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Found 47 results

  1. Hey guys, help me out here. I've been in the regimen for 3 weeks now. I started last June 16. Having a broken time of work here in Saudi (8/9AM-12NN then 4-8/9PM), I have to do some cleansing in between time. I wake at 7/8AM for 9AM-12NN shift then I sleep from 1:30-3PM for 4-9PM shift. I'll show you how I do my routine so you can have an idea and correct me if I'm doing something wrong. This is my routine: >Week 1 (JUNE 15 - 21) 12MN: cleanser, less than half a
  2. xdevochkax

    Shoild I Still Be Flaking?

    It's been almost a month and half since I re-started The Regimen. Dan's instructions were too fast for my skin's tolerance the first time so I stopped completely, started again in the middle of November, and worked my way up VERY slowly. I'm currently using between half and a 3/4 pump of BP morning and night- I kind of just eyeball it on my finger and it's been working fine. My skin isn't irritated, red, or hot at all anymore but I'm still flaking on the apples of my cheeks and around my mouth
  3. creamymustard212

    No Relief From Flakes

    Hi, I've been on the regimen for over 3 months now, and I'm still struggling with flaking. They're always there when I get up in the morning, and it takes a lot of spot picking to make sure none surface throughout the day. I know what you're going to say: use aha! I use Aha every night as my nightly moisturizer, and still there is no difference. I lather jojoba oil over my face after I cleanse in the morning, and before applying Bp. Is there some mistake I'm making that permits these flakes to e
  4. I'm in need of new moisturizer the Dans moisturizer is okay and doesn't really break me out, i think. But please can someone find me a good moisturizer, i want to try cera-ve lotion but people keep telling me its pore clogging and will break me out in like 2 or 3 weeks. But dans moisturizer doesn't moisturizer that great and i still flake LIKE CRAZY cause my flakes should be gone i think i'm coming on to week 6 of regime and i have couple active pimples but overall it's helping a lot but the dry
  5. Is this normal??? Please answer me.. After washing my face, I see my face which looks like a snake.... This morning, I even tried to peel it off.. and I managed to do so a lil bit.. but was a bit scared coz was worried to cause further problems... It is exactly like I am wearing a colourless mask on my face.. I can't talk easily nor smile.. Because it's so dry and covered with a layer of my dead skin which I can see and peel.. My skin is covered with something like a dead skin...
  6. I am a 15 y/o male. About a year ago, my face started becoming a bit tight after my showers. I put a light Cetaphil moisturizer on, and it was fine for the rest of the day. Today, a year later, I cannot even splash my face with water without it feeling like a desert. The tightness in my face is nothing short of unbearable. This tightness is lessened if I moisturize, but it does not fully go away until hours later. Johns Hopkins Derm Dept could not diagnose a few months ago, but nothing has gotte
  7. Hello out there, I'm posting this today because I need help. Not just with figuring out my skin problem, but emotionally this is taking a big tole. I have been doing a lot of research on my skin, as I've had this rash-like condition on my face for months. Over the course of the holidays It's been much, much worse. I really think it could be a condition called acne cosmetica. Acne caused by cosmetics. In my case, I've been using a mineral makeup, but it seems like the more I cover the problem,
  8. CameronSparkman

    White Flakes on my face

    I have been using the treatment for over a month and have just incorporated the AHA but I’ve been expierencjng white flakes across my face. Especially in the chin/moth area and between the eyebrows. How can I fix this
  9. lizlizliz26

    Sudden Dry Skin???

    Hey guys, so I've been using the acne.org regiment for almost a year now and it's done WONDERS for my skin. Seriously changed my life. I still endure some random zits, hormonal breakouts, and pretty noticeable scarring. All of these things I've learned to deal with. However, recently my skin has become so dry it's cracking and flaking off my face. I have NEVER had dry skin...I've been oily in my T-Zone my entire pubescent and teenage life. I am now 21 and have the shininess under control (kind-o
  10. Okay, so I've noticed a pattern when I go without shaving for a few days while using the regimen... My skin flakes and dries a lot more! Even if I apply a ton of moisturizer and jojoba oil. My beard just irritates the crap out of me, so now I try to shave as much as possible. I want to know, does this occur with you also? Or is it just a random occurrence? Thanks!
  11. IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/o9k591.jpg My skin gets dried up skin immediately after I exfoliate with just my fingers. It has patches and then when I take them off, it's all red underneath the dead skin patch or whatever it is. I have a cluster of zits all over and I have plugs coming out of my nose pores that are like small and yellow and clear and look like Demodex mites. I used to have clear skin with occasional cysts, but when I moved to my boyfriends apartment from my parents house a year a
  12. Hey guys, So I'm thinking of finally trying jojoba oil for my dry skin. It's gotten so dry that it's almost unbearable to put the benzoyl peroxide on, and the skin flakes are spreading and they're huge and it just looks so bad. My skin is scaly even if I wet it now. I've tried countless moisturizers, even Dan's, and nothing stops the flakes except Cetaphil's moisturizer, which broke me out after one use. I have extremely intolerant skin and get clogged pores from pretty much every drugstore mo
  13. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About four years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break
  14. Brad W

    Dryness Help

    Hey guys new to this forum. I am a 31-year old male who has continued to struggle with some mild acne since puberty on and off. I had it rough as a teen, then it went dormant for the most part in college then creeped back up on me now in my 30's. woohoo. It's relatively mild all things considered and tends to center around my temples/hairline. So far I've seen some improvement but still getting a little break out in those reigons. My question is, I am 3 1/2 weeks into the regime and I'm gett
  15. Garrettryan

    Retin-A Gel Flakes Off

    Hello! I've been using Retin-a gel 0.025% and every time I apply it at night, it sorta gets tight on my face, and then an hour or so later, if I try to move my mouth to much, the gel will just sorta turn white, and flake off. I'm pretty sure its still working and such, and I don't think its my skin flaking off with it. I'm just curious if that happens to anyone else? and if it will still be working fine even know its flaking off? I still seem to have that pink skin, like with Retin-a I just w
  16. creamymustard212

    Aha Not Helping With Flakiness!

    Hi, I've been on the regimen for around two months at this point. Generally I longer have every day breakouts, although the areas above my cheeks are still swamped with dark marks and the occasional whitehead. The reason that I 'm posting this topic is to see if anyone has dealt with or has any solutions to the dry skin problem I'm having. I've been using aha every night for around a month by mixing it in to my moisturizer, but I've yet to see any improvements. Every morning I still wake up with
  17. Skintuition

    Irritation, Dryness, Help

    So, I've been on the regimen for 3 months now, and it cleared my skin up. In all the areas where I do the regimen, I have clear skin. However, the discoloration and dryness from the BP is really just awful. I have this patch of irritated skin on my face that flares up red everytime i scratch it or rub it. There are two of them actually. It's not a blemish, it's irritated skin. It itches and burns, and it's pretty annoying. It goes away maybe 20-30 minutes after, but for the most part it's not fu
  18. jlandin1986

    My Flakes Will Not Go Away..

    On March 3 and 4, I applied BP all over my face. I was using 10% and then 5%. I stopped applying all over face because it was burning too much for me to tolerate when I would apply my moisturizer. I have since switched to applying the BP as a spot treatment. It is now March 7, and my face is full of flakes. The degree has gone down in the last day or so, but they are still very very present; around my eyes and my mouth/chin area is the worst. I don't seem to get flakes on my forehead. I wash my
  19. Hey guys, I started The Regimen in October of 2014, so this is my 14th week or so. I'm still having problems with breakouts and dryness though. My acne is significantly improved, I only get 2-3 pimples at the most if I breakout, and between breakouts I have 3-4 day periods of clear skin. The problem is the that I have very flaky and dry skin, and I expected the breakouts to be gone by now. I did increase the level of BP too quicky for my first 5 weeks on the regimen, but I would expect my skin t
  20. Hello I am a new member, long time lurker of this expansive community. I used to suffer from mild acne that turned moderate and then it peaked at severe cystic acne. I treated and "cured" the cystic acne with an unconventional method called "cave man regimen" Yes this new method worked by allowing the cystic inflammation to heal, but I believe not washing my face for an extended period of time brought about a whole new issue that I have never experienced before: Seborrheic Dermititis. The people
  21. sh1234


    Welp...Went to the doctor today about a rash i have had on my face for about 6 months now. Turns out i have what is called Perioral dermatitis. I have had this going on since February and was sooo fed up with it, i tried everything to get rid of it including: -Coconut oil -hemp oil -tea tree oil -excema cream -psoriasis cream -anti fungal cream -oatmeal mask -polysporin -aloe vera -BP and SA NONE of these things really helped at all so i finally broke down and went to the doctor. So
  22. hotglue01

    Week 16, Day 3

    Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last updated… I went off the grid for a while there partially because I was in Japan (in the US now visiting friends and family for two weeks!) and busy with Japan stuff, and also because I was thinking less and less about my skin. I’m still not really obsessed with it or particularly worried anymore – trying to be, anyway – but I’ll give an update: Face: Looking OK pimple-wise, with some stuff going on in my temples and at the tops of my cheekbone
  23. To start off on a positive note, I'm 99% clear after being on the Regimen for seven weeks. My routine for the first month was exactly as Dan had advised (cleanser, BP, moisturizer). Within the first few weeks, dryness had developed but was expected due to the beginning BP exposure. However, the Regimen moisturizer with Jojoba oil failed to provide relief. Four weeks in, I was as clear as I am now and changed to a different moisturizer (Cetaphil cream) to use during the day and used AHA combined
  24. So I have been on the regimen since July and so glad my skin is clear! I have yet to find a full proof answer for my dry skin though. Before I was on the regimen I never washed my face, ever. My face NEVER got dry, not even in the winter. I've always sort of had an oily face though, not bad though. But ever since I've been on the regimen my face gets dry after swimming, after showers ( I understand how the water temperature effects my skin but has never effected it until now ), and now that it's
  25. I was told by a friend to try out a homemade scrub which consists of brown sugar and coconut oil. She says it works to remove the dryness of my face and leaves a smooth complexion. Has anyone ever tried this before? Or would you recommend I try this for the dryness?