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Found 500 results

  1. So this isn't relevant to acne but it is a cosmetic issue I've always had trouble dealing with. My lips chap very easily, maybe because they're very full? I'm not sure why. I know some people have these problems due to Accutane or other drugs but I've never used that. I make certain never to lick them, and apply a Burt's Bees honey based lip balm often. Still I get huge flakes on my bottom lip. I've also tried exfoliating with sugar. That seems to work temporarily too. I also know dehydration ca
  2. So I'd been on the regimen for over a year and got really frustrated with it. Sure, it cleared me up somewhat, but I still got the occasional cyst. And when I did get cysts, they were deep, huge, messy affairs... I'd never gotten anything like that before the regimen. They stayed for weeks and after they finally disippated, they left behind eternal red marks as painful reminders. Even worse, I never really got over the redness, no matter how much I decreased my dosage. Throughout the day, my fac
  3. I know acne is not the worst thing that can happen to me.. I know people don't treat me bad just because I don't have that perfect skin.. I know I am so blessed with so many things.. But after all that efforts to avoid all the food I like, all the food my friends want to eat with me, and all the desserts that makes me drool, I just couldn't stop thinking about a small treat at Yogurtland for going through two horrible midterms.. Green Tea and Coconut flavor sounded so wonderful and looke
  4. Spent over $200 on over the counter products Acnefree 24hr Proactiv Clean and clear 24hr spot treatment Neutrogena daily cleanser Clean and clear persa-gel(10% benzel) ROC age diminishing day cream ROC anti wrinkle (day) cream pHisoderm sensitive Sea Breeze sensitive skin Noxzema ST Ives green tea cleanser(bought it today) and more Went to doctor 3 times been on Clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel 1%*5% - been on 3 weeks Clindamycin 300mg - been on 3 weeks Doxycycl
  5. Bula! Need advice! SO i have been on my own regimen for a year and its working around my face area really well, but my neck still get the occasional cyst on my neck every week! Basically my regimen is as follows: Diet, Green tea!, no Dairy, Fruits and Veggies, Water! Less red meat, no meat fats, Vitamins i take some in pill forms: Vitamin A (carrots), Vitamin E, Zinc 25mg (pill) and Vitamin D (d3 pill) i believe that all of these help with acne someway. and Face: Wash
  6. K so a couple weeks ago I decided to use my CeraVe cleanser because I wasn't happy with my normal one. But I had a horrible reaction even though I had used it before...so I stopped using it and went back to my Lush Fresh Pharmacy. But about a week ago I decided to slowly incorporate the CeraVe cleanser again. But I noticed last night that my face has these bumps all over! When I look at them closer they are slightly raised and barely pink (inflamed). I have some on my cheeks and chin. Before
  7. A lot of the time we find temporary treatments for acne and when we stop using the method/tablets the symptoms come back. A great example of this is roaccutane. I have found and still have a long term method for treating acne and im sure when I am fully developed to a man lol, I will be able to break some rules. Firstly Acne is a hormonal thing and there is two things that really have an effect are hormones that we have some control over. This is diet and stress. I believe acne can be controll
  8. I'm feeling a little discourage about the natural way for my acne. I've spent the last 2 months incredibly strict with no wheat/gluten/grains (the past two months for that) limited sugar from fruit..lotttss of veggies, moderate salmon and eggs everything is fresh and organic, as well as things like ACV, lots of probiotics, different teas from white/green tea to herbals such as calming teas, 'woman balance' teas, liver detox teas as well as taking a herbal drink for candida i also exercise everyd
  9. This is for everyone who has suffered with acne like me. I feel your pain. I have had acne for 12 years of my life, until recently. I try everything, neutrogena, stridex, murad, clearasil, proactive, aveeno, benzoyl peroxide & sialic acid but you get the picture, everything at your local target skin care isle. I finally asked my dad to take me to a dermatologist. My dermatologist told me that my diet isn't what was causing my acne but that it was my hormones. So she gave me antibiotics and
  10. SO I'm gonna try to make this short, if you want to know more about my acne's history check my other posts : HOW MY ACNE IS GOING AWAY: [size=4 STEP 1 *the most important step of all* Do not touch or pick acne/face. Do not touch face at all except for cleansing. If this step is not followed, your acne will not go away, this counts for any regimen. STEP 2 Wash face 1-2x daily with oatmeal (recipe in the end) STEP 3 Tone with a mixture of 1 part lemon/lime juice and 3 parts organic green t
  11. Okay so I've had this blemish for about 3-4 weeks now and it started as a small round bump. The bump was a little smaller than the papules I get so I put a little toothpaste on it. The next morning it turned into what you see below, a giant red nodule. At least I think it's a nodule since it has not yet come to a head. I've had every kind of form of acne except nodules, first time for everything. My regimen is topical clindamycin and retin-a 0.1 cream with oral minocycline. I also think I'
  12. Im currently in my 4th month of accutane. Ive still yet to experience any dryness, and in fact, my skin seems to be smoother than ever. Since beginning my course ive been using the Cetaphil moisturizer which seems to be working great. The thing thats been my problem is the redness. Since starting my course ive been experiencing redness. Also, lately ive noticed that my complexion looks a little uneven and blotchy at times. Ive also been drinking a couple cups of green tea daily which seems to ha
  13. My first post here so I'll just throw a short intro in here for some background: I'm 17 years old and have had moderate acne since 12-13 or something like that. Finally got sick of over the counter producs and crappy derms. and I stumbled across this site. I'm currently on the regime (sorta), and also made some diet changes, and it's reduced my acne considerably to the point where I only have maybe a single semi-active pimple and some scars on my cheeks. To the issue at hand -> I train marti
  14. I just got Acne Free's Green Tea Moisturizer today on sale and I'm a big wary to try it since all of their other products are very harsh. Even the Sensitive Skin line dried my face out badly. I was always curious about ProActiv's same product but thought it was too expensive. Has anyone tried this product and had positive results?
  15. I did a 15% tca peel thursday night, so i'm on day 4 and i notice some peeling but it's only a tiny bit and only in certain areas, others aren't peeling but feel rough. I'm not a beginner to peels, i did a 30% glycolic acid a few times years back and than did some aha lotion, and than tried the green cream stuff (similar to a peel i guess?), and than was trying aqua glycolic but wasn't noticing results with that either, was trying for like 2-3 weeks and realized it could take a lot longer. So
  16. Okay so I was on Antibiotics for a while and then finally got off of them and was clear for three weeks. But at the end of those three weeks I started drinking Green tea and went on a Vegetarian / Trying for Vegan diet (for ethical and health reasons). Then a few days later...I broke out big time. I'm having trouble deciding WHAT was the cause of the break out. I thought it was because I stopped the antibiotics but I did that before and it took only like..two days for me to break out while t
  17. I'm hoping someone here can enlighten me on how to best use the following products: Bupleurum Liver CleanseNature's Secret CandistroyOxy-Powder Colon Cleanse Eco Clear - Body Ecology's Parasite Cleanse I am not sure if I should do any at the same time or which to do first, second ect. Should I start with the Liver, then Colon, Candida then parasite or does it matter? I don't have any health problems, I've just had acne for too long and I'm sick of it lol and this all sounds helpful. I also r
  18. I wanted to tell everybody - THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADVICE, TIPS, SYMPATHY, ETC!! I woke up today to NO ACTIVE ACNE for the first time in at least 2.5 months. I used to have relatively rare problems, in the past suffering from some cystic acne but then I went at least a year without seeing any of those... but a couple of months ago, all hell broke loose. I had at one point at least 12 cysts. OMG! I found this site, lurked for a while, and finally joined. I am so glad I did! I've implemented pie
  19. I had quite moderate-severe acne throughout my teenage years, and up until I was 20, which I then changed my diet to fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, lots of green tea and stuff. I also used aloe vera on my skin everyday. However the red marks persisted even many years later, I don't know why but it seemed the never faded and I had lots of tiny marks all over my skin. Looking in some mirrrors was horrible. Over the last 2 months I've been using something called Skinceuticals C E Ferulic acid a
  20. 28 yr old female - cystic acne cheeks, neck Hey hey - need some help! Starting the crazy (hopefully life changing) drug Jan 18th ... Cant tell you how many logs, blogs, websites, discussions etc I have had/viewed since my doc told me this was the way to go ... man oh man, Today was the worst, i almost jumped ship BUT im staying strong and at least giving it a shot... T minus 12 days to go! YIKES ANYWAY!! Need some help with what you all are using as far as face moisturizers, face washes etc.
  21. mixing, green tea, i will break a pill of fish oil and add 1 with the tea, i will add honey, and apply to face for evenings. and i will use vitamic e oil for moisture.
  22. Hello Everyone, I'm a 25 year old guy and have had bad acne since age 14...up until recently. I used to have a "good" day about once every 2 or 3 weeks, but most of the time my face was just plain bad. Here is what I've been doing differently: Firstly, this change in my skin would not of happened if I didn't do any research. FINDING THIS MESSAGE BOARD and reading is what helped me alot in the first place!!! What I eat/drink GREATLY affects my skin. No more pizza, Chinese food, or junk like
  23. I used BP for a month. My skin starting breaking out in places where it never used to. I began noticing nasty scarring. The redness was not reducing because a new pimple would form. I reduced the usage of BP to once/day. Then I noticed my face was calming down but I still broke out. So i started using bp every other day. Now i don't use it at all. My skin is healing I can tell because I have not gotten a cyst on the side of my face where most of my acne scarring is. This is great because my face
  24. so ive been drinking a glass of green tea in place of my coffer for 60 days everyday. but im not really seeing any results. should i drink two glasses a day? but what if thats too much caffine for me will decaff still have the same results?
  25. I'm 20 years old. I have been on accutane twice and I have been off of it for 2 years now. I've been holding off acne pretty well except that I only get these milia things on my cheeks by my nose, below the bags of my eyes and right under my lower lip. These things have been there forever and they don't go away. Every once in awhile about 2 at a time will start to get infected for no apparent reason and come to a head after about 3 days of being an ugly red, painful spot. i squeeze the bacteria