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Found 129 results

  1. Hi there, It's been a while since I posted on acne.org. I do have a look around once in a while, but as my signature says; my skin has gotten a lot better so I'm not as obsessed as I was. Anyway, I started this topic because although my skin HAS gotten better and is pretty clear I've been really busy lately and haven't been keeping my diet as under control as much as I wish, and I've been getting a few pimples. I came across a topic on here saying that fasting was really effective, and alt
  2. Breakfast :Pancakes with chocolate spread Snack:Apple and Granola bar Lunch:Banana and Sandwich brown bread Dinner: Homemade Pizza Im very paranoid just to add that ..
  3. My acne cleared up so much but im still have small out Ive mostly post acne marks but my chin and forehead would still get small sore pimples .. For school i started eating granola bars everyday an apple or banana pita or brown bread sandwiches and drink only water .. I cant really have a separate dinner I eat whatever my family eats but its never really greasy fatty food once or twice it could be chips or oven pizza or microwaved food .Over not eating alot in school i do get hungry very peckis
  4. Hey guys, I hope to share with you what I have learned in my 12 years journey to clearing acne. I used to have moderate to severe acne. (I'm a guy btw) It took me 12 years to figure out because I was doing it by changing one factor at a time, and I wasn't really exactly focusing all my time and energy into it as well, that's why it took so long. 1 - Stress is my main root cause. Even at my best behaviour, I'll still get 1-3 medium spots when stressed. Acne worsens from 2X to 100X mainly ba
  5. Could anyone please help with identifying what could be the root problem for my acne? I'm male, 27 years old, acne since puberty. Around nose, mouth and on scalp. I have something opposite of cystic acne, pimples mostly show up on outer layer of skin. Of all the tests I'v taken and doctors visited, only IgG4 food sensitivity panel show up that there's something wrong with me. High sensitivity to grains and gluten, dairy, few fruits and veggies. But as weird as it sounds, most of the time it
  6. Hi, Came across these videos a few weeks ago of an indian nutrition coach, who talks about incorporating these eight foods in your diet to get rid of both acne and scars. According to him it even gets rid of old deep scars, but of course you won't know for sure unless you try it. I've made sure to eat most of what he talks about now for a few weeks for some scars I have left and will continue to do so for a few months and see what happens. Anyway, thought some of you might be interested in try
  7. Hi guys, I had really terrible cystic acne almost two years ago now and since then it's cleared up with some red Post Acne Erythema marks on my cheeks which are really difficult to get rid of unless I pay some good $$$ for laser treatment but I'm a senior in college so that's obviously not happening any time soon. Anyways, when I do break out these days it's from hormones when I'm on or near my period OR when I eat sugar/fried foods. Sugar is my biggest weakness. I almost never eat candy bu
  8. Since I relapsed my first round and want this round to work for good, I have been researching the best way to absorb accutane to the fullest extent, I found some great articles that I feel the need to share! These articles basically say that high fat and high calorie meals absorb accutane 60% better than on an empty stomach. I have decided that I am going to take the healthy approach to fatty meals and stick with coconut oil. Coconut oil is compromised differently than other oils, it is sent dir
  9. Hello! I have been dealing with acne since I hit puberty at age 14. It was very mild in high school, but when my senior year hit my cystic acne started to show up; it has stayed for good. I only get one or two at a time along with a few blackheads/whiteheads here and there, but my skin has been awful at repairing itself and the cystic acne has left scars all over my face. The scars on my forehead have healed but still have a lot around my mouth. I have found out that my triggers are fluoride to
  10. Hi, Just a quick question. I've read a lot about taking your Roaccutane tablets with the right types of food. What's the best type of food to take the tablets with to improve how effective they are? Thank you S
  11. Hi everyone, my name is Lydia. I am an almost seventeen year old female with what I would consider to be moderate acne. I have struggled since the age of 13 with persistent breakouts, excessively oily skin and clogged pores- trying every product under the sun in hope of finding a miracle cure. Unfortunately I still haven't found one. Although my skin is considerably better than it used to be, I still feel plagued with self-consciousness and have major self-esteem issues. I have decided to take
  12. I am currently taking the anti biotic doxycycline and I've been on it for 2 months now and nothing has reallyy changed, I find that my skin becomes itchy and inflamed sometimes, maybe more so when exposed to heat, going out in public, and when my beard starts to come in, i recently stopped eating any gluten and dairy because I've also had stomach issues in the past, I've been drinking more green tea and a probiotic. Is my anti biotic really helping? does anyone have similar skin and eliminated c
  13. Hi! So I have been taking Lymecycline for just over two months now, it has worked wonders for my skin but I feel extremely nauseous for a few hours after taking it, I take it at night before I sleep for that reason. Recently I started my latest prescription of the antibiotic and have lost ALL of my appetite which is unusual for me, I love food, have a healthy relationship with food and eat everything put in front of me but in the last week I can't think of meals without feeling ill. I can'
  14. What are your favorite foods that are both SIMPLE and TASTY? And of course promote the things we generally preach on here, like dairy-free, sugar-free, etc.? I've been eating Paleo-esque for years now, but with a tight budget, limited cooking skills, and not a lot of time at home...my meals are pretty bland. Let me hear your ideas!
  15. First of all i want to thanks you alternativista, about your spectacular outstanding and good information to help the people with this illness call acne, you are amazing!! My question is! How can i get rid or control my oily skin with some tiny spots but horrible oily skin! Like things to eat! Vitamins and suplements only focusing in the oily skin! ?! And a particular question is good vitamin A for oil control?! Is like accutane?! And what you know about lactoferrin?! Thanks!! Alternati
  16. I got a ALCAT food intolerance blood test that was sent to the path lab a few weeks ago and have been acting on it, so far, yes improvements. My nutritionist says it's really accurate and works and got it done herself and noticed big changes. However, I've been reading online that people say it's not accurate. Can anyone inform me?
  17. I'm 17 and just saw a dermatologist and he said I have very low mild acne, and it's just the common thing for a teenager. I'm a guy. Anyway, I saw a osteopathic about 2 months ago and said that I am gluten and lactose intolerent, he said this without doing any actual physical medicine tests or what not, he just looked at my eyes, and did this tapping thing to my hand. So for the mean time I'm not eating that sort of stuff, but I'm going to get proper tests later to see if I actually am. Anyw
  18. For example if I drink a low quality coffee I might find I get rashes or other acne problems. If iI drink a higher quality coffee I don't get these problems. I've got this same situation with chocolate. If the maker of it is higher quality I don't experience skin problems. Does anyone else relate to this ? btw the type of coffee im drinking is blue mountain from jamaica. very good top notch and is not bugging me like all the others ive tried.
  19. So when I was 16, I decided to find the root cause of my acne. I was convinced it was masturbation within my first two weeks of self testing. So all the way up until I was almost 18, I was tormenting myself trying not to masturbate. I broke down and masturbated a lot. When I was 18, I researched, and remembered my severely unhealthy diet I had when I was little. Then I remembered how acne came when I was 11. It turned cystic when I was 12 and started masturbating, which is what threw me of
  20. imsotired


    Hello everyone, recently i've been eating organic, already peeled garlic gloves in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Other than that... Water water water, no soda. A quick way to get your vitamins is to combine coconut water (pure) with mixed greens ... you can buy these in square boxes at most supermarkets. And bananas, because they are cheap and filled with potassium and will bring out flavor in your shakes. There is one that contains A C K vitamins, which will give you energy, make you f
  21. Disclaimer: Im not even sure if this website is for blogs like this. Being personal I mean...meh. Well...since I cancelled my birthday plans and wrote that last/first post its been one of those days where nary a f____ was given. I have a problem with picking my skin, its close to being-or is- full blown dermatillomania. Basically what that means is I am OCD with imperfections on my skin, and picking them off makes me feel like I am getting rid or helping speed up the healing process of
  22. So my right check is begining to show the signs of emerging disaster.. But I'm so drained of think about my acne I almost don't even care. Almost. I'm going to try to stop picking at my skin. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little 'white head management' but I'v been really picking at like everything on my face. And it's really taking it's toll. So....I'm going to stop. Starting today. It's usually at night before my shower (or afterwards) that I pick. So I'm going to like write w
  23. Well, I'm not feeling particulaly eloquent or funny tonight, so I thought I'd throw some photos at you guys until I can do a proper blog. So for Movember (fundraising event for men's health, for those not in the mo know), on Sunday morning I helped Flatemate cook biscuits to take in for morning tea. He's not very adept at cooking (yet), and was also more than a trifle hungover under the weather, which meant that I pretty much did all the mixture-making and the cleaning, and four trays' worth
  24. StarCookbook

    Road to clear skin

    Hi Everyone It's my first blog and I'm excited and nerve wrecking at the same time to be blogging about - you-know-it ; Acne. Well to kick it off , I didn't know little things like this can actually destroy you, well for me , destroy my life in general. It made me feel somewhat vunerable and reserved. I know for a fact that I'm not that kind of person but oh sharks acne proves me wrong. So I'm gonna change my lifestyle and see how it goes !! 1st thing to do is of course e