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Found 3 results

  1. ★Chemicals in Foods & Drinks can Cause Epidemics★ ★Viruses Themselves Don't Start Epidemics★ Most of the diseases and epidemics are NOT due to viruses, germs or other micro-organisms. Many diseases and epidemics are mainly caused by the chemical adulteration and contamination of foods and drinks and the pollution of air and water. Micro-organisms can only play havoc in a body whose immunity has already been weakened by the biochemical imbalances caused by the harmful adulterants, contaminants and pollutants. It is foolish to believe that the different vaccinations and inoculations can help in preventing or curing the diseases and epidemics that are actually caused by all the old and new harmful chemicals and poisons that are present in the contaminated and adulterated foods and drinks and the environment. Many epidemics are due to the chemical contamination and adulteration of foods and drinks, which are common items of daily use like bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, toffees, chocolates, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, butter, cheese, other milk products, salt, wheat flour, rice, cooking oils and fats, cola and other soft drinks, ice-cream, custard, alcohol, etc. Many water-borne diseases are more due to the consumption of water which is contaminated with toxic elements and chemicals rather than due to micro-organisms. In different regions of the world, water can get contaminated with toxic elements like antimony, arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, phosphorus, etc, or with pollutants like ammonia, cyanide, detergents, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, nitrates, pesticides, petroleum products, phosphates, phenols, suspended solids, sulfates, etc. Excessive amounts of both the inorganic and organic chemicals in contaminated water can cause different diseases. Even the water containing larger toxic quantities of essential minerals like chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, etc. can cause epidemics. Salt made from water taken from the polluted areas of the sea can produce toxic effects. ★Adulteration & Contamination cause Pandemics★ A large number of harmful additives used as preservatives, colors and flavors in foods and drinks can cause heart problems, strokes, allergies, asthma, acidosis, arthritis, spondylosis, gout, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, diabetes, insomnia, impotence and many other diseases in millions of people depending on the different chemicals used in different food products in different parts of the world. So long as the harmful chemicals continue to enter our bodies, and the immunity against disease gets weakened, it becomes difficult even to cure a common cold in a short period. The different foods and drinks get adulterated and contaminated with different chemicals and residues of pesticides at different times, so different types of epidemics can occur in millions of people at different times of the year. The nature of the epidemics keeps changing according to the types of contaminants and adulterants that are present in our foods and drinks at different times. The changes in the toxic chemicals that have got into the foods and drinks have changed the types of epidemics that have occurred in different periods in the past. Small bits of toxic grease used for the lubrication of grinding mills can get mixed with the flour. The ingestion of grease-contaminated flour can be extremely harmful. A lubricating grease is a mixture of a mineral oil and paraffin, wax or soap. Some soaps used in making greases contain barium, aluminium, lead, lithium or zinc. Some greases also contain graphite. Billions of people consume cereal flours in different forms. Have we ever cared to find out how many people become sick due to the consumption of flour products which get contaminated with grease? We know that cheap toxic chemical colors, flavors, and processing and conditioning additives, used illegally in foods and drinks, can produce cancers and other dreadful diseases by causing a drastic fall in the immune response. The cancers and other diseases caused by these cheap toxic colors, flavors and other additives, become incurable especially when the banned chemicals continue to be consumed regularly by the victims, in most cases, unknowingly. Foods, spices and condiments, and drinks that are adulterated with toxic chemicals are much more dangerous than even narcotic drugs for the health of any nation. Unlike the addicts of narcotic drugs, the victims of adulterated foods and drinks are mostly unaware of the adulteration and the dangers from it. Constantly exposed to harmful chemicals, many people often become sick, inefficient, lethargic and desperate. Such persons can easily become addicted to alcohol and narcotic drugs and become even more prone to different diseases. Even the dental fillings, caps and bridges which use different toxic metals like mercury, copper, zinc, chromium, cobalt, nickel, etc, are causing epidemics of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, skin problems like pimples and boils, arthritis, cancer and other diseases all over the world? Toxic chemicals in toothpastes, toothpowders and mouthwashes can also cause epidemics. ★Governments are Suppressing Truth about Epidemics★ Why are any manufacturers allowed to fiddle with food products and get away with that? Many governments around the world are engaged in suppressing the truth about the real causes of epidemics as their occurrences represent the massive failure of the ruling classes to prevent the epidemics. The politicians and bureaucrats are only interested in protecting the manufacturers of adulterated and contaminated foods and drinks, as protecting such culprits is one of the biggest money-making businesses in the world. Most of the politicians and bureaucrats just keep filling their own pockets even as they make big pretences about protecting the interests of the people. Just two examples can prove the mentality of the western governments which set the trends in permitting the use of harmful additives in food products. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), also deceptively called hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and the artificial sweetener aspartame (with brand names like Sugar Free, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful), are known to cause a wide range of diseases in millions of people all over the world. But the two harmful additives are still allowed to be used extensively in numerous foods and drinks by all the governments. The so-called Health Ministries, dominated by allopaths, won't stop the poisoning of different nations of the world. That would make the allopaths and pharmaceutical MNCs suffer huge losses! Such poisoning of the masses, which cause epidemics, helps the allopaths and MNCs to mint money in huge amounts. Instead of stopping the poisoning of millions of people, the allopaths themselves are all the time engaged in administering their own poisonous drugs to the people. The allopaths want the people to be always dependent on their poisonous allopathic potions all their lives. So, for the allopaths, there is no need to halt the adulteration and contamination of foods and drinks. The allopathic drugs suppress the symptoms of some diseases and cause many new diseases due to their own toxicity. ★Indian Adulterators have Created Panic in the World★ Some years back, just a little quantity of the red synthetic dye sudan 1 in the adulterated Indian chilli powder added to many food products created widespread panic in Britain, Italy, France, other European countries, USA, Canada and New Zealand. The banned cancer-causing dye is commonly used in solvents, oils, waxes and shoe polish. Food products like sauces, pies, pasta, pizzas, salad dressings, of top food companies worth millions of dollars had to be recalled from the supermarkets in Europe and America. It proves that the Indian food adulterators have financially become so powerful that they can now even give huge bribes to executives of many top European and American manufacturers of food products to make them buy and use adulterated Indian chillies, other spices and other harmful food products. Now the Indian food adulterators have the financial clout to do business at the international level by selling their poisonous products even to the richest countries of the world. After having successfully poisoned all the Indians for many decades, the Indian adulterators have now become so extremely bold that they have started poisoning the people all over the world with their adulterated food products. They have become so daring that they have set out to poison even the richest and most powerful countries in the western world! A wide coverage was given by many Indian newspapers and newsmedia to the occurrence of adulteration of food products consumed in Europe and America. Why are the Indian newspapers and newsmedia concerned more about the health of a few million foreigners than about the health of Indian people who number more than one and a quarter billion? Almost all Indian foods and beverages are adulterated and contaminated with many toxic chemicals, which we have been consuming daily for many decades. What have the editors and journalists of the newspapers really done to stop the adulteration and contamination of food products in India? Millions of Indians become sick regularly and even die prematurely because of the regular consumption of adulterated and contaminated foods and drinks. In India, we know that the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians deliberately avoid to take drastic action against most of the food adulterators because of the fat bribes they get regularly. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are also partners and shareholders in most of the lucrative businesses and industries. Why would such fellows close down the adulteration and contamination industry, which is one of the biggest money spinners for them? They only know how to make a great show of their patriotism and their honesty before the people. Their so-called patriotism is adulterated with hypocrisy and their so-called honesty is contaminated with deceit. ★Adulteration is India's Largest Industry★ The massive adulteration of foods and drinks in India is the largest industry of our country based on fraud. Almost all our refined and processed food products are highly contaminated and adulterated. There is no effective quality control over the manufacture and sale of food products of mass consumption. Chemical adulterants, other harmful additives, contaminants like residues of pesticides and petroleum products in processed foods of mass consumption are definitely causing many epidemics in India very regularly. Bottled water and cola drinks are not the only products contaminated with harmful chemicals and residues of pesticides. In India it is very common to get low quality, spurious or duplicate foods and drinks like bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, toffees, chocolates, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, butter, cheese, other milk products, salt, wheat flour, rice, cooking oils and fats, soft drinks, ice-cream, custard, alcohol, etc. Spices and dry fruits, due to their high prices, are sprayed generously with large amounts of pesticides to prevent them from being attacked by insects. It does not matter to the suppliers and traders if, in the process, human beings getting poisoned! Chillies, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cloves (lavang) and cinnamon bark (dalchini) are the spices most commonly adulterated in India. Cheap harmful preservatives are added to pickles. The packaged brands of edible oils and fats are also very commonly adulterated. Many of them are spurious as they are packed illegally by unknown people who use the brand names of well-known manufacturers of oils and fats. Even salt and sugar are adulterated and contaminated. The powdered dung of the holy cows is most widely used in the adulteration of coriander powder and other spices. Traces of the urine of holy cows may be even deliberately mixed in milk to make it the holy elixir that may be fed to the millions of Indian people without their knowledge. According to some dogmatist and obscurantist Hindu leaders that would also make India remain a Hindu-majority country for ever! There are many other harmful adulterants which are widely used in different food products in India. Brick powder is used for adulterating chillies. Sawdust is very commonly mixed with coriander powder and other spices. White powdered stone or chalk is found in common salt. Powdered sugar may have washing soda, chalk or white flour (maida) in it. Copper salts are used for coloring pickles and lady's fingers (okra). Lead chromate is used for coloring cheap adulterants, like sawdust, which are mixed with turmeric. Lead poisoning can cause anemia, paralysis, mental retardation, brain damage and miscarriages. Malachite green is applied to fennel seeds (saunf). Black pepper is adulterated with look-alike papaya seeds. Metanil yellow is widely used for coloring sweets and pulses (like arhar, moong and chana daal). Cancer-causing coal tar dyes are used for coloring coffee, tea and pulses. Ghee and butter are very commonly adulterated with cheap hydrogenated fats (vanaspati). Ice-cream can contain washing powder. Oxytocin found in contaminated milk is known to cause abortions and sterility. ★Synthetic Milk Kills & Maims Millions of Indians★ India has the dubious distinction of starting a bogus white revolution. Why should our government falsely state that our country is the largest producer of milk in the world? What is the nature and quality of that milk? India is, in fact, the largest producer of adulterated milk. Milk is adulterated not just with water, but also with the poisonous synthetic milk. India may or may not be the world's largest producer of milk, but India certainly deserves to be awarded the gold medal for being the largest producer of synthetic milk in the world! After getting our bodies poisoned, our most corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats still expect the poisoned lazy bones and muscles of our athletes to help them win medals in the Olympics! The sale of adulterated milk has increased enormously in India. Synthetic milk is a fluid mixture which looks like milk. So, milk is increasingly adulterated with synthetic milk which contains dangerous substances like urea and liquid detergent or soap. Urea, liquid detergent, table salt, vegetable oil and sugar or glucose are mixed together in water to make synthetic milk. The addition of hydrogen peroxide increases its shelf life. The toxic liquid detergent in synthetic milk can irritate the bowels causing abdominal pains and diarrhea. It is logical to believe that the consumption of milk which is adulterated with synthetic milk can cause loss of teeth, arthritis, bone fractures and even sudden death in infants and young children. It can definitely retard the growth and development in the bodies of children and teenagers. When even the grown-ups can suffer terribly due to the consumption of synthetic milk, which causes diarrhea, asthma, swelling of the limbs, heart problems and cancer, what cannot happen to young children whose main diet is milk? The producers of synthetic milk are killing and maiming countless Indians of all ages. The producers of synthetic milk are food adulterators who are the most merciless mass murderers of millions of infants and older children in India! Can we ever know how many children die or become physically handicapped for the whole of their lives due to the consumption of synthetic milk? ★Synthetic Tea and Coffee★ Like synthetic milk, we also get synthetic tea leaves and synthetic coffee powder in India made from toxic ingredients instead of the real tea leaves and real coffee beans. The used tea leaves or cheap leaves of other plants are colored for making spurious tea. Harmful cancer-causing coal tar dyes, flavors, tannin or caffeine, preservatives and powdered sawdust may be used in producing synthetic tea or coffee. Even iron filings are mixed with spurious tea dust. Instant coffee is also likely to be adulterated because of its very high price. The brews made from synthetic tea dust and synthetic instant coffee powder may taste like tea and coffee, but the brews make consumers terribly sick and keep them sick. Instead of helping in curing colds and coughs, adulterated and contaminated tea and coffee can make them worse. They can rather become the causes of colds and coughs, which cannot be cured so long as the harmful synthetic tea and coffee brews continue to be consumed by the unfortunate victims of adulteration. Even the genuine tea leaves can be dangerous if pesticides have been sprayed on them in the tea gardens. The pesticides sprayed on the tea leaves are absorbed by the tea leaves during respiration by the tea plants. These pesticides can come out of the tea leaves only when they are brewed, and then get into the cups from which the consumers drink the contaminated tea. The consumption of adulterated and contaminated tea may be a cause of one type of SARS. How can any person who gets SARS get cured when he continues to consume the toxic tea every day? ★Contaminated Fruits & Vegetables cause Epidemics★ Instead of preventing coughs and colds, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables contaminated with harmful chemical colors and pesticides can actually trigger coughs, colds and other illnesses. The contaminated fruits and vegetables can even prolong diseases and make them difficult to cure or control. We can sometimes get brinjals (eggplant) treated with some toxic chemical that has a very pungent or burning taste that causes sores in the mouth and food pipe. Other vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage can also contain dangerously pungent chemicals. Spinach and other leafy vegetables which have pesticides sprayed on them can do great harm to the consumers. We must know that the leaves of plants ingest the sprayed pesticides along with the air taken in during respiration (breathing) through the pores in them. These absorbed poisons cannot be removed by any amount of washing with water, as the poisons have gone deep into the inner cores of leaves along with the inspired air. The pesticides that go deep inside the cores of leafy vegetables and get stored there cannot be removed without destroying the leaves themselves. So, the leafy vegetables contaminated with sprayed pesticides are the most harmful vegetables. Many organs of the body can get adversely affected by the toxic chemicals and pesticides ingested along with food, which can cause many diseases and even cancer. We cannot easily know to what extent they can harm us because newer and newer toxic chemicals and pesticides are being used on vegetables, fruits and other food crops. ★★Pune is a City in Hell★★ The city of Pune, where I live, is a place located in a country which is the Largest Hell on Earth. Like in many other places of India where milk is adulterated with the poisonous synthetic milk, spurious milk containing dangerous chemicals is sold in Pune too. When the spurious milk gets spoilt, it does not taste sour, but it becomes unbearably offensive and extremely bitter in taste. Living in Pune, which has one of the highest percentages of AIDS cases, we have to learn how to survive in one of the most poisoned cities in the world. The manufacturers and distributors of adulterated and spurious food products are involved in committing massive frauds on the unwary and unsuspecting consumers of Pune with the connivance and collaboration of food inspectors and other government officials. Spices are very commonly adulterated. We get all types of adulterated, spurious and duplicate foods and drinks. In Pune, we get not just cola drinks laced with pesticides, we also get spurious chocolates out of which even worms can emerge! How many persons must have eaten the spurious chocolates infested with the eggs of worms before they hatched in chocolates and emerged? The eggs must have hatched and become worms in the bodies of many of the consumers of chocolates in Pune! Laboratory tests have proved that the people of Pune have been eating highly contaminated vegetables including the leafy varieties. We get tea leaves and powder containing not just the pesticides. In one case of adulterated tea dust bearing the name of a famous brand, I saw vapor from the tea dust coming out in the form of fumes! Which chemical additive in spurious tea makes the dry tea dust give out fumes? We get spurious toothpastes with dangerous chemicals which can make the teeth decay and the gums bleed. Such toothpastes, whose tubes bear the names of top international companies, are made illegally by many unlicensed industrial units in Pune. Such spurious toothpastes using the names of well-known brands have massive sales, but they make the teeth of unfortunate users decay faster and fall out many years earlier than they normally should. ★Adulteration of Cooking Oils★ Harmful additives, preservatives, colors, flavors and other chemicals used in the different brands of cooking oils can cause allergies, asthma, constipation or diarrhea, and other diseases. Argemone seeds resemble black mustard seeds. Mustard seeds adulterated with argemone seeds give a toxic cooking oil whose consumption causes dropsy. The consumption of adulterated mustard oil can lead to purging and vomiting. Besides diarrhea, dropsy causes swelling of the legs, heart disease and blindness. Castor oil can be a contaminant in cooking oils, fats and foodgrains. Castor oil used for adulterating cooking oils causes purging diarrhea. As an allopathic medicine, castor oil is used regularly as a purgative by many people all over the world. In some countries, like India, a thin coating of castor oil is used on oilseeds and foodgrains to protect them from insects.The ingestion of small quantities of castor oil can cause diarrhea in many persons. The same problem is caused by the traces of petroleum in edible oil. After its extraction from oilseeds, the cooking oil which is contaminated with the residues of hexane petrol can also cause diarrhea. ★Additives in Cooking Oils cause Impotence!★ Some new brands of cooking oils and fats, introduced in the last few years by the multinational companies (MNCs) in India and other poor developing countries, cause severe constipation, heart disease, strokes and even impotence! Many cases of impotence are due to the consumption of harmful additives present in the new brands of cooking oils that are manufactured in collaboration with MNCs. I have a very strong suspicion that some chemicals are deliberately added by the MNCs to the cooking oils and other widely used food products to cause severe impotence in millions of unsuspecting consumers at the behest of the multinational drug companies. Due to this big conspiracy of the MNCs to cause widespread impotence, millions of people who become impotent by consuming such food products manufactured by the MNCs can be compelled to take treatment regularly with the costly sex stimulants sold by the multinational drug companies. The multinational drug companies are thus able to sell their high-priced sex stimulants to more and more people to earn billions of dollars. The rich and the higher middle class people, who become impotent by consuming such oils manufactured by the MNCs, can afford to take treatments with costly sex stimulants sold by the multinational drug companies. However, the conspiracy to make millions of people impotent may be much bigger than the mere desire to sell sex stimulating drugs. Are they the measures to reduce the populations of poor developing countries through the clandestine family planning methods with the help of foreign Governments and MNCs? I suspect that the new birth control measures are being adopted secretly in India and other poor developing countries with the help of some foreign Governments and MNCs. The use of artificial sex stimulants is also known to shorten life. It seems clear that some new dangerous chemicals are being tested on the unsuspecting people of India by putting such chemicals in cooking oils and other goods of mass consumption. These cooking oils are the cheaper kinds of sunflower, soybean and palm oils that can cause premature deaths of the poor and lower middle class people who consume such oils. Unlike others, I am not surprised at the sudden deaths of some healthy persons in Pune, India. Should we not find out the details about the types of harmful chemicals that are put in the cooking oils and fats which make many poor and lower middle class consumers die prematurely in many developing countries like India? ★Has Vitamin M silenced Pesticides-in-Cola controversy?★ Will PepsiCo and Coca Cola company dare to export their pesticides-containing products bottled in India to Europe and USA to make the Europeans and Americans drink their poisoned soft drinks? If they dared to do that, the Europeans and Americans would definitely make the two companies completely bankrupt in a short period by filing millions of lawsuits against them to obtain massive damages amounting to trillions of dollars through courts. Have the massive doses of Vitamin M (Money) given to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats silenced the Pesticides-in-Cola controversy in India? Why is the issue of pesticides in Indian foods, drinks and water now being almost completely ignored? Has vitamin M buried the Pesticides-in-Cola issue deep in the Earth in India? It is clear that the massive amounts of money are being paid regularly to the extremely corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of our country by the adulterators. Vitamin M has been successfully used to hush up facts about the Pesticides-in-Cola drinks in India. Due to the extreme corruption in the bureaucracy, the Food Inspectors and other bureaucrats in India, who all want, and who get, a lot of vitamin M, are well-known for hushing up most of the cases involving adulteration and contamination of foods and drinks. LAKSHMI, the Goddess of Money & Wealth, is worshipped the most by Indians in spite of all the extreme hypocrisy about our beliefs in human and spiritual values. The loud political noise made by our hypocritical and extremely selfish leaders was only meant to extract a lot of Vitamin M from the multinational companies (MNCs), and so billions of bottles of the pesticides-laden cola drinks continue to be sold throughout India. The political ideology of our leaders based on unabashed and open worship of money will definitely lead us all collectively to mass suicide. Our leaders, from different fields, have made India the LARGEST HELL on Earth. Even our patriotism and secularism are extremely toxic, as they are full of hatred for the persons of other castes and contempt for the common people. Even though I am nearly 74 years old, I have hardly consumed 100 bottles (of about 200 ml each) of cola drinks of all types in my whole life. All my friends and relatives have laughed at my apparent foolishness in avoiding the world's most favored chilled beverage. I remember that, since my adolescence, my nervous system has been so hypersensitive to the chemicals in cola drinks that even the consumption of one bottle of the cola drink on any day has made me uneasy and sleepless in the night. chilled beverage. I remember that, since my adolescence, my nervous system has been so hypersensitive to the chemicals in cola drinks that even the consumption of one bottle of the cola drink on any day has made me uneasy and sleepless in the night.
  2. Ashok T Jaisinghani


    ★★REAL Causes of ACIDOSIS & HEARTBURN★★ Hyperacidity, also called acidosis, is known as the main cause of HEARTBURN, which is a BURNING SENSATION in the esophagus. Esophagus is the foodpipe that connects the throat with the stomach. Oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, mustard, other spices, wine, beer, other alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and many other foods and drinks have been blamed by doctors, medical scientists and nutritionists for causing acidosis and heartburn in millions of people who consume such foods and drinks. To cure acidosis, many doctors and naturopaths prescribe the consumption of acidic drinks made from juices of sour lemons, oranges and other fruits containing citric acid! How does sour lemon juice control hyperacidity and cure acidosis? Why are foods containing citric acid used for controlling heartburn caused by hyperacidity? It seems so CRAZY and PARADOXICAL to use acids for reducing hyperacidity!! Can acidic foods cause both hyperacidity as well as cure hyperacidity? It is generally believed that the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intakes of basic minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium decrease the acidity, or increase the alkalinity in the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. Biochemically, sodium, potassium and magnesium salts CANNOT ALWAYS help in curing heartburn due to ACIDOSIS, as they can cause an ACID REBOUND. Biochemically speaking, among the four main basic minerals, it is only CALCIUM which always works as a real ANTACID. Believe it or not, the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice does NOT cause HEARTBURN, as it is very dilute and can do no harm by itself. ★Garlic & Raw Onions cause Heartburn★ ACIDOSIS, belching and HEARTBURN can be caused in many people who eat garlic, raw onions and leeks. Besides affecting the esophagus, the consumption of these foods can also produce a burning sensation in many other parts of the body, especially in the hands and feet, even at night, which causes sleeplessness. The vomiting of acidic fluid provides relief from heartburn. Drinking more water also helps to dilute the acidic fluid and to reduce acidosis. Consumption of large amounts of garlic, raw onions and leeks should be avoided because they cause massive splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the production of large amounts of organic acids. Besides the use of garlic, onions and leeks, hyperacidity can also be triggered by the consumption of various dietary factors like B-complex pills, Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D supplements, iodized salt, etc. Contamination of foods with traces of petroleum products like HEXANE, which is used for extracting oils from oilseeds, can also cause acidosis. ★★ The Paradox of Acidosis★★ To know the real causes of hyperacidity, heartburn and other related problems, we should try to understand the PARADOX of ACIDOSIS. It is necessary to understand the reasons why the combinations of certain dietary factors cause acidosis. We should also know how the combinations of certain other dietary factors prevent acidosis. The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis was originally published by me in 1981 in my book, THE NEW WONDER CURES. My book has been digitized and stored in digital form by some universities of USA, as it is very useful for ADVANCED RESEARCH in the SCIENCE of NUTRITION. ★The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis★ According to this law, normally the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intake of basic minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium) decreases the acidity (or increases the alkalinity) in the body. But in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus, the higher intake of acids helps in reducing acidosis! and the higher intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium) increases acidosis! The higher the intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus (IDD), the greater is the effectiveness of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other (laxative) biochemicals in the body, in splitting greater amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of massive amounts of ORGANIC ACIDS and in causing acidosis. So, the acidosis associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and diabetes should not be treated with the larger intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals - magnesium, sodium and potassium. The greater intake of these basic minerals will make the acidosis worse. In the sphere of biochemistry of the human body, only CALCIUM seems to be the basic mineral which may check acidosis to some extent under all conditions. The acidosis can be cured by reducing the RBC count, by reducing iodine intake for lowering the thyroxine level, and by taking various other measures. Besides potassium, sodium and magnesium, the higher intakes of the other LAXATIVE factors like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, thiamine (Vitamin B1), iodine, chromium, manganese, zinc, phosphate, etc, can also cause MASSIVE splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of large amounts of organic acids. The consumption of all these above-mentioned catabolic LAXATIVE factors should be reduced if the massive breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates has to be stopped, and thus prevent the excessive production of ORGANIC ACIDS that can cause acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★★Use of Acids to Control Acidosis★★ The greater intake of some suitable acids is very important in reducing the effectiveness, and even the levels, of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other laxative biochemicals, the excesses of which cause acidosis in the body. The greater intake of some suitable acids can thus help in controlling and curing the acidosis and heartburn associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a form of diabetes mellitus. It must be noted that the term "acids", as mentioned by me, does not include Vitamin C, and the acidic derivatives of some other vitamins. The term stands for the ordinary dietary acids, other than those that are vitamin derivatives. I must, however, mention that the larger intakes of the other constipating synergists of acids like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, fluoride, chloride, nitrate, copper, etc, are also needed in controlling and curing acidosis and heartburn. The anabolic CONSTIPATING factors give stability to the proteins, fats and carbohydrates by preventing their excessive breakup into organic acids, and thus help to prevent hyperacidity and heartburn. The constipating factors help in the production of mucus, and also give stability to the mucus, which helps in protecting the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract from the attack of acids. ★Acidosis caused by B-complex Factors★ Matching quantity of the antioxidant Vitamin E is needed for counterbalancing the effects of the oxidizing B-complex factors, especially Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, which can cause acidosis and heartburn. The B-complex pills, containing Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, can often cause extreme hyperacidity and heartburn in many people who also consume garlic, raw onions, leeks, acidic foods and drinks, iodized salt, and high dosage Vitamin C pills, as these substances are incompatible with the B-complex. Yeast and yeast-containing products like baked bread, beer, wine and some other alcoholic drinks, which are rich in B-complex factors, can also cause hyperacidity. So the consumption of such foods and drinks should be reduced by those who suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★Effect of Abstinence from Sex on Men★ Young men who are bachelors, brahmacharis or unmarried priests, and widowers, can suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems like gout and even diabetes, if there is retention of semen in their bodies for long periods due to the practice of abstinence from sex. Expulsion of semen from the bodies of men reduces acidosis and gives them relief from heartburn. ★Effect of traces of Petroleum in Food★ Low-level regular poisoning with even small amounts of HEXANE, and other petroleum products, can cause the breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, dehydration, massive production of gases, including foul-smelling gases, leading to constant belching and farting, ACIDOSIS, HEARTBURN, ulcers with chronic pain, piles, bleeding tendency, headaches, sleeplessness, depression and many other symptoms and conditions in the affected person's body. NOTE: This article should NOT be considered as the full explanation about the Paradox of Acidosis and related problems, as the subject is very vast and needs more research. Some information about my theory on the Paradox of Acidosis has been kept SECRET by me. I have NOT given some theoretical details about the cures for acidosis because they are complicated. Such details can create confusion in the minds of readers, as it is difficult to understand everything about the Paradox of Acidosis.
  3. ★★★RELATIONSHIP between DIARRHEA, Low BP & DIABETES★★★ There are two main types of diabetes mellitus which are known as Insulin-Dependent Diabetes (IDD) and Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes (NIDD). One can understand that low blood sugar (glucose) is the opposite of high blood sugar as in diabetes. But how should one understand that one type of diabetes has many symptoms that are the opposite of the symptoms found in the other type of diabetes, even though both types of diabetes raise the blood-sugar levels? In diabetes, the fasting blood-sugar level rises above the normal limit of 120 mg per 100 ml of blood. The normal fasting blood-sugar range is about 80 to 120 mg per 100 ml of blood. Why should the two types of diabetes raise the blood sugar and yet have many other symptoms that are of the opposite types? This paradox about the two types of diabetes is one of the most difficult problems to understand in the sphere of Nutrition and Health. I had to find out a way to understand the paradox about the two forms of diabetes, which is the reason I could cure myself of diabetes about 33 years back. I had to solve the riddle of diabetes for my own personal benefit. Both of my parents had diabetes, and they came from families prone to diabetes. While many of my diabetic relatives took drugs to control their blood-sugar levels, I have never taken any drug to keep my blood-sugar level normal. The fact that seems most surprising to others is that I have also been consuming sweet foods and drinks for all these years, except for a period of a few months! In those few months, I used artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame, which I had to give up because I got pain in the muscles and bones. In spite of what I state, other people are not ready to believe the fact that I cured myself of active diabetes, and I have kept my blood sugar under control for many years, just by balancing the different dietary factors. In fact, I have not taken any allopathic or non-allopathic drugs in the last 46 years to treat myself for any disease. The artificial sweeteners, which I could use only for a few months, were meant to replace sugar in my foods and drinks and not for curing diabetes. I have preferred to use only the suitable combinations of vitamins, essential minerals and other nutrients to treat myself for any disease in all these years. According to my research, the basic cause of IDD is persistent or recurrent diarrhea in the affected persons. The basic cause of NIDD is chronic or recurrent constipation in the affected persons. So, for understanding the nature of the two types of diabetes, it is necessary to know what are the causes of persistent diarrhea and chronic constipation. Broadly speaking, to be free from both the types of diabetes, the general rule for any person is to avoid both diarrhea and constipation. This is my basic theory on controlling diabetes. To be more scientific, one must avoid both diarrhea and constipation by adjusting the intakes of only the essential dietary factors as far as possible. It is not really easy to succeed in this, as corrections are required in the intakes of many essential dietary factors. ★★★Causes of Diarrhea★★★ Diarrhea is caused by various combinations of the following factors: 1. Excessive amounts of the laxative nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine (vitamin B1), pantothenate, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, iodine, chromium, phosphates and some other compounds of phosphorus, zinc, etc. 2. Deficiencies of the constipating nutrients. 3. Laxative medicines and drugs. 4. Laxative additives, adulterants and contaminants in foods and drinks. 5. Residues of laxative pesticides and petroleum products in foods and drinks. 6. Lack of exercise and excessive rest. 7. Overeating which results in the excess of energy available to the body. 8. Prolonged retention of semen (in men) due to lack of sex. 9. Hyperthyroidism. 10. Polycythemia (high RBC count). Abstinence from sex makes diarrhea much worse in young men. During the period of lactation women, who do not breast-feed their infants, may suffer from diarrhea due to the retention of milk in their mammary glands. The symptoms associated with persistent or recurrent diarrhea are damage to the gastro-intestinal tract, dehydration, fever, low blood pressure, heart disease associated with low blood pressure, rapid loss of weight and chronic fatigue. The other symptoms in this condition can include insulin-deficiency diabetes (IDD), acidosis, gout, low levels of fat and cholesterol in the body, ulcers, ulcerous cancers, etc. ★★Cures for Diarrhea & Related Diseases★★ Persons suffering from diarrhea, low blood pressure, insulin-deficiency diabetes and other associated problems should take greater amounts of the constipating dietary factors such as: Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin K Riboflavin (vitamin B2) Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) Niacin Tryptophan (an amino acid) Folic acid Protein Fat Some organic acids like citric acid (but not vitamin C) Calcium Fluoride Chloride (Bromide) Nitrates and some other compounds of nitrogen Copper Etc. Generally speaking, I consider protein and fat to be constipating factors. ★Note of Caution: High doses of the nutrients should not be given once the symptoms of diarrhea are controlled. Moving too fast in the opposite direction can bring new symptoms of the opposite condition that can frighten the patients. Nutrition therapists must have the knowledge about such critical stages. Lower doses of nutrients should be given once the change from the diarrheal stage to the constipating tendency is noticed. The treatment should be changed or even stopped once the original symptoms disappear. ★The salts of micronutrients like fluoride, copper, vitamin K and folic acid should be taken only on the advice of an expert nutritionist. Even small overdoses of such micronutrients taken regularly can be toxic. Patients suffering from diarrhea, and the other associated symptoms, should reduce the intakes of laxative dietary factors such as vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine (vitamin B1), pantothenate, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, iodine, chromium, phosphates and other compounds of phosphorus, zinc, etc. They should avoid laxative medicines and drugs as well as foods containing laxative additives, laxative contaminants, and residues of laxative pesticides and petroleum products. ★Foods Should be Boiled & Water Thrown Away★ For persons suffering from persistent diarrhea, the vegetables, fruits and other items used in their diets should be thoroughly washed, as that can help in removing the pesticides sprayed on them in the fields and storehouses. Also, such patients should eat only those vegetables, pulses, meat, chicken, etc, that are cooked after they are first boiled in water for some time and the water is thrown away. For example, potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, radishes, beetroots, peas, beans, gram, lentil, moong, meat, chicken, rice, etc, can be boiled for some time first, and the water thrown away, before they are cooked further. Boiling them in water, and discarding that water, reduces the quantities of the laxative factors like potassium, magnesium, phosphate, manganese, chromium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B1 (thiamine), etc, in such foods. Tomato and sour lemon juice can also be added to the boiled and cooked vegetables, pulses, meat, chicken, etc, to make them more effective in curing diarrhea. This procedure should be followed as long as it is necessary to control diarrhea. I am definitely not joking when I state that the nutrient-rich water used for boiling the foods of patients having diarrhea should be thrown away. This is not exactly an ideal solution, but the first requirement is to save a patient's life in such a bad situation. Only when the causes of diarrhea are identified, and steps are taken to remove such causes, can this procedure be stopped. For example, one such cause of persistent diarrhea can be the consumption of cooking oil contaminated with residues of petroleum products. Finding out the actual cause of diarrhea and stopping the consumption of the contaminated oil, and then correcting and balancing the diet to make it normal, can take some time. There is no need to be dogmatic on this issue of conserving nutrients. Persons suffering from diarrhea must avoid even the relative excesses of laxative nutrients in their diet. We must not overlook the importance of the relative excesses and relative deficiencies of nutrients in the bodies of patients with the different types of health problems. All the therapies should be based on logical thinking rather than on the dogmatic and wrong belief that we require more and more quantities of all the essential nutrients. A particular patient's needs at a particular time should determine how much of the different nutrients he should be given. Nutrition Therapy must be made a dynamic form of medical treatment. The dietary treatment should be changed according to the actual needs of an individual patient at a particular time. No treatment should be continued when it is no longer required by any particular patient. The patients with diarrhea should not consume fiber-rich carbohydrate foods like unrefined cereals, vegetables and fruits. They should preferably eat white polished rice and refined white-flour foods instead of whole-wheat flour foods. The refined foods, which are poor in the laxative vitamins and minerals, should be given to such patients till they get cured of diarrhea. Indigestible dietary fiber or roughage, consisting of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pectin, is present in large amounts in the whole-grain flour products, bran-enriched foods, peas, beans and pulses, leafy and root vegetables, and fruits, especially with their skins. Dietary fiber is considered biochemically inert in the gastro-intestinal tracts of humans. Biochemically, pure dietary fiber should be considered neither a laxative nor a constipating factor in its action. But the dietary fiber can be packed with many laxative and some constipating factors, as in the brans of wheat, rice and other grains, leaves of vegetables and skins of fruits. Dietary fiber can also absorb a lot of water in the gastro-intestinal tract, and thus can help in producing peristalsis in the intestines. So dietary fiber can be considered as a factor that may physically help in the production of peristalsis in the gastro-intestinal tract. ★★More Measures to Control Diarrhea★★ The following salts are laxative and so the processed foods, drinks and medical preparations containing them should be avoided by persons with diarrhea: Sodium sulfate = Na2SO4 (purgative). Potassium sulfate = K2SO4 (purgative). Magnesium sulfate = MgSO4. Magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) = Mg(OH)2. Sodium phosphate = Na3PO4. Potassium phosphate = K3PO4. Magnesium phosphate = Mg3(PO4)2. Laxative salts of micronutrients: Potassium iodide = KI. Sodium Iodide = NaI. Zinc sulfate = ZnSO4. Other salts of zinc. Manganese sulfate = MnSO4. Other salts of manganese. Chromium trichloride = CrCl3. Other salts of chromium. In the condition of diarrhea, patients should avoid cola drinks containing phosphoric acid, vitamin D-fortified milk and iodized salt. Chemical compounds like potassium iodide and sodium iodide are used for the iodization of table salt. The excess of iodine can cause diarrhea due to an excessive formation of thyroxin in the bodies of persons consuming such salt. Instead of consuming milk for getting calcium, patients should take tablets containing calcium carbonate, as that salt can help in controlling diarrhea. They should also avoid eating highly spiced foods, onion, especially raw onion, and garlic. Persons suffering from diarrhea and related problems should avoid overeating, because overeating produces a laxative tendency. They should take exercise regularly as exercise helps in checking diarrhea. Exposure of the skin to sunshine should be reduced to prevent the formation of too much vitamin D in the body. Even the heat of sunshine should be considered as a laxative factor because it provides energy. Men should not let semen accumulate in their bodies for a long time, as that can produce a laxative effect. Blood-letting helps in curing diarrhea in persons having polycythemia or high red-blood cell count. During the period of lactation, women should not avoid breast-feeding their infants, as the retention of milk in the mammary glands may cause diarrhea in them. ★How is Insulin-Deficiency Diabetes Caused?★ Instead of insulin-dependent diabetes, this type of diabetes should be called insulin-deficiency diabetes. The excessive intakes of the dietary laxative factors can cause insulin-deficiency diabetes in susceptible persons. The regular consumption of foods that are deficient in the constipating factors can also cause diarrhea and insulin-deficiency diabetes. The other factors that can increase the blood sugar and cause insulin-deficiency diabetes are the laxative drugs and medicines, laxative adulterants, residues of laxative pesticides, residues of petroleum products and other laxative contaminants in foods and drinks. Why do the excessive intakes of laxative factors cause insulin-deficiency diabetes? In the condition of diarrhea, there is a faster and greater break up of the organic biochemicals like protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, folic acid, etc, including hormones like insulin, in the body. In this type of diabetes, there is a massive formation of glucose due to the massive splitting of protein, fat and glycogen (carbohydrate) in the body. In severe cases of IDD, there is even a wasting of tissues of the muscles and other organs due to the rapid destruction of protein and fat. In the body, most of the glucose is normally produced from the carbohydrate of the foods consumed. In the liver, glucose is also produced from fat and amino acids. Glycogen is produced from glucose in the liver and in the muscle cells. Insulin is the anabolic hormone which helps in converting glucose to glycogen. One main function of insulin is to prevent the accumulation of too much glucose in the body. Insulin thus helps in making the utilization and oxidation of glucose gradual and continuous. During persistent diarrhea, which causes a deficiency of insulin, not much glycogen can be formed or stored in the body. In IDD, the rise in the blood-glucose level is due to the excessive formation of glucose especially from the rapid break up of protein and fat. In the diabetic state, to prevent itself from further harm, the body tries to get rid of the excessive amount of glucose by excreting it through the kidneys as a constituent of urine. To facilitate this process, urine becomes copious and urination becomes frequent. Why do such diabetics require insulin injections regularly or even every day? Obviously, the insulin is used up faster because the laxative biochemical factors in the body rapidly destroy insulin just like they destroy the other organic compounds such as protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, folic acid, etc. When there is a massive splitting up of protein, fat and other organic compounds, not much new insulin can be formed in the body. Even the limited amounts of insulin in the body are destroyed fast. Insulin-deficiency diabetes is caused by the rapid destruction of insulin and by the non-formation or inadequate formation of new insulin. How does the administration of insulin help the diabetics? The administration of insulin slows down the break up of protein, fat and carbohydrate (glycogen) by making them more stable, and this reduces the formation of glucose which also brings down the blood glucose levels. In this way, insulin helps to control diabetes. According to my research, insulin should be a constipating factor. I am sure that the administration of insulin can even control some of the symptoms of one type of AIDS. I wonder why an anabolic hormone like insulin is not used to treat this type of AIDS instead of giving the highly toxic anti-retroviral drugs to the patients! As a nutritionist, I do not favor the adoption of hormone therapies for long periods, but I am not against the use of hormones in treating serious cases which involve life-threatening emergencies or other critical situations. As far as possible, hormones should not be used for long-term therapies, as their prolonged use can produce serious side-effects in the patients. The hormone therapies also cannot treat the basic causes of diseases. ★★Cure for Insulin-Deficiency Diabetes★★ In the insulin-deficiency diabetes, there are real or relative deficiencies of the constipating factors in the body. If you have insulin-deficiency diabetes, you should consume foods that are rich in the constipating nutrients like preformed vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, tryptophan (an amino acid), folic acid, protein, fat, organic acids like citric acid, calcium, fluoride, chloride, nitrates and some other compounds of nitrogen, copper, etc. The consumption of foods containing animal protein, animal fat and eggs is beneficial in this condition. The constipating nutrients help in a similar way as insulin does. They can make even insulin more stable. If you have insulin-deficiency diabetes, you should reduce the intakes of the laxative factors. Food supplements and medical preparations containing laxative factors can be harmful for persons with IDD. You should try to avoid the consumption of foods that are very rich in the laxative nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine (vitamin B1), pantothenate, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, iodine, chromium, phosphates and other compounds of phosphorus, zinc, etc. Patients with IDD should particularly avoid cola drinks containing phosphoric acid, vitamin D-fortified milk, iodized salt, and vitamin C enriched beverages. We must realize that even the water-soluble vitamin C supplements can do a lot of harm if they are taken regularly in this condition. The administration of thyroxin can trigger an attack of insulin-deficiency diabetes in the patients who are prone to it, but I know that many allopathic doctors actually prescribe thyroxin to patients who suffer from diarrhea and have insulin-deficiency diabetes! The administration of thyroxin must be avoided in such cases, as it makes both the diarrhea and insulin-deficiency diabetes worse, and can even kill the patients. Iodized salt should also be avoided by such patients, as the excess of iodine causes hyperthyroidism which is associated with diarrhea and insulin-deficiency diabetes. Vitamin D is a laxative factor, and so exposure of the skin to sunshine should be reduced or avoided by persons with insulin-deficiency diabetes. You should find out a way to avoid the excessive ingestion of zinc that results from the drinking of water supplied through zinc-coated galvanized pipes, tanks and other vessels. The excessive amounts of zinc can very easily enter foods, drinks and medicines. Persons with insulin-deficiency diabetes should not have dental fillings, caps or bridges containing zinc. Their teeth should be free of zinc. The ingestion of large amounts of zinc is known to cause a severe deficiency or relative deficiency of copper in the human body. Copper can help in reducing the effectiveness of zinc. So drinking some quantity of water stored in a copper vessel is beneficial. The chromium-plated utensils should not be used for cooking or storing foods, drinks and water. The best option for persons with insulin-deficiency diabetes is to use heat-resistant glass or enamel-coated utensils of the best quality. If stainless steel utensils cannot be avoided, only the best quality stainless steel utensils should be used. In insulin-deficiency diabetes, it will be a terrible mistake for the patients to take chromium supplements, as the extra chromium can do terrible harm to them. The patients with insulin-deficiency diabetes should not have any dental fillings, caps or bridges containing chromium. Their teeth should be free of chromium. Blood-letting can help in curing diabetes in persons having polycythemia and diarrhea. The excessive intake of food increases the availability of energy nutrients in the body, which can result in the production of more glucose. Overeating produces a laxative effect. The reduction in food intake is beneficial in such cases. Lack of exercise is a laxative factor. Therefore, taking more of active physical exercise is beneficial in insulin-deficiency diabetes. Lack of sex for long periods is laxative for men. Sexual gratification, with loss of semen, is a constipating factor for men. Sexual gratification reduces the laxative effect of the large amount of semen produced in the bodies of young men. Sexual activity helps men in controlling diarrhea and in reducing the effects of insulin-deficiency diabetes. During the period of lactation, women should not avoid breast-feeding their infants, as the retention of milk in the mammary glands may cause diarrhea in them. Breast-feeding should help in reducing both the diarrhea and the effects of insulin-deficiency diabetes in lactating women. Diabetics should not add artificial sweeteners to their beverages as such additives are known to cause many harmful side-effects and even cancer in the long run. If the diabetics must consume tea and coffee with some suitable taste, they can add a little salt instead of sugar to the two beverages. Black tea or black coffee can be lightly brewed along with a little salt. A small quantity of sour lemon juice can be added to the salted black tea or coffee by any diabetic persons who prefer to have their beverages with a better taste. ★Ingestion of Petroleum Residues & Diabetes★ The ingestion of residues of petroleum products through foods and drinks can cause insulin-deficiency diabetes. The residues of petroleum products like hexane and paraffin, in contaminated and adulterated foods and drinks, cause loose motions due to the losses of large quantities of fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and other nutrients. There is also a massive destruction of many organic biochemicals, including hormones like insulin, in the body. The ingestion of residues of petroleum products drastically reduces the formation of insulin and also causes the destruction of insulin in the body. The ingestion of residues of petroleum products must be stopped to be able to cure insulin-deficiency diabetes. In some countries, like India, castor oil is used on oilseeds and foodgrains to protect them from insects. As an allopathic medicine, castor oil is used regularly as a purgative by many people all over the world. Purgatives like castor oil must be strictly avoided by persons with insulin-deficiency diabetes, as they cause losses of large quantities of fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and other nutrients. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Note on Classification of Nutrients: The general purpose classification of nutrients into the laxative factors and the constipating factors is very helpful in understanding the biochemical properties and effects of the commonly consumed foods. For the sake of easy reference, I have classified protein and fat as constipating factors, but let me state that all the types of protein and fat do not have constipating properties. Strictly speaking, each and every type of protein, amino acid, fat, fatty acid, any other organic or inorganic acid, carbohydrate, sugar, dietary mineral, and derivative of any vitamin must be precisely and correctly classified as a laxative factor or a constipating factor by nutritionists. We must also classify all the nutrients in categories other than those of laxative and constipating factors. There can no running away from the reality of such a massive task. No individual scientist or single group of nutritionists can do the massive work of listing all the nutrients in different categories. So we require millions of nutritionists for this new research, and the world is going to get them especially from among the educated housewives who cook food for their families. The nutritionists shall then form the largest individual group of scientists in the world. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●