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Found 500 results

  1. dino23

    Week 8

    Well week 8 was exciting.... NOT. four large round red cysts on my check! well needless to say they upped my dosage because 20mg wont do a thing for cystic acne. I was pretty sad this week because my whole cheek looked deformed and makeup seemed to make it worse. I will say that I was so frustrated that I did some research and found online that a bunch of people have had success with using fresh garlic on cysts (it has to be fresh!) Since I am so desperate I tried it, only kept it on for about 5
  2. Hey there! Ok...well, I decided to try a few new things and see how they went...but I figured I'd ask around here first to make sure I'm not doing more damage than good to my face. Here goes... 1. Eating raw garlic....yes..I know..this is about the worst taste ever! But I heard it was good and supposed to keep the acne away, so hey...figured I'd give it a try. I've been eating a little at night (and brushing my teeth really well afterwards! lol)...but I'm not sure if I've noticed a goo
  3. I continue to research and try to get answers just like any of you, I believe that one day we WILL find the answer to our problem. I truely believe that our solution is NATURAL rememdies. I really feel that chemicals will make our problems worse. Just My Opinion.. I went to a few websites today.. I found one such as www.blessedherbs.com ..It is important that we continue our mission. You guys are great, and this site acne.org is truely a blessing. I dont know what I would do without it.. Keep
  4. Here is your Ultimate Cure for Acne. Garlic!!!!!! Eat 3 cloves of Raw Garlic with your every meal. Must be Raw. It will give you a rush but its worth it. Allow 1-2 weeks for results. Someone Try this and let me know with the results.
  5. So, I recently had a very stubborn zit on my face, and I applied garlic to it. I guess I kept the garlic on for too long, because now there's still a pimple but there is also a bumpy red inflamed patch all around the pimple. Any remedies for garlic burns?
  6. I have been suffering from hyperpigmentation for almost a year and i recently came across an article that shows that garlic could get rid of my hyperpigmentation and the remaining acne. So last week i used garlic and nugmeg mixture to apply directly on top of my hyperpigmentation and acne. I accidentally left it on for almost 30 minutes and it burned my face. Later that night i was washing my face and the burned part of my skin came off revealing a bright pink skin inside. For a whole week i use
  7. I read this "book" and basically it's say you have to drink only water and eat apples per 3 days and supposedly, acne is gone, it also say to "eat" acidophilus b and garlic pills after the 3 days and don't consume any sugar (I think he's talking about refined sugar). All this is based in you have to clean your body of toxins, these toxins supposedly result in acne. I'm doubtful about this but I want to try it. What do you think? Have you tried this? Will you try it? Why?
  8. About a month ago I broke out terribly w/acne (first time ever and I'm 38). I was absolutely miserable, it started at my forehead, really bad around my temples and down my jaw line and finally across my cheeks. I was getting terribly despressed. But about a week ago, I did a few things and it is already 90% better and I'm soooo happy. First, I ran 15 min on the treadmill a few days a week (I sweat easily), then I STOPPED washing my face so much (used to do it twice a day, but was doing it 4-
  9. I was wondering if anyone consumes garlic in one form or another ie. most likely in spread form and what effects its had on your skin if any. Im clear but im dealing with the marks left over from it and i want to fade them through anti-inflammatory foods. I had a bit of garlic bread the other day and about half an hour later i saw myself in the mirror and noticed my skin looked a lot more even. I looked at myself using another mirror with different lighting and saw the same thing. So does anyo
  10. Alright, so I said F*** you to the starving yourself to clear skin and "candida." I believe that if one gets ALL the vitamins and minerals they need than their body can overcome anything. Acne sufferers have been"starving" their bodies of the right and enough of the right nutrients for years, which is why we developed this ailment. So, we need to eat more and more of the healthy foods, until our skin is perfect, and we can handle a little excess. When we eat too much of the bad, we don't eat
  11. After posting my blog post (which I will paste in below), I realized that I have no interest in blogging, LOL, and pretty much deserted it. I think I'd have better accountability at not picking and being good to my skin if it's daily/weekly/whatever thoughts quickly jotted down than via a blog post. So, here goes. This was my first post from Feb 3rd: I'm so not a blogger, but I wanted to keep track of what works/doesn't work in my fight to beat adult acne. I'm a 35yo female who has had acne of
  12. Hello guys, I'm new here. I'm a female Asian. About 5'2 tall, 95 pounds. I've suffered from acne ever since I was 12, I am now 20. My acne just got worse and worse throughout the years. I think I have moderate now. I'm not sure, I could just be too paranoid. Anyways, my T-zone was pretty clear. Usually its the cheeks and chin. I started having breakouts under my chin and on the jawline area about a year ago. I developed cystic acne as well. I've become so desperate, like most of acne sufferer
  13. Hi, This is my first post and am desperately seeking for some help or advice that anyone can offer. i had recently (Last week) applied garlic on my face and admitted the same mistake as many did. I rubbed in raw garlic on my skin just at the corner of the left lower lip assuming it was good for the skin. Like many, woke up next morning with this horrible red spot which now has turned into a dark spot about the size of a dime. :(have been applying vit E directly to the spot.. I was wondering
  14. Hello folks. I'm new to posting, but not to reading. I decided it was time to get accountable for my health (which obviously affects my skin -- no question about that for me), and to contribute to this forum, having benefited from many options that I would not have considered had it not been for others' experience on here. On that note, I'd like to thank all those who have shared their experiences with treatments on here, it just goes to show the diversity of people's body chemistry, how diffe
  15. After doing some research on food intolerances and acne , I had an ELISA Food Allergy Panel conducted about a month ago. It turns out I'm reactive to LOTS of things and I've been doing my best to exclude these foods, but it's been REALLY hard. However I have been seeing some good results, I have maybe two small pimples on my face right now and that's it. I'm hoping that following this, and using DKR, will help me get and stay clear! Has anyone else done something like this and saw good results
  16. I've been on the paleo diet for around 6 months now after having severe acne on my chin. At first I didn't notice much difference til I cut out fruit not that long ago and things started improving quite well. However now things are just getting worse again.. I think it may be after a meal with wholegrain basmati rice but that was atleast 3 weeks ago.. My diet consists of: breakfast- 2or3 boiled eggs, handful of nuts containing brazil
  17. I read on this board how humus is good for you and good for acne, and there was some on sale at the grocery store today. I bought the garlic kind because I knew humus was already healthy, so why not supercharge it? Anyways, bad idea. I bought carrorts to go with it. Roasted garlic humus taste like spicy diarrhea.. DON'T BUY IT. Are there any good humus' out there? Ever time I see/think of humus my brain is gunna be fried with the taste of the garlic kind so I don't think I'm gunna be buying mo
  18. http://ezinearticles.com/?Omega-3-Suppleme...&id=5510105 I stopped taking omega 3's because well, it didn't "cure my acne," being silly and naive, just thought it wasn't working. But now I know that not getting enough vitamins and minerals from diet, and the right fat balance (too much bad bad fats, and bad bad hormones injected from cows and other meats). Oil, is not a natural substance when you think about it, it's man manipulated! But not all oils are evil coconut and olive oil are go
  19. Hi everyone. I'm glad to report that after almost a year, my face remains clear, apart from the occasional small whitehead, which I can usually trace to a specific cause. What brings me to start a new log, however, is that I still have body acne on my chest, arms, back, and to a smaller extent shoulders and neck. After many months of experimenting, I have narrowed the possible causes down to pretty much only candida, and am now fully in the fight against it. The reasons I'm pretty su
  20. AliceAtNite

    So lost..

    I know everyone here as pretty much dealt with acne their entire lives and so have I. I am so frustrated at this point, tried everything from antibiotics, expensive facial stuff, OTC products, home remedies suchs as aspirin, oatmeal, lemons, garlic, ACV and Tea Tree Oil, everything I have tried before. MY problem right now is my acne on the center of my cheeks and jawline. I understand that I may not be cleaning well enough on my jawline and that is causing my acne there, however the only way t
  21. i have been using clean and clear facial cleanser, (its a orange liquid) plus eating a spoon of raw garlic everyday and my acne is clearing up like crazy! i'm so happy but i'm still dealing with red spots left behind from the acne, and very bad dryness... i have been using the acne.org moisturizer but it's not doing anything to help.. so pretty much when i put on make up my face looks awful because its all flack and dry.. i really need some help with this. because at the moment i have not been
  22. The pictures are in my previous post.. I'm not feeling to well to post any new ones up. In the morning I had green tea and a tomatoe. DISGUSTING. but all i had in my fridge that wouldn't trigger my acne. I took my supplements. Zinc and Garlic and my multivitamins. I drank a liter of green tea (freshly brewed kind,decaff) but i think it was the zinc that made me throw up. I am clue less on what to do. I refuse to eat anything. My mom was telling me (i brought chicken) and then I threw up. She d
  23. First of all, I have had severe acne for the past six months. A combination of cysts and whiteheads. About three months ago I was tested and diagnosed with a yeast allergy and candida overgrowth. My holistic doctor started me on grapefruit seed extract, probiotics, garlic, and oregano oil. I've also been advised to stop eating sugar, vinegar, alcohol, fruit other than berries, and yeast. I've been doing all of that ever since I first saw her. I do feel like it's cleared up about 60%, but it'
  24. Leaves, feet, peels... People once used all this stuff. Peels - with most fruits and vegetables, much of the nutrients are in the skin. -Onion skin - quercetin a very important antioxidant and anti-histamine. Save your onion and garlic skins and boil them with the ends and other veggie scraps for broth, Especially the green ends from green onions and leeks. http://www.almanac.c...health-and-more Bones for a gelatin rich broth that provides all the nutrients your joints and skin need
  25. I would really like to be taking supplements I know will help my skin and am currently taking several...it just always seems like I should be taking more the more I read. So here's what I'm taking now: -Women's One Multivitamin by Rainbowlight (once a day) -Jarrow Formulas, Liver PF Liver Protection Factors (3 times a day) <---moonbase recommended this one -Spectrum Fish Oil 1000 mg Softgels (2 a day) -Jarrow's Evening Primrose Oil 1300 mg (once a day) -Natrols PMS Contr