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Found 828 results

  1. keviinx09

    AHA Questions ?

    I'm about to get the acne.org AHA and I have a couple of questions : 1. Does it make you break out if your skin is sensitive? 2. Do u use it every single night? 3. Can I use it if I'm currently using Retin-A micro 0.1% every single nite? 4. Does it do something for acne scarring/brown/red marks? from you guys experience ? thankssssssssss. (:
  2. Ronin


    When I get to the point with a tube of BP Gel where I can't squeeze anymore out, I don't just chuck it away, oh no. I cut the tube open with scissors. Lo and behold, there is enough gel left in there for 2 or 3 more applications. Its just stuck in the creases and down around the opening where you can't squeeze it out. You might want to try this too. It could add up to BIG savings over the years! haha
  3. brandonn

    First time AHA user.

    I've ordered it today and I was wondering a few things. How often do I need to use it? I heard twice a week at night in place of my moisturizer. If I was using it as a spot treatment when would I put it on? After or before the moisturizer? The only sunscreen I have is with my moisturizer. Is this okay or should I invest in a just sunscreen alone? Also, is SPF 15 enough?
  4. Received a sample of AHA in the post a couple of weeks ago, and was excited to start using it. I use it in the evenings after bp. My red marks from previous acne have visibly faded, and my whole face has a much better tone to it, my family have agreed and I feel a lot more confident going without makeup some days. It's not good to use if your sunbathing at all, something I tried recently and my skin went really flakey afterwards. It's great at moisturising, I was afraid it wouldn't hydrate my skin enough but it's doing it's job well! This has been a great help for me because I've recently come off dianette and my skin has been breaking out loads just before I received the AHA, so it's new hope that I can finally get clear and I may not have to consider accutane. The price seems reasonable enough, you get loads in the tube so it should last ages. Thank you very much Dan!
  5. easyminds

    Experiences with Dan's AHA+

    Hi everyone, having read dozens of individual topics concerning the use of Dan's AHA+ and other questions related to Dan's AHA+, I decided to open up this topic. First let me start by introducing myself. I'm Tom, 19 years old, and I have been suffering from mild acne for over 6 years now. I ordered the Regimen products, and they are due to arrive next monday, incredibly fast if you ask me, seeing as I live in the Netherlands. So that is really great Dan, can't wait to start the Regimen!!! Anyways back to the subject. Along with the Cleanser, BP and Moisturizer I also ordered some of Dan's AHA+. I hear a lot of different opinions about AHA+, so I am actually quite carefull about using the AHA+. Obviously I will wait a few weeks before using the AHA+, but ordering it right away saved me tons of shippingcosts. Anyways, I was wondering if you guys could tell me your personal experiences with the use of AHA, like when did you start using it, how long were you on the Regimen at that time, what were the initial results, what are the results on the long term. So basically what do you think about using Dan's AHA+ either as spot-treatment or as a nightly moisturizer? I am looking forward to your response.
  6. I feel like when I apply the AHA and it just pills up and falls off my face that it's not even going into my skin. So when the stuff JUST starts to ball up I stop rubbing it in and just let it dry. But then I feel like it's just dry on the surface and not actually getting absorbed... So my question is, if the AHA pills up and falls off, am I even going to get an effect out of it? Or is it like the bp where I need to keep rubbing it in until it feels like theres nothing on my face for it to actually work?
  7. The King of all Media

    A couple AHA questions

    I'm planning on trying AHA soon. I'm waiting until I am about a month into the regimen to do so. Is there a video on how to apply it? Is it similar to the BP, like starting with a small amount..and also where exactly does it fit into the regimen. Wasn't sure if it replaces the BP or can be used after it
  8. mpropelus

    problem with large pores

    I am almost acne free (thanks to Dan's regimen!) but I still have 2 problems. 1)Acne Scars 2)Large Pores I can deal with the 1st problem later, but what's bothering me is the large pores on my face. I'm considering Neutrogena's Pore Refining Toner that has AHA in it. But the problem is that I use Dan's AHA every night. Can I do both products? Or does somebody have a suggestion on how they minimized their pores? Thanks!
  9. Hey I was wondering if anyone had the same problem as me, and maybe someone out there knows what to do about it. One night after letting the BP dry on my face, I put on some AHA+ to go to bed with. Having not putting it on in a while it really burned. It wasn't really problem and its not my main concern. The next day after working out in the morning and then taking a shower, I noticed and felt something strange on my face. It appeared as if the AHA came out of my skin and showed in some spots (A little bit above the eyebrows and some to the left and right of the nose). The difference in time between application and shower was around 9-10 hours. So does anyone know why and how to prevent this?
  10. clearskin3

    AHA+ As Spot Treatment

    At what point should I use the AHA+ as a spot treatment in the morning? I normally use Dan's BP...wait 15 min and then use Cetaphil lotion. Should I apply the AHA+ in between the BP and lotion of after the lotion?
  11. xLKphotox

    AHA+ side effects??

    I have been using Retin A for the past 2 months with satisfactory results. Then I read some GREAT reviews about the AHA+ fading red marks and making your skin glow. After some research on these boards, I decided to buy some and use it 2 nights a week (when I am not using the Retin A obviously) The first time I used it I woke up and my skin was glowing! It looked great. Then the second time I used it, about 3 days later, I woke up and there are all of these skin colored bumps on my right cheek and some deeper bigger ones too. Then they went down because I used the retin A for the next 4 nights. I used the AHA again last night and the same thing happened! My skin was just starting to calm down and BAM! I am wondering if this is my skin purging or if it could be an allergic reaction to the AHA. I am a bit upset cuz I was hoping this would work into my reginmen. Should I stick it out and continue using it a few nights a week? What are all your thoughts?
  12. Nickay213

    Dans AHA

    I only use AHA at night so i dont need a moisturizer right?
  13. XxJeRzEy BoY 69xX

    Starting the Body Regimen?

    Im starting the body regimen tonight and I was wondering if the cleanser or the AHA+ will bleach my clothes? Because I think my towels are getting bleached from me drying my face after apply the cleanser. So will the cleanser or AHA bleach fabrics?
  14. aminiche

    New AHA Bottle

    Just wondering if the new AHA bottle has started shipping out or if the old ones are still being sold?
  15. Ive been on the regimen for about a month now. Love the results, been using the Cleanser x2 a day, then BP, then Moisturezer in the morning with Jojoba oil and AHA+ as spot treatment. Same at night except using a full spread of AHA+ However, starting in the Last week, after putting the AHA+ on, it just peels/rubs off.... The regimen has worked wonders with the addition of the AHA+, but how the heck do I stop it from peeling off/rubbing off? It like just comes off in strings now and I dont know why? Any advice?
  16. tennisfreak

    AHA+ exfoliates?

    How exactly does it exfoliate the skin if you just put it on like a moisturizer? Plus, how well does it exfoliate the skin?
  17. ebw


    just got the AHA and i put it on after shaving and cleansing and yow(!!) did it sting. so the 2nd day i put it on 2.5 hrs after shaving and putting jojoba on and it still stung quite a bit. is this an issue with the guys who're using AHA?
  18. Sorry to create yet another topic regarding this product, but I really feel it's necessary. I'll cut to the chase: Dan, your new AHA+ is awesome. I've only been using it for four days, but the difference I've noticed is - to me - absolutely staggering. My skin glows; it genuinely hasn't looked this good since I started getting acne several years ago. Old red marks have faded more over the last few days than they have done over the last two months. Recent red marks have literally vanished. My skin is visibly smoother, while my complexion is refreshed, almost radiant. AHA+ is also a kick-arse spot treatment to boot. In my opinion, this is as close to a miracle product as I'm going to get. I highly recommend it to everyone using Dan's regimen (providing their skin has become accustomed to benzoyl peroxide, of course). Thank you for everything Dan.
  19. Hello everyone. I've got a few questions.. Please read it all ! The products ( Cleanser, BP and Moisturizer - all 3 yes ) i have been using for 2 months i think. Ive notice 1 ting... You REALLY have to be gentle and TAKE your time to apply the gele, or it wont work any good. I do it this way here, and please correct me if im wrong? Morning: Splash my face with very hot water, for 1min or so. So my entire face is hot and wet. I then right away, apply the Cleanser. I use 2 full pumps. I rub my hands, so it gets all white, and then put it all over my face and my NECK also. I take about 30sec i think, for me to apply it all over my face, since i want it to cover my face completly. After hmm.. Like 20-30 secounds, i then use very hot water again, to splash my face with. I do it as gently as i can, and try not to let my hands touch my face, only let the water splash upon my face. Am i doing this first stage here right ? At this point my skin is very dry and i start, on the next thing: After 10-15min, i then apply the BP. I also use 2 full pumps here by. It take about 2min for my to apply it all over my face and neck also. Im also very gentle here. Am i doing this first stage here right ? The final stage of it all - the Moisturizer. As above i also use 2 full pumps, for my entire face and neck also. I take it very slow to apply it on. It tends to burn alittle bit, but im thinking "Hey its doing what it shall, helping my skin destroy the acne" ? Thats how i do it. Am i doing it all right ? What i wrote above is the same thing i do at night when im going to bed ! I got a question also: The AHA+ .. I find the website here, VERY confusing and not very friendly to use i must admit. I can see no where, how to use this product ? I noticed it has a Orange sign on its bottle, just like the BP bottle has? Cleanse, use AHA+, and then Moisturizer ?? I would very much like a explanation on how to use the AHA+. An explanation like i did above, would really help me big time. I also notice the new oil thing? What do that one do ect? Please Dan, coulnd't you make new movies on how to use the new stuff, like you did with the other items. A side node, make the website more user-friendly. Im not the only one, who are having a hard time finding answers on the website here. Also at last, i would like to thank you for your products. They help me big time, and lots of my friends are also having a good time with them =) Thanks in advance. Best regards - Andreas Nielsen Denmark
  20. riggz15

    AHA usage...how-to?

    Got my aha today...love the packaging and the smell...used small test amounts already. Question is how do I incorporate the AHA into the regimen? Im currently washing, moisturizing, bp...than AHA??
  21. wanted-

    About AHA+

    I am starting to get bacne and chest acne and I am getting shoulder acne which is starting to scare me. So I'm wondering if I'm supposed to use AHA+ to get rid of this stuff.
  22. userone


    Hi, I have moderate back acne, I've been into a couple of chemists and I can a get a Benzol Peroxide 2.5% but they give me a blank stare when I ask for AHA or globulin acid Does anyone know where I can get the right products and what ones to go for in the UK? Cheers everyone!
  23. totalblitz

    AHA Thick vs Thin

    For the last 6 weeks I've had great skin for the first time since I was 12. I'd finally got the regimen perfect for myself, getting just the right amount of each product applied. Then my AHA ran out so I opened a new tube, which happened to be my first tube since the change to the thinner version. I'm not a happy chappy to say the least, I can't get this stuff to absorb easliy and my skin feels awful since I ran out of the thicker AHA. A few spots have started appearing and since the only thing I've changed was to a new tube of thinner AHA it kind of shows this has caused the regression. Maybe with time I'll be able to get this thinner AHA to work better by altering how much I use but that whole process of fine tunning is a real ballache especially when I had nailed it down with the thicker AHA. BRING BACK THE THICKER AHA!!!
  24. singingfool

    Licochalcone in AHA+

    Why does Dan add this ingredient? Does it help acne?