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Found 24 results

  1. So I was in Australia for three weeks on a rugby tour. However I did not take my normal proactive three step regimen (the new one with the toner) since my parents believe it to bleach sheets and they wouldn't want a billet families sheets bleached. However I did take some neutrogena applicants and a la Roche face wash. These did not clear my skin but my skin only worsened a little bit, except for my forehead and nose which began to clear on the trip. Though when I got back my skin really started
  2. Hey, new here. Begging for some help. Absolutely cannot take it anymore. I have been suffering from acne for years. All throughout high school and college. For years now i have tried everything possible to clear my acne, from going to a derm. And getting prescription to every over the counter product possible. I have had it. I cant look in the mirror without wanting to rip my face off. I have spent easily over $1000 on products/treatments and i am so depressed. I believe i have comdeonal acne be
  3. Alright so I've had this constant cycle of ALMOST having completely clear skin with the small exception of a tiny pimple (not even a white head) then I screw it all up. I pop it whether stuff comes out or not it becomes red and inflamed. Bottomline GROSS. Can't cover it with makeup, it scabs up, and falls off. Then my skin clears up within a couple days (maybe 4 or 5) and my face is back to 'normal' then I will pick at another one and find myself again with the popped pimple problem. Yesterd
  4. From the album: Acne Sucks

    I didn't really take any pictures of my face when I started breaking out alot, but this is within 1 week of using the regimen. (Left side) The process had just begun...and IT SUCKED.
  5. I used to use EPIDUO gel but then I stopped because my skin didnt look as clear in the beginning and I didnt want to have to use it my entire life... so i slowly discontinued it. However, it was a slow process but slowly littly bumps started resurfacing and BAM now look at me! Ive never had a breakout this bad in my life...... ever. What type of acne is this? severe, mild or moderate? Also... would I be elligible for accutane? I would really like to take it, ive heard wonders! This pict
  6. LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE GROSS ACNE PICS! I posted a couple of "after" pics a few days ago. Thank you to everybody for the nice comments. Someone wanted me to post before pictures....and my first thought was....ughh....NO FUCKING WAY! Hahaha. But I thought about it a bit more before I replied and you know what...if this gets you guys to do something about your own acne...then maybe I will. The pics aren't from when I started the regimen, but it will give you an idea at how bad my skin
  7. What Is an Acne Pustule?

    Pustules are small, slightly elevated, red, sore bumps with a white or yellow pus-filled center, commonly found on the face, neck, back, chest, shoulders, and upper arms. They are more commonly known as "pimples" or "zits." After a couple of days on the skin, a pustule will release its pus and begin the healing process. Most pustules do not leave scars. Around 85% of all individuals between the ages of 12 and 24 years will develop acne,...
  8. It's been a hot minute since I posted anything on here because for the past four months I actually enjoyed my skin. Random hormonal zit or two here and there but nothing that sent me running to the hills. I felt my confidence come back and the best part . . . . I even stopped wearing foundation everyday, I would just conceal the zit or two that I had at the time. What an amazing feeling to only wear eye and lip make up. Alas, I had a FREAK breakout that started about three days ago so Wed
  9. Hello, Ive been looking through these questions for about a week and I decided I needed help. I am 15 years old with combination skin, i dont take birth control, or any other prescriptions. I havent seen a dermatologist and please dont tell me i should because there arent any around where i live. My only goal this summer was to have clear skin before school. And i used korean acne products while i was in another country until this month. about a week an a half ago, i bought the neutrogena
  10. I am a 17 year make and I take two cephalexin a day (sometimes one, but I try to take two) and it smells disgusting. As soon as I open the bottle a wave of rotten sulfur smell hits my nose. I am wondering if because I take this medication it is causing me to smell bad like the medication. How would I know? And is it possible for this to happen?
  11. i never break out on my forehead wtf do I do abt this I've been very stressed recently that is probably why but I really need advice how to clear it this is only spot on my face broken out RN
  12. Trudi

    Day 32

    ugh okay. symptoms still the same. dry skin mainly on face all other side effects have gone away except this fucking itchy dry scalp its pure gross and does my head in! dandruff has to be the most horrible looking thing in the world and i can actually just scratch it off my head like snow omfg. ew ew ew ew help me! and on my acne i have only one spot and its in the crease under my nose so it cant be seen, but i have scars and my face is red and doesnt look very nice wether i have spots or no
  13. Hi a couple weeks ago i was having trouble with dry flaky skin and a gross texture on my face and i couldn't find out how to fix it. I was using bp in the morning after i shower and at night after i washed my face and just way to much , i was also using a moisturizer with salicylic acid, my face turned beat red and skin peeled in large patches. Over time i used less bp and switched moisturizers, the peeling was gone but i found i had little white flakes. I had jojoba oil so i put a lot on my fa
  14. I woke up yesterday with a forming cystic pimple right smack in the center of my left cheek. I have dealt with these before (quite often actually) and put ice on it right away. I absolutely had to cover it up with makeup when I went to school, and when I got home it was bigger. I put some benzoyl peroxide on it overnight and when I woke up, it was HUGE, red, and raised. I put some concealer on it and covered it with powder. I got home and removed all the makeup and washed my face and everything
  15. I Think I have a cyst on my nose. At first it was a big bump on the left side of my nose and I thought it was a regular pimple then a couple weeks later it went down and it spread across my nose. Now it's been 2 and half months and Idk what to do about it
  16. Hey folks, I have been struggling with acne for a while now, and I am finally fed up with it and looking for a legitament cure. I guess that I should start off by providing some facts that might help you guys figure out a cure for me. ~I am a sixteen year old boy, with pretty long hair, (Little past my shoulders.) ~My dad had extremely bad acne and boils when he was younger. He still, at 43, has acne and zits. ~I always wear hats backwards with my bangs tucked back in the hat. ~I have trie
  17. Hi everyone I’m 16 years old and before this year had generally clear skin. I was using the regimen and I really liked it. Around November, December my family came around hard times and I lost my part time job. I’ve been trying to babysit and do small gigs here and there to save up but I can’t afford the regimen anymore. As of now I use a clean and clear acne control cleanser and a cetaphil moisturizer but I see it doing nothing. I’m embarrassed to go out because my skin looks disgusting and eve
  18. well im kinda adicted to popping pimples tbh (i do it sanitary as possible) but what if you dont, what happens? where does the white shit goes? does it evaporate or go back into skin? o.o what if this happens? (warning, brace your eyes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4pWOfjETeg
  19. Hey everyone! Does anyone know a good way to clean out your pores of whiteheads and sebum, once they've reached a head? I steam my face sometimes if I am home from college or get extractions done. However, I can't do these things while I'm living on campus.
  20. So, I finished accutane a month ago. While on it, my skin was relatively clear all throughout except towards the end my chin always had one or two pimples. Got off of it, was really nauseated the whole week and wasnt hungry...I was 108lbs and now im 100lbs. Now, Im oily all over again. Not as bad, but i'd say about 35% of the oil has already returned...and it's only been a month. I get pimples all the time now and when I come home from school I see new zits appearing under my makeup and oil all
  21. I have a bunch of tiny ones but they don't go away! Anyone else solve this problem?
  22. Someone please tell me what kind of acne is this this ?? It's very nasty and disgusting http://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff485/gicelle3/4938135A-3564-45BD-AFF9-98BE452135B6_zpsq4nn9fgd.png .. Ive had it since I've been in 7th grade and has never really gone. I'm so tired of having this on my face already i really cant afford to go to a dermatologist but the doctors have prescribed me so many medication and nothing works I feel so disgusted and insecure about myself I can't even look at myse