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Found 222 results

  1. Hey guys I was just wondering where on the face (forehead, cheeks, etc) are scars the hardest or easiest to remove?
  2. Hi people, Okay so I'm really fed up with my acne. I try to stay positive but it's hard when all of my friends have clear skin or are just stopping to have acne while I have more pimples than ever now that I am 18. Lately I've been thinking my acne could be a fungus(pityrosporum folliculitis) , since I sweat a lot in my everyday life. The acne looks like small red bumps all over my chest and back, sometimes pustules. On my forehead, it's mainly flesh colored bumps and tiny pustules. I tried wa
  3. Well, I'm 15 years old, to start off. And I live in Grand Rapids.. So the weather could be snowing one day & hot the next. Anyways, I've had mild acne since middle school I'd say. It wasn't until last year I started seeing what was really on my forehead (I had bangs all of middle school of embarrassment.) & I decided to let my bangs grow and keep them out of my face to see if that was the problem. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. In fact, I think it's worse than before. & I don't
  4. It is 3 months old from a burn. Should I wait? Should I laser it? It is exfoliate it good or bad? What are my options to improve it? Thank you
  5. A couple months ago, my forehead went from nearly clear to covered in bumps and pimples. I've used every type of topical, spiro, I've also done a weekly 20% salicylic acid peel and nothing has helped. Some of the spots will clear away quickly and not scar if I pop them, but there is literally 2-3 new ones every day. I also get pimples in my eyebrows and frequently around them and in between them. I've included pictures with and without flash. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. rickey


    From the album: Small bumps all over forehead

    Small bumps that would occasionally turn into pimples all over forehead and along hairline.
  7. I started getting these small skin colored bumps about a year ago. They don’t go away and they’re like impossible to get rid of. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. Does anyone know what this is? I use all gentle products and i dont know what triggered this. hopefully someone can help
  8. Hello Acne.org users! Since around 8th Grade I have had moderate acne (In 9th Grade Currently) I ordered the regimen and have been using it for about 5 days now (ik its not a lot) but every morning it seems like my skin is getting clearer and clearer! But since there aren't any extremely noticeable pimple on my forehead, I realized I have a decent amount of semi dark spots on my skin from past pimples. Assuming they were scars, I looked up what forehead acne scars look like and they definitely a
  9. i have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Since getting hormonal acne at 11 years old until now, my skin has formed a bumpy texture which is especially prominent on the sides of my forehead, center of my chin, nose. it doesn't seem to be clogged pores because i have bigger clogged pores too. they are so small and look terrible under the light. i can't even feel the bumps very well when i touch them, so the overall texture is grainy and bumpy. please help!!!!
  10. Hi guys, Another day, another dollar. I'm currently at work on a Friday afternoon and thought hmmm I haven't updated my "blog" in a while. Obviously when we have a breakout, we jump onto google/acne.org in the hopes of finding an answer. I'm just going to paste my skincare routine from my prev blog entry & then add some notes. This is less boring then reading paragraphs. Just to update you though, my acne has now shifted from my cheeks (relieved not to have to deal with constant cysts) -
  11. I thought this was just the common acne but it's been months already and it looks like it ain't gonna go away on its own. I already improved my skin care routine but it's not helping my condition. Btw, I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and st. ive's apricot scrub. Should I try the nizoral shampoo or a sulfur-containing soap? Kindly leave some suggestions. I need your help so bad.
  12. I thought this was just the common acne but it's been months already and it looks like it ain't gonna go away on its own. I already improved my skin care routine but it's not helping my condition. Btw, I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and st. ive's apricot scrub. Should I try the nizoral shampoo or a sulfur-containing soap? Kindly leave some suggestions. I need your help so bad.
  13. One day I woke up with these small forehead bumps all over my forehead, my temples and all the way up until my hairline. I have no idea what to do. I have tried almost everything in the past two months. Anti-dandruff shampoo (severely dried out my skin and didn't improve the bumps), cetaphil gentle skin cleanser paired with a lightweight oil-free moisturizer, the Kiehl's line (midnight recovery, Calendula toner, etc) manual and chemical exfoliating products (ie peter thomas roth glycolic acid pa
  14. I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ? Please I want honest reviews about it.
  15. So, I'm 24 years old. I don't eat any junk food and have made sure to chew slowly/take my time eating since Jan. 3. I regularly drink 70+ ounces of water (since I'm only 155 pounds). No soda. My diet consists of fiber rich foods like almonds, bananas, beans, natto. I eat lots of veggies (salad every night). My face has always been the combo type--dry in some areas, acne prone in some parts of my face and areas where I just NEVER get zits. Starting around September 2017, I started
  16. Hey there, I hope you are all well, so I have been struggling with forehead bumps which have spread over the entirety of my forehead and now down to my temples. I never get acne and the majority of my face is extremely clear but for some reason my forehead has just broken out in all these bumps which aren't noticeable in certain lights but extremely in others as per the pictures attached. I have had mild success with Nizoral shampoo and Daktacort ointment as the doctor believes it is a fung
  17. Hi all - First, a little background: I'm currently a sophomore in college and never had too much of an issue with acne except for a moderate breakout here and there until my freshman year. I began to have acne on my forehead, a place I had never struggled with before, about a year ago. I had been on Minocycline throughout 11th and 12th grade which worked great, but it was this time last year that I began to have some nasty side effects. I then went on Doxycycline from last spring until this
  18. I had I guess you would call a sebaceous cyst on my forehead that formed almost a month ago. The bump itself has gone down, but there is a red mark there which I believe is just from the swelling. I don't know and can't tell if it is a scar or not so I have no idea what to use to make the redness fade away. I just started using Aloe Vera gel so I'm not sure if it is going to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  19. Hi, here are a couple of pics. I am 22 and had bad acne from 14-20 and clearing up from 21 to present from 16 months roaccutane - which was good. Unfortunately I have no juicy pics from before, but it has improved. I don't have active spots anymore on my forehead (which is the problem area) and i dont seem to get spots anywhere else on my face, only my forehead. Although I haven't had a 'spot' per se for about 6months, you can see that I have scarring form years of spots in the same place.. I wa
  20. Hello, I am 13 Years of Age and have suffered from light - moderate acne for the past year and a half. I have cut out most stress from my life, ex foliate 3 times a week, wash my face two times a day and have cut out most processed and dairy products from my life. I have always had forehead acne, i know that hormones are a part of it but i see other 13 year olds with flawless skin. When i first started ex foliating it has made a big improvement and sicne cutting out bad foods and eating foods l
  21. Hello, For a couple of months now, I've had 2 acne scars from when I popped pimples. They are slightly sunken in, so I figured they must be what you call "Ice Pick" scars. I also have these strange little bumps around my hairline. They are skin colored, and don't seem to have a head, and look like they are underneath my skin. Is that ;possible? Anyway, I'm hoping to find some sort of natural way of getting rid of them, no fancy products from the dermo. Does anyone have any ideas or
  22. I've had acne problems for a long time now and ive come to a point were i can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel... but for about 5 months ago i quit the acne.org regiment and since then my skin has not recovered fully, and by that i mean my skin has trouble exfoliating by itself, and it builds up during the week... so when i take a shower at temperatures like 40 degress celsius my forehead skin kinda turns into a white paste.. My skin did not do this before the regiment, which
  23. Three years of lurking on this site has finally led me to this moment. I really just feel obligated to share what has finally brought me clear skin. lerosett clay mask