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Found 129 results

  1. After taking my night dose of Accutane I felt really terrible last night, like I want to puke. I didn't get a good sleep, just tossed and turned on my bed at about 3am, 5am, 6am... I think at one point I woke up with a headache, but still tried to get some sleep. Felt dizzy when I got up. This morning I also felt nauseous after taking my dose. I'm on my 12th day on Accutane and this is the first time I experienced this side effects. Also a little numbness on my hands. Is there something I'
  2. My dermatologist said to take accutane with a meal that is "high in fat". Is 12g of fat considered to be high in fat? He suggested a cheeseburger but that is definitely more than 12g of fat, and I don't really like to eat fast food very often..
  3. There are some situations in which is very difficult to avoid high-carb foods. A friend invites you in his house for a dinner or going into a pizzeria just to hang out with your mates are quite common situations. Even though our daily diet is supposed to be low in carb-intake, sometimes we are "forced" to eat potatoes, pasta, pizza etc.. I have 2 questions about finding a trade-off that doesn't hurt too much our skin: 1)I know there are some foods that are anti-inflammatories, such as
  4. First of all i want to thanks you alternativista, about your spectacular outstanding and good information to help the people with this illness call acne, you are amazing!! My question is! How can i get rid or control my oily skin with some tiny spots but horrible oily skin! Like things to eat! Vitamins and suplements only focusing in the oily skin! ?! And a particular question is good vitamin A for oil control?! Is like accutane?! And what you know about lactoferrin?! Thanks!! Alternati
  5. I'm 17 and just saw a dermatologist and he said I have very low mild acne, and it's just the common thing for a teenager. I'm a guy. Anyway, I saw a osteopathic about 2 months ago and said that I am gluten and lactose intolerent, he said this without doing any actual physical medicine tests or what not, he just looked at my eyes, and did this tapping thing to my hand. So for the mean time I'm not eating that sort of stuff, but I'm going to get proper tests later to see if I actually am. Anyw
  6. Disclaimer: Im not even sure if this website is for blogs like this. Being personal I mean...meh. Well...since I cancelled my birthday plans and wrote that last/first post its been one of those days where nary a f____ was given. I have a problem with picking my skin, its close to being-or is- full blown dermatillomania. Basically what that means is I am OCD with imperfections on my skin, and picking them off makes me feel like I am getting rid or helping speed up the healing process of
  7. So this is my first post. I am a 21 year old male, and I have had moderate to very bad acne since I was a teenager. It's very bad now. I have been going to an NAET practicioner, but I feel like I am just wasting my money. He also told me that I have a weakness to yeast and hat I have some internal intestinal issues. However, he also told me I am allergic to just about every vegetable. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to eat. I hate living like this. I need advice from someone. I
  8. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys, in case it could help anyone. There are a lot of information out there about different causes of acne, but not so much about people’s sensitivity to specific food. I suffered from severe cystic acne for more than 6 years until I figured out slowly (over a period of 2 years) that it was all food related. I found out I am extremely sensitive to certain ingredients or additives in food, such as pectin, soy lecithin, xanthan gum, guar gum, and v
  9. I'm so mad. I've eaten such greasy, sugary, fatty food the past week and tonight was going good, until i went on a late night bidge... and then decided to pick every pore on my face. my face is completley red and irritated, it hurts too. I can already feel a break out coming. I really want to order dans BP treatment but i still havent gotten the courage to do it im just so awkward and embarrassed....:'( help
  10. So my right check is begining to show the signs of emerging disaster.. But I'm so drained of think about my acne I almost don't even care. Almost. I'm going to try to stop picking at my skin. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little 'white head management' but I'v been really picking at like everything on my face. And it's really taking it's toll. So....I'm going to stop. Starting today. It's usually at night before my shower (or afterwards) that I pick. So I'm going to like write w
  11. Hi, I am a 35 year old woman and I just discovered what was causing my big, red, painful blemishes, a condition that stayed with me since I was 20 years old. It was gluten-sensitivity. Before I had discovered this sensitivity, I had tried the "Proactiv" type medicines, I made sure I didn't wear moisturizer or make-up with oil in it, (definitely no sunscreen), and even went to the doctor to try a medicine ( but I soon talked myself out of it). Then a few months ago, I read an article about th
  12. To start off I've been a vegetarian for about 4 months now I haven't really seen any improvement in my skin but that's not really the reason im vegetarian in the first place, and my skin would probably be worse if i wasn't. I eat pretty healthy, a lot healthier than most my friends yet they still have perfect skin but I've been trying to eat less gluten, bread, pasta, stuff like that. Also no sweets but I have a massive sweet tooth and binge a lot so I'm thinking that having this blog will help
  13. Hi everyone! I wanted to share this video with you all, because I finally have clear skin and if this video could help just one of you, it'd be amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh1O39ZNuEE Let me know how you get on! xx
  14. What the frick. Everywhere I look website are like: It's a myth that acne is influenced by oily foods, junk food, chocolate, etc. I see this all over the place, but I know for a fact if I go into my kitchen right now and eat the three cookies that have been taunting me all day, I will break out. I hate two cinnamon roles and a cookie over the course of the day yesterday and ate healthy the rest of the day, and I "out of the blue" broke out HARD. Much worse that it usually is. I know th
  15. Hey everyone, Just wondering, what seems to cause your acne the most?
  16. Breakfast :Pancakes with chocolate spread Snack:Apple and Granola bar Lunch:Banana and Sandwich brown bread Dinner: Homemade Pizza Im very paranoid just to add that ..
  17. My acne cleared up so much but im still have small out Ive mostly post acne marks but my chin and forehead would still get small sore pimples .. For school i started eating granola bars everyday an apple or banana pita or brown bread sandwiches and drink only water .. I cant really have a separate dinner I eat whatever my family eats but its never really greasy fatty food once or twice it could be chips or oven pizza or microwaved food .Over not eating alot in school i do get hungry very peckis
  18. Every morning im stuggling to find something to eat either weetabix with hot milk porridge Boiled egg or scrambled with toast or just toast with butter or chocolate spread sometimes have a banana too . Every saturday me and my family would have a fry i stopped eating them over them being greasy .. Is what im getting okay if ive mild acne ?
  19. I have like one everyday instead of having Junk food and biscuits . I was starving yesterday and i had two will this make me break out make acne flare up ?
  20. Everyday all i think about is my skin what i eat what i use what i do . Its terrible . This is what i ate today Breakfast : 2 weetabix with hot milk and 3 cereal biscuits Snack: Apple 2 rice cakes with chocolate mixed nuts half a garnola bar Lunch : Pitta with salad and ham and elevenses choc chip snack bar Dinner: Pasta and chicken I only drink water Someone give me answers
  21. I know food affects my acne, but I'm not sure how. It seems like if I eat a lot of anything I break out, and if I don't eat very much, I break out less. So that lead me to try a low glycemic load diet, which helps, but isn't enough. If I eat a lot of food, even if it is still in low glceymic load meals, I break out more than I would if I ate less. I can cut out certain foods and see if that helps, but I really don't think I have an allergy or anything. And if I did that, I would lose weight,
  22. Hey, This is something that I came across the other day: http://video.foxnews...tamins-useless/ What do you guys think? edit: I am not saying that it is not important to get your vitamins. I just figured that it would be intersting to post this.
  23. Hi there, It's been a while since I posted on acne.org. I do have a look around once in a while, but as my signature says; my skin has gotten a lot better so I'm not as obsessed as I was. Anyway, I started this topic because although my skin HAS gotten better and is pretty clear I've been really busy lately and haven't been keeping my diet as under control as much as I wish, and I've been getting a few pimples. I came across a topic on here saying that fasting was really effective, and alt
  24. Well, I'm not feeling particulaly eloquent or funny tonight, so I thought I'd throw some photos at you guys until I can do a proper blog. So for Movember (fundraising event for men's health, for those not in the mo know), on Sunday morning I helped Flatemate cook biscuits to take in for morning tea. He's not very adept at cooking (yet), and was also more than a trifle hungover under the weather, which meant that I pretty much did all the mixture-making and the cleaning, and four trays' worth
  25. Okay this is only going to be a quick update to make sure I don't fall too far behind, and to act as an incentive for my spotty friends to blog. Following on from the issue of allergic reaction/irritation, this was me by about 2 am on Monday night: Schematic depicting extent of discomfort resulting from contact dermatitis. Subject was medicated with antihistamines (Phenergan 25 mg), which succeeded in subduing symptoms significantly. So I have a shower and become intolerably itchy (ev