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Found 26 results

  1. Well well well, here I am. Back again. Back in the early 00s this community gave me so much support. I thought I would come back and give an update. Back then I was known as "Guardedly Optimistic" now i'm "Guardedly Optimistic 2017" This is the thing, it's a journey. My skin is still very damaged; mostly visible under harsh over head lighting. But...and get this...I ended up pursuing my dream of being an actor and filmmaker! Yes, acne and scars and insecurities and all that crap was not goin
  2. I have always had oily acne prone skin and also with cystic acne. I have one scar in particular that bothers me more than any other and it's an ice pick and it's right on my cheek bone. I also have one on my nose that bothers me pretty bad. This past year I went to the dermatologist and he gave me spironolactone and tazorac. The spironolactone helped a lot with the cystic acne. He then had me do dermapen. I had 3 treatments before I realized I was blowing $200 everytime and it wasn't ever going
  3. I have Fitzpatrick Skin Type V and had Erbium YAG laser resurfacing done 15 years ago on my cheeks, which didn’t do much for my scars and my cheeks ended up a shade lighter than my forehead/cheeks/under eye area. I did a zillion fractional laser treatments with no improvement at all and most dermatologists are scared to treat me due to my skin color. I spent years slathering my face with hydroquinone and gave up as I saw no change in the skin color, I regret not getting my whole face done but
  4. I'm wandering about subcission (probably with some not permanent fillers), Here my questions: 1) How much time I must wait after dermapen to perform subcission? 2) How often can it be done? 3) Should I stop topical retinoids before? How much time before? What about other creams? Any other way should be I prepared? 4) How much time I will need to stay at home (usually on websites time given is not true considering cosmetic surgeries)? 5) Is UVA protection needed after procedure? How much tim
  5. Hello everyone, I decided to go with a combination of subcision and filler (Juvederm) thanks to the great knowledge provided by "beautifulambition." This forum a whole lot better place with him here, and I appreciate him for taking the time to help the people on this forum. After doing careful research, I ended up choosing Dr. Peter Rullan due to the great experience some other people on this forum had with him, and he was recommended by beautifulambition. He's a fantastic, caring doctor and
  6. There is a new filler on the market that supposedly replicates the results of fat grafting but without the cost and surgery of fat grafting. Its made from donated growth factors. Anyone tried it for acne scars?
  7. Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I want to share my Fraxel re:pair experience and seek advice for further acne scar treatment. I'm a young guy who had suffered with acne since 11 years old. Accutane cured it, but left scars. In October, I had a full face Fraxel Re:pair procedure to treat moderate to severe scarring (most are depressed rolling scars) mostly on my lower cheeks and chin. The doctor used a very high setting for the cheeks with several passes. 3 months out and I'm pret
  8. Hey I really need some help, After a 5 month course of accutane that cleared my face I'm left with these red marks and a few scars. They kill me, it sucks more than I can even get into, but I'm sure you all get it. It's been a month and a half since I've been off tane', I'd consider my skin pretty strong, and I myself try to be extremely healthy. So would it be possible to get a filler? With maybe minor subcision to help the filler settle? Would this make my face redder (the hyperpigmenta
  9. I have deep ice pick and box scars. my box scars are bound down so i figured subcision is neccesary before filler. any one with experience with subcision or filler can you please give me your opinion on what would work best for my scars? please and thank you
  10. Hello, I used to have pretty bad acne, but then started on Accutane (Life saver) and quit February this year, this means I can't do any laser or deep chemical peels yet. However, it left quite alot of scars. I've been doing one filler (restylane) treatment a couple weeks ago. They used the thinnest restylane, they said they used it too see how it would work on me and to use a thicker one next time in case I saw a difference. They also went with a needle beneath my entire skin to remove the s
  11. Hello, I have posted here in the past, and i thought i would give an update and let you know my future plans and how i have been healing. The procedures listed below is what i have done: - subcison with TCA- July 2016 -subcision with TCA -November 2016 -3 or 4 microneedling with derminator My thoughts on my healing/treatments: -The TCA cross applied to box car scars take a long long time to heal, some are still not fully healed. I think my skin type is prone to hyperpigmentat
  12. Guys, I'm feeling a little overloaded with information, having trouble keeping something simple straight and can't find the answer. When paired with subcision, is a non permanent filler more effective on shallower or deeper rolling scars? I have pretty varied depth of scars so I'm trying to figure out whether I really need filler for my rolling scars, or if suction will be sufficient. On another totally separate note, 2 additional quick Qs: 1. For those that have suctioned after subcis
  13. I had juvederm ultra plus injected 3 weeks ago to rolling scars/cortisone atrophy on the side of my chin. The good news is it filled. The bad news is there is a large lump over the area. I have my follow up in 3 days and am torn whether to have it injected. I'd like it taken down but not all the way. From what I've read not only is this hard to do but there are risks of dissolving your own skin. I'm really not sure and obsessing constantly. Any advice?
  14. I'm 30 yo male and recently had skin infection which resulted in chicken pox like scar (I had chickenpox as a child). I've attached details of infection and treatment . My dermatologist recommended 6 sessions of roller and depending on the results filler. I had 2 sessions so far and can see some improvements (colour become more lighter and scar tissue lifted somewhat). He says that with this treatment I can get up to 80% improvement. Do you think this is the way to go or there better options? Th
  15. On January 13th, I'm having my first subcision and filler (Juvederm) treatment for 3-4 small boxcar scars on my cheek. I'm working with a PS in Toronto who I feel is honest and trustworthy. The doctor feels I should be able to achieve 50-80% improvement after 1-2 sessions. The improvement will all depend on how my skin reacts as I believe he has the skill. I'm posting my before picture now because I don't feel like keeping this image on my phone any longer. It's hideous and I'm always wo
  16. Hi everyone, I am looking to get my acne scars reduced like a lot others here and I would say that I have around 95% rolling to 5% boxing scars (though it is hard to tell between the two). I only have scaring on one cheek and minimal scarring on my forehead so I am not sure if I should just get botox for my forehead and do acne scar treatment for my cheek for do scarring treatments for both. However, for my acne scarring, I am located in Vancouver and I was quoted $1995 plus tax for this
  17. Hi all! I'm gonna have subcision with fillers for my cheeks in about 3 weeks. I'm coming here so I can learn to manage my expectations. Do any of the experienced users here think this is a good treatment for my scars and what results can I expect? Should I combine this treatment with something else or is it enough on its own? My doctor said the filler will last for about a year, but that the skin will have healed at a higher level by then. Sorry for making a selfish post I'm just kind of ner
  18. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences with these treatments? I've read everything I can find about each treatment, trying to determine which is the most beneficial. I have mostly ruled out subcision+fat transfer because nothing I have read indicated it was any more effective than subcision+filler. I have almost settled on subcision+suction for a treatment or two, followed by subcision+filler if the result from +suction are not as good as expected. Most of my reasoning for this decision ha
  19. Ok so accutane after 4 months has finally almost cleared me up so I decided to get some fillers for this long sunken scar I had gotten through my course. Well it looks worse than before the filler. It now looks all lumpy. I'm wondering if this will settle. I got juvederm so it can be removed if needed by injecting something to dissolve it. I was really hoping this would work but now I feel terrible about since it looked better before. Any input? The first pic is before and the second is after
  20. Here I am back again after 5 years of dormancy. Can you please let me know what I can do about these giant scars on my nose? These pictures are from 5 years ago. Now the scars are a lot deeper and wider. I'm moving deep into my mid-30's and my life is just slipping away like sand through my fingers. Not that I had any life to begin with, but that's another story. Laser is only for superficial scars. I've been thinking about TCA cross but I read on Realself that it only really works for narr
  21. Hi to all! I suffer from severe acne scaring and I've been coming to this board for a while but only recently had the courage to post. I remember reading an article where the author mentioned the use of absorbable suture as a filler for subcision but can't find the article because it was a brief mention. This got me into thinking about the idea. After subcision, inserting the suture thread through the "needled hole" into the subcided space could create a sort of grid structure to support tis
  22. Hi.....this is a bit long, but I would appreciate some help if at all possible. So besides one other topic, I've been trying to resist starting new topics, as there seem to be a million new ones every day.But I really wanted someone to help shed some light on this. Because of my extremely weird, dehydrated, crinkly, wrinkly, lined, open-pored orange peel skin texture (with atrophic scarring and a hypertrophic scar) I opted to have Juverderm voluma injected into my cheeks and cheekbones, in
  23. I have deep ice pick and box scars. my box scars are bound down so i figured subcision is neccesary before filler. any one with experience with subcision or filler can you please give me your opinion on what would work best for my scars? please and thank you
  24. I went to a derm yesterday... I went there to discuss subcision/fillers. He told me my scars are too shallow, and I will NOT going to get any benefits from having fillers and subcision... And he told me to I should try Fraxel Restore(he looked like he was so proud of himself showing me these lasers he has... ). I told him I've already had the treatments and I didn't see any improvement. Then he told me I can also try laser Genesis or Titan. But he also told me they do NOT improve acne scars.
  25. I have 0.3 to 0.5 mm deep box and rolling scars on my cheeks. Do you think fillers will work on those scars? Or are they too shallow to use fillers? How about subcision...? Any feedback is appreciated