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Found 500 results

  1. well, i haven't posted here in quite a while because i had made SO much progress on my acne. it's safe to say it was gone. GONE. i'd get the occasional pimple - one itty bitty teeny tiny one would pop up every now and then. it started last fall and reached its peak in the winter. in the spring, i discovered this website & the regimen, and i gave it a whirl. holy smokes...did it EVER work. i couldn't believe my eyes. don't know what happened recently...but BAM. acne is back in fu
  2. I'm just on day 4 of the regimen, however I already was using BP for about 4 years. I had mild-moderate acne since around age 13 (5 years ago) and started using BP when it became a bit worse. I have had days before where it's pretty bad, but they would usually get better soon. Actually near the beginning of this year, my skin was better than it had been in a long time. Around May, it became worse again, but then in summer got a bit better. However, this month (a couple weeks ago) the worst break
  3. Decided to try this out. http://www.amazon.com/Acne-d-Clarifying-Dietary-Supplement-Tablets/dp/B004RRES96/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1346727962&sr=1-1&keywords=acne-d Ingredients: Acne-d Proprietary Blend (L-Proline, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Collagen Hydrolysate, L-Lysine, Burdock Root Powder, Yellow Dock Root Powder, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) Leaf Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Rose Hips Fruit Powder, Milk Thistle Seed Powder), Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin C,
  4. Its been around a week since I washed my face with any skin care products and I am breaking out bad. Before I was using MD formulations facial cleanser (12% Glycolic Compound) with a green tea moisturizer from proactive, but I ran out of the moisturizer cause it was a really small tube and I dont want to use the facial cleanser without a moisturizer. Now I am looking for skin care products that best fit my skin type but I really dont know what my skin type is, as the day goes on my nose gets rea
  5. I have licorice extract and green tea extract (both formulated for topical application and product mixing) to help battle the redness benzoyl peroxide causes. I use tretinoin at night but my acne warrants benzoyl peroxide in the morning. Problem: The 2.5% is too harsh on my skin. I've used it for months and it still irritates my skin to an embarassing degree. I think a less % of benzoyl peroxide will take care of what my tretinoin leaves behind. I want to mix the two calming extracts with the be
  6. Hello(: I'm 17 years old, female. I've struggled from acne beginning in 6th grade, it was mostly in my forehead. I used Duac Topical gel and it seemed to have worked because for 7th-9th grade my skin was wonderful! Then around sophomore year, my acne came back but it left red marks all over my cheeks. My forehead barely gets breakouts, but my cheeks have scars and tiny red dots that resemble red blackheads. It's incredibly discouraging and I often cry from frustration because even if ever
  7. 8 cups of green tea instead of 8 cups of water each day?
  8. Ok, so some background: I've had acne since I was in about 8-9 grade (I am now in 11). I now have moderate-severe acne. Tried SA (didn't work and sometimes dried my skin), BP (worked a little, but not worth the dryness, Epiduo (worked a little, not worth dryness), Baking Soda (didn't work, dried me out) I just quit the Epiduo a few weeks ago after two months of trying. It was painful, dried me out, and wasn't worth the minimal results I saw. Coincidentally, around the time I quit Epiduo I
  9. So let me start off by saying am a 30 year old male. I have had pustules, palupes, whiteheads, blackheads, but mainly cysts and sometimes occasionally nodules, just about them all, I was seriously a mess, but rarely no body acne. I'd have them on my forehead, and mainly around my mouth, the infamous "T area". I thought it was abrasion, folliculitis (because I rarely got them on my forehead when my hair was short/buzzed, but when it grew out I'd get cysts right where the hair would be hitting my
  10. Better yet can anyone suggest some gentle ways to exfoliate? I'm using ACV but i think it's a little weak. I've literally just come off the caveman, that didn't work that well for me. Now i'm at a loss as what to do with my topical treatment. All i know is that my skin does a lot better on the homemade topical treatments, something gentle.. I'm kind of aware that i need to exfoliate, tone and then moisturize,is this really necessary though? I don't really have greasy skin anymore but it is a
  11. Hi i'm new to this diet thing actually i've tried dieting since April but after more research I realised I was doing it all wrong! Like I was still eating WHITE potatoes daily, BROWN RICE, and daily intake of SOY products like tofu which is apparently bad? So now my diet is basically just plenty of water, green tea, acv, fruit, vegetables, sweet potatoes and salmon.... the same thing every single day.... trying to cut out everything for now But today i tried some green bean soup because
  12. i have had severe cystic acne for 3 years. retin a helped for a year but then i started getting cysts again but now around mouth area (they were previously cheeks, jaw) since then i have been on bp for 2 years. it worked at 2.5 for a year, then stopped so i switched to 5% for a year but again i am getting the cysts again ( i always had cysts pop up now and again but the quantity increased) i had success changing my moisturizer to garnier pure a for a while, but not to long. all this got me t
  13. Has anyone ever tried Boots No7 skin products. They have a "beautifully balanced" collection which are all supposed to be ph balanced. The ingredients SEEM good, but I don't know much about that. They all contain zinc, some have tea tree oil, and vitamins. They have a rebalancing night fluid that moisturizes and contains zinc vitamin A green tea and shea. They have a rebalancing day gel as well...I don't think the harsh drying products are working for me..do these products sound good? or has any
  14. Hello, i just joined this forum today. Well the reason i joined was because i wanted advice and i was fed up with my acne. I'm currently 16. I'm chinese and female. My skin: It is pretty oily all round, not just the Tzone. I have more reddish-brown marks than existing acne. My acne mainly consist of Blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules as well as maybe nodules. I'm not sure what are nodules but the ones i have are sort of like pimples that lie deeper in the skin and when i pop them, t
  15. Let me guess, you keep breaking out & even when you dont, you are constantly dealing with spots and or oily skin? I can help both guys and girls, read on. Every week you NEED to do this: This will clear a breakout in 2 days. -Blend fruit in the morning & drink it, simple. Mixed berries, banana etc.. Mix it and drink it. -Following this you NEED to drink WATER every 30 mins daily. -Cut out pizza & soda drinks, they don't improve your life so why need them? -Squeeze fresh lemon into w
  16. Years with acne: 5 Time on Dan's regimen: 9 months So far so good. Yet I still suffer from occasional big red bumps and in general bad skin. Morning: Fish Oil 1200 mgGreen Tea Extract 315 mgZinc 50 mgNeutrogena Acne Prone Facial BarDan's BP 2.5%Night: Fish Oil 1200 mgNeutrogena Acne Prone Facial BarDan's BP 2.5%____________________________ I average 3 cups of naturally decaffeinated green tea a day. I also average about 80 oz of water a day.
  17. So, last week I came across an all-natural 30ml acne cream on eBay called "WonderCream". It claims to contain the following ingredients: Avocado OilAloe VeraVitamin EOrganic Rose HipGreen Tea ExtractOrganic Jojoba OilAustralian Tee Tree OilSo I received it on Saturday and I'm now on day 3 of use. I guess it'll take a week or more at least to start showing results. First impressions... it's a completely white and odourless cream, not hugely thick, in a 30ml pot with a printed label showing the a
  18. Hi i'm Lewis Just recently i changed my diet to a more healthy one. Making sure i got my 5 fruit and vegetables a day, and i can say my skin has never looked so good! I have tried all sorts of medications in the past and i'm sure most of you have. Tetracyline, BP (which was appaling for me, would not reccomend) and various other creams. None of which helped. I started balancing out my diet and drinking plenty of water and have seen a significant difference in my skin. Aside from diet i use
  19. Hi all, I have been drinking rooibos since around November/December, and it's the best thing I have done for my skin. I don't get any breakouts, unless I stop drinking it. For example, a couple of days ago, I stopped drinking it and got a pimple. I started to ice it, (which helped very minimally' not much) and then I got back onto the tea. within hours, the inflammation had started to subside, and it was clearly healing, which normally doesnt happen, without the tea. it normally goes onto a
  20. so a week ago i started using revlon colorstay. the next day i started using the witch hazel toner. i used both up until last friday. i didn't like how the revlon colorstay looked and i didn't like the witch hazel toner that much. then i started to drink green tea. and i started applying it to my face as a toner on saturday. now its monday. and i have noticed some red breakouts on my left cheek. one on my forehead, and some other flesh colored bumps. i noticed some of the breakouts on my cheek/t
  21. Hi there, I'm Zeru, nice to meet you. c: I've had acne since I was about ten years old. From a very young age up (until about seventh grade), I wore my hair in the same way: very long, with bangs. I still remember my first pimple, weirdly enough--my skin was totally clear except for one pimple on my forehead. Being a ten year old girl, I was morbidly embarrassed. And the solution, of course, was to hide up this pimple with those lifelong bangs I always had. Within a year or so, I had
  22. Hey, a few wks back i had an expanding pimple that was going to grow really big (im in the middle of accutane btw). so i got a cortisone shot and it shrunk. but it grew into a really monster cyst later and i got another cortisone shot and it shrunk. but it started to get really big....nothing ever worked for me, benzol peroxide, sacyclic acid, tea tree oil or toothpaste or ice...so i made my own mix and it works! i recommend you try it! 1. take fish oil (btw, read 'bout the pcbs) 2. take zinc 3
  23. where to begin... well, i can start out by introducing myself i suppose. i am new to the site but have been reading it inside and out for quite a while now. i love that there is a place where people can share their experiences in dealing with this monster called acne. this monster has plagued me since i was a sophomore in high school. to be more specific, i have dealt with white heads, black heads, normal pimples (the ones that actually hurt) and a few cystic pimples from time to time. i am
  24. Here is an amazing infographic that shows the scientific evidence for applications of various supplements/herbs/vitamins etc. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/play...il-supplements/ 1. The higher the bubble = the greater the evidence for its effectiveness. 2. Size of bubble = popularity 3. You might also see multiple bubbles for certain supps. These is because some supps affect a range of conditions, but the evidence quality varies from condition to condition. For example, there’s str
  25. I am in month 3 of accutane. Not breaking out too much (1 active), but the red marks just drive me insane!! They aren't as bad or numerous as earlier this year, but once you get this close to clear skin, it just... kills me. I am SO CLOSE, but unless these red spots fade, I won't be able to enjoy my acne-free face. I am not using hardly anything on my face. I have a natural cleanser for sensitive skin which I'm not sure if I like, and I use that once a day or every other day. Occasionally I use