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Found 500 results

  1. I have a hypertrophic scar on my forehead. Its very dark in pigment. I have already had a few cortisone shots to flatten it. I have done a few peels but none are working to remove the dark color and I barely see any improvement. Retin a and hydroquinone are not helping it to lighten. I went to a few derms and they suggested either Fraxel Dual or Intracel RF microneedling to help improve the scar at this point. The scar has lichened, meaning it has a leathery appearance. Its not smooth. Sho
  2. Well well well, here I am. Back again. Back in the early 00s this community gave me so much support. I thought I would come back and give an update. Back then I was known as "Guardedly Optimistic" now i'm "Guardedly Optimistic 2017" This is the thing, it's a journey. My skin is still very damaged; mostly visible under harsh over head lighting. But...and get this...I ended up pursuing my dream of being an actor and filmmaker! Yes, acne and scars and insecurities and all that crap was not goin
  3. when does swelling occur/go down with fraxel? and what do you do to reduce it? i initially thought the swelling i was experiencing was from the numbing injections they gave me, but it turns out it was from the procedure. i had it done today and swelled instantly. it's increased throughout the day, and i've steadily looked like i have a growing balloon for a face ha ha. my entire face is swollen. has anyone experienced this? one person wrote me on the "fraxel laser" board that they didn't have
  4. Hi all! I hope someone can give me some insight about my acne scarring and what they feel will help. I have all types of scars and will post pictures. I am meeting with dr Rullan this week and have high hopes but know that I will never get to 100% treated. Please let me know if you have had similar scarring and what’s helped! I appreciate you all! Good luck on your journeys Please note, obviously these pictures are with and without makeup I’m not
  5. This is going to be a long post. A little background info, I have had acne since I was 10 years old, and I am turning 20 this year, finally with clear skin. I call the past 10 years the "decade of hell". I think we all encounter some kind of moment where we go, damn, I've had enough of this crap. And thus began my last ditch efforts to salvage my skin, which I am happy to say has finally become beautiful. Having lurked on this forum for years, I feel like its time for me to give bac
  6. What is the difference between fraxel repair laser, restore, pixel and pearl? I want to repair some individual atrophic scars. What kind of down time is there?
  7. Some background information about me, I am a 23 year old male with oily skin of east asian heritage that still breaks out every now and then. I use a mild cleanser along with 2.5% BP and moisturizer at night which keeps my breakouts somewhat under control. I've tried solodyn, atralin, and acanya but none of those have done much for me. Although I don't have much active acne right now, I do have a ton of red marks and hyperpigmentation left over. It seems like the old marks never fade and new one
  8. Firstly, hello everyone.. I'm new here (: I've had acne for at least 5 years now (I'm almost 16) mostly only having whiteheads and blackheads, with the occasional pimple. But I went through a stage where I was getting a few cystic pimples on my cheeks, and now they have gone but I'm left with red marks. My acne at the moment is mostly black/white heads.. But with the acne treatments my dermatologist has me on my skin is very weak. Meaning when I do succumb to my urges and pick at a little bl
  9. I started out on this forum almost 10 years ago it seems. I'm now 26, almost 27, Asian male and I was 17 when I first went on Accutane. My acne was your typical teenage acne, nothing crazy, but I just never had a month of clear skin. I started weightlifting and began taking whey protein, and all of a sudden, I had crazy cystic acne. Now, I had gotten cysts before, but now it was probably 6-9 huge cysts and I was really beginning to feel depressed. So I went to see a derm and was prescribed Accut
  10. Hello there, I am 21 of Asian complexity and I have been into consultation for a session of Fraxel Repair at $2500 for my cheeks a month ago. I would like to ask of the vets in laser resurfacing a few of their opinions, as I plan to eventually get my treatment in August after my classes ended. I would like to know 1. How did your skin respond to the treatment? I am not expecting a miracle; the derm suggested a modest 25-30% improvement and I'll take it any day. But I am more concern
  11. I had discussion with a cpl of doctors in the UK for ReCell combined with an invasive treatment. I am planning to travel to the UK in the coming months and shall decide accordingly. One suggested Dermabrasion and recell (Dr. Maini) , while the second fraxel, subcision and recell (Dr. Khan). Dr. Khan's view is since recell was intended for burn victims, the skin needs to be burnt off using laser, and his work can be seen in ernestoria's thread I should mention i have brown skin tone (in
  12. I have had subcision with fraxel restore twice last winter... decided to take a more aggressive approach and try a new doctor and try the c02 fractional laser for my full face. He also used another laser I believe it was called broad band just before the fractional. The pain was far worse than the fraxel but it was still bearable. I refused nerve blockers cause I dont like needles near my beautiful face. Anyway its been about 2 hours... im red, some bleeding, little to no pain rig
  13. There are so many information on the internet for what works. The list include ACV, lemon juice, chemical peel, honey, aha and a whole bunch of stuff that you can buy to try it. However for most ppl it still doesn't work. So what does going to a dermatologist really do then? Unless they do a laser or chemical peel... isn't there really no point to go to one? I mean if they give you antibiotics can't you just buy it yourself? I mean we all know the methods there are to fading red mark
  14. Since I recently moved and there is this top doc plastic surgeon nearby I went in for a consult on anything and everything he does for acne scars. I have to say he is one the most honest doctors I've ever talked to. He told me right off the bat I probably won't be satisfied with any of his treatments and they are all very costly. We talked about subcision and how I've had two other doctors tell me I wasn't a great candidate for it, perhaps my scars aren't tethered much. Well he said ALL scarri
  15. It has been over a week since I had my first Fraxel Laser Treatment. I thought I would make a list of all the observation. Pros: 7/26/2011 �€“ 8/3/2011 Facial swelling went down One noticeable scar that filled in No more pain No more open wounds The dusky skin peeled off, skin is a bit raw, but that�€™s fine Cons: 7/22/2011 - 7/25/2011 Face looked burnt Severe hyperpigmentation Swelling and pain 7/29/2011 Face has red/pink spots from the most intense laser settings 8/1/2011 Br
  16. i want to know what type of scars do i have. cause next saturday im gonna have subcision done!! but subcisions works very well on rolling scars? what do i have? cause i dont know /= or do you think laser fraxel will be better than subcision?
  17. I have been absent from the board for some time, but since I will be undergoing my 5th Fraxel Re:pair this fall I thought I would come on to see if there has been any new developements in treatments. I can see that everything is pretty much status quo. For anyone new to the boards I am the laser advocate. I am sitting at about 75-80% improvement with some areas at 100%. I am not going to post pictures so don't bother asking. The cheeks remain the most difficult area and that is where I have
  18. After having 7 fraxel restores, 3 subcisions, stamping for months, using an endless range of serums and creams and lotions, and just taking care of my skin for years. Eating healthy, popping vitamins. EVERYTHING! My boxcar scars are there and very noticeable. All the treatments did help a lot with the severe redness in my scars. Had this redness for a long time, can't remember exactly but over a year and wasnt getting better. But in terms of depth and shape, these scars are still as aweful as ev
  19. I came on this forum about a year ago complaining about the scar on my on my nose....well i still hate it. Its been year now or 2 and it still effects me tell this day....wtf why the hell did i remove a mole on my nose which was little compare too this punch biopsy scar. I really dont know how to deal with this. i tryed ignoring it but i still look at the reflection everywhere i go. i hate this stupid crater on my nose. I tryed playing the waiting game hoping it will heal and flatten but it s
  20. Hey all, I went to a plastic surgeon last week. The first of the Drs I was going to visit regarding options for my scarring. She offered subcision which is one of the treatments at the top of my list that I am considering. She also offered to do PRP in combination with the subcision. The brand name was actually Slephyl. I mentioned doing suction in addition as well based on the subcision/suction I have read on these forums. She said I could do that if I wanted to in addition. She mentioned a
  21. I went to go see a plastic surgeon last week about options for my scarring (both discoloration and also pitted scarring.) The PS mentioned Fraxel Dual which I had never heard of and was not that excited about it as everything I have heard about Fraxel seems meh at best. So I googled it and it sounds like its an excellent laser for discoloration. It looks like it is an additional wavelength(1927nm) that is added to the existing Fraxel restore wavelength. The Dr can choose between the "old" Fraxe
  22. Has anyone looked into a procedure called fraxel? I've been reading up on it and may try it after my accutane. It is a laser treatment that can improve pigmentation scaring and indentations in the skin. Although I'm quite amazed at how much my face has already improved after only a month and a half. It seems to me my skin heals very fast now and the scares have lightened. I tuely never expected that, I just thought it would clear up my acne for good. I started with 30mg for the first month and n
  23. I haven't been to this board for some time but I'm still on my own personal journey trying to eradicate my scars. It's been an uphill battle --- some acne scars have reduced tremendously and others are still the same. I've also gained some new indentions. Nice, eh? Anyhow, I'm thinking about going to this Laser Institute place in Salt Lake City, UT for treatment. They offer the fraxel:repair laser and the results on his webpage are fairly decent --- some even look fantastic. Here is the link
  24. Hi guys I had my first fraxel restore today. I not trying to treat scars just a bad skin texture. To be honest my skin is'nt as red as I fault. The first passed was'nt to bad I think the 4th passed it strated to really string. Was that bad really in the end. I letting me effect me for the last 6 six years. So I'm glad I finally done something about it
  25. I'm thinking about having laser (possibly Fraxel Restore) to correct minor acne scars. Do resurfacing procedures work by actually scaring the skin? If so is the resulting scar tissue actually drier than normal skin resulting in premature aging?