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Found 500 results

  1. I am 22 and I have suffered from acne since early high school. During that period I started getting cystic acne on my back, chest, and face. I have realized that acne is caused by a multitude of things. Some being out of my control and some not... reviewing this website I have found many regiments people use to deal with their cystic acne. I have borrowed tips from many people. my regiment has been working but takes time, patience, and consistency. I personally have very oily skin. Feel
  2. Hello All, First of all, I would like to introduce my skin's current condition: it is Super Oily, moderate whiteheads around cheeks, chin, and hair line and blackheads around t zone. This regime is consisted of ACV as toner and morning cleanser and Veggie Smoothie Everyday! I have decided to start a completely new post because for the past month I have been on Dan's regime with 2.5% BP, and my skin has not been improving much. Also BP dries my skin out so much and makes my complexion look dull.
  3. Hello. This is my first post at Acne.org but I have read what feels like every one out there. From researching Acne for about a year now I have discovered a regimen that works well for me. I hope it can help you. About Me: I am a 19 year old who has struggled with moderate / severe acne for about a year and a half. At 17 I was hit with stubborn, persistent, and noticeable acne. The acne was devastating for me. Before acne I had been a good looking kid but when the acne train hit I felt as
  4. Hi there, I am a 23 year old female. I have oily skin and have been suffering (yes suffering) with the curse, the ailment, the 'monster', the whateveryouwannacallit, A C N E raincloud since I turned 17. Acne vulgaris, moderate to severe. Before then, I had a nice, clear, golden-tanned complexion. Little did I know, I would be unsuccessfully fighting my severely attacked face for the next 6+ years. I am a major google-er and have become slightly obsessed as of late with reading about acne treat
  5. I been trying everything to heal my acne for the past two years and now I'm 16 with acne first i started going to the dermatologist and gave a variety of medicine like Retin A and antibiotics but nothing works so i quit going to the dermatologist and now I'm currently using cocoa butter for about 6 months now to help clear my acne scar on my left cheek and I'm trying different homemade remedies like baking soda, sugar, and I'm drinking green tea, Aloe Vera. Baking soda seem to work the first tim
  6. I just started using an apple cider vinegar toner with 1 part ACV and 1 part green tea, with a few drops of jojoba oil. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with putting asprin in their ACV toner and if ppl would recommend me doing that if I am on differin. I heard they dont interact well, but I really want to get rid of my blackheads...
  7. Hello everyone Yesterday after reading so many forums on Green Tea and the crazy benefits it has to your skin i decided to add drinking 2 cups everyday into my lifestyle. ~ ill post at the end of the week to see if i have any changes~ I just have a couple of questions for anyone who has tried drinking green tea for over a week 1) Type of Acne 2) How long before you saw results 3) Any good recipes for iced green tea (no sugars) also i was wondering if anyone knew about putting the tea ba
  8. Hi :] I just started drinking green tea, to avoid over eating and in hopes that it will help my skin. But does it have to be straight up green tea in order to benefit me or would, ex. organic orange spice green tea, help as well? And for those of you who are affected by diet, sugar in this case...is it okay to add honey? EDIT: sorry i just meant honey. i stray far away from sugar. Thanks!
  9. Hello, this is my first post. I have read a lot of stories on the boards here of many that suffer terribly by the effects of their skin issues. I wanted to just share with you what is working great for me. I hope it helps you. A little background. I am a 31 year old male that had I would say moderate acne in my teen years to college. I now tend to have an occasional breakout and get oily skin at times. I did though do tons of research on ways to improve my skin. I never wanted to use prescribe
  10. I've been using AcneFree severe for a few weeks and having ok results, but last night my face itched like whoa, Ponds for Dry Skin didn't help and when I woke up and washed my face, everything seemed ok, I used the toner (which I like) and then applied the 3% BP cream from my Redness kit mixed with a little of the 10% and hoooooooooly biscuits. Acid! Acid! I washed it off using a mild soap and STILL ARGGGGHHHHH! So, I'm quitting that system today. (owie) I want to give my skin a break before I
  11. I bought the "Nature Made" green tea extract, 150 mg, and I was wondering how much is normal to take per day? Does anyone else take green tea pills? I always forget to drink green tea, so i guess this is easier.
  12. I've had acne for 3 or 4 years and really want to be clear now, including no redness, by the end of the year before I go to university. In the past I've used cheap regimens like Clearasil and T-Zone, and even used prescription Differin from a dermatologist, but neither of these products helped or I got too impatient and lazy with them and gave up early. Recently I've developed an interest in natural and herbal health. This has been my path for a few months, to clear acne naturally. This is my cu
  13. This new mixed solution has worked amazingly just over the past week and a half. I have tried applying just acv with water and it worked but i hated the smell and it gave my face a red tint. This new solution i found on this forum has worked twice as well in half the time. The solution has four simple ingredients: ACV, 100% green tea, good quality tea tree oil, and crushed aspirin pills( purest form of salysitic acid). Each ingredient works on your skin in its own way. The acv is antibacterial a
  14. I use BP 2%. But I apply green tea which I don't know if it's good for sun. Or I need moisturizer that says SPF? and apply after green tea moisturizer?
  15. For the last two years I have been fighting with ACNE and the scars that are left behind Few times I have hit the wall and went on a rage. BUt since its summer I want to finally get some clear skin My problem area is on my cheecks and I HATE it because its the MOST noticable part. I dont break out on my chest or back which is good but my face is a war zone I really want to be able to go out with no worries instead of plastering make up on my face everywhere i go so that I feel some waht bette
  16. kucan

    My regimen

    Greetings... Fortunately I don't break out anymore. I still do have red marks and my skin just doesn't look nice. Here is my regimen to try and make my skin look like a babies : I swim everyday for 3 hours. After I swim I take a shower, and that is the only two times where my face makes contact with any water. No chemicals, No moisturizers, nothing.. I was never into those peels, cleansers, w/e; I never believed they would really help. I am also going to steam my face 3x a week for 10 mi
  17. I really want to try a new cleanser because I'm convinced that my cleanser atm isn't completely causing my acne, but is adding to it. I use Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser, which i have been using for over a year now. Now that it is summer, i'm really trying to eliminate my acne before highschool in september, so i have been eating way healthier, drinking tons of water, drinking green tea religiously, exfoliating, not picking, etc. for a while now, and gradually my acne has gotten a bit better,
  18. Heey all, so I'm really wondering what the biggest cause of bacne is, or the top three. I'm currently struggling badly with it, and i seem to be doing everything right, but it just won't go away? Am i missing something? Some of my bacne may be caused by heredity, but my mom said she only got the occasional pimple on her back. Also, i wash my back twice a day, then spot treat at night, i maintain a healthier diet than i did before, i drink green tea 3 times a day, and i drink tons of water and e
  19. Hey guys, Sorry I'm new to this so if I'm posting on the wrong page lemme know.. Basically I'm just checkin' in to see if anyone has any miracles out there for me. I am a 21 year old in college Basically since I was 13 years old, I've had acne every single day of my life. I haven't gone a single day without it since 13. Anyways I try not to worry about it, although the past few years it has consumed my life more and more to the point where I've decided to look elswhere besides the derms, OTC s
  20. Ingredients: Green tea leaf, rose petal, honeybush, hibiscus flower, red clover, cardamom seed, grape root, orange peel, burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, stevia. Has anyone tried this tea? I just had my first cup of this tea. It smells good and tastes alright. I don't care about tea taste when I'm taking it for medicinal purposes. The reviews are pretty good. I've tried Yogi Chai Rooibos, which I believe helped clear my skin, and Pomegranate green tea, yum. I'll post a review of Skin Detox in
  21. so i'm really frusterated right now. im 13 going off to high school with acne all over my back. it's summer and all of my friends will be swimming, hanging out, etc. but nope, i'm going to be devoting my whole summer to getting rid of my horrible bacne. Before anyone comments saying "oh wow you're acne is light or mine is so much worse" keep in mind that i'm only 13 and i don't really like having to be able to only wear sweatshirts to school or anywhere, while like everyone else in my grade has
  22. So I started using the green tea moisterizer from proactiv from when I used to use their products and I really liked how it made my skin feel. But then I started to get huge painfull pimples and so I stopped using it and my skin is back to normal with just moderate acne. Does anyone know why this is? Do you think maybe I'm allergic to an ingrediant?
  23. Acne sufferer for 6 years now (been somewhat clear past 1-2 years or so on dan's regimen) So I stopped taking my multi-vitamin for a couple days when I went out to vacation because I forgot to bring it with me. After I returned from my vacation it came to my realization that I did not get a single pimple in the 5 days I was there, and that's rarely ever happened. My face is pretty clear but I usually have 1 pimple show up every 1-3 days, which can get really annoying and the regimen keeps it
  24. [Maybe I should start with a little background information about myself, set the scene for future readers: I'm Kristin, 23 years old and suffering from mild - moderate cystic acne. The acne came on 3 or 4 years ago, completely out of the blue and has been a constant battle of mine since then. In this time, I've tried almost EVERY cleanser out there and a small army of different topical treatments, to no avail.] So, I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've spent the longest time convinced tha
  25. This weekend I broke out in no less than 12 new spots, 6 of which are absolutely massive cysts with no clear sign of them going away for perhaps even weeks. Before this I literally had a long lasting one around my mouth, one on my temple (the most painful place - this has been nearly 2 weeks and is just starting to fade away), 1 or 2 usual suspects around the jaw… but all in all nothing too much out of the ordinary considering I had come off the antibiotics for quite some time, and had not bee