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Found 313 results

  1. Well since joining this forum I have tried a few new things and my skin is getting better so I thought I would share. The first thing I learned on this site is how to gently cleanse my skin. I believe this is a very important step. Before I would be angry with my skin thinking I could rub my acne off the harder and longer I scrubbed. In turn my skin would look back at me in the mirror angrily. So now when I cleanse with my tea tree oil Castile soap I work up a lather like Dan suggests and very l
  2. Hi, Never thought I'd ever be posting on an acne website, let alone dealing with this problem. I've never really had problems with acne my whole life, just mild I'd say. Nothing that had a huge impact on me, emotionally/physically. My skin was spotless about a year ago. Perfect.. Well anyways, about a couple of months ago, I started to improve my diet/life style. Started drinking tons more water, cut out sugar completely, cut out processed foods, greatly lowered salt intake, started eating T
  3. Alright, so I said F*** you to the starving yourself to clear skin and "candida." I believe that if one gets ALL the vitamins and minerals they need than their body can overcome anything. Acne sufferers have been"starving" their bodies of the right and enough of the right nutrients for years, which is why we developed this ailment. So, we need to eat more and more of the healthy foods, until our skin is perfect, and we can handle a little excess. When we eat too much of the bad, we don't eat
  4. Hi, I've been suffering from pretty persistent acne for about the last 5 years, i generally get very large nodules/pimples that last for about 2 weeks but leave scarring ive been using differin gel the last couple of years which has helped a little bit with the scarring but i still tend to get new pimpkles every 2 or 3 days. Interestingly i noticed my breakouts are more severe after eating foods such as chocolate, pizza, cheese etc. Although i initially wondered if i had some sort of food se
  5. Note the way the title says 'improving' and not 'curing'. I'm not going to claim to have a cure for acne because I still have and get pimples, however I've found a way to significantly improve my skin and thought I would share the regimen with you. The regimen is VERY strict and I warn you, difficult to follow, but with perseverance and determination it IS possible. So what's the secret? Here is my regimen in steps. 1. Sleep! Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, ideally be in bed before 12pm
  6. Hello everyone. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with acne. I'm 16, female, very active (exercise everyday), don't eat dairy or meat but I do eat eggs so I won't become deficient in B12. Here's what I eat daily: Breakfast: 2 eggs with sea salt and pepper, green smoothie consisting of baby spinach, banana, unsweetened hemp milk and some kind of fruit, usually blueberries or strawberries. Lunch: salad (romaine) with organic asian sesame dressing and cherry tomatoes from my own tiny littl
  7. Hello everyone, Sorry to ask a favour from all of you here with my first post. I'm doing a research paper on acne and its effects on the person. Some people, even with severe acne, are full of confidence while some people with mild acne have major self esteem issues. Acne is something that I hold dear to my heart, because I too had acne when I was 15. Now I'm 23, and I'm 95% clear because of a healthy lifestyle. I stopped picking at my face, washed my face only with clear water, and drank g
  8. Im 22 right now, and my acne is under control. Its been a long battle and ive gone through a lot (including an intensive accutane course). Acne runs in my family, but I got it far worse than any of my siblings or parents had it. It started sophmore year in high school. It was severely severe, like the worst i have ever seen. Huge cysts, pustules, papules, blackheads, everything! I had many derm. appointments and tried everything, until I finally gave in and a course of accutane followed by
  9. I know that the ONLY way to CURE acne is through a healthy diet & lifestyle. Well, I've got both of those down...I am EXTREMELY active- (bike riding & dancing daily.) I get plenty of sleep every night. I am Vegan. I only drink water, green smoothies and orange juice. I am taking 100mg of Zinc Gluconate & 2000mg fish oil daily. I don't eat junk food. I still have acne. It's mild to moderate. No cysts (thanks to being Vegan). Just zits & occasional whiteheads. It's on my face, &a
  10. http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_dise...orum_folli.html I feel like this is exactly what my "acne" looks like! I have no doubt that I have acne and folliculites, but is it cure able just like acne. Because acne is curable It mus arise from immune deficiency and same things as acne of course, but now it is a fungus as well. No wonder epson salt helps me and so many others. Killing the yeast. I am going to be more alkaline to kill the fungi and acne. I am also going to drink far far more
  11. Hi everyone. I'm glad to report that after almost a year, my face remains clear, apart from the occasional small whitehead, which I can usually trace to a specific cause. What brings me to start a new log, however, is that I still have body acne on my chest, arms, back, and to a smaller extent shoulders and neck. After many months of experimenting, I have narrowed the possible causes down to pretty much only candida, and am now fully in the fight against it. The reasons I'm pretty su
  12. I was reading up on turmeric and black pepper and thought i'd see if it helps me for my acne like it has for others. i bought some today and used very little bit to begin with. Do people break out with it? I just posted another post: "So lately (the past 2 months) I've had these skin coloured bumps on my forehead and around my hairline. the main like 4-5 seemed to stay forever but 2-1 weeks before my period it seemed there would be 100s of them. they were small, some bigger. they arent red o
  13. Heeeey guys. I know that green smoothies are pretty popular on here, but what about juicing? I'm not really a fan of the consistency of smoothies, never have been. I've decided to start juicing again, the first time I tried a few months ago, I broke out. I don't know if it was my body detoxing (I was also having some...interesting bowel movements, if you know what I mean) or if I was getting too much fiber at once or what, but it kinda scared me off. But then again, my diet wasn't as clean
  14. Hello. I am interested in purchasing a fiber supplement to help my BM along. I have recently cut back on Paleo as i was losing way too much weight (added back in rice and sweet potatoes). I know the general consensus is to up the veggie intake which i have been doing (my daily green smoothies and salads) but its still not enough as my BM are usually once a day and not quite solid as i'd like them. Can someone recommend a good supplement (gluten free of course). In regards to other suppleme
  15. Hi so I have been a member here for a few years. I have been on every antibiotic! accutane! Every possible cream! Had lasers spent thousands on peels you name there's nothing I haven't tried. Except diet. I have just ended a 3 day apple fast to prepare me for a 21 day green smoothie detox. I will eat nothing but green smoothies for 21 days. And shall post regular updates and photos. I want to do this to clear my red marks, acne and kick start my healthy eating! P.S the apple fast cleared activ
  16. Hi guys, Suffered from Acne since the age of 13, I'm now 24, with basically no improvement. It used to be mainly on my forehead, chest and back when growing up, it stopped on my forehead after a few years and started to develop on my cheeks and jawline area which is where most my break outs occur now. Getting me down at the moment, mainly due to starting a new job last week and I noticed one lady staring at the side of my face, which really annoyed me... I have tried every product under
  17. Hey all, I just wanted to ask a few questions of you all and get some ideas about why my back/chest/arms are holding out on me when my face is clear. My face has always been the focal point for my breakouts, with some pimples on my shoulders etc. But in my latest breakout which got my forehead pretty bad my entire body (neck, back, abdomen (which has never happened before) and arms) got pretty bad. Now I've been treating it holistically (green smoothies, supplements) and my face is pretty much
  18. Chlolophyll can be our new, all-natural antibiotic. In the medical field, Chlorophyll is hailed as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant. Doctors say it has advantages over antiseptics. Sounds a lot like the pharmaceutical antibiotics prescribed for acne. But chlorophyll is healthier. Heard about the success of "green smoothies" and how the smoothies clear infections within a week? They all use huge handfuls of spinach. Spinach is the best sour
  19. I posted here a couple months ago explaining a problem I am having with small inflamed bumps popping up every day, I usually get two lucky if I get 1 and sometimes I can get 3. I have tried sooo many products, I am at my wit's end. I have also tried many natural therapies including ginger infusions, cinnamon infusions, probiotics, yogourt and kefir, green smoothies, I have been taking zinc for about 2 months now and it seems it hasn't made any difference, also getting a bit of sun when I can
  20. Hi all I'm 99% clear now after eating properly for two months.. anyone who tells you food is not related to acne is out of their mind. I thought I'd come back and post because this diet forum has helped immensely. I've tried pretty much every OTC product out there including Dan's products (the BP does work but takes serious discipline and wastes a lot of time -- I was getting sick of it bleaching my clothes though and if I missed a dose I would breakout the next day) Also I spent thousands o
  21. This weekend I broke out in no less than 12 new spots, 6 of which are absolutely massive cysts with no clear sign of them going away for perhaps even weeks. Before this I literally had a long lasting one around my mouth, one on my temple (the most painful place - this has been nearly 2 weeks and is just starting to fade away), 1 or 2 usual suspects around the jaw… but all in all nothing too much out of the ordinary considering I had come off the antibiotics for quite some time, and had not bee
  22. Hopefully ABGfairy can see this and answer this.. but anyways, I make a green smoothie every morning: handful of spinach, handful of strawberries/blueberries 1 apple 1 banana Here's my situation.. I'm starting a new 9-5 job tomorrow and it seems that I will have less time to prepare this in the morning. My question is, would it lose its freshness/nutritional value if I made this smoothie right before I sleep and refrigerate it? Or will it go bad? Please let me know if this will help me
  23. i have started taking 50mg of Zinc last week but for the past 2 days I have been taking 100mg a day. I have also stopped taking Fish Oil supplements, when I used to take 4 a day. Yesterday I started drinking green smoothies (spinach,apples,bananas). I also feel like I have a slight cold (running nose, sneezing). What is causing my dry eyes?
  24. a long time ago i read that green smoothies and a great diet would help eradicate whiteheads, and it absolutely did, but i used something that my skin didn't like a while ago and now i'm riddled with them again. My diet is still good, but with the holidays i've been slipping a bit. any suggestions on how to help my skin take care of this mess? thanks in advance.
  25. I know many of you love pasta as well as I do. I've changed my diet dramatically and have improved my results signifigantly with a green smoothie every day. I came across this recipe on the internet. Squash is one of the very good vegetables for curing inflammatory areas on your skin. This is a safe and good for you pasta! It is called Spaghetti Squash. I can finally have my sense of pasta again! You can find many recipes on google for delicious combinations such as Spaghetti Squash with gar