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Found 129 results

  1. Dear friends, It's been 5 years I haven't logged in to this forum. I am now 25, I still have some acne, but I can say it is under control and not impacting my social life anymore. Like many others on this forum I achieved it by experimenting on myself. I have also tried several drug products, but I have found all my solutions in the holistic approach: mostly with food, sleep, sport, psyche. I believe in the holistic approach, I believe it is underrated in the medical community, It lacks
  2. Quick question about turkey and chicken where could I buy them organically or whatever? I heard their both much better for you and to me it seems like it's the only type of meat I could throw in my body besides like wild salmon and what not, I'm 16 and love eating meat but I think I'd rather go for clearskin than eating whatever I want been eating lot of veggies and fruits etc. had about mild-ish acne since about the 7th grade now am in 11th so eating right seems the way to go my scars seems lik
  3. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the best and 10 being the worst) how would you rate your acne?
  4. Do greasy foods and sodas actually cause breakouts or is it all just in my head?
  5. Hi, Just a quick question. I've read a lot about taking your Roaccutane tablets with the right types of food. What's the best type of food to take the tablets with to improve how effective they are? Thank you S
  6. Hi everyone thank you for taking your time to read this. In this article I will keep saying me because it worked for me. We are all different. But this might help you! so let's start! Little background first: I am 23 years old. My skin had lots of acne from the age of 20 till the age of 22. I lived in Florida. This is what helped me to get rid of my acne. There are 3 factors that played a roll in my acne. 1. Food 2. Products 3. Stress Food is a big part! what you eat, is who
  7. Today my face is 90% clear. I only have two or three tiny zits. My back on the other hand is maybe just a little bit better. It's hard to tell but it's definitely not as bumpy as usual. Now onto what I ate. I had two eggs and some ham both fried with coconut oil sautéed spinach with olive oil and meat loaf A carrot stick And I'm gonna have a granola bar later And of course, a sh*t ton of water. Goodnight ✌️
  8. I'm 23 years old and I've dealt with acne for 15 years. I won't go into the physical and emotional toll it took on me because everyone's is familiar with the feeling or you wouldn't be reading this. Of course I've tried almost everything except for accutane. The only thing that "temporarily" saved my skin was birth control. It was like a saving grace for me. No more greasy hair, skin, raging emotions and of course, no more acne. I literally woke up one morning and my skin was completely clear. N
  9. So I just finished a 5 month course of Accutane. I was on 60mg for 2 months, and the last 3 were 80 mg. I have to say it was horrible at first, i had huge disgusting breakouts that were so embarrassing. It was hell for about 3 months. My face slowly started to clear but throughout my treatment it has never been completely clear which has been disappointing. Now I am done and have just 2 large pimples on my face. otherwise I am completely clear and I love it. I just have a couple of questions
  10. I don't understand how people can say diet and acne are not related. For instance Ive been doing digging on Sebaceous glands and sebum. Of course we all know, Isotret (Accutane) is the only actual studied scientific proof that it does in fact shrink your glands and sebum production. However I was reading up on what sebum is primarily made up of (Wax, Triglycerides, Free fatty acids, Squalene) Information pulled from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebaceous_gland - As you can see the Sebaceou
  11. I'm 17 and have had hormonal acne since I was 12. My skin has cleared up remarkably during the summer, and now I have virtually not a single spot on my face other than a couple of small hyperpigmentation/red marks left over from earlier acne. When I wash my face, it feels flat and smooth. This is the first time since I started combating acne that my skin has improved significantly on its own! I've been following a strict diet for the past few months: I cut out dairy, processed foods, white rice/
  12. well,the topic head says it all!! please add ur recipes (which preferably doesn't need any kitchen stuff except for probably an electric kettle)!!lets just make this thread for everyone 'helpless'!lol!!! easy-to-make puffed rice mix things u need: #puffed rice #spices - dry roasted (in a pan) cumin ground (which u can make once and store almost forever) #chilli(chopped) #oil - any form really. the original recipe uses mustard oil.(this is optional) #chopped onion #finally choppe
  13. I have struggled with acne since I was about 11 years old, and now 23 years old I was still struggling with moderate acne. I have tried every treatment under the sun, but with no success. I would have mild acne pretty much all the time, but about a week before my "time of the month" came I would always get moderate acne on my face and sometimes on my shoulders. Another problem for me was that in the summer my face would always get really oily and that always made my acne worse, but I had no c
  14. I did the 23andme.com DNA test which tests for a range of inherited health conditons (as well as estimates your ancestry composition, which wasn't as interesting but whatever). Thought you all might be interested because there are DNA markers for - lactose intolerance - fructose intolerance - hemochromatosis (people with these markers are more at risk for iron overload because they metabolize iron differently, there are also theories that people with this mutation handle starchy grain
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new here and just made an account because i've read some of these posts and this seems a good place to ask this question. I am 22 year old male and I have had acne pretty much since I hit puberty. It stopped for a while in my late teens but recently became horrible, with cysts. It was so bad at one point that I went to the dermatologist and he almost immediately said I should go on accutane because it was so bad. I refused because I don't want that in my body and have read th
  16. Hi guys, This is my first post on here and I thought I would join the acne.org community after being put on Roaccutane (I live in the UK) or Accutane. This is my 4th day taking 30mg once a day of Accutane and just have a question on what is the best way to take Accutane. I read the instruction leaflet given with my Accutane and it said to take it with food or milk which I have been doing. Do you need to take Accutane with water whilst you are take it with your food? Because, I've bee
  17. Hi everyone, just a couple of questions to answer please for anyone that has managed to work it out. How long does it take for you to breakout from any "triggers" that you know you have? How long does it then take for the breakouts to stop? Ie. not how long for the breakouts to fade but how long for new spots to stop forming\pop up. Eg. if sugar is your trigger and you eat a chocolate bar, drink a coke etc which then leads to a breakout, how long for the spots to first appear
  18. I've been suffering from acne for 2 years and I believe it's a genetic thing but I'm trying to take care of it the best way I can. Other than doing my normal skincare routine, what can I do to help me skin get better? I've been trying to find a good diet but if you could give me some examples, that would be appreciated. Also, I live in a dorm environment, so I don't have access to a kitchen of any sorts but I plan on buying a rice cooker and I don't think I'm allowed to have a hot plate or anyth
  19. hey guys! i've been living a healthy life for abt 2 mnths now(more or less - so i believe) and am better. i mean to carry on this plan of eating a balanced diet,working out (to maintain myself) and also lead a holistic healthy lifestyle in every aspect. low sugar,nothing processed,indulgence as low as once or twice a mnth,yoga/pranayama,lemon water,cinnamon green tea,fruits,veggies,egg,fish,whole grains,strict skin care routine..etc but the issue is i've been eating bad for more than a
  20. Hi there. I've lurked on here for years (and actually had a different active account for awhile, but lost that email address and can't get back in.) I've been clear on and off for awhile now, but I need help. I'm so confused. Even my naturopath is stumped on what to do with me going forward. I'm hoping if I share my story, someone might have some idea on what I can try next. Story (I'll keep it as short as possible): Skin goes crazy with heavy moderate acne at the age of 12. It's practi
  21. Hi, I'm 17 and male and I have moderate acne (mostly on my cheeks, white heads and red spots) I really need to cure this, it is destroying my life. I have had acne since i was 13 I'm currently trying a no wheat and no milk diet but after 3 weeks i see no improvement. I miss eating wheat and dairy foods.. Does diet actually affect acne? I eat all organic. Also, is it alright if i eat wheat without gluten? Or should i eliminate all wheat? I use Desert essence face wash and a natural alo
  22. I got a ALCAT food intolerance blood test that was sent to the path lab a few weeks ago and have been acting on it, so far, yes improvements. My nutritionist says it's really accurate and works and got it done herself and noticed big changes. However, I've been reading online that people say it's not accurate. Can anyone inform me?
  23. What are your favorite foods that are both SIMPLE and TASTY? And of course promote the things we generally preach on here, like dairy-free, sugar-free, etc.? I've been eating Paleo-esque for years now, but with a tight budget, limited cooking skills, and not a lot of time at home...my meals are pretty bland. Let me hear your ideas!
  24. For roughly around a week I have been attempting to start a lower Glycemic Index/load diet (along with eliminating most processed foods and most sugars/artificial sweeteners) in hopes that would aid in my acne healing, but I feel like I am struggling a bit. I am not so much struggling with will power, but really knowing what to eat. I have a fairly restricted diet as I am a non-dairy vegetarian and have a sunflower seed/oil allergy (you'd be surprised of all that it's in....it can be restr