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Found 17 results

  1. AndrewYea

    Oily Forehead: Weather Related?

    I am a 21 year old male. I was a senior in highschool in 2010, this is when I first started noticing I had oily greasy forehead skin. In fact, someone pointed it out to me one day and said my head looked really really shiny and made a big deal about it. I still never had hardly even a single zit. After the summer of 2011 I started breaking out horrendously. It was god awful and it was certainly severe acne. (around this time I also got a yorkie dog. I notice that when I take him to the
  2. Postaccutaneoilyskin

    Post Accutane Oily Skin And Hair Returning?

    Hi everyone, I'm about a month and a half past my accutane treatment and I've suddenly experienced oily skin and hair. I've always been extremely oily pre-accutane, and while I was on accutane my skin was soft, normal, and not oily at all (I never had to blot! compared to blotting excessively prior to accutane). I love the results that I had during accutane since I did not experience many of the side affects at all. But now that I am done with it I noticed that lately my skins been feeling heav
  3. Hey! Just a brief description about me. Acne type: Mild acne Skin type: Oily On the Regimen: About 2 weeks Every time after the peroxide is absorbed into my skin, I apply the moisturizer as recommended by DKR. However, the moisturizer doesnt seem to absorb. Even if i wake up in the morning, my skin is still coated with the moisturizer evidently. Is this because of my oily skin? What should i do? Constructive advice and help needed and appreciated!!! Thanks.
  4. I have acne which is being treated with oral antibiotics (lymecycline) and epiduo (adapalene and benzyl peroxide) gel overnight. I try not to wear make up but if I go somewhere I will see a lot of people like church for example I will put some on to cover my acne as it's really bad. I've got the acne coverage sorted but after a few hours my nose gets greasy through the make up. I'm using oil free make up and it looks good for the first few hours but then it gets really oily. I remember yea
  5. Hello, I searched for this but to no avail, sorry if it has been posted, we cant all be perfect I'm basically looking for something to replace the acne.org Moisturizer, it's good at night time, but in the morning it leavs my skin shiny, even if I use a small amout of it, leaving me with tight, dry skin. I live in england, and I'm happy to order stuff from America if needs be, if it's worth it. Just something that wont break me out, something that will sooth my skin, prevent flakes, bu
  6. Hi, I am brand new to the regime, found it poking about the internet on the weekend. By the rave reviews I thought I would give it a try. I purchased the following "oil of olay sensitive foaming wash" "bp gel" and "cetaphil moisturizer", I should preface this by saying that I have used MANY different acne treatments before, some much harsher (in my opinion) than BP. I have also never really used a moisturizer before as my skin is usually quite oily, so I thought it was not necessary. This
  7. TenderCosmo

    Acne.org tips

    Some tips for using the regimen that I have found thus far: Firstly- the key is to follow what Dan says and not just use the products how you've always used acne products if you want it to actually work. 1) For me, the thick layer of benzoyl all being applied and lightly smeared and then the thick lotion being applied and smeared lightly (after the benzoyl dried of course) made me feel really sticky and goopy like I had a thick layer of stuff on my face. So to help with this I applied (still
  8. Jofo

    New Experiment For Oily Skin

    I tend not to post about new products or regimens until after I've gotten results from them, but I'm hoping that posting this will help me stick to my newest regimen. I'm about to start using 6 new products on the right side of my nose for 2 months to see if they reduce the amount of sebum that my skin produces. I did a similar experiment with peppermint oil last year, which yielded some noteworthy results: The products I'm using contain a number of ingredients that are purported to eit
  9. Beavinator

    Moisturiser For Oily/greasy Skin

    Hey Folks, I have just registered to this site which seems amazing. I hope to encounter my very bad acne, oily/greasy skin & acne scaring. My name is Dan, Male, 18 from the UK. I was wondering what moisturiser I should use on a daily basis. I get greasy/oily skin after 2-3 hours after washing my face. I have to wash my face frequently because of this. Right now I am using Skinfood Moistureiser - http://www.amazon.co...58083008&sr=8-2 I don't think this is helping me with my acne
  10. Kyle666

    Oily Bumpy Skin w/ Blackheads

    Hey there, I'm interested in finding out what kind of skin condition I have. I'm 22 years old, male, and I've had greasy bumpy and black head riddled face since I started highschool. I've tried about a million things to get rid of this including pro activ, using a gentle cleanser for oily skin, exfoliating with sacylic acid and physical (clarisonic),clay masks. You get the idea. Am I going about things wrong? Is there something I'm missing? Can anyone help point me in the right direction on
  11. Hi I live in Canada and my skin is very dry but I can't seem to find a moisturizer. All the moisturizers I've tried leave my face incredibly greasy/shiny so I don't like using them in the day. I've tried cetaphil but it's way too greasy for daytime application (for me) and I've tried complex 15 but like many other users say it doesn't moisturize nearly enough. Is there any moisturizer out there that provides good levels of moisture for people using bp without making my skin look like I just rubb
  12. who

    Skin Protection

    Hi all, I am wondering if there's any product out there to protect the skin from contact with grease, touch, bacteria? I ask this because for the past few months i began dating a girl and noticed that after we kissed i started to have terrible breakouts around the mouth. i tried 3 dermatologists and they tried everything, nothing worked and they were baffled. Sadly, 2 weeks ago we went on a brake and i noticed my skin clearing up completely, i was smooth like a baby and then i had th
  13. So I have been trying to use moisturizer, because I didn't know how necessary it was until recently. I used coconut oil, not much, mind you, my face felt so greasy and I broke out. I realized that I have a small bottle of Neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer with sun screen. I've been washing my face twice a day, morning and night, then moisturizing afterwards. I've been using a new cleaning product too, Noxzema cleaning cream. Is it the washing with the cream, the moisturizer, or both that is
  14. Hi acne.org this is my first post Anyways I was wondering what would help me the most with my oily skin. I have fairly mild skin but to be honest the worst of my acne is suprisinly on my dry areas. I'm on acne medication ATM and I was wondering what would help my skin from being oily? It's only natural that my skin is oily because my dad has oily skin but my mum has dry skin so I guess I've got my dads genes. ANYWAY basically can you tell me what's good for it I don't really want to moisturis
  15. I've been using the regimen for about 3 years now. These last couple of months, I've been breaking out a lot more. However, I'm going to stick through it for a little bit longer and see if I can improve. Part of the reason I feel like I'm breaking out is because of irritation... "Irritation causes Ance". My face always seems to get irritated when I do the regimen in the morning before beginning my day, which is why I've tried to switch to night only. If I do it in the day, I go throughout th
  16. luckandlove

    Ugghhh Picked + Junk Food= Breakout

    I'm so mad. I've eaten such greasy, sugary, fatty food the past week and tonight was going good, until i went on a late night bidge... and then decided to pick every pore on my face. my face is completley red and irritated, it hurts too. I can already feel a break out coming. I really want to order dans BP treatment but i still havent gotten the courage to do it im just so awkward and embarrassed....:'( help
  17. What are some good moisturiser with spf which would not make my face greasy or shiny and is available in normal stores in UK. btw am also on accutane so needs something that would not make my acne worse.