bcs of my acne but shits so ridiculous, i actually got my nose disfigured today... suddenly out of nothing just somekinda large red lump grew in the middle of my nose, making it look like its hooked.. all i did today was eating healthy and moisturise my face... mom just made fun of me saying i have majestic roman nose now or some shit like that =.= if it doesnt go away i will srsly die, i dont have money for no injections or nose surgerys... weir
  6. So I've only been on a low dose of 25mg Spiro for 16 days now and for the past couple of days I've experienced sore and tender breasts on the under side of them, more than I usually would during PMS. I've heard that spiro can cause breast growth so was just wondering if this might be the case? I barely fill an A cup, always had oily skin and moderate acne since 10y/o and when I gain weight it always goes straight to my belly and face/neck. All of these are signs of high testosterone/androgens
  7. Before I start: I used the search function of this forum but found mixed answers, so I ask this question again and hope the mods are fine with this Hello, I am a 19 year old young man. When I was 16 (just about to turn 17) my dermatologist prescribed me accutane (10mg daily). i took it for about 3 months and my acne cleared up. After that, I stopped taking accutane for a few months because I thought i was "healed". Not having taken the drug for several months, my acne started to come bac
  8. So, there seems to be pretty strong anecdotal evidence regarding accutane's effects on long bone growth. I took accutane when I was about 13, and I'm about an inch shorter than my potential height. However, I've grown about three inches since so I don't believe I suffered from epiphyseal closure which stops long bone growth altogether. Do you think that most cases of stunted growth in accutane users are to accutane's effects on the IGF-1 axis rather than epiphyseal closure? The only publicly
  9. I heard a possible rare side effect of taking accutane is stunted growth. I was wondering if anyone who has taken accutane could share if they grew in height while taking accutane or after stopping accutane. I am also interested in hearing about any cases of accutane stunting growth. Thanks
  10. I'm a 17yo male 174cm weigh 62.5kg. Since about September I've had a massive outbreak all around the lower half of my face and upper neck. I've always had relatively clear skin, only the odd pimple here and there. Completely confused as to where this outbreak has come from. I cleanse my face and keep clean. I'm not a late bloomer or anything... Is it released to growing? Of something... Really confused and annoyed!!