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Found 29 results

  1. Hi Guys, My name is jake and I'm new to Acne.org. Basically, my story is like everyone else's. I had great skin all of high school and then one day in college BAM. I broke out with the worst cystic acne of my life. Long story short, I took Accutane for 7 months which helped clear my acne tremendously. But after I got off it, the cysts started to come back. Now I am currently eating a dairy-free diet and use Tazorac cream (.01) and I rarely break out anymore. Now all I have to deal with is my
  2. Hey, Im really bothered by My scars on My temples. Ive had Two dermastamp sessions done but No Idea what to do now... those treatments were about 1-2 years ago. went to a dermatologist couple weeks ago and I had questions regarding fillers and if it would help. He said that the skin is damaged and that the scars aren't deep enough on my temples. he recommended laser. please help. hope the picture is good enough to show what I mean
  3. Hey guys, I am VERY self concious about my scars. I work in customer service, so i ALWAYS feel people are just looking at them. And it always makes me look down, and avoid at looking people in the eye. Its very disheartening to me. I had severe acne for 10 ish years. So I just wanted to know, what type of scars do you see? And what would you treatment do you think would be most beneficial? I went to a plastic surgereon and he recommended either Fillers, Excision, dermabrasion, or lasers. Wha
  4. Hi I am new to this forum, but I just read some posts that were very helpful to me so I thought I would post. I am a 50 year old woman who has battled cystic acne for 30 years. I had a deep dermabrasion in 1983, poor results for the pain that was involved and collagen injections in 1985 very unhappy with the results, and didnt last. I have researching lasers and I decided to go with Hartsough dermatology clinic. Very professional and helpful and are the premiere skin clinic in my area.
  5. Hi, I'm a 38 year old woman and I had cystic acne for 20 years. Two rounds of Accutane finally cleared everything up and I don't break out anymore except that I will get one cyst every year or so on my chin near my mouth. This area near my mouth also has some of the worst scarring -- the scarring there is the kind that fillers would almost eliminate. So, I'm considering getting some Restylane injected into that area but I'm worried that my cystic acne might flare up. Anyone have any thoughts on
  6. Suctioned my subcised scars but trying to see how long did they last being until the scars reteathered? Trying to see if my tentative second subcision will be using HA fillers.
  7. Hello Everyone, So here is a brief but interesting breakdown of my journey with acne. I am currently a 35 year old male and up until I was about 25 years old I only struggled with the occasional pimple (or two), along with hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, something changed as I turned 25 and I would now get the occasional CYST instead. Fortunately though, these cyst's almost never left major scarring or atleast not that I noticed. Around two years ago, my stress levels skyrocke
  8. Hi everyone! I just got back from my 3rd session of CIT + growth factor and my face is redder than an angry tomato! :-) I can say that I have seen some improvement over the past 2 months in terms of what seems like newer collagen growth (and thus shallower scarring), especially on the right cheek area. The overall color tone of the scarred area may have some slight improvement as well, but that it tougher to tell. I am not in a hurry to get too many things done too soon and will not be go
  9. Hey Team, So here's my story. I have mixed scarring, a bit of everything, and it's never really bothered me. However the last few years my scarring got worse and it started to REALLY grind on me. I was living in Vietnam and had a Co2 fractional laser + infini treatment done. A really quite intrusive co2 laser, I had over a week of downtime. Did it make my skin better? No not really, and I was left with lots of gridding and huge pores. £2000 well spent. Moving on, I decide to physically m
  10. I had a consultation yesterday regarding fillers for some scars on either side of my chin. The doctor is a certified expert injector. He said in order to have a filler strong enough to hold up against the scar tissue, he would recommend Radiesse. My main concern is some lumpy hardness I have from subcision in an area which is still depressed. He felt he could fill this area effectively. He said Radiesse does not migrate and he will inject it under the scar tissue. I'm concerned though. If it don
  11. The FDA just approved Bellafill for treatment of pitted acne scars. According to Refiner29, "Bellafill is a poly-methylmethacrylate (or PMMA) collagen filler, which is a suspension of synthetic microspheres in a gel. That gel is injected, which gives skin an immediate boost. Over time, the microspheres work to support collagen production, so the results last. " It's different from Botox. It also may require maintenance like any filler, because synthetic collagen will probably breakdown l
  12. Hey everybody, I would really appreciate and advice on which treatment I should use for my deep rolling scars. I am terribly afraid of fraxel or any kind of laser resurfacing since I kinda feel that it would break me out (the scarred area often feels like it's about to break out, but never really does, I just get get tiny red spots that I eliminate with Epidou or other creams). I read the reviews of other people and it often seems to give them cystic pimples. Besides, any kind of exfoliation i
  13. Hi! I’m about to try subcision, TCA and possibly fillers for my acne scars. I feel quite nervous about this since I did 4 fraxel treatments 2 years ago that gave me some new minor scars or ”holes” on my cheeks which I didnt have previously. I’m nervous that subcision is a too invasive treatment that might leave me with new side effects such as lumps (which some have been witnessing) or else. Also afraid that this treatment will not improve my type of scarring. I wonder firs
  14. Hello guys! I hope you all are well! I need help! No one really knows what it is! I had lip fillers more than a year ago and it didn’t show any reaction. A month ago I started getting tiny blisters that turned into yellow crust. After that it spread around my lips. First doctor said its cold sore, second one said my immune system is very low and 3rd didn’t have a clue!?! I’m still waiting for dermatologist to tell me what should I do but no luck yet. I started to treat lips with a
  15. Hi everyone. Has anyone any experience or opinion on the possibility of combining both dermal fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane) and the Dermaroller? My situation is that I have rolling scarring, but on top of that I have a bunch of ice pick/pitted scars. I figured that fillers will help for providing volume, but once I have achieved the volume I am looking for, I'm still going to have the shallower/surface scars that I think will benefit from Dermarolling. On paper, I can see the benef
  16. Can anyone recommend a facial plastic surgeon or dermatology surgeon in Boston who specializes in treating acne scars? I want someone who can address it with a multi-modal approach, and not just throw a laser at me, which as we all know, is limited in how much benefit it can provide for serious scarring and volume loss. Any recommendations appreciated.
  17. Hi, I've been thinking about getting fillers for my ice pick scarring, however I'm worried about the cost and effectiveness of the treatment. I was wondering if anyone had gotten them done, and how much they cost? Thanks so much
  18. I am 17 years old and live in Ohio. I have what seems to be fine lines and pitted scars inside my laugh lines. At 14 I started breaking out and I did not have the knowledge I do now to know not to squeeze at a red mark on my face. What treatments will work for this type of problem? Can i ever look like a normal person again?
  19. Hello everyone, I finally had the courage to fly to Denmark this week to start treating my scars with Emil, ( I thank BA for guiding me ) Big painful session of subcision with filler, and TCA CROSS to finish, (my cheeks are very swollen and painful) I would like to have healing advice and post-treatment recommendations 1) Is intensive sports practice (weight training, running) an obstacle to healing? ( based on your own experiences) 2) during the healing period is it better t
  20. Okay so heres my story, Im a long-time lurker here, Ive posted probably once or twice though, but Im back. So to make a long story short.. I always had pimples growing up but they were never severe and never left scarring. About a year and a half ago I started to get pretty terrible cystic acne out of nowhere (which I now know was considered "hormonal acne" which can happen to women starting their mid-twenties). I mean, they were huge cysts that took months to go away and were leaving indented s
  21. I am Asian (23) studying in the Netherlands now. I did some research and want to get derma fillers (especially Bellafill)(oh i just read that its banned in Europe..:( ) or punch excision surgery for a depressed box scar on my face. I couldn't find any information about it in the Netherlands, only some plastic surgery clinics provide temporary fillers for treating scars. Any recommendations? (Belgium and Germany could also be on my list if necessary, but no UK since I need a visa for it)
  22. Acne Scar Treatments

    Why Do People Scar? Prevention What to Expect Acceptance Types of Acne Scars Scar Treatments Finding a Doctor Why Do People Scar? Scarring tends to be genetically linked to an individual's unique inflammation response. Those people with a "secondary inflammatory response" to trauma tend to scar, while those with a "single inflammatory response" to trauma tend not to scar. This explains why some people will scar easily and others maintain a smooth complexion even through moderately severe battles with acne. Prevention When it comes...
  23. Hi guys Sorry for posting a bit in recent times, I just need a last word of advice now before I go ahead with procedures for my scarring, so this will hopefully be my last post until skin updates in the coming months. I recently posted on here asking for advice on what I should do for my scars. Two of you experienced members suggested I look into TCA peels and the derminator to help with my scarring, also suggesting fillers would NOT be worth it, as my scars are too shallow. I then w
  24. I’m finally getting an indented scar (caused by a cortisone injection) filled in next week! Which type of filler do you think is best? TIA x
  25. Hi all, I'm currently about 3.5 months into my second course of accutane. Face has cleared up well. Still getting the odd pimple but overall much clearer. Question 1: I have fairly bad scarring that I believe would warrant temporary fillers (have been given this advice from derms in the past but not gone ahead with it). Am I able to get fillers while on accutane, or will I have to wait until 6 months post accutane? Question 2: Same as above, except v-beam for the redness? Not looking i