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Found 2,860 results

  1. Today was the first day in 4 years that i've had no active acne. My worst point was 6 cysts and 20 white heads, picture that for a sec even most of the people here classified "severe" have only a few cysts and white heads. Mine was made even more horrible because when remission started they were flaking and peeling and they just kept coming back even while on accutane. That's where i'm coming from and thats why i'm jumping for joy. I am 3 1/2 months into accutane and for the first time in 4 years i have no active acne. A little inspirational story for everyone here. A sincere thanks to all those who helped me through you know who you are. Without this site i would have never known about supplimenting accutane with aquaphor, moisturizers, cleansers or fish oil which really helped reduce the side effects. I may not even have known about accutane because my derm kept me in the dark about it and prescribed worthless topicals and antibiotics for the 3 years i have been seeing her! Dan, the mods, and all contributing members, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello =) I will try to make this as short as possible. Basically, I did some googling on what would be better for helping my acne... fish oil supplements or flaxseed oil supplements. I didn't get much help from google.. so I was hoping someone here could tell me On the "ratings" section of the org, I was reading that flaxseed oil doesn't do much when you take it capsule-form. Maybe I should just stick to fish oil? Oh, one more thing. I read soo much excellent things on Evening Primrose Oil and just started taking EPO supplements a coule nights ago. I would want to take less EPO than Fish Oil right? (or flaxseed.. whatever is better lol). I read on this site that more omega 6's than omega 3's are bad for acne. Please help
  3. I havent asked my derm yet...I will when I see him. I checked on wikipedia, it said vitamin E does nothing to help ease the toxicity of isotretinoin. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...t_uids=15807739 I read the article...it said the same thing. If your derm told you to use it then I think it's good enough...but if you just read the idea off the net then I woudn't do so without asking my derm.
  4. Get to know me Name: Ben Age: 16 Location: Europe Height: 6'01" Weight: 168 ibs Skin Condition: Uneven skin, forming pimples here and there, red marks from previous breakouts & redness. Plan in order to clear up 1) Eliminate: Dairy Gluten Grains: refined/processed/enriched or gluten containing grains (wheat, barley, oats, etc) Refined sugar and sucrose Cooked eggs Hydrogenated oils, refined or hot pressed oils, and heated vegetable oils Non-organic, conventional meats and luncheon. Most red meats. Most packaged goods so that excludes a good amount of artificial preservatives, flavorings, and chemical dyes. 2) Supplementation Fish Oil Omega 3 | Zinc (yet to research and purchase) 3) Exercising Running 4 times a week, tennis and football practise. Topical treatments: None to very few. Cold water to freshen up the skin. Goal: Clear/ 99% Clear by December
  5. hi all i have just stumbled onto this site today and this is my first post. I am 25 years old of asian/caucasian decent and have suffered from pimples/acne since i was 15 years old. Over the last 2-3 years my skin has pretty much cleared up. I still get a few pimples here and there however what i really what to get rid of is the red acne scarring from pimples. Can anyone recommend the best treatment i can receive in a clinic to rid me of the marks? And for those living in sydney a reputable clinic in the CBD/Newtown area? The red marks arn't severe and i don't have indentations or pick marks. I was looking at Intense Light Therepy(IPL) but this seems to be just spot treament. I would really like a treatment that would treat the whole face however if people have had good results with IPL i would consider trying it out. Maybe some sort of peel would work? Topical treatments are out of the question for me. I have very sensitive skin and the more products i put on my face the more i break out. Less is more in my case. My regime at the moment is wasing my face at night once every two days with proactive cleanser and using a pure green clay mask once a week/fortnight (which i make myself). The rest of the time i just use water. If i need an extra cleanse i use cetaphil. I also have to rotate my cleanser every now and again as my face aclimatizes to products. I apply mosturiser morning and night. Nivia for men during the day and a just a mosturiser base (no crap just mosturiser from Health store) at night. I also supplement with exercise a healthy diet plus fish oil capusules and flaxseed oil. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. xcriticalbenchx

    Reminders for accutane

    some1 posted bout taking accutane with fats. My accutane cleared me completly the first month, and my derm was shocked, yea i left with red marks, but o well, tahts where cover up comes in. i took my accutane tablets with fish oil (good fats) sometimes flax oil depended if it is night or morning. is that okay to do?
  7. Can someone tell me if there is ANY vitamin A present in plain fish oil (Omega 3)? I have VItamin A by carlson, capsules, from fish liver oil, and each one has 10,000IU, what I dont understand is, whether Fish oil and fish LIVER oil are essentialy same or different??? i want to supplement with one or both, dont know where to start. On the one hand, I have heard good effects of vitamin A (fish liver oil) on skin, on the other hand, have heard Fish oil is also good for acne.. but I dont want to overdo .. any ideas?
  8. I have been on the regimen for almost 6 weeks (Saturday) and am still breaking out. It was deep acne only on my chin and the occasional zit on my forehead or cheek. Now, I seem to be getting a lot of whiteheads in place of the deep acne (with 1 or 2 deep cysts still) which is leaving lots of scarring since it keeps happening in the exact same spots. I used to use a tanning bed when I was having bad breakouts as it not only seemed to help clear it up a little but, because I am so light skinned and the scarring sticks around so long, being darker helped hide the scars and leftover redness. I have read all the sunburn alerts about the BP and AHA making skin more sensitive to sunlight and am curious if anyone has had any experience with tanning while on the regimen? Obviously, I don't want to get burned but I'm wondering if just a little bit of time (5-10 minutes in a level 1) might help me without burning me. I do have moderately sensitive, generally dry, skin. I am just so tired of popping ibuprofen during the day because my chin hurts and looking at whiteheads every time I pass a mirror that I have to wait until I get home to deal with hygienically and properly. Acne is just having such a negative effect on everything it my life. I don't want to go out. I don't like my boyfriend looking at me because I feel horrible about myself and my chin is always hurting so I am always acutely aware of the acne. Any advice on any of this would be greatly appreciated? (All regimen products) Morning 1.) Wash 2.) BP 3.) Moisturizer mixed with 3-4 drops jojoba Night 1.) Wash 2.) 4 drops jojoba (added this about a week ago) 3.) BP 4.) AHA+ as a spot treatment on S,S,T,T and all over face on M,W,F (added this about a week ago) 5.) Moisturizer mixed with 3 drops jojoba I also take (and have been for a long time) Vitamins Fish Oil and Vitamin C 2x/day Zinc & Vitamin E 1x/day Prescriptions Sprintec Birth Control pills Low dose Propranalol 2x/day (preventative for migraines)
  9. Britt's Accutane Log: I regret to post on here- because somewhere deep down I always thought the first course would clear me for good, and I hope this for everyone that is on their first course. I'm not going to bore you with all of the past creams/medications I've been on, since we've all been there done that. Basically, accutane kept me clear for about two years. And it was amazing!!! I loved this drug... so when it came time to go on it for a second time I wasn't going to make the mistake I made the first time around- which was waiting to long to start, in fear that it was going to kill me. My side effects the first time were pretty mild (50mg a day- 110 lbs): dry lips, skin, hair throughout my entire course (wasn't as bad by the end of it), headaches and back pains the first two weeks, and by the last few weeks it was a little hard to go number two because it was so dry down there- I know gross! But let me tell you, a few weeks after being off the medication and the dryness goes away- your scares become less noticeable and life is good =) So here's what's changed since my last course: 1: I'm getting married next September to the love of my life (woooo for corny-ness)! With all the showers, parties, the wedding, and the honeymoon- Acne can suck it! There is no way it's going to ruin such an important time in my life. 2: Last time I was on accutane I was a college student, and it was my last year, and I was an art student, so I made a lot of my own hours, and could basically camp out in my apartment with no makeup for most of the course. This time around I have a full time job that I dress cutely to, and wear all that fun makeup stuff to.. so I am a little worried about being presentable as my skin shrivels up. So any recommendations for a nice concealer would be great. And are my eyelashes going to fall out if I continue to lather them up with the mascara? Eek I hope not! 3: My acne is different this time around. They don't lie when they say it doesn't come back as severe. The first time I didn't have as many cysts.. but there where so many pimples covering my forehead, chin, and cheeks that it hurt. This time it is more persistent then anything. For the last six months I haven't not had a breakout on my face. It's mostly concentrated on my chin and jawline- yay for hormones! But that doesn't mean I don't still get them on my cheeks and forehead.. just not as bad! I've been on doxy for about 4 months now, and it did squat :/ Except make my stomach hurt. 4: Last time I was in a really bad spot. I feel like I have come to terms with my skin not being perfect- where as two years ago I just couldn't get past it. So even though I'm a little scared, I am trying to keep my head up and stay positive. I keep telling my self this is only five months of my life- I know what to expect this time (I hope).. and I have a great group of people supporting me. Day Four: 110-115 lbs.. starting at 40mg I'll keep it short since I just went off in this first post. A little achy- But I am taking fish oil pills. Seriously people these things do wonders for your mind and those nasty headaches that accutane loves to give us. The three cysts I had forming on my chin turned into white heads last night- just in time to enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner. And when I woke up they had popped. There is a little activity brewing on my right cheek and the side of my face- but other then that we are off to a good start here. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving at the org! xo.
  10. It's hard to control all the variables, but I find that when I started improving my protein in-take for weight training, my acne was getting less. I never even focused that much on my acne - still did the usual washing. But, my friends complemented me after a few months? of upping my protein by last December - hey, your acne is gone... good job! I noticed that recently I stopped worrying so much about protein generally because of job-hunting/girl friend; I was breaking out a little more - mostly on my back. One thing for sure is that sleep/sleep deprivation seemed to have no significant effect (in fact, I was petty sleep deprived in the last few months leading up to my December exams and even a bit now). When I did up my protein in-take again, things started settling down... I also started taking fish oil capsules - which may be helping, BUT I did take them well after the first time my acne was beginning to drastically clear up. This includes foods like whey protein mixed with yogurt or milk, always having eggs, meat, some lentils/beans - but also of course I don't neglect fruits and vegetables (I always was like that even with bad acne, however).
  11. spoolice

    Starting regimen

    Today i started my regimen. Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser BP: Brevoxyl 4% cream (cant get anyhting else yet) Moisturiser: Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula, Combination Skin: i dont know if I have combination skin, but hey. Supplements: 6-8 fish oil capsules daily about 30mg zinc daily Exercise every couple days. Washing, with hands and cleanser, morning and night. Both times, hot showers. Anything Im doing wrong? Wish me luck.
  12. The background *optional to skip*: I have moderate acne (16-now), and a good amount of scarring because I mainly breakout on my cheeks. Never had a blackhead in my life, just too many whiteheads and inflamed grossness. The number of cysts I've had I can count with one hand. My brother has the same acne level as me, maybe a little worse 'cause he doesn't care as much as I do to clear it up. My parents didn't have to deal with it past high school, but he's 26 and I'm 19. I think it has to do with the strange combination of my mom's pure Russian blood and my dad's mutt southern roots. They also have nearly opposite phenotypes: mom is yellow skin, blue eyes, blond hair; dad is pink, dark eyes and hair. That's my completely unscientific theory at any rate. After reading some posts on holistic approaches, I decided to try the opposite of everything I thought was right because it obviously wasn't working. I haven't washed my face for a few days now. It felt entirely unnatural at first, but it doesn't seem to be hurting me. While my acne hasn't improved drastically (improved at least noticeably), it has not gotten any worse. All I'm doing is steaming it in the morning, putting on jojoba oil, steaming it again, and then gently rubbing the oil off (but some of it still stays on for all day, which is good). My skin feels so soft and my scars look lighter, but my inflamed pimples have stayed the same or gotten ever so slightly smaller. At night, I take off my mineral make-up with a gentle makeup remover sheet from the dollar store and rinse my face w/ warm water and than apply jojoba oil. I'll update in a few days. Also: ---trying to detox, but not very strict about it because I'm hypoglycemic. my "cheat" detox includes: >drinking tons of lemonade water with maple syrup (to keep my blood sugar level). My bro did this strictly for 7 days and his skin looked AMAZING. However, a) he also lost 10 pounds or so, which I can't afford to do b) he's not hypoglycemic. >not eating a lot (I would, but eating ultra healthy is ultra expensive) >only really eating fruits, veggies, yogurt and taking supplements (zinc, fish oil, E, D, all the B's practically). >exercising just to sweat >trying to relax and taking deep yoga breaths. If it means anything, I don't feel that well because I'm light-headed and lethargic. I know this is because I'm not eating enough for my fast metabolism, however, I really want to see if this helps my skin. I feel like eating pasta, bread, steak and chicken right now. I should probably have taken some before pictures, but I'd rather show you the great pictures after my skin shows serious improvement
  13. millsy312

    Millsy's Log

    Dear Log, My first entry, how exciting! First, a little background: I have suffered from acne/pimples/blackheads for about 5 years now. Mostly I broke out over my forehead, which eventually spread to my cheeks and chin. I have oily/combination skin which makes it really difficult for me to find a balance so I don't end up looking like a grease monkey. I believe my skin has really started to clear up in the last 6 months but I am still dissatisfied with the quality. I had really smooth and clear skin until the end of year 9 but then BAM! pimples galore. I am continually striving for the skin I used to have but sometimes feel I am facing an upward battle. Diet: Since breaking out, I have been really self conscious of what I consume. I have completely all fast food (except Subway), all soft drinks, any deep fried foods and chocolate. I have a extremely low tolerance to anything greasy so my diet consists of bread, cereal, milk and other dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables. I am currently eating 6 servings of fruit and 2/3 of vegetables. I drink at least 3-4L of water a day and 2 x omega 3 fish oil capsules daily. Activities: I am a dedicated DDR player and have been playing for about 4 years now. This is probably my main form of "exercise". However, as lame as it may seem, I think sweating is a good way to clean my skin. I also run, swim and sauna two times a week. Current skin care: I am really sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, and I have been using it for the past 6 months. I only use the Proactiv Cleanser twice a week and can't use the Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% w/v) because when I wake up the next day, my skin is red, itchy and there is also some swelling. I also apply a mud mask once a week. I hardly ever moisturize, maybe only once a month because I don't feel I need it. I also try to exfoliate once to twice a week with oatmeal. Besides that, I just wash my face in the shower, ie. let the water run over it. My skin can't handle a daily routine, otherwise it breaks out after the third day or so. Assessment: I have small bumps over my forehead. My nose has blackheads. I have discolouration on my cheeks and some acne scars on my chin. Gosh, it sounds so bad when I write it all out. Hopefully this log will motivate me to take better care of my skin. Until next time, Millsy
  14. History I was on accutane a year ago. Before that, my face was full of cysts, can see the aftermath from the scars. Although my face is still not clear, I can say I am quite happy that this is so much better than the past. Lots of black heads, I have no idea what to do with them. I have already given up the bad habit of squeezing my face after I learnt that squeezing will only lead to scaring. Now At the start of the week, I have started to use scrubs and moisturize my face in the morning and at night. Previously, I only use facial wash. Going to follow this regimen once I get the supplies. I have started to take ACV orally today. Planning to take half a shot glass in the morning and in the evening before I sleep. Ordered fish oil pills. Should be arriving these few days. Will be taking around 10 pills per day. They are of 180 mg EPA/120 mg DHA content. Will also start a exercise routine of HIIT and resistance training once my ankle injury recovers in a few days. My daily diet (other than fish oil and ACV) is mainly eggs, tuna, chicken and vegetables.
  15. I hear about all these Vitamin Bs and Es, Fish Oils and all that, but which ones honestly help with acne? I already take a multivitamin one, but I want one that will hopefully clear my face and fade the redness, any suggestions?
  16. ok... so i just started taking B5 5g (10 pills) per day since saturday and i found that i have alot of Kirkland Fish Oil pill bottles laying around my house. How many pills of this should i take a day seeing that im already taking B5. should i stop taking B5 and only take the fish oil pills? the fish oil pills i have are 1700mg per capsule with 480mg EPA & 400mg DHA.
  17. On wednesdays and saturdays I'm home like 4 hours after I eat dinner. What should I eat before I take my tane? (Please don't say fish oil tablets)
  18. is it ok to take fish oil capsules while on accutane. I doubt they would, as it contains all naturally occuring things that you could just get from fish, but you never know.
  19. Currently taking Fish and Evening Primrose at the moment. Would taking them together be a bad idea? Which is the better one?
  20. Im currently using acne free. 2 days in. a cleanser with 2.5BP, toner, and lotion with 3.7BP I read fish oil pills can help with acne. im only 15 and my acne is hormonal. is it safe for me to take these pills? if so how many a day do you reccommend?
  21. I will likely buy some tomorrow. any reviews/testimonies?
  22. hi ive been on roaccutane for 8 weeks now and ive stopped all other vitamins so they dont interfere with my treatment. however since ive stopped my vitamins i dont feel as energetic and my acne seems to heal a lot slower... . is it safe to take b vitamins, fish oil and broccoli pills while on roaccutane ?
  23. mike_wf

    Omega 3 supplements

    Does anyone have any advice on what is better--a straight omega 3 fish oil supplement or omega 3-6-9 supplement? Thanks
  24. AnabolicSlim

    Good Supplements for acne

    i already take fish oil, zinc, vitamin c and a multivitamin. what are other good supplements to take??
  25. I took a cod liver oil supplement twice a day for the past two months or so and it's made my hair and skin a lot more oily to the point I know that the excess oil has been clogging pores. My diet has never been cleaner and I've been doing more cardio then I have in the past. How can I still get omega 3's without taking fish oil capsules? Cans of tuna? any suggestions would be nice