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Found 56 results

  1. It's been a little over 2 months now of Retin A and I'm really happy with how it's going now. My skin adjusted nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing it improve even more with continued use. I cover a lot more details in the video below if you are interested. Also, my diet has been very beneficial for my skin. Between my clean eating and using Retin A, my skin is in wonderful shape right now. Retin A Micro .1% - 8 Week Update: My Acne Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8
  2. I'm dealing with hormonal-based cystic acne at the age of 41, due to having stopped taking oral birth control 13 months ago. My body is in flux and I just am trying to keep up with my skin's (hormones') overreaction to everything that I eat. I've read that some people can reduce the size of a cyst by applying a topical Cortisone treatment; sadly, everything I see available--e.g., Cortizone cream and gel--contain at least one ingredient that seemingly would irritate an already inflamed cyst, if
  3. I have been using Dr Organics Snail Gel for 3.5 weeks and it's made such a huge improvement to my skin already! I would highly recommend for anyone suffering with acne, scarring and an uneven or oily complexion!! Snail secretion filtrate is all natural, cruelty free and the latest craze to come out of South Korea! It's well worth it - I would highly recommend.
  4. Hiya people! Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with both Dermarolling and Salicylic Acid Peels to fade shallow acne scarring? I've had "moderate" acne for 3-4 years now! Approaching 20 in two months time so I know how much of a pain acne can be. Not just a pain in the bum, but it has literally wrecked my self-esteem to the point I've isolated myself behind the glow of my computer screen frantically searching the net for a glimmer of hope when it comes to removing these dr
  5. I started the regimen more than 2 months ago. It was going well. Cleared away my spots and just left me with red scars/marks. Ive noticed im getting spots in the same spots and elsewhere too I use 2.5% should i go for 5%? Also my red scars/marks havent faded. Im starting to lose hope.
  6. Does anyone know where you can get BP gel in the UK? The only thing i have found anywhere is Quinoderm 10 cream which is far too drying for me. Everywhere i have read online 2.5% seems to be discontinued, unavailable or fake which is a nightmare. Just seeing if there was a cheaper option before i order the acne.org when i get paid.x
  7. Hello, Just wanted some advice on the acne topical called Tazorac. I have had very good results with Retin-A MICRO 0.1% for the past three months, but my dermatologist has insisted that a use Tazorac cream 0.1% instead. Any advice on what I should expect? Is it going to cause another Initial breakout? Is it going to bring back the dryness that came with Retin-A for the first few weeks? Any advice would be helpful; I just started my new job yesterday and definitely want to keep my skin lookin
  8. Hey, Thanks for taking the time to look at his topic. I was wondering if it is possible to buffer or dillute Retin-A micro gel. I am going to start to use the 0.01%. I heard that it messes with the way that the micro gel works because it is a time realease system. I got his info from skinacea. I hope that I can post this. I can't remember and I am in a hurry or I would look. Sorry. 6) Buffering Buffering your retinoid makes it less penetrating and therefore less irritat
  9. What Are Retinoids, and Why Are They Used to Treat Acne?

    Topical retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that doctors can prescribe to treat mild-to-moderate acne. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved three topical retinoids for the treatment of chronic skin conditions, including acne. Those 3 are: Tretinoin Adapalene [0.1% adapalene is now available over-the-counter.] Tazarotene All three interact with skin cells in slightly different ways, but ultimately they all work to reduce acne by unclogging pores and reducing inflammation.1-4 Doctors can prescribe each of the three retinoids in...
  10. Are Self-tanners Safe for Acne-prone Skin?

    Self-tanners, also known as sunless tanners, are topical cosmetic products for achieving a tanned appearance without the risks of sun exposure. Self-tanning products contain chemicals that darken surface skin cells, creating an artificial tan that lasts several days. There are many types of self-tanners on the market, including lotions, gels, mousses, and sprays. Self-tanners should not be confused with temporary bronzers and makeup bronzers. Bronzers create a tanned look by applying color to the top of the...
  11. Amazing results. I hope I don't jinx it but I recommend to anyone! This was my last resort before accutane. What do you guys think? Thoughts about the medicine/ success stories! I wanna hear
  12. So, I've been using Topical Isotretinoin (Isotrex gel 0,05%) and Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (Benzoilat 10 Emulgel) Things ARE NOT better. I'm still worse than before the use of isotrex (I have been using benzoyl peroxide since 1 year ago, so it was isotrex that gave me this breakout) SO I HAVE NOT IMPROVEMENT. (I remember you that I use isotrex in the night and benzolait in the morning) Should I still wait?? I will book a visit to my doctor as near as I can. However, I'm also thinking to change d
  13. Epiduo can only be described in one word-AMAZING I have only had this product for maybe 3 days (the sample obviously) and I use it with Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser for all skin types and their Daily Facial Mousturizer with SPF 15, and it works wonders! So far my acne is less red, and has gotten smaller like-overnight! It's crazy, and I would totally recomend these products!!
  14. Today I've decided to go out and buy some topical silver ointment (silver nitrate 55ppm) from Walgreen's because it supposedly has powerful anti bacterial qualitys. On the box, it says it's effective for wounds and MRSA. Has anyone had good results from using silver? I also recently switched my Jacuzzi from bromine to silver last week; the water feels amazing and no chemical smell. I'll keep you guys updated of the progress of my moderate acne, right now i have the silver gell applied to a few
  15. Hey, my name is Evert! i turned 16 in November. i've never had bad acne, but less than a half a year ago i started to get these blemishes on my cheeks. no bumps. about 2 months ago it started to get a bit more noticeable specially on my right cheek, but still nothing bad. even when i talked about it with my friends they told me that i'm stupid and it's not even close to bad. But i still thought it was horrible so i started using face-wash every morning and evening that was it. later on it got a
  16. So I've been using differin (gel) for like 2 months now and my face is still red. It looks like Differin didn't help at all. I started using tea tree products from BodyShop last week. I use the following in the morning (in order): a toner > a skin clearing lotion > an expired tea tree oil (from Boots) Should I get something else prescribed after another month ? If so, what do you recommend? Oh btw the pics are from less spotty (haven't been on differin for long) to more spotty (been
  17. Hello Acne.org people !!! I've searching trough lots of topics regarding my question,and i can't find a "complete" response lol. So,i love styling my hair,and i did before time ago before accutane. When this acne issue started i stopped doing it since my confidence was destroyed. Now, i fell (and look) a lot better,so i started doing it again. But i have a big concern. My hair is really straight. Accutane already dried it completely. So,now it's dry and a bit thinner. This c
  18. Hello! I've been using Retin-a gel 0.025% and every time I apply it at night, it sorta gets tight on my face, and then an hour or so later, if I try to move my mouth to much, the gel will just sorta turn white, and flake off. I'm pretty sure its still working and such, and I don't think its my skin flaking off with it. I'm just curious if that happens to anyone else? and if it will still be working fine even know its flaking off? I still seem to have that pink skin, like with Retin-a I just w
  19. So I get a lot of really hard red bumps in my chin area. They get pretty big and take a long time to form into a pimple. Does anyone know if this cream will cure this? I used it for a month or so when I got it from my dermatologist a while ago then stopped completely and I've decided to give it a go for a month to see if it results in any changes. Thanks
  20. Sooo I'm looking for a little insight here, and if you've used Tretinoin gel you can probably help me... I have mild acne. I've been breaking out this summer for the first time in years around my T-zone with little pink/nude papules and pustules. Nothing crazy, but my derm prescribed me Tretinoin .025 gel nonetheless. At first I was excited because I heard it was an effective long-term treatment, but once I read about all the people who had to go through weeks--sometimes months--of severe "p
  21. What Topical Retinoid Formulation Is Most Effective for the Treatment of Acne?

    Topical retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A that treat mild-to-moderate acne. The first retinoid approved for patient use was tretinoin, which doctors began prescribing for the treatment of acne in 1971.1 Since then, scientists developed two additional retinoids in the 1990s, called adapalene and tazarotene, which are now also FDA-approved for acne treatment.2 A number of studies have been performed to examine that look at the effectiveness, side effect severity, and delivery methods of tretinoin,...
  22. Do any of you have extremely sensitive skin? My skin has such a hard time tolerating any moisturizer I've ever used for it.. even the stuff designed for sensitive skin without dyes, fragrances, ect. Even natural oils like jojoba and olive seem to irritate my skin, its weird. I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks, I just wanted to know in the meantime if any of you can relate... or have found something that works for you! (:
  23. Hi everyone. I've been dealing with acne since I was about thirteen years old. It started off pretty severe and then cooled down and then ramped back up right during my high school and college days. I have mild scarring/unevenness of my skin yet within the last few months I've found a regimen that has kept me clear longer than anything has since I started this journey. I came across a post (either on the website or another) that mentioned the cold sore treatment campho-phenique as a to
  24. I have been scouring the internet looking for explicit answers to my questions but haven't seemed to find a straight answer, so I figured I would just start a post on it. I apologize if this is redundant, but I would certainly appreciate any help/answers! I'll skip the long intro and basically say that I have oily skin, and extremely persistent acne (7 years running now, with cystic, nodular type acne). I'm 22, and sick of it. As such, I have started taking .1% Retin A gel in hopes of finding
  25. Hey y'all this my second post, finally starting to get the hang of it. My question is about Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, I have recently been prescribe it as something gentle for post tane and it's done a good job at keeping the pimples away BUT the big problem is the oiliness/shininess it causes! My skin is oily to begin with but it used to not get shiny until mid-afternoon, on CPL it's shiny from the minute I apply it. Has anyone else had this problem? I like that it works and really don't wa