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Found 222 results

  1. Hi. Well heres another acne story to add to the list. Being age 17 I suppose its to be expected, due to hormones and all, but my acne seems to have gotten out of control, especially in the forehead area, but now its appearing on the side of my face and cheeks, as the pictures show, along with the occasional bumps on my nose/chin (Yeah, I'm a mess). I've tried many products,primarily ones containing salyclic (?) acid and BP; I'm using one that is BP 10% now, been using it for roughly a month but
  2. So ive been having acne for about 7 constant months now . i used to have perfect skin until recently i started breaking out on my forehead and no where else . Ive tried PHYSICALLY EVERYTHING . egg white masks, salysilic acid , black soap , mandelic acid , benzoyl , etc EVERYTHING . now im left with brown scars which i dont care about but the fact that i keep getting pop up pimples one after the other is so annoying and i have no ideA what to trt next. HELP i wash my face with black soap as of ri
  3. Hello everyone, i am 15 years old and i have these very small bumps on my forehead that cannot go away, and i have tried anything. According to what i have read it may be comedonal acne/clogged pores but i´m not sure. There are hundreds of them: they are colorless, and you can only see them when close or when light catches them. It makes me feel extremely anxious and the few times that I could get rid of them, my anxiety levels went down. I used to use face scrubs, but that didn´t seem
  4. Anyone know the cause of forehead acne? I literally have never gotten a single pimple on my cheeks, but my forehead has a bunch of bumps and and few pimples. Primarily the bigger ones are located right in between my eyebrows. Other areas are right next to my nose, in between nose and mouth, and chin. Other information: every year for the past five years I have had perfectly clear skin in the summer, but in the fall (mainly November) my skin is the worst and I have the most breakouts.
  5. Does anyone else's skin get worse during the fall, particularly in the November month? Literally for the past 5 years, every November my skin is the worst, and then during the summer months it is perfectly clear. Anyone know how to specifically cure fall skin? My skin right now has a lot of annoying bumps, and a few annoying bigger pimples on my forehead
  6. I've had it for a while now, it never really bothered me, but when i looked in the mirror this morning. I noticed it and it made me want to get something for it ASAP. I want to know what i can do/get done to get rid of it.. It's so UGLYYY
  7. Hi! I just signed up as I'm so tired of these forehead bumps. I've looked all over the Internet and even on forums on here and there's so many different answers but I thought I'd create my own so I can also attach pictures to show what the problem is exactly. I have had these bumps for a very long time - when I went on antibiotics they did clear and my forehead was smooth, this was around 1 1/2 years ago now. Recently they have flared up and look quite red, irritated and pronounced. The rest o
  8. Hello everyone! About a week ago, I started the 3 step acne treatment from Clearogen because a YouTuber, Melanie Murphy, said it cleared all her acne away. But, I'm not sure if it's going to work for me because after using it I started getting white heads around my lips and my chin, which I usually don't get. I'm a little nervous to see if this product will eventually work. The good news is that it did help with my forehead acne. My question for you guys is that do you think I should continue w
  9. Hi, I have these small bumps all over my face and I really want to know how to get rid of them! I saw my GP and she prescribed me tetracycline, which i just finished, and Benzaclin. I've been using the benzaclin for a couple of weeks already but i haven't been seeing that many changes... Please help....
  10. Ive had this for about two days, it wont go away! I have two days to make it go away!! Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I had had clusters of flesh coloured bumps on my forehead for over a year, come and go. I have tried to research on this, and yet to come to a possible conclusion. I have been prescribed acne medications such as clindoxyl gel and retin-a cream to clear up my acne and my forehead with very temporary results, only for my forehead bumps to reappear in 3-4 months. My face for the most part is clear with the occasional hormonal breakout, but these bumps are constant. I eat very healthy and workout at
  12. So about a year ago my skin broke out in these tiny little bumps. Didnt look like pimples but when squeezed hard I could get something to come out. Went to the Derm and she gave me Retinol and Solodyn. Used the retinol religously for months, nothing happened. The bumps stayed. Eventually the bumps on my cheeks went away, but concentrated on my forehead. I eventually started BC and my face cleared beautifully. Had absolutely nothing wrong with. No blackheads, ZILCH. Fast foreward to 2 weeks a
  13. Hi, I usually don't have a lot of acne. I do have blackheads. A few days ago, I suddenly got these bumps on my forehead. They're near my hairline and in a cluster. They are skin colored, unless irritated. They're mainly visible under direct light and at an angle. They are hard but can be squeezed (I tried one unfortunately). They sometimes itch. I don't wear makeup. I usually just use plain soap for washing. I'm also well past my teens. Can someone help identify them so I can buy over the
  14. I am a 21 year old male. I was a senior in highschool in 2010, this is when I first started noticing I had oily greasy forehead skin. In fact, someone pointed it out to me one day and said my head looked really really shiny and made a big deal about it. I still never had hardly even a single zit. After the summer of 2011 I started breaking out horrendously. It was god awful and it was certainly severe acne. (around this time I also got a yorkie dog. I notice that when I take him to the
  15. I am 16 years old and i started my proactiv plus journey february 12, 2014. I thankfully never suffered through severe acne throughout my life. I usually got occasional pimples which started when i entered high school, which is normal for any teenage girl. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year in high school, my skin was normal, again had occasional pimples like any other teen, and it went away in a few days/weeks. (Also, i personally noticed i never had any breakouts or any acne during
  16. So in the summer I was experimenting with skin care products (huge mistake) I've had fairly clear skin my whole life with the exception of a few breakouts (very minimal and they usually went away very fast).. Anyways I never used to use products on my face.. No cleansers no moisturizers nothing.. I would just wash it and that too probably once or twice a day.. My skin has always been normal and clear until i started using products.. It started with my derma prescribing me epiduo and tazorac for
  17. So I believe I have very sensitive skin. I had these tiny bumps on my forehead that I was given stievamycin and benzaclin gel for. I used these on my acne spots, however now my face is a terrible texture on my cheeks and forehead I used to have such smooth skin. I've been crying non stop I don't know what to do and don't know if it's permanent. Please help.. It's causing me a lot of distress bc I need to wear makeup but it only makes it looks worse. I can't stop crying because I don't know what
  18. Hello. I'm 19 years old and i've had acne since I was about 15. My acne never really got severe until I was 16/17. Ever since then, I have had major breakouts and large acne bumps. Sometimes they are so big that I have to pop them .. Even when I don't pop them they turn into a scab.. In the past year the majority of my acne is on my forehead. It is so bad and i've tried everything from Proactive to other Salysic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Honey, even Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Garlic,
  19. Hello, I have had this outbreak for over a month now, it was smaller before, went away and now has come back in the last month. I am unsure if it is acne as I have had past problems with it, but never this bad. It is quite painful to touch, very irritable and itchy and is unresponsive to any treatment I've tried. I have tried what my dermatologist recommended for past acne outbreaks, Aczone + Atralin, but that is not working. I have been using peroxide to try to sterilize and dry it out, a
  20. I’ve had these bumps on my forehead for a while nowww. They appeared two years ago and I haven’t found a way to treat them since then. I don’t even know what they are called. Can someone please help me find out what they are and how to treat them?? I can’t afford a dermatologist so this is my last hope. I think they may be closed comedones but I don’t know . Please help. Thank you
  21. Okay, I'm going to try to explain everything in the easiest way I can. A month ago, I started using Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes. Two days later, the left side of my face was red, flaky, and sensitive. A few closed comedones appeared, but Reddit suggested I use CeraVe Moisturizer in the tub, and I did. It helped fix the problem and all was good. Two weeks later, I notice that there were closed comedones on my face. I immediately did research and found that CeraVe could cause closed c
  22. Hi friends! I'm at my wits end with my skin right now... Just wanted to pick your brains about what products I can use/ what I can do to tackle my SUPER acne prone skin. A little bit about my skin: I was on Diane 35 for about 1 year because I was breaking out severely on my forehead and cheeks. It got better with the BC as well as a regimin consisting of the Cosrx Good Morning Cleanser, Sunday Riley Lactic Acid and pure Argan Oil. Then I got off Diane 35 about a year ago and it wasn't
  23. Hi! I need help about my forehad acnes/bumps, i dont really know what they are or what caused them and what should i do to get rid of them so please help me ~ I’m 16 years btw
  24. This has been an ongoing issue for me since I turned 23, I'm now nearly 29... Clindamyacin and now benzaclin have not been able to stop these outbreaks and Retin-A micro simply aggravated it horribly. I'm starting to think it's not even acne anymore... dermatitis? Skin is only oily on my forehead - no where else. VERY oily forehead...easily use 5 blotting papers a day just on my forehead Any help/comments at all are greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi everyone! I am a 20 year old female who never had acne before my sophomore year in college. Then the summer of my sophomore year, I suddenly started getting very large red bumps on my forehead that could not be popped and were painful to squeeze. Squeezing them only resulted in a water-like liquid oozing out. I get them in waves of 5, wait for them to heal, only to have 5 more pop up on my forehead before the previous wave completely disappears. This has been going on for two years. I hav