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Found 28 results

  1. lilley_1

    1 week of eating clean

    13/8/16 It has almost been a week i ate a clean diet. Morning i ate 2-4 eggs with avocado and romaine lettuce. From lunch onward I ate only broccoli, carrot and sweet potatoes for every meal 3 times a day. I dont consume any dairy , oil , processed food. Drink at least 8-13 glass everyday. I also start eating raw garlic , at least 2-3 cloves everyday. I do see a slight improvement. Maybe its too early to tell. Bear in mind also that i suffered from bad acne on my jawline, cheeks. I will conti
  2. J_g_93

    Bumpy forehead

    I'm kind of at my whits end. I've always had great skin, maybe a random pimple around the time of the month. However around last November I wanted to try to go all natural in my skin care. So I started to use a vegetable based soap with tea tree oil and Jude's jojoba and rose hip oil to mosturize. Well apparently over two months my once smooth forehead developed all these freaking bumps. Now since January I've been trying without success to beat them. I'll admit I didn't introduce the products i
  3. Hello everyone. New to these forums (I've visited them in the past but never posted.) 27 year old female with moderate acne (including cysts) on my face and back. X-posted most of this on the personal regimen logs but I know that's not the right place to ask questions, so that's why I'm posting here...My new regimen for Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27): Morning1. Cleanse2. Tone (I know most toners are a waste of $$, but she actually sells good toners with antioxidants and adds skin hydration, and I like th
  4. I’m so frustrated and sad because in just a year my skin has gone from fine to terrible. It all started when I tried to go vegan. I thought it would help clear up what little acne I had, but instead, my skin has deteriorated. I have tried everything - the supplements, the pills, the natural remedies, different ways of eating, etc, and my face is still awful. I know looks shouldn’t matter that much, but it really does when people don’t want to talk to you because you’re ugly and you can’t help it
  5. 7/20/14. I am 34 years old and I have always had clear skin... until 2 years ago when my acne came on strong, out of no where. I have tried so many OTC and prescription cleansers, lotions, toners, serums, multiple birth control pills, antibiotics, the list goes on. I'm so frustrated and embarrassed by my skin. I have read countless reviews on various acne products and finally today decided to purchase The Regimen plus jojoba oil. I can't wait for it to arrive. I'll update my log as my new skin c
  6. So basically I have a very annoying problem, no matter what tip/trick I seem to try I can't swallow pills. My throat closes up not allowing the pill to be swallowed and sometimes I start gagging. I was on doxycycline for about 3-4 months and I had to crush up the pill (I know not the best idea) but I eventually had to stop because it got very frustrating doing this!! I started getting acne in 4th grade and it got worse as time went on (I'm currently a senior in high school). I've been using reti
  7. Sigh. I just can't seem to buck up today. I have one weird red bump-ish thing on my left cheek that doesn't want to go away. It's painful to touch, so I'm not even going to mess with it. I'm just going to try to forget it's there and apply concealer over it. My red mark on my forehead is healing (thank goodness). There's still a small red bump/clogged pore on my right cheek. I'm hoping that my regimen tonight will either make it turn into a whitehead and go away, or dry it up. Otherwise
  8. Hey all, i signed up on the org in the later part of this summer and i have to say the Community feel is amazing. Hearing the successes of others as well as the frustrations really make living with acne on a day by day basis much easier. I have finally gained the courage to post pictures of my acne and acknowledge that i am an adult with acne and it embarrasses the crap out of me and significantly affects my self esteem (i have loads of blackheads on my forehead and many disgusting whiteheads
  9. Grrrrr I'm so annoyed!! How can my skin go from being almost completely clear and under control...to suddenly breaking out everywhere!?! I feel so frustrated in this battle...im on Yasmin and using bp on and off.... Next step would be antibiotics but I don't really want to do that...im so confused im so careful about treating my skin ...i only use a basic oil free moisturiser and a face wash with salisylic acid twice a day...also I stopped wearing make up AGES ago to help but now I feel Ill have
  10. Btw what is with my doc saying well also try "lifestyle changes" what the ! Made me so angry I was seriously gna go skitzo on her but I decided to listen cause she hadn't written the prescription yet but really, if it was as easy as a simple lifestyle change #drinkmorewater or #exercisealittle and #eatlessdairy&junk then I wouldn't be in her room trying not to beg her for something that I have a right to be prescribed in the first place. It's so frustrating how difficult they make it especi
  11. Does anyone else feel like this? I really never thought I'd be posting here, but I'm near the end of my line. I've followed some of these posts sporadically throughout the years when needed (thank you to all, seriously) but am currently - now more than ever - in real need of support and understanding. The short synopsis of my acne story? I had clear skin up until sophomore year of high school. I'm now 5 years strong with moderate acne mainly on my forehead and around my nose and chin occasion
  12. Jakesimon1234

    Week 4.4

    My skin is worse... The breakout seems to clear almost and then a new wave of breakouts come. It is frustrating and I don't wanna leave my house. But I'm going to stick with it I guess it hasn't been a full four weeks yet so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just don't want this initial breakout to last much longer.
  13. So it will be three months exactly in a few days and still no improvment that's substantial my doctor said that at least 3 full months to even start noticing improvment a which I kind of discouraging but I'm gonna give another month and if four months goes by and still nothing I guess I put too much faith in Diane 35
  14. I am so done. For years I've been dealing with this shit. Some times it's real bad and sometimes my skin is semi-clear, but never have I not had pimples. This year has been the tip of the iceberg with rash-like acne and tonight I completely broke down. I'm 23, I just want it to go away already! I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING and nothing is working. I just need support right now because tonight I feel like crap. When I look at my skin, it looks diseased. It literally looks sick and like it's hur
  15. My doctor is unorganized. I was supposed to be starting Accutane today but couldn't because she never told me that she had wrote a prescription for birth control..seeing as how you have to be on birth control for a month before going on accutane, I have to wait ANOTHER month before i am able to start it. Another thing they messed up on was telling me i have to get my blood drawn a week before i go in, so that was another big deal.. It is extremely upsetting because none of the 'mishaps' are m
  16. Please help!!!! I have been having lots of skin problems since I was young and they just worsen each passing day. I have oily, pimples all over my face, my nose is full of blackheads, my forehead has all these little bumps on it and everything else you wouldn't want on your face. I have tried a lot of methods and medicine of sorts to get rid of at least one of them but none seems to be helping.... Please suggest cream or cleansers or just anything that might help. As it worsens I feel more
  17. Hi Everyone, A little background on my situation - I am currently in my fourth month of taking Spironolactone, and lately my face has turned into an oil slick. ( weird since spiro is supposed to reduce oil production, not increase it ) so far I haven’t really seen any improvement but I am remaining hopeful. About three weeks ago I started using Epsom salt as a toner twice a day. I mix 1tsp of salt with 2 table spoons of water, wipe on my face with a cotton pad and apply moisturizer overtop
  18. hi. weird things are happening. god, i have so much to say... but im just so tired of it all ok so, long story short ive developed geographic tongue over the last few months because i burned my tongue really bad back in january and it just has been crazy ever since. if u dont know what GT is, its a condition where your tongue has these patches on it and for some its not painful, but for me it is. there is no known cure and doctors still dont really know anything about it... which.
  19. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! With a side of UGH! That is how I have felt this week. I seem to be experiencing a "purging" period with these products. I attribute this not only to using new products but constantly switching and adding things! Part of its my fault and then also your skin also has to adjust to new products so...yeah. But...My skin totally purged like crazy earlier this week. I got like 5 new zits all at once, one being an annoying cyst on my jawline which i can't stand! I hat
  20. I’m fed up with having acne!! Right now my face is covered and I mean COVERED in everything acne related. Ranging from blackheads, to whiteheads to full blown cysts. There’s not one area of my face that doesn’t accompany a blemish of some sort. I honestly just don’t know what to do! I’m writting this to hopefully relieve some of my frustration. If you don’t have acne, you just wouldn’t be able to relate or understand how one can feel so hopeless and so uncomfortable. It’s absolutely embarrasing!
  21. Hi all! Does anyone fund that their acne gets worse in the warmer months? I do alot of walking so can't do much about the excess sweat...not sure if its related...does anyone else get more flare ups when they sweat more? Tia x x x
  22. Hello acne.org, I have looked to this site for comfort and answers many times on and off throughout the years. I know that if anyone does take the time to read this post, it may just sound all too familiar - the same way that crappy radio station overplays the latest Justin Bieber song, yet you're forced to listen to because you forgot the aux/usb cable to plug in your ipod. Well, I'm just really looking for a channel to vent my stress and frustrations, so I thank you in advance if you're go
  23. I am SO confused by my skin. ALL feedback is encouraged. I had clear skin up until a few years ago, now in my late 20's I have constant breakouts on my cheeks , jaw and chin. Rarely ever able to pop. SO....I said "F" it...and started using Tamanu oil all over my face every night...my skin cleared up 100% !!!! THEN....IT CAME BACK. and worse...... So now I went to the derm. (w/ no insurance...awesome) And was prescribed Spironolactone (25mg) and Sodium sulfacetamide sulfur cleans
  24. Ok, I've been on the acne.org regimen for 4 months now. I love it, it works great, I do it 2x per day, everyday, no matter what and I haven't skipped one application yet. However, throughout these entire 4 months, my skin has flaked and peeled so much that practically everyone notices. If I so much as scratch my face, or rub it, a billion flakes come off. Though the regimen has given me clear skin, my skin often times looks scaly. I am so sick of this!!! I'm sorry acne.org, I love your cleanser
  25. So heres my story, im 14 year old at the minute, i had my first breakout when i was 11 (im also a boy) and my acne his really put me down over the past few years. It is so frustarting because none of my friends have acne and all have perfect skin.... I have tried all sorts of cleansers but none have worked, so i have resorted in using dove exfoliatining bar of soap. i finally got fed up and convinced my mum to talk me to the doctors he gave me antibiotics and duac once daily gel which i have no