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Found 3,059 results

  1. i'm a guy in showchoir here, and though i have active acne i can usually keep the breakouts away. however, i have a ton of red marks because of the acne i used to have, and i asked my friend if she could put concealer on me because guys are required to wear makeup to our performances. well, it didn't break me out, but i left it on too long (like maybe 12 hours or more) since she put it on me in the morning and i didn't get to wash it off till i got home very late that night. well, it messed with my skin tone and i have big discolored spots on my cheeks, since my friend applied it first as a foundation and then used it to conceal smaller (but still big) sections of my face. it makes me more self conscious now, because i still have a ton of dark marks, but i also have to deal with faded lighter spots on my face. my dermatologist just told me to wear a different makeup at performances, but didn't know what to say about fixing my skin tone. can anyone help me? here's what i'm currently using: day: neutrogena visibly even foaming wash (it supossively evens out skin tone) aveeno 30 spf face sunblock (to keep dark spots from darkening more) night: neutrogena oil free acne wash avita tretinoin cream 0.025% ALSO, i already have some 100% aloe vera gel, since it has good reviews here on this site, but don't know whether to use it in the morning or at night, and where in my regimen. thanks for any help!!!!!!!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a guy in college and I need some makeup advice. I've been using this Neutrogena On The Spot concealer stick thing and a little brush. It works pretty well and doesn't look obvious, but it takes 15 minutes to perfect and it's a very precise task! I've managed to have none of the guys find out I use a concealer i in the morning in a bathroom stall with a small mirror - What a task for a guy... Plus they discontinued that product and replaced it with something in a liquid form and it looks so fake! So I need makeup that is undetectable and quick and easy to apply on my little red scars from acne. Hopefully something I can do within a minute. If my buddies find out I'm wearing makeup I'm toast! I don't think I need this foundation stuff. I only have a few small red spots on my face and they're very small as it is. Any suggestions?
  3. deletethisnameplz

    i'm desperate!

    So...I'm a dude. I wear makeup. Had this good shit. No longer made. Have some shit now. People can tell I'm wearing it. I have really bad hyperpigmentation and I want to cover it up. Dermablend covers it good but it looks so fake and pasty on me I feel so trashy not to mention the normal emotions for a guy wearing makeup. Oh it also takes me about an hour to put makeup on trying to blend it all good and what not but it still looks like I'm wearing it. I need some help everyone! I only hang out with people at night because I'm afraid they'll notice the makedup me during the day in the light . I really need help on finding something that will look not fake on me but also covers up my hyperpigmentation well. I'm thinking about tanning to give myself more options for skin tone and what not plus I hate being all pale and shit. Please...someone give me some suggestions with some good foundation and concealer to use. Also maybe some suggestions on using. Before and after pics would be nice too. I'm pretty much suicidal without makeup and near suicidal with it knowing that people know I'm wearing it. Please...somebody help me.
  4. Guest

    maybelline ques.

    i have used maybelline's everfresh and coverstick concealers in the past and loved them. i also have used their purestay pressed powder foundation (about a year ago), it worked pretty well. However, i have decided not to wear any kind of foundation again (except a moisturizing liquid one on razor burn, concealer clumps up in razor burn). only concealer and powder from now on. however, i recently switched to their shinefree pressed powder from a long use of CG clean powder. it works much better, BUT, when i went to target to buy a new one (I go through a lot of powder), they were out of ivory, my color, in the shinefree, SO, I had to get their finish matte powder. it looks much more opaque. So, here is my question, FINALLY!!! Does it work better or worse than the shinefree one? also, how are Almay's pressed powders? I looked @ them too and even the lighest shade was looked too dark for me. Thanks a lot!!
  5. i can't take it anymore! i'm on accutane but i haven't seen any results yet. i have a ton of red marks that i need to cover up. i use foundation and concealer but there's still some redness. has anyone used the estee lauder or smashbox primers that are color correctors or any other brand? they say they cover redness but i don't want to buy something that's $40 and it won't work or it will make me break out more. thanks!
  6. Good news everyone, Amy is going to get a bunch of refillable travel brushes next week and there will be a new set of 5 pc travel brushes available too. Keep your eyes peel! I have a feeling these will go quickly. In case you guys wonder, the refillable travel brush is a super soft brush with a hollow handle that you can put the Joppa powders in. All you need to do is take off the lid and tap the handle to loosen up the powder inside and then you sweep on your face. So instead of taking your jars of foundation with you, you can just take your brush and reapply any time during the day. Oh man I'm so getting one! I already asked Amy if I can pre-order a set. Oh and one more thing, for the person who asked the difference between the gold kabuki brush and the pink kabuki brush, there's no difference, just the color. By the way, Amy has a black kabuki brush too, if you like black better than the other color, tell her your preference when you order. I like the pink one, all my other brushes are black.
  7. HollyK

    sheer cover

    Does anyone here use Sheer Cover mineral foundation? I really like it..It covers my blemishes a lot better than Bare Minerals does. Also...I'm pretty good about washing my face twice a day and not going to bed with my makeup on..but there's been a few occasions where I've been out late and I was too tired to wash my makeup off before falling asleep. The funny thing is..when I woke up in the morning and washed off the makeup that was left on my face, my complexion looked like ten times better. Some blemishes even disappear. It's the weirdest thing. Has this happened to anyone else and do you know why?
  8. Zerglings200

    Make up for GUY [ HELP ]

    I really dont know what to use.. should i just use the concealer for my red marks? or should i use foundation + concealer? What brand?? I read alot post and replies...so many different ''best'' brand out there...i really dont know wt to choose...i dont hv large area of red makrs... but just one there and one here...so should i just use the concealer ? ?>< and thet product i using for active acne is drying my skin...so how do i apply foundation or concealer without any notice... plz give me suggestion, i am so new to make up>< my skin type is asian ( japanese )
  9. okay i used maybelline everfresh makeup for about 4 years and i loved it. oil free and went on smoothly, lasted from morning to night, even if played sports or sweated. then early this year i started using retinoids that peeled alot of my skin off, so my skin tone has lightened a bit and doesnt match my foundation anymore. i switched brands to sheisedo and the colour matches perfectly, but i noticed that its a bit "runnier"... and it gets cakey/starts coming off about halfway through the day (and i dont wear that much) and i have to redo it. SO ANNOYING. so whats a good all-day lasting foundation? i need something thats oil-free, non-comedogenic.. and hopefully has lots of colours cuz my skin tone is very hard to match. please give me a list of options so that i can find one that matches my skin!! thankss!!
  10. messynessie

    going to sephora tomorrow

    last week i got lovely things; stila 101: an introduction to foundation bare escentuals "go bare baby" kit the midnight traincase urban decay ammo eye palatte anyone picked up anything good recently? i'm always looking for new eye makeup, lipgloss, etc.
  11. brandolynn

    Maybelline Pure

    hey, since I trust your knowledge on this, I bought some of this stuff last night after reading a post of yours where you said it should be okay for us acne-prone skin peeps. Well, as you know I am on Dan's Regimen, so I haven't tried any foundation since last year, but anyway, I tried this Pure stuff this morning, I used a makeup wedge sponge and it went on very smoothly over top the bp/moisturizer. Then I dabbed a bit of the matching powder for shine issues. Anyway, so far I am liking it. But I have such an aversion to foundation, I'm afraid it'll cause problems. Also labgirl, thank you so much for all the knowledge and advice you share here especially in the makeup forum, it's good to know we have an expert in our midst!
  12. Laurentx


    SO.. When I ordered my Green Cream they sent a free sample of Indian Earth mineral foundation (powder).. I wasn't going to use it b/c I dont like powder foundations. But... I put on my regular foundation (dream matte mousse), and then a little of the mineral powder foundation over it.. and wow.. it looked really good.
  13. I need to start using foundation and powder as stage make-up for a production coming up. Problem is, I haven't used any make-up in a year and I think the Almay foundation I used isn't good anymore. 1st question, does foundation "go bad"? When I apply the foundation, it doesn't seem to apply evenly and it seems to produce clumps of, what I assume to be, dry skin. How can I get it to go on smooth without the extra particles of whatever on my face? I'm allergic to make-up, so anything I use needs to be hypo-allergenic (like Almay). Any suggestions would be great.
  14. cruella22

    Stick/Cream Foundations

    Doesn anyone have a favorite stick/cream foundation for dry skin? I have dry skin and acne, so I can use matte foundations or I get the flakes. and a stick foundation is quick and easy and it provides sheer-medium coverage depending on the brand. Heres a few that I like: Estee Lauder Minute Stick Max Factor Pan Stik Revlon New Complexion Cream Compact Clarins Soft Touch Rich Compact Foundation Ive heard good things about Bobbi Brown stick fndtn and Benefit playsticks but havent tried them. Ive also heard good things about Ben Nye's cream fndtn that actors use on stage, but would think it would be too heavy (like dermablend).
  15. if youve tried a lot of brands of foundations and nothing looks good on your skin and youre just desparate to find that miracle foundation that will actually make your skin look better, trust me you WONT FIND IT! if you have bad skin, everything that you put on your face will make your skin look worse. stop wasting time/money on makeups and take care of your skin first! get rid of the dead cells, treat your acne, even your skin tone, etc! THEN try foundations and you will be amazed by how better they look on your skin. to make sure that your efforts before do not go to waste, use foundations without ingredients that will make you break out again so you wont have to repeat the entire process again. this is what im doing right now. ive switched to mineral makeup and im using awesome products to treat my skin. if i used the makeup which im using now on my face before ive started treating my skin my skin wouldve flaked and look worse with the makeup on. hope this helped.
  16. !@#$%


    does anyone know how we can find out what your undertones are? i was gana order this foundation (mineral) n yea they ask you for em .. -gold undertones - pink undertones - yellow-golden undertones -olive undertones -yellow-olive undertones so wat excally are undertones? thx!
  17. illusion_bebee


    im currently using the Diorskin ultra-mat foundation and am wondering if it will cause acne to occur.. and sighh.. i had never needed to use foundation before..coz i never had bad break out..and scars / red marks..after ive got some breakouts happened..i started using foundation and am still finding different ways to cover my red mark (some bumps actually started to occur too.. and i have no clue what they are =( ) so yaa..do u guys have any suggestions for good foundations that cover red marks and doesn't cause me acnes?
  18. i have extremelly oily skin after like an 1/2 hour after i put makeup on. i want to try some mineral makeup like the physicans formual stuff. is it better for oily skin because rite now im using maybelline everfresh and it quite oily and thichish......... is there anything to put on before my makeup to help the oilyness its very embaressing and annoying
  19. Evan4491

    I'm Sad

    I wanted to wear make up on the first day of school so I could have more confidence...But I was counting on the only store in town to sell make up. Guess what? It didn't. Now what can I do. My only, last, desperate hope is my moms makeup. here's the problem: she only has "Line softening mousse foundation" and a tray of assorted colored powder ( I think its powder). It doesn't look good on my skin. It sorta stays powdery, like it's on dry skin or something. I tried mixing the foundation with mousterizer but it didn't do anything. Should I mix the powder instead? Does anybody have any tips they could give me? I only have mousse foundation and powder. My skin is mostly red marks. I'm really angry at myself for not checking Wal-Mart when I went last week. I assumed the local store would have it.
  20. I boght the colorstay actice light makeup today at CVS. Question since it is waterproof, sewatproof and matte, do I put powder over it when I am done applying it or not? I will still powder the places where I do not put foundation (forehead, nose) but am wondering if I need to put it over this foundation as well (I put foundation on cheeks and around my mouth). I mean, they make colorstay powder to use w/ it, but is it necessary? I mean, because it is sweat/water proof, it won't "run" as the day goes on w/o powder, will it? Will it still get shiny on my stupid combination skin? (which is really weird, it isn't like classic combo skin w/ dry here and oily here. It is super oliy somedays and peeling from being so dry the next. Then, it decides to be normal for half a second. stupid skin.)
  21. sweetsilence

    bare minerals

    Hey guys, I have a question about bare minerals. I've been using bare minerals for a while now and on the box it says many people of saw a significant improvement with skin affected with acne within two weeks. This product is great for coverage and feels great on the skin, but im not sure if is helping my acne. I've tried concealers and liquid foundation but found them to feel heavy on my skin. What are great products that would not irritate my acne but still feel and give me the sheer look of bare minerals? Do you perfer liquid foundation rather than mineral if you have acne?
  22. Hey guys. I currently wear no makeup but have been hearing so many amazing things about Everyday Minerals that I will try it. My lil sister is using it in semi matte and her skin looks like butter just flawless. I read on the site that the intensive mineral foundation is meant for people with acne/troubled skin. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Intensive finish and what you thought. Any input would be great
  23. okay ... so tanning is a MUST for me. I'm very pale, mostly my face, and tanning always seems to help blend my red spots. I'm on dans bp gel now this is only my 3rd day. I've read on the bottle that i should stay out of the sun .. but i really can't do that i MUST MUST tan. do you guys think it would be okay if i go to a tanning bed now that im using the bp. Also after a week of the tanning beds i wanna go try out a spary tan, so i just wanna build up my color in the tanning beds. any advice. also another reason why i have to tan is because my favorite foundation Prescriptives doesnt have my color, unless i get a shade darker.
  24. XoSadiezXo

    Exercising-safe make-up?

    Okay, so my problem is I just started cross country running, and I wear make-up to hide red marks and scars, and I refuse refuse refuseee to go outside w/o any on lol. I am breaking out.. and I think my problem is being a make-up wearing exercisor ... so do you know of any make-up that is safe to exercise in ?? I currently am using Pure foundation from Maybelline I think.. I know wearing make-up during exercising is a very risky thing to do.. but I'm only 14 and therefore do not have enough confidence to go outside with spots all over my face. (well that may just be me lol) Any suggestions?
  25. cheechee


    I want a makeup that wont be shiny that covers completely. NO MORE MINERAL MAKEUP. i hate that crap liquid. breakoutless/shine free/ .... help