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Found 23 results

  1. Acne log 2 2011 Nov I started the last blog last night before I fell asleep, today I woke up at about 9 30 . As usual i woke to my face feeling tight and gross, most likely it is because I didn't wash or use moisturizer or my medicine. I was just at my wits end and felt like it wasn't going to help any way. As I peered in to the mirror I noticed my face was still red and swollen with white heads in groups all over my face. I decided to hop in the shower and I don't know if this is the best
  2. Acne log 2011 Nov I have started this blog because I am fed up with acne. I have had acne since I was 16 and im 21 now,tho it has never been this severe. I would post pics but too embarrassed. I just started atralin and minocicline 2 weeks ago. And this medication sucks so far I don't know if its gunna work or keep turning my skin into the mongaloid I see in the mirror. They say I need to wait 4 to 8 weeks before I see improvment I dunno if I can last that long the way its going now.cuz it
  3. I finished my 2nd month of treatment 3 days ago. I weigh 53kg and have been on 40mg per day since the beginning. By now I expected for things to be at least a little better, but the past month and a half have been really horrible. I was really hoping to start November with (relatively) clear skin but I don't see that being the case. I suppose I already went through the worst part of it, but I don't see many signs of things improving yet and it's very frustrating. I feel quite terrible most of th
  4. Hello!!! I've decided to join this forum because I'm currently suffering from acne & I need to get rid of it My mom has told me that underneath I have VERY good skin but whenever she sees how bad it is, she's completely shocked! First off, I first started getting acne sometime in my teens(don't know the exact age) & at the time it was never really that bad... I was normally getting it on my forehead & under my eyes near my nose since the type of skin that I have is very OILY sk
  5. Here's the issue: After talking to my family doctor LAST YEAR about accutane, she finally put me on accutane at the end of March 2015. She had to make sure that I actually wasn't reacting well to anything, although I had already explained how my pediatrician went through everything when I was a teen. So it took about a year... However, when she started me, she only gave me 10MG a day because she hates accutane, and tells me "everything comes at a price, this is dangerous! I never put anyone on
  6. I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  7. aurielle357


    Hey guys! Okay, I know it's been inexcusably long since I updated y'all on my face, mostly because it's been sort of up and down. For a while I had almost nothing to report, my skin has been clearing up pretty steadily, but now it is the week before mother nature's unwelcome gift, so my skin has been acting up more. I've been trying to eat really healthy and stick to my routine really strictly, but it really frustrates me how no matter what I seem to try, I still get mild acne, and some inflamed
  8. Hello everyone, I'm really frustrated about my current acne situation, it's just getting worse and worse each day. This is my first time using this site. I've tried water and paper towel but it wouldn't help. I've also tried a lot of different things and finally decided to stick with these three. Clobetasol proprionate, RDL Facial Cleanser, and Skoah Facial cleanser. This is my routine: Morning: Take a shower, use RDL Facial cleanser, use Clobetasol on affected areas. Afternoon/After work* : Use
  9. I feel like i'm always expecting. It feels like i've been sentenced to prison for a indeterminate period of time. I know it's a really random comparison, but thats what i feel. Whenever i'm going trough a bad breakout i absolutely can't leave the house and thats why i compared to prison. I mean, i only go out if i NEED to. I'm in college and here in my country we are on what in US would be considered summer vacations and since i started breaking out very bad (more than usual, it's not like my sk
  10. Do you ever see someone in public that has acne, and get angry because you know that the person is probably wicked insecure about it, and feels so much pain because of it? I know I do. I look at them, and it reminds me of looking in a mirror, and the anger and self-hatred that I feel is none that anyone else should have to experience. It makes me want to cry, because I can sympathize with them a lot, even though my skin may not be as bad, it's acne nonetheless, and it's the same feeling.
  11. Hey guys, Nearly at the end of month 2 on lymecycline. Went to the GP today to get more lymecycline because my derm recommended me to carry on going just in case I see results. I feel doubtful. I am considering Isotretenoin (accutane) and my derm gave me an information list or symptoms, warnings etc. The concept at first freaked me out but to be fair, so many people have gone on it and they have been fineeee so its a consideration. I feel frustrated because the lymecycline is not working. I
  12. Hi all. I started getting acne at 11 and am now 26. Between 16 and 23 I lived virtually acne free because of an 8 month course of Roaccutane. I had an occasional zit or maybe a big one that was obvious due to my clear skin but I still stupidly focused on the negatives, like scarring, uneven skin tone, freckles. I still worked hard at maintaining my skin as that fear lives deep inside me. There is a constant stress and worry that I will break out worse and return to my previous state. I suffer
  13. I started taking Differin on March 19 (almost two months ago) and I DEFINITELY experienced an initial breakout. I unfortunately did not use the retinoid properly for the first few weeks (I used it inconsisentantly) but I'm gonna say around April 16, I started applying it on the majority of my face and the "proper" way, every night. Today, May 8, I can't tell really where I should be. My skin's texture has improved, but I've also been using this really expensive exfoliant that's kind of magica
  14. I've been on my second round of Accutane for starting 3 months next week. I've been doing alrighty, with a new pimple occurring every week. I already had my initial breakout during first month but now, going on month 3, my chin and cheeks just erupted with two HUGE, MASSIVE cyst. I'm so tired and exhausted over this. Acne is killing me, I don't even feel like living anymore, honestly.
  15. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  16. Hi I was wondering what are other peoples experiences with trying to land a job while having acne? I know there has been multiple studies that show beautiful people get hired more/faster. It only makes sense to hire an attractive person. For me its hard finding a job with acne i usually try to hide what i can under make-up and i look a little bit better but not that much some spots might be visible still and the bumps are hard to make disappear without 7 layers of concealer and foundation. I lik
  17. Hey hi hello, I've been on The Regimen for about two months now. I'll be honest, I don't follow it exactly. My face is just way too sensitive to fully ramp up the BP. I only use a finger full at night. This worked for the first month and a half! My acne cleared and I was happy. Lately, my T-Zone has been very acne-y and I don't know what that's about. Also, I'm noticing little red bumps on the sides of my face. They aren't zit zits, I cn't pop them and they are small, and only slightly raised,
  18. Does anyone else experience this? Nonstop acne clusters solely along the upper lip. This has been progressively getting worse for the past six months. It started around about the 17th month after finishing my second accutane course. I had perfect skin before this. I have not made any dietary or skin regime changes and I have no idea what is causing this. Is it hormonal? Am I just one of those people doomed to eternally bad skin? Could dietary changes help? Antibiotics? At this point I'm
  19. I got tired of spending money with my daughter acne problem. She tried everything available; some would show results for a while and would come back worst. I decide to do a research with natural essential oils. I imported oils as far as from a small island close to Australia to the Amazon jungle. Finally I found a spectacular blend that she is using now and the results are fantastic. She is using also for stretch marks with excellent results. The reason I decided to import is because I want the
  20. The frustrations of having bad skin; Nothing is ever simple when you suffer with acne, and there never seems to be a cure. I’ve found a way of keeping my acne controlled to a certain extent but my life has become regimented with a half hour facial routine every morning and evening. It’s frustrating when you know most girls just use a simple face wipe to remove their makeup and done. While you’re there trying your hardest to keep your skin under control and half the time not succeeding
  21. Hey all So, I recently started my second course of Accutane (40mg/day +Vitamin E/BC) and I'm just about done with my first month. I don't know exactly if I had an IB necessarily, I've had large, almost cyst-like bumps pop up, but not all at once. I thought for sure I would stop having large bumps by the end of my first month, but since I woke up with a huge cyst on my chin this morning, I suppose not. Is this typical? I have been experiencing some side effects that didn't occur during