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Found 117 results

  1. Hello all, I am new to this site and will attempt to briefly sum up my current situation. I am a 33-year old man from the UK. When I was about 16 I started getting acne and went on a few courses of antibiotics to sort it out. A couple of years ago my skin problems returned. I was eventually referred to a dermatologist who confirmed my condition now is folliculitis – not acne. The folliculitis only flares up on my chin and above my top lip. I was put on Doxycycline which didn’t he
  2. Jerseyb

    Folliculitis Will Not Heal

    Hi Guys Can someone please please please help!!!!!! Last Christmas I started to develop red marks on my face which I originally thought was Acne. The marks were originally extremely red and crossed half one check and covered a large section of my other cheek. The marks really effected my self esteem and destroyed my confidence. I went to the Dr's and he told me what I had was a shaving infection and gave me some topical steroid and moisturiser and said it should be healed in a couple of
  3. If i'm posting this, it means the situation is desperate and i acknowledge that i have a bad skin condition. I feel some sort of relief now that i share this on a public forum. I could write a whole essay about how my skin problem affected every aspect of my life in so many ways and how i feel like i'm all alone fighting this demon called "acne". Here are some facts about my skin problem: - I started getting moderate acne on my face and neck in 2007 (i was 14 at that time) which cleared
  4. been prescribed these for a mixture of acne and folliculitis, can i chop the pills up and take the powder as i can't take tablets. also can i have advice for helping with folliculitis (diet doesn't contain much gluten dairy or sugar) i've ussed nizoral (slightly useful, caused lots of irritation) selsun (fairly useless) and i've tried using epiduo, zindaclin, BP, salicylic acid, skinoren on these forehead bumps (not much success). Main problems are rough skin texture (under the skin bumps
  5. Within the last month I have developed these clusters of red/non colored bumps on my butt that go all the way to my inner thigh. They do not itch or cause me pain in the slightest, they are just extremely embarrassing to have. I've tried acne scrubs, anti inflammatory soap, and tea tree oil but nothing has helped. Attached are some (kinda graphic) pictures, but it's just the location of these bumps. Can someone diagnose me?
  6. So for the last month or two, I've had these little pimples on the back of my neck; strictly at my hairline on the left and right sides. Mostly on the right, but there is a little bit on the left. I am on month four of Accutane and I figured this was some sort of side effect. The odd thing is that my face is staying very clear, so I couldn't understand why I was breaking out on my neck. Keep in mind that I've never had zits on the back of my neck my entire life. Even prior to going on Accutane.
  7. LidiaMichele

    Do I Have Folliculitis?

    Hello everyone, i am a 22 year old female. I have been told by my dermatologist that I have acne on my forehead, therefore in the summer of 2013 he gave me a topical solution to put on every night called Tactuo (benzyl peroxide and andapolene). I have been determined to get my skin healthier in order to stop using this harsh substance on my skin. I felt like I accomplished getting it healthier by using natural products such as raw honey and apple cider vinegar, therefore I have stopped using T
  8. ive recently been prescribed lymecycline pills for a mixture of acne and folliculitis, my doc seems to think it's only acne and having looked at my forehead (where it's worst) she seems convinced it's acne (fairly sure it's not though, other treatments i've used e.g. regular BP, BHA, skinoren, duac, zindaclin, differin and epiduo have all not managed to dent the small bumps on my surface). these bumps don't shift, i've even tried nizoral and selsun and these have slightly helped but caused a lo
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I have been an avid reader of the discussions on acne.org whenever I have gone through terrible breakouts. I don't have access to a doctor since I am traveling right now and kind of worried about what my face is going through. Over the last couple of weeks I have developed these tiny pustules that are irritated looking and lots of them together with redness around each and some have a small whitehead on them. They are clearly not acne (at least I don
  10. I'd like to get laser hair removal asap. My skin breaks out daily from hair removal. Has anyone with a skin tone tone close to "caramel" had a positive experience in the Bay Area CA? Where laser center did you use? I'd love to hear any success stories, thank you!
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post after many months of curious lurking. In January of last year I went on 3 weeks of board spectrum antibiotics and after my course was completed, started noticing strange itchy pinpricks that would come and go without rhyme or reason across my chest. This went on for a year before my GP suggested fungal folliculitis and gave me 3 weeks of Fluconazole at 100mg per day for 3 weeks. My PF started getting immensely better and I was overjoyed. I was very excit
  12. Since I went off Accutane (about August 2014) I've been suffering with what I believe is scalp folliculitis. I get very painful red bumps on my scalp, which don't seem to harbor pus, as they don't ooze any kind of liquid when I squeeze them (I don't overdo the squeezing, it's just to test, don't worry), and they don't seem to cause hair loss, since I haven't noticed any hairless zones in my scalp, apart from the typical androgenic balding signs. Usually they last four or five days, at most, and
  13. Hi guys, I'm really hoping you can help me identify what's causing my acne and how I get rid of it. I've struggled with this for years now and I've tried pretty much everything to get rid of it! I thought it was normal acne then I thought it was ingrown hairs so I took all my chest hair off but it made no difference. I'm now currently reading about folliculitis but I'm not sure if its that either. Please give me some of your expert advice Pictures are attached
  14. Hi. OK so I am going absoultely mad! I am 23 years old. I don't have acne but I have whiteheads and even pink colored pimples on my face mainly left and right cheek and on my forehead. But what drives me insane is the whiteheads or even pink pimples I get at the back of my scalp napeline and sometimes on top of my scalp. It hurts like crazy and is itchy as well. No dr has ever been able to tell me what it is they all gave me different antibiotics I take them and after the I'm finished with them
  15. So heres the story, Im now 23, skinny, white male. Ive had acne since a teen and went on docycycline for about a year which barely worked after a month and when I stopped using it my back got really bad. So I went on accutane which was great and cured all my acne, however a few months after I started to get a few small pimples on my scalp which I never used to get and now its worse and gets really itchy. So anyway, I started using T/Gel for my scalp which kind of worked but pretty sure the coal
  16. Hey guys, I really need your help since I can't get to a derm soon and need to know what is going in with my skin. I was on Minocycline for 10-11 months and started breaking out on the 7th month after staying clear. However, I am currently weaning off it and I have the worst flare up I have had in months! I cannot seem to decide if what I have is hormonal acne or folliculitis. If you guys do know, I would really appreciate any comments and any suggestion on how to cure this. I got this
  17. Hi, I usually don't have a lot of acne. I do have blackheads. A few days ago, I suddenly got these bumps on my forehead. They're near my hairline and in a cluster. They are skin colored, unless irritated. They're mainly visible under direct light and at an angle. They are hard but can be squeezed (I tried one unfortunately). They sometimes itch. I don't wear makeup. I usually just use plain soap for washing. I'm also well past my teens. Can someone help identify them so I can buy over the
  18. Staccatostorm

    Scalp/neck Acne

    I´m 32 yo, I had cystic acne as a teenager.. required two cycles of Accutane at ages 21 and 23. After that I has had problems in my scalp and also face. I think that I have a mild-severe acne in beard area persistent papules occasionaly pustules, not a real problem. The real problem is in my scalp, in the posterior part of my neck always have almost a dozen of lesiones, papules, pustules, they itch a lot, sometimes are painful. I have tried almost everything: 1. Topical antibiotics: Clindamyci
  19. Sir Paul

    Acne Or Folliculitis?

    26-year-old male Currently taking/using: Aczone (dapsone) Gel 5%, Clinique Men's 3-Step Skin Care System, Doxycycline Hyclate (100 mg) and Mupirocin Ointment USP, 2% Aczone is applied in the morning, face is washed with Clinique twice a day, Doxyclycline is taken twice a day (morning and evening) and the Mupricin is used in the nares for 1 week per month Duac Topical Gel was substituted for Aczone due to insurance cost Isolated to chin and lower mustache area Ongoing roughly since May 2011 0
  20. Does this look like folliculitis to you? I can't find anything through searches that looks like it. All of the pictures show red inflamed bumps all over and I mostly have flesh colored bumps with a few red ones/white head looking spots. It first appeared after working out and switching to a SA facewash along with using BP topically and the more I tried to treat it the worse it got. Cortisone seems to help a bit but its only a quick fix and as soon as I sweat or shower it gets aggravated.
  21. Supernova480

    Acne or Folliculitis?

    Hey guys, I've never had any real problems with my skin in the past, but in the last year i've heavily increased my exercise. I seem to get new spots on my chest and back after every workout. I've tried all the recommended advice- cool showers, salicylic sprays and soaps, drying sweat with a towel, changing tshirt instantly after a workout. I've spent a scary amount of money on various creams, moisturisers and body washes but to no avail. I've been to the doctor a few times, i'm currently tak
  22. Hello folks, I think I have a bad case of Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis caused by vaping an electronic cigarette. I've rationalized the cause as follows: (1) inhaling massive amounts of vegetable glycerin (a lipid) significantly increases sebaceous gland activity and sebum production, and possibly a layer of vegetable glycerin on the skin. (2) Pityrosporum yeast feeds on lipids, and therefore has advantageous conditions to grow abnormally. (3) The vape smoke itself is irritating
  23. rantthekidd

    Acne Hair Loss in Scalp

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I would come read the forums for a few weeks ago to read about accutane and people's reviews on it. I started taking Accutane exactly 10 days ago on 30mg and I was wondering what my chances would be in my hair regrowing back. I have severe acne in my face, back and the back of my scalp. This treatment has given me hope about curing it but I am wondering if anyone knows if my hair in the back of head will grow back after the treatment since I already do have