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Found 2,860 results

  1. Having mild-moderate, later mild acne: I have been on Accutane 20-40mg daily, and it helped, but I don't feel alright taking it anymore, as I am an athlete. After quiting Accutane this winter my acne broke out, did topic antibiotics + retinoid for 6-8 weeks, almost 100% clearance. However, Antibiotics cause resistances and I don't know how long should I wait until the bacterial resistance is gone again 8, 16 weeks or more? Besides I'd like to use another nice regimen between bouts of topical an
  2. Hello, I'm a 15 year old male that has had acne for about a year and a half now. It has gotten pretty severe in the past couple months, but I think it's starting to heal itself . My regimen: Morning: - Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (Back and Face) - Solugel 4 - 4% BP (Back and face) - Jojoba Oil and/or Cetaphil Moisturiser Night: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser - Solugel 4 - 4% BP Daily: - Fish Oil suppliment Right now my acne is mild but I have alot of scars/red marks on my face. I also hav
  3. Britt's Accutane Log: I regret to post on here- because somewhere deep down I always thought the first course would clear me for good, and I hope this for everyone that is on their first course. I'm not going to bore you with all of the past creams/medications I've been on, since we've all been there done that. Basically, accutane kept me clear for about two years. And it was amazing!!! I loved this drug... so when it came time to go on it for a second time I wasn't going to make the mis
  4. Hi, For the past 10 years or so ive always taken Efalex Fish oil, and now that ive started Accutane I am wondering if it is ok that i take the fish oil pills together with the Accutane, or if I should take the Accutane first (in the morning) and the fish oil pills in the afternoon. Thanks, Mike
  5. should i go for zinc or fish oil? obviously, nobody knows which'll be better for me, but what would you suggest? i have trouble making these kinds of decisions, haha
  6. ldbwildcat2

    is it bad

    Hi! im just over my second month on accutane, and i've discovered my skin dosn't heal very well. So I started taking vitamin e, zinc, and fish oil pills. I also sometimes take the kids flinstones ones to get a bit of everything. Is this a bad idea? Will it get in the way of the actuane working? thank for your help!
  7. Has anyone took accutane only for this?? Im taking this for 4 months and the results are good but my skin is still oily, the pors opened and the affected areas*T zone , a lil bit red irritated. I dont know what i could try im destroyed, i have this F****g oily skin for 2 years almost.. im 17, and is very very embarassing. I still have 2 months of accutane.. do you think this treatment will be succesfull after i finish it? Anyway.. during accutane is much better than before... Im on 30mlg n
  8. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female. I had mild acne in my younger teen years and very mild acne in my later teens until now. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have felt perfectly comfortable without wearing makeup during the daytime 95% of the time--and just wearing a little to cover small blemishes the other 5% of the time. In February, out of no where, I had an extremely bad breakout my face has not cleared up despite all my efforts. My entire forehead is completely covered with small pimples. They
  9. Currently taking Fish and Evening Primrose at the moment. Would taking them together be a bad idea? Which is the better one?
  10. If you haven't already tried fish oil, you should try it. When nothing else really worked (salt water, vinegar, BP), fish oil helped a lot. I was skeptical at first, but the omega 3s will balance your hormones somehow (not sure of the exact science).
  11. I've never had acne except for the rare bump here and there until I decided to take protein powder for body building(don't ask me what brand/ingredients, can't remember!!) 3yrs ago. Wham!! acne came and never left. Surprisingly my forehead is totally clear. But i have loads of blackheads and really oily skin. One cystic acne every week or 2, a few other smaller nodular/paspules appear every few days. These are the list of stuff I've tried in chronological order. 1) Tetracycline (3mths): Hmmm.
  12. psuboy

    Giving this a try

    Hey everyone First off let me say that I am new here. This is my first post besides the one introducing myself. Anyway I am a true believer that acne is a sign from your body that something is wrong inside, and therefore should be treated naturally. I never suffered from childhood acne and got it around the age of 18 when I went off to college. Tried proactiv for a while and it worked great, but then stopped working. Anyway I am really frustrated with this as it brings down my self-confi
  13. jazznabbers

    Moral Support

    Hello All, I have been on Dans Regiment for 5 weeks and I have not seen much improvement... I am 25 years old and have had acne since the age of 14 years old.. LONG TIME Thought in my early 20's it would all go away.. but I was wrong.. it stuck around.. I had dermatologists.. did the acutane thing however a few years ago it got manageable I was currently using Proactive for about 5 years.. things were ok.. but I wanted clearer skin.. Anyway I jumped from the Proactive band wagon to the
  14. Ok I have been following this site around for a good 3 years now, and felt i finally needed to share some of my advice. Prior to starting accutane my skin had moderate acne (Very oily T-zone, Blackheads and large pores covering my entire nose, and roughly 3-4 inflammed zits at any given time). After exhausting all other methods (Changing my entire diet, doing full body cleanses, large amounts of vitamin intakes including freshly juiced veggie juices twice a day, as well as Retin-A, Epiduo, and
  15. I have recently added Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc to my daily vitamin pile. Wondering what others are good. Thinking about adding Spirulina for overall health benefits. Also Sam-E because I'm coming off of anxiety meds and am a little irritable... I already take the following: Multivitamin Fish oil Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Probiotics L-Lysine Calcium
  16. aite so, i was talking to this one doctor dude, basically... he kept insisting that the stuff i eat does not cause acne at all, specifically milk and shit, when my face is fucked up right now because of soymilk, i believe he was reading out of a book to decide wut to prescribe me (i was not there for any prescriptions) he was telling me, face has to be constantly dry so acne doesnt come up, but at that moment i was a firm believer that dry skin causes more oil secretion = more acne dunno abo
  17. I should probably start by saying that this entry is NOT written on the beginning of my Accutane Journey. I am currently on day 57...but, i did keep a hand written journal so ill begin by writing down here what i said on my piece of paper. First week (week 1) I didnt write down in too much detail what really happened in the first week, on the 9th of march, 2011 i went for my blood test and first doctor’s appointment, unlike the majority of patients on this medication im taking this drug thro
  18. AcneSucksDick

    Looking for Advice?

    I've had acne since I was 13-14. Ever since the beginning I thought it was horrible, disgusting, but I just can't believe how bad it's gotten over the years. I wash twice a day with cetaphil gentle cleansing soap and use epiduo as my topical My acne is really starting to build up on my jaw line and down onto my neck --- any reason why?? I get my fair share of vitamins on a daily basis, stay away from milk and dairy products, and take fish oil on the side.
  19. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Quick question about fiber and vitamins

    Im going to start taking a fiber concoction every morning when i wake up (to make myself more...regular haha). I hear taking fiber (like metamucil) can inhibit vitamins from being absorbed. How long do you think i should wait to take my daily vitamins (fish oil, zinc, D, C). Thanks so much for the help! Also, is the morning the best time to take fiber?
  20. I think I am producing too much testosterone bc I am breaking out one week then I'm perfectly clear then I'm broke out cysts and all. I can't handle these painful cysts when I'm on my period I'm taking dong quai tonic (a chinese tea) right now. Its suppose to balance hormones. Anyone know how long these things can take affect? I'm also taking fish oil....just started that too. I heard primrose oil? Can someone tell me what is good for me to take and how much is good? Thanks in advance
  21. When taking fish oil pills, are you supposed to take all of them all at once, or through out the day? thanks.
  22. Packerfan785

    College, supplements, etc

    I have a bunch of questions so I will just make one big topic. 1) I am going to be a freshmen in college very soon and I was wondering how people maintained a healthy diet. I don't think I will have anyway to cook for myself besides a microwave and am worried about what I am going to do. 2) What is the best quality probiotic supplement? 3) What is a good fiber supplement? If I take soluble fiber will it absorb nutrients? I am mainly looking for the benefit of cholesterol being absorbed. 4
  23. Hey, I finally got on accutane and, I finally saw a derm in the marines that gave two shits about it. I workout alot and I'm taking a couple of supplements, he advised me on certain ones, but forgot to go completely over some. For example like Whey Protein is obviously fine, I am also currently taking a MV that has 1000IU Vitamin A is that borderline? I know VIT A is bad for you, but exactly how much or should I just cut it out all together? Also Fish Oil, and Zinc Mag. are those bad anyone kno
  24. Reading other people's comments and daily adventures on accutane gave me the courage to go on accutane. I know it's a serious drug and not something to play around with. I know and have talked to people that have used it with amazing results. It took me 5 years to get to this point and I tried everything on the market. I went to 3 different dermatologists, tried prescription and over the counter drugs and creams, I even tried the smoothbeam laser (didn't work by the way). I'm sure I have spent
  25. On wednesdays and saturdays I'm home like 4 hours after I eat dinner. What should I eat before I take my tane? (Please don't say fish oil tablets)