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Found 54 results

  1. Well, after some much needed moisturizer and jojoba, my skin is back on its way. The swelling is completely gone, and the redness has gone down significantly. Also, the popped areas are still healing. They're not completely gone, but they're looking a lot less angry! I did have to exfoliate with jojoba oil this morning, though. I rubbed a good amount of it between my hands and massaged my face with it in the shower. It works better for me when my flakes are wet; they just come right off
  2. I'm sorry I haven't posted about the past few days. I didn't have time to access the internet this weekend. I'll just quickly summarize how my skin's been doing: Day 25: Again, flaky skin. Even though I was in a van for about 10 hours, I insisted on wearing makeup the entire day. There were travel videos to worry about and such. I bought Tarte's Maracuja Miracle Foundation the day before, which is a liquid. The woman selling me the product was successful in convincing me that liquid f
  3. This morning, I woke up to no new forming pimples, and even better, diminished whiteheads. I was so pleased to see that the popped whiteheads from yesterday healed pretty well, and it doesn't look like they'll be coming back. Thank goodness. The papule near my nose has also shrunk a bit, which is great. I just want to be able to wear makeup today without looking like a bumpy toad. My skin is still extremely dry and flaky, but I'm proud of this progress! This is one of those days on the
  4. Hi, I have been on the regimen for almost three months. My skin is slowly improving, but it's definitely not clear yet. While I am aware that my skin will continue to be dry until it adjusts, it's a bit frustrating. I use Jojoba oil in my moisturizer at night, but not in the mornings. While it's helped the dryness, it's still hard to deal with and prevents me from wearing makeup. Would the next step be to add in the AHA+? I own a bottle of it but have not used it yet because I am very busy and
  5. From the album: Week One / Day 4

    WEEK ONE / DAY 4 (I was using Proactiv until it ran out and then I switched to the Regimen because Proactiv was too harsh on my skin.)**I am NOT wearing skin makeup besides mascara** I noticed that the redness had subsided, however, my skin was still "darkening" and "hardening". Acne was "smoothing" out, but new breakouts were still occurring. Dryness and flakiness still occurred. Acne marks were healing and being dried out. Still a lot of hyper pigmentation.
  6. From the album: malaysian update.

    i did some makeup today since had to go for a shopping. no expensive makeup like mac or revlon or whatever to cover up the scars, acne and bumps. just the coverface and pixy compact powder did the job. the flakiness has took over my whole face. dryness ohh my. maybe i need jojoba oil. but hard to find it where im gonna find it in malaysia. new bumps and pimples have landed. no.

    © Maryana

  7. So I've been using the Regimen for over 5 months now. I'm very good at following the instructions and have seen great results. I breakout here and there but it goes away within a few days, and I know it's mostly hormonal. I used to have more on the severe side of acne, but I'm in my early twenties (did Acctuane for awhile) so I'd say it's mild now. But OH MY GOODNESS the flaking will just not let up. I use AHA twice a week and it helps for about a day. Soon enough, the dryness and flakiness is b
  8. Hi everyone! I am currently on my 5th week of the Acne.org Regimen. I use water to cleanse my face, then use a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and moisturize with 2-3 pumps of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion+Jojoba Oil. My face is starting to really clear up now, but I was outside yesterday and got sunburned. I applied the Regimen as usual last night and this morning but was wondering if this is ok since I am sunburned, or if I should take a day or two off from BP. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi, I've been using the Acne.org Regimen for 3 weeks now and it works GREAT! Thank you so much!! My forehead is almost completely clear, my cheeks and my chin are also 10 times better now. However, I have some problems: I still tend to get pimples (that hurt) here and there, they clear out pretty fast but as soon they clear, a new one is forming. (I'm super gentle while using the products and try not to touch my face during the day.) My eyelids are very dry and a bit flaky even though I'm caref
  10. Hi everyone, Iam on 3rd week of acne.org regimen. My skin has became very dry and super flaky. Also my complexion has became very dark....its brown :(..please suggest should I discontinue it..I have seen many videos and read reviews everyone mention that skin dries out crazily. That should be fine but I don't like changing of complexion.. Which is very noticeable.. Is anybody facing same problem of skin darkening????
  11. I am at a crossroads here after being seven weeks into the DKR. My skin has very much cleared up with nothing but a few hyper pigmentation spots. My face has never been this consistently clear(ish) . Assuming you still use the two pumps of benzoyl peroxide, did your skin ever truly become accustomed to that amount of BP? It just seems like a hell of a lot for my skin to handle and I wake up every day to a face covered in flakes despite applying two pumps of cerave, 6 drops of jojoba oil, and the
  12. I'm in my fourth week of the regimen and my face is really dry and flaky. Can I cut back on the bp to once per day until the flakiness gets better or I should keep on using it twice a day?
  13. Okay, so I've noticed a pattern when I go without shaving for a few days while using the regimen... My skin flakes and dries a lot more! Even if I apply a ton of moisturizer and jojoba oil. My beard just irritates the crap out of me, so now I try to shave as much as possible. I want to know, does this occur with you also? Or is it just a random occurrence? Thanks!
  14. Ok, here's a little disclaimer before I explain my issues: I LOVE THE ACNE.ORG REGIMEN. It's a total lifesaver, I'm so glad I tried it out, it REALLY WORKS, I have mostly clear skin with maybe only 1 whitehead once in awhile. Ok, so now that know I absolutely love this and would recommend to ANYONE with acne, let me explain to you some issues I'm having. #1: Tightness. My skin often feels tight, and dry. Usually accompanied by itchiness, right before I go to do my regimen. #2: Flaking &
  15. so the AHA last night did not burn i was so happy. recently i did every other day, half moisturizer half AHA. Last night i didn't know HOW MUCH aha to use, so i put pea sizes on my fingers and only covered my face with an even, thin, layer of AHA. slowly i will work it up and see how much i can handle. Im going to do this every other day. I also started using only a thin, even layer of BP in the MORNING. and full amount at night. I can see my scars fading!!! Im SO HAPPY i stuck with this regime
  16. WELLL here's 1 solid week in. I'll go into some detail as to exactly what I did this week, since it seems like that's what people like on here. Ya gotta give the people what they want! Lol ok anyway: Morning: cleanser (10 seconds, good frothy lather mmm) 1/3 finger's length BP 2.5% applied gently, 1 pump moisturizer Evening: same as morning! After the first few days, I saw some great improvement... My skin felt tight, but I wasn't seeing any flakes yet... Breakouts/redness/oiliness wer
  17. Okay, just a heads up, I am EXHAUSTED in these photos. I took them the minute I woke up, not sure why. Try not to be too alarmed. Anyway, yesterday was pretty brutal. I went about the usual day with what I referred to as my "oatmeal face," which was kind of humorous, but also came from a place of grief. My boyfriend reassured me that my whiteheads weren't that bad before I left to go visit my parents, but I was still bummed about it. I knew they were going away, but they could've been a
  18. Hi. So, I've been on the acne.org regimen for 3 months now. Originally, I started out by only using bp once a day for fear of dry skin. Then I moved up to using a pea sized amount twice a day. Then I worked up to the full amount. I was up to using 2 pumps, but now I only use a pump and a half because I don't really need 2 pumps, and i'd just be wasting product. Anyway, my skin has been peeling, scaling, dry and flaky for months now. I'm too scared to go out and buy a moisturizer, because it's su
  19. I’ve been using the treatment for about 4 week, but I had to skip 2-3 days since my skin got REALLY flakey. Ever since I started using the treatment, I get these random deep spots that lasts for ages, which did not happen so frequently before. They also seem to appear at the most random places all over my cheeks, places I havent really experienced acne before. What is going on? It really demotivates me from continuing the treatment. My skin definitely looks worse than before I started using it…
  20. So I am just a week shy of hitting my 6 month mark on the regimen, and I am still battling excessive flakiness. I wake up with a big amount of flakes all over my face, and also at night, I start to flake quite a bit as well, not even 12 hours post morning routine. Here is my current daily routine, for both morning and night: Cleanse, 1.5 pumps bp, and Cerave Moisturizing Lotion to moisturize, with about 6 drops of jojoba oil. Please help me out as this is very frustrating, and I haven't hear
  21. So tomorrow will the mark 1 month of using Acne.Org regimen and I've got amazing results already, but my chin area is still peeling(flaky) but it's not excessive or so noticeable until you are all up in my face and I still have acne scars which is normal. My question is can I start using the AHA+ tomorrow or I have to wait until the flakiness on my chin area completely goes away? Please, please, please reply.
  22. Hello, I'm having some issues and I'd like to see if someone can help me / tell me what might be the causes. I'm like a month into the regimen. My acne is getting better, I still break out but better still. Thing is, I'm having trouble with random, eventual flaky days. I started handling my dryness pretty well after founding the right mosturizer for me and adding jojoba oil, but there are this random days when, all of the sudden, my skin gets SERIOUSLY flaky, dead skin patches everywhere.
  23. Hi... i'm currently in the week six doing the regimen. Week 4 and week 5 my skin was very dry and with a lot of flakiness, now my skin isn't so dry and flaky anymore but, sometimes it is red and sometimes it is normal, i don't know why, yesterday my skin was OK and now it is red again, especially my chin and cheeks, it can be because of the sun? I dont usually wear sunblock because i usually don't have so much exposure in the sun. Somebody have the same issue? Please answer! P.S: I'm using 2 p
  24. Hello, I've been using the regimen over the summer and my acne is so much better, but now school is starting and even though my skin is looking better id feel more comfortable if i had some makeup on, at least like a mineral powder foundation.. The thing is, if i use makeup i would have to minimize the amount of bp because my skin would be way too flaky to have any makeup on it, but then it would take more time for my skin to heal.. My question is, is there something i could do for my founda
  25. Yeah, I clumped my weekend together again. I said I wouldn't do that, but clearly I can't live up to that promise. Well, my skin's been clearing pretty nicely. Most of the bumps are going away, or are smaller whiteheads. And that's great! I'm happy about that. The main issue now is that I STILL don't have my acne.org moisturizer, and the Eucerin product feels like it's burning my face! My skin's pretty red and swollen. I'm almost positive it's the lanolin alcohol, which is also c