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Found 15 results

  1. I've had cystic acne since I was about 12. I'm 21 now and I rarely break out in cyst. Just one or two a month or so. I mainly just have to deal with redness or dark marks that they leave. I recently stopped using over the counter acne washes and using only the cetaphil antibacterial bar. My skin has cleared almost entirely of these little colorless bumps I had and excess oil (no more shiny face) I even stopped wearing foundation, just powder and cover up to diminish the look of redness/scars. Th
  2. Okay so I might sound like a douche with this, but bear with me because I know there have to be others like this. So naturally I'm very good looking (again not trying to be a tool) but i've suffered with acne and it almost makes it worse because when I look in the mirror and know that I could be good looking again if I could just clear up the acne (btw I'm an 18 yr old male freshman in college). I feel unlucky because I walk around college and think, "Great, no one in college has acne, it's a hi
  3. I just wanted to share something I discovered that has significantly reduce my acne. I discovered that facewash was the culprit. My face was being over dried by facewash, which caused my body to produce a lot of oil and you know what happens when that occurs. So now I'm only using moisterizing facewash at night, no acne medication in the facewash. In the morning and afternoon I just rinse with water and this allows me to use moisterizers on my face. When I had the oil problem, combining mois
  4. HI i have read online that using the neutrogena oil free acne face wash ( orange liquid type) gave some people severe reaction. I bought this product on tuesday after i noticed that my black soap was not doing anything to my skin after a while of using it. I wanted to try a new product as I had tried the clean and clear brand which also did nothing for my skin. I also exfoliate with my st ives. I have combination skin. I experience breakouts sometimes ( pimples that go away like in 2 d
  5. Hi! I'm not sure if im posting this in the right place but i just wanted to know. I have been using neutragena Hydrating cleanser for a couple weeks now (before i was on the regular neutragena cleanser) and I had to use Cetaphil at my friends house last night. I was just wondering, which one do you think is best or are they the same?
  6. What do you use as a face wash and moisturizer while on Accutane? Do you use anything else on your face? I just finished month 1 of 40mgs and have had such a hard time finding a good face wash. My skin is so irritated and I feel like it is contributing to more breakouts. Today at my one month check up I am going to get suggestions from my derm and post them here too. But your routine would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have found success in this drug alongside your regimen! :)
  7. Hey guys! I've been ive been using the acne.org cleanser for awhile now, and up until this batch it was fine. But I had got an order of two bottles of it and noticed after washing my face a couple times that there was a very off smell. I opened the bottle and gave it a better smell and it was an extremely powerful fermented smell, I could only describe it as like "plain yogurt" smell or something similar. Obviously I think Dans products are amazing and reliable, but I just wanted to kno
  8. I keep seeing people say that you should only wash your face 2 times a day, and that washing more is too irritating or drying. However, the clearest I've ever been was during times when I washed and medicated my skin 3 times a day. I'd still have a few small pimples, but that's because I touch my face a lot. How many times a day do you all wash your faces? What seems to be a good balance for everyone?
  9. Hey forum people, I am an 18 year old male, and I'm on 60mg of accutane (Clavaris) a day. I am almost done with my second month of the drug and my face and "scars/PIH" are really red. I had been using Cetaphil twice a day, then I cut it down to once a day..now I'm down to 0 times a day. I have just bought CeraVe face wash to replace the Cetaphil, but I hope it won't make my face red too. My derm said that accutane will eventually take the redness away. (but the derm just says whatever comes
  10. Hey Yall! I'm approaching the bottom of my Olay face wash and I'm getting that "itch" to try something new. Sorry if that sounded gross! I've tried purpose cleansing bar, simple skincare gel cleanser (left me oily!); clean & clear sensitive skin wash and purpose liquid face wash (I'm somehow allergic to both). My main focus now is my improving my overall skin texture now that my acne is under control. My skin is oily; I have super large pores and hyperpigmentation. I'm basically loo
  11. Hey everyone. I'm a 20 year old male. I've suffered with acne for about 4 years now. I'd say during the past 6 months I've been moving towards more clear skin. My regimen: Hot/cold shower 1-2 times a day Ivory non-fragranced soap 1-2 a day No moisturizer Doxycycline 60 mg once a day <--waste of money but whatever Electric razor -- haven't shaved in my inflamed area for a very long time though I usually just trim facial hair besides on cheeks and mustache So I just showered for my
  12. Anyone taking using sodium sulfacetamide 10% wash (aka Re-10 wash)? I want to ask my dermatologist for it, but I don't know how to ask my derm or how to bring it up.
  13. Hi everyone! Welcome to my post! Here are the topics that I'll be discussing: Accutane Birth Control / PCOS Cosmetics Washing your face Topical medications Before you continue reading I'd like to say that I'm still dealing with cystic acne. It's been a long journey, but my skin has improved dramatically. I've accepted that I'll never have perfect skin, but that doesn't mean I can't have try to have decent skin. Attached are pictures of my Accutane journe