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Found 29 results

  1. Here goes my first post! About two years ago, I was pushing about 160 pounds. I'm a female who is 5'6. I was tired of being at my weight and felt uncomfortable. From then on, I decided that I needed to lose weight. In order to lose weight, I essentially started fasting. I would eat about two apples a day with some peanut butter and a glass of soy milk with cereal. My portions were ridiculously tiny and I ended up getting down to about 126 pounds. Another benefit I noticed was dramatically cleare
  2. Hi everyone IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ THE EXPLANATION SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH basically i've had moderate to severe acne for about 4 years now (its been moderate for the last year) and as is the same with most people on here ive tried all sorts of pills and creams over this period. And i have also had a huge interest in diet, nutrition and exercise. about 3 years ago now i did the basic 6 food elimination diet (milk, soy, egg, wheat, nuts and shellfish) and took vitamin tablets to re
  3. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 10

    So on my Day 5 blog post, I said that I had been juice fasting for two weeks for spiritual reasons and then switched over to eating just fruits and vegetables. But for whatever reason, I can't do partial fasts. I mean I can DO them, but I get so spiritually distracted by eating that it feels like a waste. I end up constantly thinking about what I can and can't eat instead of thinking about connecting with God and my own spirit. So I've decided to go back to juice fasting until March 16th, and th
  4. So I have what I would consider moderate acne. Certainly not nearly as bad as some people have it, but I definitely have trouble skin. I also have mild to moderate eczema, usually mild. Been struggling with acne for about 4-5 years. Went vegan because of it 2 years ago and have been eating about 80-90% raw for the past 2 months or so. Although my skin has improved, it is far from perfect and I am quite insecure because of it. Recently I decided to do some grape fasting (went about 2 days, broke
  5. Feb 16 2012 update on what has been helping I have experimented with a lot of things.. The candida diet, zapping machines, water fasts, the frutarian diet etc.. What worked you ask? Am I clear yet? Well right now I am in ANOTHER water fast it is my 3rd day so far.. And guess what organ is detoxing once again? My SKIN.. So right at the moment I am not clear only one small pimple on the left side of my chin which is awesome. before the water fast was I clear? Yes I was not perfect but nothing a
  6. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 6

    I am feeling so good about the caveman regimen this time around. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel like my skin is looking better and better! No new breakouts, and the two spots I have on the left side of my mouth are getting smaller (well, the one is coming to head so it's further along in its healing process). AND it looks like my scars are fading more quickly (but it's hard to tell). All in all, I am VERY optimistic. My diet is still just fruits and veggies, nothing else. I real
  7. scov93

    Intermittent Fasting

    Hi everyone IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ THE EXPLANATION SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH basically i've had moderate to severe acne for about 4 years now (its been moderate for the last year) and as is the same with most people on here ive tried all sorts of pills and creams over this period. And i have also had a huge interest in diet, nutrition and exercise. about 3 years ago now i did the basic 6 food elimination diet (milk, soy, egg, wheat, nuts and shellfish) and took vitamin tablets to re
  8. Hi everyone, New to the forum and thought I post my story for some comments/discussion. I've bullet pointed my journey below as succinctly as possible: 8 years ago when I was clinically obsese I decided I needed to lose weight after seeing my horrible graduation photo. I lost almost 20 kg but in a very unhealthy way. I was over training (gym 5 days a week) and severely under eating which most likely completely threw my system out of wack. I noticed during the weight loss that I s
  9. iamthat

    Water Fasting For Clear Skin

    I am already clear... Read my log to see what I went through.. I am happy now.. Happy with my skin while is always improving.. As I fast it heals more and more and I look better and better! I don't know how long this fast will last.. But it has been 24 hours.. I will post here every time I fast and also in my other log.. It has valuable information.. please if you suffer read my first post.. it could change your life.. I am not selling anything I just really want to help people love and ac
  10. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had any success fasting for acne and oily skin? If so, how long for, and how did you do it safely?
  11. Hey hey, Just posted a new blog tonight, and thought I'd share. It doesn't have to do with acne exactly, but rather, juice fasting, which can have a great positive effect on healing the gut as well as detoxifying the body in general. All of these things can help the skin. It has helped my skin for sure! Hope you enjoy. There will be another blog coming soon about my new idea about fasting and how to make it easier and more convenient to my life, which may help some of you out too. Hope you en
  12. LenardLeonard

    Water fasting for nose scars

    Hello everyone. I need to get some ideas and testimonies regarding water fasting for scars. Has anyone here ever tried it before? I read and learned that it takes long fasts, around 14 days or more for the fast to heal scars, may it be deep or raised. I am open for positive and negative comments but please always be kind to others. Thank you very much! Best regards, Lenard
  13. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 17

    So over the weekend I made a discovery - pineapple makes me break out!! I'm not really sure why, because I can handle other high sugar fruits like mango, maybe it's because of the enzymes? But whatever the case, I now know one of my trigger foods! So exciting! This really just gives me hope that this is all going to work out in the end, that I'm going to know 100% what makes me break out and what doesn't. The reaction wasn't bad, just a couple tiny whiteheads, but obviously the goal is no wh
  14. Recently because of a college bugdet and food restrictions, I had to go off paleo and most of my supplements so my acne has declined a bit. I also don't have access to fish as much which I believe helped me out alot before. I was very frustrated about my situation in college but soon discovered that if I didn't drink any liquids with meals, onlly 2 hours before and after, i could keep my acne at a much more manageable level. It still is way worse than I would want it, but it has helped me recove
  15. Intermittent fasting improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, reduces oxidative stress and it slows cell proliferation which means it might reduce the hyperproliferation/hyperkeratinization of skin cells that leads to acne. In studies on cancer, both calorie restriction and intermittent fasting slow cell proliferation. It also promotes progesterone levels as they drop after a meal. Constant meals mean constant drops. And impacts androgen production. I'm interested in this because
  16. I'm at the end of my rope with acne. It all began 8 months ago when I went on antibiotics for perioral dermatitis. It was very minor compared to the way my skin looks now. I have had problems with acne in the past and had used everything for Proactive to baking soda. However, in the year leading up to my POD breakout I had very clear skin and I used only a mild African black soap for a cleanser and Emu oil as a moisturizer. It seems my skin was the nicest it had ever been and I was using very
  17. [15 DEC 2012] My hair has never been thick and always quite thin but i have noticed it has definitely got much thinner during the last couple of months which also happens to coincide with the time i have been taking Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid]. I have been taking ~ 1.2 grams Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid] with ~1.2 Acetyl-L-Carnitine since the beginning of October. My skin has gotten better but there has also been other factors such as taking turmeric for the last month or so, s
  18. Hi guys. So recently I discovered that my acne and facial redness/inflammation completely vanishes when I do intermittent fasting for about a month (Ramadan) and I was wondering is this due to insulin sensitivity being heightened? I do have slight pcos (high LH levels, many of the symptoms except overweight). So any thoughts, opinions, ideas on this would be appreciated. If you have pcos too, please comment!
  19. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 13

    So the red splotches and whiteheads that formed after the sugar scrub are now subsiding, so that's good. Still drinking only juice and water. This time was much easier to start juice fasting because my body has been totally detoxed from carbs so I don't crave them at all. Yes, I do miss the taste of them, but my body isn't like, "GIVE ME CARBS". I'm really happy I am reintroducing foods one at a time after this - it's going to give me so much clarity as to what causes my acne. I'm also hoping
  20. Man. This acne journey is rough. *Can I get an amen?* If you've been following my blog, my last post basically said I was going to keep wearing natural makeup, restrict my diet and maintain a minimal face care routine. Well...it didn't work. I was still breaking out around my mouth, which based on face mapping means that it was hormonal (which I've known forever). I restricted my diet even more and went on the Candida diet for a month. Still no change. Now, I'm a very spiritual person,
  21. rick911

    What's Happening?!

    Hey guys! Well I've had severe acne for 5 months now.. I have been able to manage most of the cysts until 5 days ago. Yet, I had a LOT of redness,scars, hyperpigmentation everywhere on my cheeks. 5 days ago, I went on a 48 hours fast with water only. As soon as I started my fast, face began to breakout everywhere. No cysts, but just whiteheads. I breakout where I normally don't... Also, my face seems to purge everything, all the tiny blackheads and all the pores seems to come out. I've been
  22. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 20

    How has it already been 20 days?? Since the mini breakout after eating pineapple, I have had no new breakouts! Yesterday I introduced coconut oil back into my diet, which I'm not worried about, and so far it has done nothing to my skin. My hyperpigmentation is still fading. Can't wait till it's totally gone because that's really the only thing that's making my skin look blemished. I started wearing lipstick again since my skin has been so stable. The whole waiting 4 days to introduce a new fo
  23. greetings friends!! I suffered from moderate to severe acne for nearly 6 years. I have felt hopeless, depressed, suicidal, and deeply emotionally and physically distressed due to the condition which seemed to have plagued me -- and no one else I knew -- for years. I bought hundreds of products promising clear skin, took a shower each day (often 2 showers a day), been to the dermatologists only to be put on rounds of antibiotics and retin-A, gotten embarrassing facials where the aesthetician
  24. should I drink nothing but water and green tea for three days in an effort to calm my acne and try and get relief? also while doing this should I use bentonite clay masks and honey masks to further assist it?
  25. Apex_Electric