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Found 2,049 results

  1. For 24 hours, I am replacing soda with green tea. (I drink a lot of soda.) I doubt one day will make the tiniest difference in my skin. What I'm looking for is any change in how I feel at the end of the day. And if there is any change, I'm going to keep it going for a week. And still a week probably isn't enough time for it to make an impact in my skin, but I am hopeful. Wish me luck.
  2. I'm just on day 4 of the regimen, however I already was using BP for about 4 years. I had mild-moderate acne since around age 13 (5 years ago) and started using BP when it became a bit worse. I have had days before where it's pretty bad, but they would usually get better soon. Actually near the beginning of this year, my skin was better than it had been in a long time. Around May, it became worse again, but then in summer got a bit better. However, this month (a couple weeks ago) the worst breakout I have ever had appeared baisclly overnight, and instead of lessening, it seems like every day another one is popping up. I have just started college one month ago so its completely torpedoed my self confidence, which makes it hard to make friends. When I get acne it tends to be very red whiteheads as wel as blackheads on my nose (although the black heads usualy dont go away, they just become more noticeable), and its on my forehead and side of head above + next to eyebrows so its really visible, cheek acne seems to be more common so people usually ignore it i think. My cheeks / chin arent totally clear but they are a lot lot better than my upper face so I usually ignore the cheek part. I have been using 5% BP for about a year now (I used to use 2.5%) and won't be able to switch to 2.5% for a while since I donot live near home. I think i am using enough. I also use clindamycin but I have stopped it since the regimen doesn't say to use it. (I have been using that for 4 years too.) I don't know why the breakout happened when it did. I was getting a decent amount of sleep and wasnt that stressed. And I was eating fairly healthy. I dont overwash my face or pick at it and I dont get excess sun exposure although I get a little, but not enough to get sun burn). However now I have attempted to minimize soy, dairy, sugar, and fat, and I am going to start drinking green tea this weekend. This weekend I am going to buy alot of stuff. I will buy distilled water in case it is the different water here that is messing up my skin, so I can rinse my face briefly after washing it in the shower or the sink. I am going to buy omega 3 supplements since I used to take them at home but I dont here. I will increase my intake of water and eliminate sodas, juices, and drink less milk (i will have yogurt and fresh fruit instead of milk and juice). I will try to increase fiber by eating more fruit and vegetable. Im also going to buy a new face wash since the I have now has one of the ingredients that is not recommended. I will buy jojoba oil also, and 2.5% BP if i can find it otherwise I will have to wait until I go home or try to get it mailed here. Ill try to get even more sleep so I get 8 hours a day and reduce stress as much as i can. I will try to wash my pillowcases + sheets more often, like 3 times a month maybe. Every time I wash my face the acne gets noticeably more red and visible, so its either the water or the face wash that causes it i think. I dont scrub hard, I try to put it as lightly as possible and I just pat it dry instead of wiping hard but it still happens. Like i said im going to buy a new soap and get distiled water so I can rinse it after wards. Is there any thing else I can do besides changing my soap and moisturizer, my diet, and my well being? Is there a quick fix because I feel really terrible about the way my face is and i dont want to talk to new people or let them see my face so I basically hide my self in my room and even with friends, I look down when theyre talking so my face isnt as obvious. Its pretty bad: I havent seen a single person with acne as bad as mine at my schol yet and there are like 20 000 people here so that gives you an idea maybe. Make up is not an option because I'm a guy and any way I heard it can make acne worse. Anyway when can I see results? I know im not going to be clear for months but I havent been clear for like 5 years, i just want to get it back to the levels where it's pretty normal and I used to be at. Yesterday I thought i was seeing results, it was less red and less visible, but today it is worse than it ever was so i dont know what happened.
  3. TheAverageGirly

    Green tea?

    Hello everyone I think I've found something that might help. I've tried everything and that includes accutane which almost completely cleared me up, but I'm off it now and my acne is returning. For a week now I have just had a cup of green tea everymorning. My face seems significantly smoother and I have alot less whiteheads forming. Hopefully it will continue working for me. I just wanted to say it's worth a shot even if you doubt it because I did.
  4. Better yet can anyone suggest some gentle ways to exfoliate? I'm using ACV but i think it's a little weak. I've literally just come off the caveman, that didn't work that well for me. Now i'm at a loss as what to do with my topical treatment. All i know is that my skin does a lot better on the homemade topical treatments, something gentle.. I'm kind of aware that i need to exfoliate, tone and then moisturize,is this really necessary though? I don't really have greasy skin anymore but it is a little oily. I think i'll use ACV as an exfoliant, green tea as a toner and jojoba oil and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer. But how many times a week should i do either?
  5. HunnyBunny2309

    Green Tea Moisterizer

    So I started using the green tea moisterizer from proactiv from when I used to use their products and I really liked how it made my skin feel. But then I started to get huge painfull pimples and so I stopped using it and my skin is back to normal with just moderate acne. Does anyone know why this is? Do you think maybe I'm allergic to an ingrediant?
  6. I just started my 5th week of RAM, good news is that a large amount of whiteheads created by RAM are going away. Bad news is I still have a lot of redness, I was wondering if I started using a Clearasil Daily Oil Control Gel Wash with Green Tea and Peppermint in it, would it have any adverse effect on my current treatment? Would the Gel Wash help with my redness? When should I insert the gel wash into my regimen? Thanks, hopefully I start seeing beneficial results soon from my RAM, I am in the 5th week and ready for the redness to go away!!! MY REGIMEN Morning: Shower with Nivea for Men Extra Gentle Face Wash, pat face dry, then an Extra Soothing Lotion with SPF 4 (moisturizer) Day time: One cup of lemon juice, ice on face for two minutes each cheek About every 3 days shaving with Nivea Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel, followed by Extra Soothing Shaving Balm Night: Shower with Nivea for Men Extra Gentle Face Wash, pat face dry, then alternating nights between RAM (.1) and Differin (.1), followed by Nivea Extra Soothing Lotion (taking 10-15 minutes between shower and applying RAM and Differin) (taking another 10 minutes before applying the moisturizer)
  7. I know theres already been at least 10 topics on this green tea cream that said to be a better alternative to BP, but I searched the forum and couldnt find anyone whose actually said they tried it. So basically I'm asking...has anyone tried it? I'm really interested in it because I might be going on accutane soon (i'll know by friday) and I have a feeling that my skin wont do well with both BP and accutane, and this green tea cream seems like a better alternative that will be nicer to my skin . Anyone tried it? plus, the bp is definitly ruining my skin, slowly but surely. so im hoping this stuff is good. ps - i know i posted this in 2 different forums... http://www.originbiomed.com/pages/acne_cream.html thats the site^
  8. I read in another thread that green tea can help acne and the complexion of the skin. So i'm just wondering if Nestea: Lemon Green Tea will work as well
  9. Hey there. First off this is a pretty useful area of information and I really learned a lot already. Well I'm almost twenty years old and I for the most part had very mild acne growing up (I mainly got the most amount when I wreslted in high school) but after sports were done it was very manageable. I was using Oxy Clean (BP 10) for the longest of time. I was using it for about 2 years. It wasn't until I turned 19 did I notice the "effectiveness" subsiding and I actually thought my skin was immune to BP, so I switched over to a Tea Tree Oil based facial cleanser we at Trader Joe's carry. That actually was good for me for about a month or so. I combinded it with the Tea Tree Oil for on the spot treatment. I noticed that the effects were wearing down and my skin was getting dried out too fast. I then decided to give ProActiv a try and needless to say it worked very well for about 3 weeks but my skin then started to get worse. I'll admitt I was guilty of washing my face too often, mainly because we had a very humid summer and I am a very active person. I went through that stage where I started to try a lot of things (Noxzema face wash, St. Ives face wash) and just a few weeks ago I went on vacation and I had the worst acne you could ever imagine. I really thought it was just a bad dream because I never, ever had this bad of a case of acne. I then started the regimen about 2 weeks ago. I'm using the Cetaphil as my cleanser I use in the shower, followed by Neutragena on the spot BP 2.5%, followed by Cetaphil SP15. My case has gotten better but a few thins really irk me. First off it's almost impossible ot shave because if I ever rip off a white head it's going to be a mess. It hurts to actually shave. My main problem areas are my entire jaw line, my forehead and the outer ends of my cheek. I have a lot of white heads and as of late, especially during the night or if I work out they bleed. On the left side right on the jaw line I have this "puffy" patch. It feels swollen but you really can't tell looking at it but I can definitely feel it when I wash my face. I'm very worried as to what this might be. I would say it is about an inch long. I don't have acne anywhere else on my body. Nothing on my chest, back, neck or anywhere else but my face. I don't wear head gear, I have short hair, I drink Unsweetened Green Tea/Carrot juice and I drink plenty of water. I don't know if it's a myth or not but I've made the change in drinking Organic Milk over regular milk to cut out the additional hormones. Also while on the regimen, the Cetaphil SP15 is a great moisturizer (soaks in the skin faily fast) but the thing I hate about it is if I even the slightest bit sweat.... my face becomes white and it's very nasty. I know it's a dumb question but is that what to expect using any kind of moisturizer? It's extremely disappointing this is all happening at a age where I feel I shouldn't be having this kind of problem, or as bad of a case as it is now. I am going to see a dermatologist in a few weeks to see what kind of options are available to me but this really is bringing me down big time.
  10. Hey i have been on roaccutane for a little while (about 1 month) but at the beginning after about 3 days i started drinking green tea and i did it for about a week... would this of stuffed up my dosage's proper effects? and also does Zinc affect the proper effects aswell?... Any help would be great... AlKaMiMe
  11. Just wondering whether anyone has used Green Tea on their face as a face wash in the shower or what not... if u did, could u tell me how u did it?... like amount used and so on... Thanks peeps
  12. http://www.originbiomed.com/pages/acne_cream.html I am going to try this. sounds better than bp my main problem is redness and this should help the redness
  13. Hey i think im allegic to green tea, eveytime i drink one cup i throw up, i get these wierd sounds in my stomack, my mouth becomes wattery, and i feel like vommitting, then i do, could it be the caffien in the green tea? should i get decaff? im serious about this too, i never had a problem with decaff, still curious about the health of my liver, concerning this revolation
  14. I thought I would start a log to keep track of what I was doing, not only for myself but if this stuff works, maybe someone else will be inspired to try my regime. So although Im a bit new to this messageboard, Ive been browsing the site for about a year. Ive tried the BP regime, it worked exactly like Proactiv, and I felt trapped, if I missed one day Id breakout like crazy. Its a vicious cycle. Ive been on Accutane (im one of the nightmare victims of this pill) Ive tried Perricone, birth control, derms, facials, expert advice, etc.. So I'm 22 and Ive been fighting acne since I was a young teenager. Although I dont have it too serious, its pretty mild, its still emotionally damaging to me. I have my good days, even months, even years when I wouldnt break out, but then it would start up again. My schedule and diet has been pretty screwy lately. I get 5 hours of sleep at the most all week and weekend I will sleep for 8 hours. I think this is a lot of whats caused me to break out so much, its the worse its ever been. Im a night person and I started a new job and Im so used to going to bed at 3am, its just really hard to get myself to fall asleep before midnight. Im gonna try really hard though to get my beauty rest and see if it helps my skin. Im also going to force myself to drink tons of water, lemon water and green tea and eat right. I was on the south beach diet for a while, Im not really sure how that affected my skin. I eat a ton of salad. I can eat it 3 times a day but Im not even sure if thats good for skin, I should look into that. I have an awesome boyfriend and he thinks im beautiful no matter what and so do I, most days. I just want to be beautiful for him because hes beautiful to me. Ive flared up alot lately on my cheeks (the worse place in my opinion) and on my chin. I did order the blue cleanser from Kiehls.com and also a toner so Im going to incorporate those when they come. I just started this tonite, this is how it went. Night 1. Gentle cleanser (until my blue Kiehls cleanser comes) 2. Hibliclens 3. Neosporin spot treatment I also used Queen Helene's mint mask tonite. I love it! In the morning I plan to do the same, minus the mask and instead of the Neosporin I think im going to use my Perricone BP. I war makeup too and I KNOW that its probly clogging my pores but I havent found a solution for this yet, if anyone has suggestions for foundations, cover ups because I cannot leave the house without it but by the end of the day Im all greasy. Ive heard good things about bare minerals, bare essenctuals, is this the same thing by the way? I might need to try that line. So far so good. I like the Hibliclens, its a thin pink watery liquid with a gentle smell to it. Im really paranoid about getting it in my eyes. I close them shut as tight as I can but I dont know I still worry sometimes. I guess I would feel it, if it went in, no? Anyways my pores feel smaller and kinda tighter but it seems to be working already, Im not sure what it is but I think this regime might work. I put the neosporin on, so now all I can do is wait and see. i will try to post every day! I need rest!
  15. I ordered a whole bunch of white tea online after I heard read this... http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/...40526070934.htm I've been drinking this stuff for 2 weeks straight, and I can honestly say no new acne has formed. I drink 3 or 4 (sometimes 5, this stuff is good, lol) cups a day and it's clearing me really nicely! I've read a few different things about how it has 5 (some say 100) times the antioxidants of green tea. If anyone has any thoughts on this stuff, I'd like to hear it. P.S. on a random note, white tea is kinda dark (I leave the bag in there for a while..) but my urine is crystal clear.. Interesting. (I drink plenty of water too though)
  16. I suffer from mild acne..I guess. It started when I was about 14 or 15, I'm now 17 and it's got worse over the years. At first, it was just a small patch between my eyes and the odd pimple on my cheeks or chin. I ate junk food, I rubbed, I scrubbed, I picked, I pecked, and I made it all worse. I had very little/no experiance of how to cope with acne, so can you blame me. Anyway..now, I'm trying to make up for my sins. I have some pimples on my forehead, and hairline, sides of my mouth, my chin (is actually the worst at the moment.) a few pimples on my cheeks, and the sides of my face, and between my eyes..so..everywhere? Don't get my wrong, it's not the really serious stuff. It's just a few pimples here there and everywhere, then throw in a few tons of red-marks, I look horrible. No part of my face is really clear. The last...3-4 weeks, I've really set my mind to clearing it up, even just a little bit. I don't want it to control my life anymore. I want to be able to look people in the eyes when I'm talking to them. I want to be a bit more confident. I want to be able to go out without make-up, and not feel like a ugly freak. I know, I know..it's what's on the inside that counts? But, what if I'm a horrible person, eh? No one thinks of that. Nah, I'm alright, I hope. And I always make myself say "I love you" to my reflection, even on the worst of days. I just want that extra bit of confidence, you know? I just want to be comfortable in my own skin. Anyway. The last few weeks, I've tried to improve my diet, more fruit and veg, less junk, what I thought were the right foods, brown bread, pasta, potatos, lots and lots of water (in the form of Green tea, since that much cold water would make me sick, not to mention freezing.) fruit juice, anything else good I could get my hands on. I didn't really know there were foods that flare acne up, I just thought good food was good food. I didn't know there was fruits I shouldn't eat, and white bread and pasta were a no-no. It's really hard getting everything right. On my face..well, over the last few days, I've been washing my face with Eucerin (dry/sensitive skin face-wash), followed, in the morning by a gentle scrub using Baking Soda, then, Apple Cider Vinegar, mixed with water, applied to the face and left on for 10 minutes. After that, I moisturise, just anything I can get my hands of, really.. I haven't been wearing make-up recently.. At night, I wash with Eucerin, then apply a egg-white and lemon mask for 15 minutes, wash off, then moisturise. I've heard the mask is good for red-marks. Yeah..that's me, basically. Oh! PILLS! I've been taking vitamin B6, evening primrose, a multi-vitamin, zinc pill, zinc and vitamin C tablet. I've taken Pantothenic Acid, but I ran out the other day, and haven't had the chance to re-stock (we live a long way from any towns/cities, and my parents are rowing a lot recently, I don't dare ask them.) Yeah, when I next get out, I'm going to buy some more, because I've heard it's affective, also, I'm going to TRY and purchase some Benzoyl Peroxide gel/cream. Would the two be okay together, along with a healthy enough diet and lots of water? PLEASE HELP. I'll take any advice you guys have..I'm new at this, and it's really hard choosing the right things over the fads. I don't want to do anything too extreme, the healthy way has worked for me in the past with other ailments, and I have faith in it. ANYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME OUT TO READ THIS. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH. Any advice would mean the world to me. I've just done a 3 day detox..trying to clear myself, mostly fruit juice, lemon and water, and Green tea.. Please let it help me on my way to clear skin.. Please give me advice you have on my routine...Please?
  17. Carl

    Green tea

    Here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=514383
  18. jpp

    Green tea

    hey people. i started drinking green tea a couple of weeks ago. When i first had it i hated it but after a coupel of days i was having about 3, 4 cups a day and now about 3 weeks later. I can't stand the stuff i cant even drink one cup its the same tupe decaffinated organic green tea. Whats happened
  19. MB1983

    Is it worth it?

    The healthy diet route that is? I've been struggling with acne since 14, I'm 21 now! The past couple of month I've tried to eat as healthy as possible, I've totally cut out bread and milk, and I've minimised my junk food and sugar intake. I try and eat as much fruit as possible, and drink plenty of green tea and water. At first I saw slight improvement, but now my acne is as it was before or even worse! Its p!ssing me off! I try my hardest to keep away from bad foods and this is how my body repays me. I went into the docs, the other day and I was given some anti-biotics I hadnt been given before, Oxytetracycline, has anyone been on this before? I'm hoping these improve my acne, otherwise I'm out of ideas on what to do.
  20. I don't really know what type of acne I have, its a bunch of flesh colored bumps with blackheads, occasional small whiteheads and about once a week I'll have a large red bump that is really hard and sore that eventually turns into the mother of all whiteheads. The blackheads give my face a really uneven look and I can't get rid of them no matter what i try does anyone know anything about this>? But I've pretty much tried every type of over the counter acne cleanser, scrub, etc. and nothing seems to help much.. I can't use Dan's Regimine too much because I have mandatory Physical Training 3 times a week and this is just too impractical for me to use (time constraints while getting to work after pt etc.) anyways I just bought 2 products made by dove one is a Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (w/ soft massage beads) its part of the essential nutrients line and has green tea extract and i bought the face care day lotion that goes with it (SPF 15) has anyone heard of any of these and what are the results of it? any advice on how to get rid of what i got would be helpful thanks
  21. Hey all, Today while strolling through town i went into a Chinese herbal place where they sell all natural products. Anyway, i asked if they had any medicine for acne and she did. They are these tablets which need to be taken 1 (15 times a day), there are 200 in this bottle and apparently she said they cure acne as they work from the 'inside out' she also recommended green tea which i have read on here people have been having good results from. So im thinking that she may be right (by the way she had flawless skin), has anyone tried these or any similar tablets in the in the past from Chinese places. Any past experiences would be great! Thanks, Tom
  22. Hi guys, I am new to this board. I have been lurking for quite some time now and decided to join and share my story with ya'll so perhaps I could get some tips or anyone out there who can relate to my story.Anyway here we go. I am a sixteen year old dude and have been dealing with acne since my 13-14th. Luckily I've never gotten to the stage where I could call it real severe.I have rarely gotten any huge cysts throughout the years, mostly mild pimples and major redness. I have tried tons of products as everyone else, and none of them rarely worked.Even if they did, the results were only temporary. From the beginning on, I always knew that there was a strong conenction between acne and food unlike all the stories we get to hear from our 'great' doctors implying there is no connection whatsoever, that it has been proven , this and that. Some of the products I've used in the past couple of years: Clearasil (a startoff, what a crap) BP Gel 2,5 & 5%, (no success either, increased redness and major dryness) Tetracycline (during winter, didnt help either) Clinique Skin Products (fragrance and oil free so figured it might help, was wrong yet again) Teat Tree Oil (seemed to help at first, though the redness problem again) And few others I cant think of at the moment. I drank so many liters of water and green tea , untill I finally had to make a conclusion that water does not clear up acne in any way.It might be good for your overall health but surely is not the secret to a clear skin, something we are told by almost everyone. On the moral side, acne turned my life really into hell.I have no confidence whatsoever, have dropped out of school a year ago and am still fighting the insecurity issue.It has caused me so much more though, I have developped an eating disorder because of the fact that I had to diet all the time in order to beat acne and clear up my skin through the inside.My dieting has always been with ups and downs, days of fasting, basically just eliminating almost everything except for raw fruits ,veggies and nuts/seeds.However I just cannnot hold on to this sort of diet as much as I want to get clear asap, my body just seems not to be able to adopt such a drastic change.The maximum ammount of days I hold on to this way of dieting was 6, the seventh day I remember passing the kitchen and it was like an attack coming my way, I literally just grabbed everything I could what what you can eat and just started binging for hours and hours.Since then I have tried to start the diet again and always always just failed.I know I should change my diet the way so my body can adopt it and we both benefit from it but I just can't. it's like I am fighting against something, I want quick, great results in one week already. I am ruining my body big time and I am only sixteen.You know when girls have eating disorders such as anorexia they sort of do it because they think they look abnormally fat to everyone and to themselves.With me, it's somewhat the same, the only thing I am fighting against is not my weight but the acne. It's like I try to have anorexic days by basically eating only like 3 apples and a cucumber a day but always end up 'boulimic' in the evening because i get one of those attacks , yet again. I just don't vommit afterwards, all I do is sit in my room and cry for hours asking God why I have been cursed like this. Telling myself it will all be over soon yet knowing it only sounds like a fairy tale. Facing the damn truth every single day, feeling miserable , going through life with no confidence whatsoever. Snapping at my friends for not understanding the way I feel and what is wrong with me and yet feeling ashamed of revealing the real truth. Being aware of the fact that I could clear up my acne all the way by simply following this diet and yet failling everytime attempting it.A battle I am fighting every single day, and a battle I am losing every single day.When is this going to end? I am only sixteen, maybe there is a chance of me growing out of it, maybe there is not.This just has to stop, I have to tell myself that this is no longer good for me, never been. I am doing the dieting thing yet again, it's like everytime after I fail and start again it's like I am more commited this time and yet it seems nothing than a big lie. One weak faillure, that is who I am. God, I can't even resist a chocolate bar or a hamburger!What is wrong with me? Why am I so doomed? It's like, it's not just acne I am battling now but also a sort of a mental disease caused my acne. I just hope someone can enlighten me alittle about what I should do and what the chances are of succeeding and holding on. I just wish I could treat my skin as natural as possible, it is only good on longer terms. But yeah, in order to fight acne I guess a lot of effort and sacrifices are required.And even then there is no guarantee of success. After all One can only Hope
  23. I've been using the green tea toner, and have seen some improvement in my red marks. I still have a few dark suckers that I need to get rid of though... I'm wondering about using the green tea in the mornings and diluted vinegar at night. Do you think the combo of the two will help faster, or is it overkill?
  24. young_roller

    Green Tea

    Do u think Green Tea would affect the regimen ?
  25. RuleofThumb


    I was looking at WindWaker's ideas on how green tea extract would help with red marks.....well Dove's moisturizer contains green tea extract along with some other things. Anyone know if this would help with red marks?