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Found 17 results

  1. I HAVE to share an experience that has been surprising to me but that I hope will help others. Please share with those you know who have ongoing acne on their chin. For YEARS -- perhaps, geez. 15? -- I have suffered from chin acne (BTW, I'm 51, female). Whatever it is -- vulgaris, adult, hormonal, nodule, cystic, whatever -- it has been so frustrating and ongoing that I have tried everything under the sun to manage it. If I couldn't get rid of it, I would be content with just covering it up
  2. Hey there, i am on my 2nd month of accutane and i have been getting this odd rash all over my body.. First it started on my forearms and then it popped out on my calves, thighs, and back. I asked my derm at my monthly appointment and she said its just "accutane rash" and that some moisuturizer will make it fade. I have been taking aveeno oat baths every night, moisturizing after every shower and it seems in no way going away at all. Now heres a twist, a few months ago i had a similiar rash and w
  3. Throughout personal research and coming to my wit's end after trying loads of stuff to help me. I am still stuck with acne. Not crazy just medium acne thought the face and a little on my back. My skin gets oily in the day and its very annoying. I want to get rid of all of this and just live normally. Now these are my general rules that I go by for acne. Acne is an overgrowth of parasites, fungus, metal and bacteria. After realizing these factors, I immediately got rid of my toxic amalgam me
  4. I’m 18, I’ve had acne since middle school however it was never bad and never hurt my self esteem really until my sophomore year of high school. My acne started to become more serious but still wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I started washing my face and using salicylic acid regularly, my skin would get dry because I never used moisturizer but not flakey or anything and I had virtually no excess oil. The acne didn’t improve so I cleansed more and more harshly, went to the doctor and they ha
  5. Hi there. I felt strongly that I need to share this information with anyone who may have had the experiences I've had with acne. Perhaps this has all been mentioned somewhere before, but the overwhelming information I'm seeing isn't including what I've learned, or at least not in full. I am a medical laboratory scientist, currently working toward postgraduate degree(s) in molecular & cellular biology and molecular pathology, respectively. Despite my initial disinterest in microbes during
  6. Can Candida Cause Acne?

    What Is Candida? There Is No Direct Evidence Linking Candida to Acne Why Candida Probably Cannot Cause Acne Common Candida Infections The Bottom Line Recently, a number of practitioners of natural and holistic medicine have put forward the claim that Candida is behind many common health problems, including acne. These practitioners suggest that by taking naturopathic supplements that prevent Candida overgrowth, a person can successfully treat acne. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support...
  7. I been going to different dermatologist for almost a year now. It all started when I began going to the gym. Where I my sweat touch me I used to get rashes. I’m sick of it. It doesnt go away and it itches. I dont know what to do and the derms dont take me seriousy or listen to me. I think is fungus acne. Btw I’m a med student and many teachers consider me a brilliant one but whe I brought the fungal acne diagnosis to my derm who is also my teacher she quickly dismissed and told me to act like a
  8. I need help getting rid of this. If it helps i am a girl and it is summer here in australia. I have made sure that my room is always cold so i don't excessively sweat. Is this acne of folliculitis. btw. i have had pimples on my chest before but these are small red bumps that sometimes itch in the morning but not during the day. Oh and is there any way to get rid of dark brown marks left by previous acne on the chest?
  9. For the past 2 years I have had continued bouts of fungal acne/folliculitis that I manage to clear up using Head & Shoulders shampoo. It usually starts out on my neck and moves to my face or chest. Once I clear it up with the shampoo (for some reason Lotrimin hasn't worked as well as the H&S) it goes away for a few weeks or a few months, but it ALWAYS comes back. It's so frustrating! I assume this means I need to be taking some kind of supplement to keep it from returning, but I don'
  10. Does Triclosan Help With Acne?

    Properties of Triclosan Triclosan is a chemical that is able to kill bacteria and slow down its growth. It also inhibits fungus and virus growth. Triclosan is an odorless and tasteless manmade chemical in powder form that dissolves in organic solvents, such as alcohol, but not in water.1 Uses of Triclosan U.S. manufacturers of soaps started using triclosan in the 1970s and its usage has risen dramatically since then. Triclosan is now added to a wide range of...
  11. I have had acne for as long as I can remember, but now I have gotten myself a new enemy, which I find more annoying than acne... It looks like dandruff from a distance, but if I look closer it reminds me more of small white worms comming out of my nose. I have been trying to deal with this problem for almost a year now... I was wondering if any of you can recognize this... And if you do, how did you get rid of it. I beg you. If you know something, please share...
  12. I am 16 years old and I’ve had dry skin and I still have dry skin but starting last year I’ve been getting small bumps all over my forehead and hairline. Some are clogged while some aren’t. There’s no redness and its just really annoying. Im usually congested and I eat whatever food I want and I believe this is a factor of this. I’ve been changing my skincare due to this recently. Ive as forums online and i cant its its clogged pores or a fungal infection
  13. Hi! i've had this question in my mind for quite some time. let's say u've done the saliva test but it's come out negative. i'm told by a worthy fellow blogger here that one can still have topical fungal issues. one question on that, # does such fungal bumps itch for sometime?suddenly? so,now am going to focus on fungal folliculitis and it's solution. well, we all know what it is..antidandruff/anti-fungal shampoo like nizoral,scalpe,head & shoulders etc. but my point li
  14. http://www.highonhealth.org/how-to-identify-the-root-cause-of-your-acne-just-by-looking-at-your-skin/ I've just discovered that the cause of my acne may be from an overgrowth of fungus. The symptoms he described mirrors my acne completely! After trying all sort of products and supplemnets without nay real results and no direction, I actually think I might be getting somewhere. What would we do without the internet eh <3 Check out the link, i think i might really help you find the appro
  15. I have just recovered from the worst outbreak of pityrosporum (malassezia) folliculitis ever. On hindsight, I should have taken photos to document my hellish experience but I was too ashamed! This is the story and I hope someday someone experiencing the same hell would stumble upon this blog and find a solution to their folliculitis problem. I’ve been a regular customer of Dan’s Benzoyl Peroxide. Best thing since sliced bread really! Used it for years and my acne (since I was 15) had been ma
  16. Recently been having these painful red bumps pop up on the front of my scalp. Some are puss filled while others are hard and have no head. Also been having a great deal of hair loss which may just be genetic as my dad and grandfather were bald at 20. I have tried not putting anything on my scalp for a week and they still pop up. Then some days they go away, like overnight. They are very painful to the touch; my whole scalp is very tender. I shave my head weekly with clippers which I sanitize