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Found 687 results

  1. Why dont we start a thread about great ways to make gluten free/ dairy free food! We can make it fun and yummy! Here are a few of my suggestions: GREAT simple tasty snacks: -Crunchy almond butter on top of rice crackers sprinkled with sea salt yummy -Take an avocado and scrape out all the "meat", mash it up in a bowl, add some sea salt and lemon juice and dip some rice crackers or any gluten free cracker in it . -Cut up some apples and dip them in some nut butter (usually not peanut butter
  2. I am going to try to deworm myself - not because of acne - but because I've been acting extremely sluggish these past two years (0 energy). Last year, a naturopath gave me a herbal remedy that supposedly killed any parasites. I did not feel noticeably better. I thought that the herbal remedies were just as strong as the "1-time horse pills" that kill all parasites within 20 minutes. However, I've been reading websites about parasites by naturopaths and they say that if you are TRULY concer
  3. Ranked Foods: Alkaline to Acidic Here's a chart that ranks foods from most alkaline to most acidic. Extremely Alkaline -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lemons, Watermelon Alkaline Forming -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cantaloupe, Cayenne Celery, Dates, Figs, Kelp, Limes, Mango, Melons, Papaya, Parsley, Seaweeds, Seedless Grapes (sweet), Watercress -------------------------------------------
  4. dantecubit

    Three things to try

    Okay, so on the health board you always read about a lot of weird things that people have tried and they say it clears them up, like eating nothing but cabbage or bathing your face in horse urine. That's fine, it may work for some people, but to me that's not a fun way to live my life. That being said, I've noticed a real difference with just 3 simple things (or it may be a combination of other factors I'm unaware of, who knows): 1) Lately, I've been drinking lots of Rooibos tea. Now, before yo
  5. I've found this recipe on a website. It is a natural detox and healing broth. I'm making it right now and it smells a lot like my detox tea. It's 25% potato peelings 25% carrots 25% chopped onions 25% chopped celery 50 garlic cloves (minimum) peppers (i used white and black pepper) enough water to cover food in pot Cover and simmer 2-4 hours Strain and refridgerate, only keep the broth! I started mine an hour ago, thought i'd give it a try since i had all the ingredients.
  6. What causes this. i hate taking the stuff as it is let alone this burn and repeat flavour
  7. AutonomousOne1980

    the curing of scurvy

    Controlled experimentation on scurvy In 1747, while serving as surgeon on HM Bark Salisbury, James Lind, the ship's surgeon, carried out a controlled experiment to develop a cure for scurvy. Lind selected 12 men from the ship, all suffering from scurvy, and divided them into six pairs, giving each group different additions to their basic diet for a period of two weeks. The treatments were all remedies that had been proposed at one time or another. They were: • A quart of cider every day • T
  8. Hi, I've read that no Gluten, low grain or no grain and dairy free are best for diets to help with acne. I'm a 29 yo male and enjoy the benefits and results from weight training. I eat a high protein, moderate good fats and moderate to low carbs. I taper carbs...starting moderate at the start of the day and getting less and less throughout the day. I don't have any wheat in my diet, but some foods I do consume I'm starting to question since reading the posts in this forum are Brown grain rice
  9. I am on day 24. I went to the derm today and the derm said I was doing really well. I am on 40 mg. 1 x a day. I have really no active lesions at this time. The derm upped me to 80 mgs. a day, but she told me I could take 40 a.m. and 40 p.m. Or I could take 80 one day, 40 the next, or I could take 80 both at the same time. She told me basically to just experiment and see what works for me. Any suggestions on how I should do this? What are my odds of getting an breakout phase from the in
  10. I'm trying a new "diet" out. Sort of paleo-inspired. I started eating lean meats again incl. chicken, beef, & turkey (after 11 years of being a pesco-vegetarian) and fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and VERY limited amounts of carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes). for condiments, was wondering if these are good to use (in light amounts of course): -garlic salt -pepper -red wine vinegar -ketchup -mustard
  11. *Warning* : Mildly mature content! Clearly, I have some type of feminine infection right now. Trying all of the home remedies just seem to be making it worse. It's starting to feel quite unbearable. I got three hours of sleep last night because of it. I have already been taking garlic for a couple of weeks and have even tried making a garlic tampon (which is apparently extremely popular and worked for lots of women). I've even used hydrogen peroxide because it, too, was touted as working wonde
  12. This is gonna be intersting. I ate 10 Krispy Kremes today. Not by choice, I was forced by the power of the donut. My skin has been looking great after 3 weeks of apple cider vinegar applications, garlic in the morning and at night, and drinking lemon water through out the day, not to mention eating quite healthy. I also cut out the milk and bread from my diet. So, from now until 3 weeks from now I am expecting huge breakouts. Maybe, maybe not. I will be back in a few weeks to give an upda
  13. I go in for my bloodwork in two weeks. Im so vervous, but I cant live my life with horible acne always wondering what if?? Either do it or dont think about it. I dont get it here is everything i do for my skin right now. but ive done so muh more naturally and not. DSF - mix of vitamins that boost my adrenals 3pills 2x a day*(alot of vit A in it) Lactenz - enzymes that breakup the pus spanish black radish- clears pus and helps spleen fight the infection clorocal II - bentonite clay- absorbs toxi
  14. Hi, I am 21, biologically female. A few weeks ago I started eating 2 cups of noodles every day, and my face started to break out every day. At first, I couldn't figure out what was causing me to break out so bad all of the sudden(which I feel dumb for now). A week and a half ago I quit eating the noodles, but my face is still breaking out almost every day. I believe it was the noodles that caused this, because before all this my face wasn't that bad at all, I had like 6 tiny red marks on my r
  15. Hi. I found this online today and just wanted to share it with ya'll. Effective home remedies for the treatment of acne and blackheads: 1. Put toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel. One of the most popular acne home remedies. 2. Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne. 3. Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face
  16. So Ive had a Candida blood test done and havent got the results back yet. In the meanwhile Ive started taking lots and lots of garlic supplements as well as some fairly potent probiotics and coconut oil, and Ive had a couple of reactions to them, do you guys think that these could be Candida Die off symptoms? Ive been on them about a week or so now. Random Mild Headaches - I literally never get headaches but since I started taking probiotics and garlic supps Ive been getting mild hea
  17. I'm a 24 year old male and I've had persistent moderate acne for 10-12years. I took an allergy test to see if it could help me remove foods from my diet. I am not sure if the test is accurate, but starting today I will try to avoid the foods it recommends. The test shows i'm highly reactive to cow's milk, egg white, garlic, rye, spelt, wheat, gluten, whey, yogurt moderately reactive to barley, casein, cottage cheese, egg yolk, mozzarella cheese. I will try to avoid these foods for a month
  18. acnevirus


    i was wonder, for those who take garlic pills, which are the best ones?? and where can i get some online? i tried eating it naturally, not because of acne, but basically because i've read so many good things about it. but ugh, it burned my mouth
  19. I've read tons about the wonderful effects of garlic applied topically. I've also read that it is great to eat raw... However, I'd really rather not smell like garlic day in and day out. Does anyone have advice as to a good holistic brand of garlic? And do you believe I can still achieve health benefits if taken in capsul instead of raw? thanks!
  20. Indoobidubly

    Garlic pills

    I've seen odorless pills and was wondering if they're as effective as eating raw garlic?
  21. DoraCopeerfield

    90% SOLUTION for Adult Acne

    About a month ago I broke out terribly w/acne (first time ever and I'm 38). I was absolutely miserable, it started at my forehead, really bad around my temples and down my jaw line and finally across my cheeks. I was getting terribly despressed. But about a week ago, I did a few things and it is already 90% better and I'm soooo happy. First, I ran 15 min on the treadmill a few days a week (I sweat easily), then I STOPPED washing my face so much (used to do it twice a day, but was doing it 4-
  22. Hello! I'm Dan, and I'm just going to speak to you about how I've kept my acne at bay since I was on Ruaccutane. I went onto Ruaccutane last year because I had severe acne all of my face, back, arms and chest. Thankfully Ruaccutane got rid of all the acne, but ofcourse, I still had some breakouts, and I still had the scars but I'm going to tell you a routine I've used now for 5 weeks, and have not had a SINGLE new spot. Not one. I visited a shop called Lush, I'd never heard of it before, but
  23. heyybrighteyes

    My Diet/skin Care Routine

    For anyone interested... And for the record: I am 22, female. Have PCOS (Polycysitc Ovary Syndrome). Have battled acne for 6 years. My diet: (Breakfast) Omelett with 3-4 eggs Mixed with: Tomatoes, spinach, bell pepper. Cooked using: Organic Coconut Oil Sometimes (cause I don't want to lose weight): Toast with sesame seed butter. Shot glass of water kefir Supplements: Saw Palmetto, Cod liver oil, Milk Thistle Snack: Almonds OR Blueberries OR Celery Lunch: Chick Pea soup with
  24. ryliphoenix


    I've heard garlic is good for treating acne, but I'm not sure are you supposed to eat the garlic or put it directly on your face? If its meant that you should eat garlic, are the garlic pills any help? [and this may be totally irrelevant but my grandmother told me once that the gabor sisters ate sour cream (or either garlic?) every day to keep their skin smoothe..? that may just be talk so disregard this unless there's proof haha]
  25. I haven't broken out in two months, which is a freakin' record for me. And my skin started staying clear at the very same time I began to cook my own food more. I wanted to get better in the kitchen, learn more about food, and get away from fast food. I haven't felt or looked so good in a long time. One thing I've been doing is gravitating toward recipes that include anti-oxidants, such as garlic and broccoli. (I throw garlic in almost everything!) I've also been watching my fat, sugar, so