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Found 1,000 results

  1. vexed

    Poll delete?

    Mods, I am dumb and I created my Fraxel results poll wrong. Can one of you delete it, so I can start a new one without muddying up the board? And, is there any way that I can have two questions, of which each person answers only one depending on which one applies to them? Or, two polls in one thread? Or is the only way to have two separate threads? Also, is it better to post things like this here, or should I have pm'ed one of you? Thanks!
  2. I saw my derm today and he says my skin has cleared extremely well and he will not have me on tane for the 6 to 8 month period as he originally thought. By the time I am through which will be sometime next month my total cumulative dose will be 11000 mgs. and I weigh 56 kgs. So here's my concern, I have a huge cyst which has been on my face for the past 2 weeks and he drained it today and I still have clogged pores and some tiny black heads and somewhat blotchy complexion. When I was on accut
  3. I'm a realist and i understand that it wont completely clear them, but im going to start fraxel re store treatments and wanted to get some insight. I have ice pick scarring too but thats not my main concern because i think fraxel will help that to a point im happy with. I really just want effective treatment on my red marks and sun marks. Any insight?
  4. vitaminsvitamins

    Fraxel and Accutane

    Hi, Just had my first Fraxel today, and my dermatologist (he's considered one of the best) prescribed me accutane as well for better healing. My question is, is it really worth taking? I'm reading the side effects, and one of the "common" side effects is hair loss. I was prescribed 40ml for a month (1 pill a day after dinner). Think that's only a short time period that it's ok? Is it worth the risk? thanks
  5. Hi I am new to this forum, but I just read some posts that were very helpful to me so I thought I would post. I am a 50 year old woman who has battled cystic acne for 30 years. I had a deep dermabrasion in 1983, poor results for the pain that was involved and collagen injections in 1985 very unhappy with the results, and didnt last. I have researching lasers and I decided to go with Hartsough dermatology clinic. Very professional and helpful and are the premiere skin clinic in my area.
  6. Ive suffered acne for so long i can't even rememeber when it started. What i do remember is that it started at such a young age, and that because i was so young i was so inept as to what to do about it. As years went by, i started to realise how fkt up it was getting and eventually went to see a dermatologist. This helped, but not enough to keep me going. I decided to stop wasting money on the derm and try proactiv, which along with a healthy diet and lots of water has been very effective. Im i
  7. Hey guys, So I already have started my apple detox or fast whatever you might call it. I will be doing it for only 2 days to see how it goes. Ive had acne since 16 and now am 26. I have taken Accutane for about 3 months worked when i was on it but acne reappeared. Since then I have gotten less pimples but about 3 pimples are always on my face for some reason and they appear randomly on my face. And I have tried Fraxel 3 times, which i didn't see much improvement. Currently doing De
  8. i am in my mid-thirties. i got acne when i was 15, and ive been pretty clear of acne since i was 20 (after 3 courses of accutane).....and i still have the red marks from the time i was 20 and first noticed them after my acne cleared........i am telling u this because red marks do not just fade in a few months....sometimes they are still there for ur entire adult life....they are much improved over the years but they are still there.... i have had 2 dermabrasions, 2 CO2 laser resurfacings, 11
  9. Hi Guys Ok so I had my first Fraxel treatment about 10 days ago. (I dont remember what depth it was dam sore though) the reason for general resurfacing, freshening and some mild Red acne scaring along my jawline. Ok so two days afterwards Im still blue and I can see Im a bit swollen. No problemo. Then day 4 I wake up and skin resembles fine sandpaper. I Kid you not.... turn to the side and I have these fine bumps all over my cheeks and chin (none on my forehead or nose) The treatment was
  10. Hey ppl, another depressing story. Today i think i have reached rock bottom, i think my life is over. I have never really stoped myself from going out, but today i was going to go out with some mates, but i got up and done my daily dans regimen. Then i just looked in the mirror and said to myself " thats it i just cant go out, am so damn ugly", i have always felt ugly but never have i felt so bad about myself as today. My face was getting a lot better but in the last two days its got worse do
  11. Hi, all i have benn searching for the acne scarring treatments for an age and i got a lot from this board and friends. Now i have made an appointment to do frexel lasers next Thursday. I hope this work, yeah i will pose the progress if any.... Sometimes i dont understand while when i wake up in the morning, my face is sort of smooth and in the evening it soars back ! Moreover, i am 28 now and i still get an occassion acne ! Well, Valentime it is another year that i am ALONE.. I feel depressed
  12. lucky girl

    Fraxel Laser

    Hi, I am curious to know from those who have had Fraxel, how many passes of the laser did yo have and at what level. My doctor did four passes + and extra one on my chin area. She said that I was at the highest level for the first two and thenshe downed for the remaining passes, to the next level down. I have had a pretty long healing time and my skin has broken out badly, needing Bactrim to calm it down. I am now at Day 11 and I am still pretty dry and irritated, my skin feels pretty rough
  13. i wanted to know if it was safe to go ahead and do fraxel laser i am a skin type 5 and i am trying to get rid of some pih which is pretty much covering my whole face and changed my skin tone u think fraxel could fix this and is this a safe procedure for me to be doing since i am dark skinned. even though i heard it was safe just trying to be sure. since i did some obagi blue peels not to long ago which really didnt help but darken my skin even more.
  14. Hey all, I'm trying to determine which laser would be best for a few active back pimples but mostly just scars. Would it be Fraxel or Cooltouch or Smoothbeam? Thanks for the help.
  15. I need a good simple moisturizer with aloe for post fraxel. I used pure aloe from Jameson after my last one and didn't really like it. It was great the first 6 mins but then it dries and makes your face tight and dry again with a wierd coating.
  16. anybody no if theres a dr in winnipeg that has the fraxel laser
  17. I'm still getting minor breakouts, but I have the option to do Fraxel where I live. If I have acne, should I go ahead and do it?
  18. I went to go see a plastic surgeon last week about options for my scarring (both discoloration and also pitted scarring.) The PS mentioned Fraxel Dual which I had never heard of and was not that excited about it as everything I have heard about Fraxel seems meh at best. So I googled it and it sounds like its an excellent laser for discoloration. It looks like it is an additional wavelength(1927nm) that is added to the existing Fraxel restore wavelength. The Dr can choose between the "old" Fraxe
  19. For the past year I can honestly say that Ive been sad most days. I remember when I had bad acne and some weeks it'd clear up and I'd be on top of the world but with scars, I know they won't be better. I remember thinking after new years, 'I'm getting laser treatments i'll finally be happier'. I remained optimistic up to my 4th fraxel and then realised that my scars werent going to be decent looking. Even a 40% improvement to my scars would leave them moderate so I mean, even if I found a good s
  20. IamSavingFaces

    Fraxel On The Back?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had fraxel on the back. It would be super expensive but I really think it would be the most effective treatment but I want to be sure. I've struggled with back acne for the longest and now it's finally taken care of and I just have the pigmentation to tackle. Any advice?
  21. Roxie555

    draining a cyst?

    hi guys, i'm new to this site and need some help. i recently had a cyst injected and it did absolutely nothing for it. it's a hard lump under the skin which isn't inflamed or red at all. you can't tell i have it just by looking at my face...you can only feel it. i've only had one other cyst like this about a year ago and it left a huge crater like scar. i've gone through a series of fraxel laser treatments to try to fix and smooth out that scar (the laser has really helped plump up the scar
  22. MrObi

    Fraxel Restore

    Sorry guys for posting a new thread on this...I had posted this in the Scar forum but so far no responses. I've had six smoothbeams back in 2003...level ranging from 10-15 (started out with about 500 zaps and ended with around 250). That treatment, combined with 65% lactic peel and some TCA maybe yielded about 15-30% improvement in skin clarity (at least judging from people's comment on my skin tone...'you look fresh' or 'look rejuvenated'). Six years later I'm jumping in to do Fraxel Restore
  23. Since so many people don't seem to distinguish between repair & restore online.... how has fraxel restore worked for anyone here who has tried it?? I'm thinking about getting it done after accutane...i have a few super deep scars (boxcar&rolling, no icepick). worth it?
  24. sunone


    This is my first time ever having an experience with Fraxel laser treatment. I WISH I would have read some of the real and heartfelt experiences that all of you have written before I made my decision. I researched the treatment on the website- read everything. I read all that I could when I put Fraxel into the search engine on the internet- read all this great stuff. Minimal down time- have procedure done at lunchtime and return to work...slight swelling at first then mild sunburn???? I read
  25. HI, I have logged on here today after quiet a while, However I initialy registered with this site in 2002. During all that time I suffered with grade 4 cystic acne. I was on Dianette, numerous antibiotics, accutance (for over 2 years), steroid injections, numerous topical treatments. Then the acne became more controlled, I would not say it was gone just controlled and thats when the acne scar treatments began...... again non-ablatives lasers, Co2 laser, erbrium, isologen, fraxel, peels, silcon