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Found 222 results

  1. Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolant
  2. Right, so I have been suffering from these bumps across my forehead for about 6 months. I've tried benzoyl peroxide in hopes that it would clear away these bumps for about 1 month. It dried up my skin completely although did not remove the bumps. I'm starting to think that it is some sort of folliculitis as they first started across my hair line and gradually moved towards between my eyebrows and a few near my nose next to my cheeks. I've tried Nizarol and this has cleared up the bumps to some e
  3. I haven't written in a chat forum since middle school, so bear with me... In July of 2016, I switched from my birth control patch to Mirena, the IUD. I had ZERO problems with the patch, it was just kind of unsightly and annoying. Almost immediately after insertion of the IUD I started noticing my forehead breaking out. I was also in the middle of moving to a new state and starting a graduate program, so I attributed it to that stress. It's now been 4 months and I'm all settled in, but the bre
  4. Hello. So here is my current situation: my forehead is my only true problem area for me. I have tried basically ever over the counter acne treatment available for it. It gets better at times but is always red, especially in the middle of my forehead. I currently am using only a cleanser twice a day, with Paula's choice BHA at night with green cream layered on top of that. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what type of acne this is or help me out if they have any products that could help. I'm r
  5. 5 months ago I had perfect skin and now my face is the complete opposite. My whole life I've had 99% clear skin with an occasional pimple every now and then. However, just a few months ago my skin has really taken a turn for the worse.. I began to break out terribly on my forehead, mostly all cystic acne. I had no idea what was going on with my skin since I have never had to deal with acne this bad before. Recently I visited my dermatologist and she prescribed me Acanya cream which I've be
  6. I've always had acne problems on the forehead. I've helped it by washing my face with a clarisonic twice a day. Anyway my forehead was completely smooth and soft on Friday then I wake up on Monday and all hell breaks loose on my forehead! Like 20 pimples! My question is why?? What causes this? Is it my diet? And what kind of acne is this because a lot of the bumps have white heads? Why do I have giant pores on my forehead? I had happened to take a pic of my forehead Friday because I was doing a
  7. hi there, i've been so desperate lately because my skin has been getting so bad. i'm going to be 18 years old soon if that's of any importance i've tried so many face washes and masks and everything, yet my skin hasn't gotten a break. i've used humane acne wash for months and literally have seen nothing change, so recently maybe about 3 weeks ago i started using this african black soap and witch hazel toner afterwards and moisturize. i also use this cream that my parents use since my skin is s
  8. I steer away from dairy, havent worn makeup past week, changed my pillow sheets, yet my forehead erupted in a million tiny bumps? Flesh colored and really bad bumpy texture on forehead. Here’s some reference pics. And my skin routine is to simply wash with dove soap and moisturize with aveeno (cleared a really bad breakout for me). That’s all. Please help
  9. A little after starting the regimen my cheeks are clearing up (where my acne was/is) but now I'm getting super small bumps allll over my forehead and it's pretty noticeable. I go to school in a week I need help! Could it be from clogged pores from not exfoliating? Do you have this problem?
  10. Hi all, I have pretty shallow icepick scars across my forehead, and I recently scheduled an appointment for microneedling. I'm just wondering if this is a smart and effective path to follow, and if so, what length of needles are generally recommended. Thanks!
  11. I am a 34 year old male As a teenager I had problems wit acne on my chest While I did also suffer from Rosacea I didn't get many spots on my face. The chest acne cleared up in my early and mid 20's In the years afterward I had far from perfect skin but breakouts were mild and I was able to treat redness with sudocream However in the last two years I have had major out breaks including cyst spots and my skin in worse than its ever been The majority of the spots are on my forehead and ne
  12. when i was small, i had a LOT of pimples on my arms, and my mom used to pop them, after that i thought it was good to pop them so sometimes i'd lock myself up in the bathroom and pop every thing i could. this lasted years and now i'm left with ugly dark scars:( that was just to show how obsessive i am with popping. well now i'm a teenager and get quite a lot of pimples on my forehead, nose, etc. but i cannot control popping every single thing on my forehead, it ends up looking worse that what i
  13. So I don't have acne anywhere accept for on my forehead and hairline. Ive narrowed it down to my period, bad diet. HOWEVER, i pick and i pick until my forehead looks like its raised, disgusting and ugly. I can't even make eye contact w anyone when its bad. my skin isn't that bad until i pick and i pick all the time at home. squeeze just everything even if nothing comes up. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop my stupid habit? its been two years and i just feel very helpless. i c
  14. Hi! I'm almost 14 and I've had issues with acne for a year as of december. I had perfect, flawless skin and then out of nowhere I got about 10 pimples on each cheek that varied on size and came and went for about 4 months and then I FINNALY got my skin back up to par and it was perfect again... that lasted for a month because I got spoilt, lazy and thought I didn't have to work on it anymore. A few tiny tiny tiny little bumps showed up on my right cheek I didn't care I thought it would go away
  15. About two weeks ago, I started getting these little flesh colored little bumps on the middle of my forehead. After the bumps started I thought at first it was an allergic reaction as that's what it looked like. So I took allergy medicine and left it alone for a few days but it wasn't getting better. I went to the doctor who told me it was acne and prescribed me an antibiotic (Clindamycin phosphate topical lotion). I started using this twice a day and after two days I felt like my condition wa
  16. I'm a 22 old guy with severe scarring on my forehead. When I was about 16- acne hit me and hit me hard. Went on roacutane- it cleared up but left scarring. Then when I was 19 I had do go another round of Roacutane- and once again it cleared up but I got some added scarring. It never bothered me. Never. I saw the scars but just didn't care. Then about a year ago now- I've become obsessed with it. It's all I see when I look in the mirror- and thus I can't stop looking. I'm self-conscious
  17. I have a few on my forehead, most notably the big one right above where my unibrow would be if I had one. Not sure if they are rolling or boxcar or what. I've been doing weekly chemical peels and derma rolling every two weeks. I use Tretinoin .1% every night. I think I've diminished the appearance of them greatly in the past few months but honestly I'm not even sure since I avoid mirrors most of the time.
  18. I have had these colorless bumps on my forehead for a while and I don't know what they are. In the direct sun you can tell I have them but in normal lightening at school/in a building they aren't AS noticeable. I used to have bad eating habits but I have stopped eating sugar&drink lots of water. I read about using dandruff shampoo on my forehead. Should I try?
  19. I have small colorless bumps on my forehead and I'm almost 100% sure that it's pityrosporum folliculitis. Can anyone confirm this? I have been on acne medicine for a long time, and I've read that that is a factor that can cause this condition. Please help! The picture is a bit hard to see, but it is visible when the brightness is up.
  20. Hello all, So I got off acctuane three months ago. I started a retinoid(differin .1 gel) twoish weeks ago. I recently switched moosturizers because I was using cetaphil spf 2x a day and it was terrible! Didn't moisturize, stung, and had chemical sunscreen. I switched to cerave moisturizing lotion last Friday, and I love it. My skin(except for my forehead) is pretty smooth. I have been getting more clogged pores than usual on my forehead. Do you think this is do to the moisturizer or the differ
  21. Hey guys! I'm new here! I am 18 years of age and started breaking out quite bad recently. I've tried eating raw veggies and fruits before and saw some amazing results after a few days! I started getting a little cocky and included some bad foods into my diet again; just small amounts though and started to break out again ! So I decided to go back fully raw and the results that happened last time aren't happening?! Acne is really playing with my social life, confidence and self esteem, I never wo
  22. I recently noticed a t lot of tiny bumps all over my forehead, kind of like a rash/irritation. I used to have something similar along the side of my cheek and jawline, and after a few days, it went away. I don't know what's causing it and I don't know if it's a rash or anything like that. I don't rub my face when I dry it and I wash my face with my hands and not a washcloth. The products I use are the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, and The Body Shop
  23. Hello everyone. I am 20 years old, and haven't had problem skin for about a year now. I got put on birth control and found out I was allergic to gluten and dairy, and ever since then my skin has been perfectly clear. However, a couple weeks ago I woke up with tiny red bumps all over my forehead (I think they're papules). They're really only noticeable when you look really close or touch my forehead. I also noticed that the sides of my nose are bumpy as well, but those bumps aren't visible at all
  24. Hello All, So most of my life i have never really had any problems with acne, however for the past year or so i have been struggling with it on my forehead. I have been on creams, face washes, etc for quite awhile and have recently tried lemon juice overnight (however to no real improvement). I am very active which includes working out & running or doing something of that nature everyday and being outside. I have gotten into the habit of washing my face with dove (facial soap) everyda