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Found 1,000 results

  1. Hello everyone. Not sure where to start really. 6 days ago I went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life. I am 17 and have had acne since I was about 15. recently it started getting quite bad. I had tried many options including basically all the over the counter medicine, 2 different types of anti-biotic, massive diet change and differin. The most effective of these methods was actually the diet change. I cut down on dairy and carbs and my acne really started to go away and the redness
  2. Ella27

    Tarte Products

    So over the summer I tried new makeup. Originally I was using Bareminerals. It was cakey on me and what not but since it was considerably light weight to what I was using, I stuck with it. It wasn't too terribly bad. But for my 16th birthday I got one of those makeovers at Ulta and tried Tarte. May I just say that I am VERY happy with it. The foundation works really well as a matte foundation though after a couple hours I do get shiny ( but I was sweating a lot this summer ). The powder that
  3. Hi there. So, I need help. I've got bad skin. It's finally stopped breaking out heavily - fingers crossed! But yet, it's still just bad skin. My pores are huge and my skin is oily. Having had severe acne for such a long time has truly ravaged my skin. Anyway, I like the idea of liquid foundation but, no matter what I do, no matter what way I apply it, it just never looks good! I can't explain it. It's like my skin sucks it all up or makes it "separate"... Does anyone else have this issue? I tri
  4. I'm wondering what make-up brand(s) may help downplay the appearance of indented scarring, as well as hyperpigmentation? I have rolling scars on the front/sides of my cheeks, though they're not super deep. But if make-up sinks into them, they look much more noticeable as the day progresses. I also have one deep, saucer-shaped scar on my left cheekbone but realize that I can't really hide well; so I'm more concerned with hiding my rolling scars. NOTE: I have very sensitive skin, which break
  5. Hi, I'm currently looking for a new foundation! Right now I'm using Revlon color stay for combo/oily skin. I have more oily than combination skin. Like super, super oily skin. I have really light acne. 3-5 pimples, blackheads, and hyper pigmentation. I feel like I don't need the coverage that R.C gives. Could someone recommend me a foundation that's light-medium coverage for oily skin? My current FACE makeup routine is.... 1. Prime skin with Smashbox primer for oily skin 2. Apply undereye
  6. hey guys, i've never in my life thought that a blusher can cause acne and aggravate your skin, cause i always wear it over my foundation, and i'm quite cautious on the foundations i use. so i've read this article few days ago on that a blusher has something in it that causes acne, and when i looked at myself in the mirror i noticed that my acne is popping out on the area that i apply my blush on. so please girls be careful
  7. Bobby Stephenson

    What Is Foundation?

    I am looking at a lot of before and after picture and the word no foundation keeps popping up. What the hell does that mean? Are they still wearing makeup for the after shot?
  8. hello! i'll let know 1st that i've less or no idea about doing make-up. i use a sunscreen that my derma had prescribed.its MELAGARD 50+. It's got ZINC OXIDE alone with few other chemical blocks in it. as zno does,it leaves a slightly pale look. covered look. i have a concealer from AVON. AVON STICK CONCEALER. now,what i want to know is CAN I USE THE SUNSCREEN ALL OVER MY FACE AND THEN PUT THE CONCEALERS JUST ON MY POST-ACNE SPOTS/BLEMISHES ETC?? DO I NEED A POWDER/COMPACT/
  9. I'm extremely fair skinned. Even worse now because I am on Accutane and can't go to a tanning bed. Well, I used to use Clinique and their lightest shade was too dark for me! Now I'm on Estee Lauder and I got their lightest shade but I noticed halfway through the winter that it didn't match. That makes me upset because now I have like $200 in cosmetics that I can't use and the Estee Lauder was so comfortable and you could layer it for amazing coverage. Ugh. I can't seem to find anything light
  10. Now in my mid-30s, I'm still suffering from acne. I used to wear an old-school medication--essentially a tinted drying lotion that contained sulfur. That product has been discontinued, so I must find something I can use to cover my acne without worsening my skin's condition and/or making indented scarring more obvious. I've been using Almay's Clear Complexion foundation--mainly because it's fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain. Unfortunately, it also sinks into my skin in about 6-7 hours, so
  11. So I went to Sephora yesterday looking for Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation, and I found out they don't carry this product at the Sephora in my city! I was so disappointed because this foundation has gotten some really good reviews, and I thought it would be a good idea to get a quality cream foundation while on Accutane for my dry skin. So instead I ended up buying the MUFE HD Foundation, and I have to tell you, I was a little disappointed with this product! I like that it actually has quite
  12. Mrleee

    foundation on men

    apart from me, i only know one person who does it also for the same reason, i personally only use it to cover a patch on my cheek , its effective but kinda noticable, and when i do have it on i am sh.t scared anyone will notice, a girl at my college noticed once and i nearly died, does anyone else 'men' use foundation.
  13. I've just started using this product along with the superfit. Its apparently supposed to absorb oil throughout the day and stay on, but I wanted to see if anyone else had used it and if this was true. I have very oily skin that is very break out prone, so I'm hoping this will help...
  14. Julia Nevins

    Less is More.

    I have used every type of over the counter make-up you can imagine, and I couldn't understand why it always looked so cakey. Well, I learned that I was always using too much. They key to a good, and even application is to use only a dime size amount of foundation. Start by dabbing a bit all over your face without rubbing in. Do not use your fingers. The oils from your hands can cause you to break out. Instead, try a foundation brush, or sponges. After you've applied an even layer everywhere,
  15. I recently bought Revlon Colorstay foundation since it seems to cover so well. However, I tried using my oil-free Loreal eye makeup remover on it, but it didn't really budge. My skin is *extremely* sensitive, so I can't really scrub it much. Do you guys have any makeup remover suggestions that can cut through foundation without irritating my skin? Thanks!
  16. I recently gave Revlon Colorstay a try, and though the color match was fantastic, my skin is way too sensitive to be scrubbing the makeup off every night. (I tried various different makeup removers, but no go.) Does anyone know of any drugstore foundations that: - Are medium to full coverage (enough to act as a concealer when layered) - Won't make my skin more oily Thanks. I never knew it was so hard to find a good match.
  17. I've been lurking the forums here for quite a while and have found that a lot of people recommend Everyday Minerals as their makeup of choice. I went on their website and found that they have this great offer of sending you 5 free samples in a small kit. My only problem now is that I have a really hard time comparing their colors on screen (since every monitor is different) to my actual skin color. How did you go about in choosing your perfect Everyday Minerals shades? Is there anything in pa
  18. Ever since I hit my teen years I have always had to use foundation to cover my acne, but I have had no luck finding that perfect foundation. I was wondering if anyone out there has found anything that worked great for them... I admit I am pretty picky, but your face is definitely important!!! So as of right now I have pretty oily skin, so I definitely don't want anything that will emphasize that. I also need something with some coverage to minimize my scarring and breakouts. Hmmm, other than
  19. Hi there, I'm new here. I've been lurking for a bit. I am very fair and can't seem to find makeup that covers well without making it look like i'm wearing a mask cause the color is so different from my neck. I have freckles which doesn't help, because most of the makeups i've tried kinda cover them or not at all. I like my freckles, but hate my acne scars. I have a lot of acne scars along my jaw line to just below my cheek bones and finally on my forehead. I've tried MAC makeup, the lighte
  20. So today I went out shopping, planning to buy myself the Estee Lauder foundation Double Wear. I really like this foundation due the amount of coverage it offers, I hardly ever need to use concealer with it and it lasts all day. Yet the only problem I have with this foundation is that I am in between two shades! Plus if I sweat it tend to go cakey in some patches around my forehead. So lately I have just been mixing two different shades of the samples size I had. But today I ran out! I was planni
  21. Hello there all, i am new to this site but i have been looking around on it for a while and it is wonderful. Anyways, i dont really have any acne or anything, i only get a small pimple here and there every once in a while. but i do have red spots on my skin from past pimples that i messed with. they arent really textured, they are just red colored spots on top of my skin. the biggest one is like the size of a penny. they have faded since ive had them (which has been like 6-9 months), and i am cu
  22. Nitetress


    Visit My Website after trying almost every single foundation out there i think i have a winner.from minerals to mac to colorstay to cover girl >> i dont even believe im saying that>i have never really liked cover girl.the other night i was browsing the web and came across a list of the top ten foundations among this one was alot that ive had tried before.i loved the way this foundation really improves the look of my scarring which is pretty hard to come by especially with a liquid.jus
  23. Ok I'm new here, and have just started doing research into what ingredients contribute/cause acne etc...I have noticed that in general on this forum and in others that people don't realise that most foundations/powders etc have the 'bad' ingredients in them. I used to be a makeup artist, worked for MAC - where we were told the products are non-comodenic, oil free blah blah, but in fact one of my faves (mac fix powder) DOES have that Isopropyl Palmitate in it as do most foundations! I was shock
  24. Right now I`m using - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse & Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder. I`m aware both these products can be doing my skin NO good whatsoever. Although the matte mousse is the only thing I`ve found with the good coverage I need, & the powder just hides any oilyness or shine. I have moderate-severe acne & very visible bumps still under makeup. My complexion is VERY red & I have scarring so I need good coverage. I`m not keen on liquid foundations at all,
  25. I'm a guy and I have bad acne scars and red dots. I would like to cover them up but I want to use a mineral foundation for it because I don't now if the rest will give me breakouts. So my question is: Do you guys know any mineral foundation that doesn't have some sort of glittering glow to it but that is just matte. Thanks!