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Found 44 results

  1. Has anyone tried using pure vegetable glycerine bar soap for a face wash with good results? I recently came across some info that made it sound pretty good but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it out? I find the simplicity of it very appealing after years of bottles and bars of multiple face washes...
  2. the heading says it all. with winter coming this has come in my mind(and also a few others i know!). so what do u guys think? the temperature here is something around 14-15 to even 6-7 degree centigrade during winter months. it's not just warm like many countries,neither do we get snowfall or anything that cold. but i've still skeptical as to whether or a SA wash is okay for winters. please note : moisturising with a light or heavy(as per need) moisturiser will be a must(or as necess
  3. I have been washing my face twice a day. However, I'm starting to think it may be too drying. I have sensitive dry skin with a somewhat oily nose (or maybe it's just the way the light reflects off it) and I often have flaking skin on my nose and chin. Does anyone have any experience with only washing their face at night? Thanks.
  4. Hallo, friends. My face wash is almost out, and I'm on the market for a new one. I want to use something all natural, of course - so what do you suggest? What has worked well for you? I've been using Derma-E's Very Clear Problem Skin Cleanser ... and it's pretty good, but it's so pricey at the co-op (I bought it for waaay cheaper elsewhere in the country!) that I thought I'd ask around. What do you suggest? Do you have any brand loyalty? Any you definitely say DON'T give a try?
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing on this website and I just wanted to get some feed back from the users. I'll start off by saying that I have struggled with acne for almost 10 years. I have used almost every over the counter medication, been to numerous dermatologists, spent weeks hiding in my room after acne peels, and as a last ditch effort to cure my acne started a cycle of Accutane. My acne is now at bay but I still get occasional breakouts around 'that time of the month' and al
  6. Hey all, I am new to these boards and just wanted to get some feedback on my current situation. So, here it goes: Over the summer, my face really cleared up and looked normal. During this time, I used dove unscented sensitive skin beauty bar to wash my face mostly, and used an antibacterial face wash pretty much every other night instead of using the dove bar 2x that day. It seemed to be fine for me. However, since the end of summer, I have been dealing with a lot of these tiny white bumps
  7. I've recently started using PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash - 10% Benzoyl Peroxide on my face for my acne at several people's recommendations. Since I've started using it once a day (for about 5 days now), I've had a small breakout on my chin. I usually break out a bit when I start using a new product (even if it ends up being helpful) so I'm not really concerned about that. BUT. I have the driest skin I've ever had in my life. I moisturize in the morning and before bed, but it doesn't seem to make a
  8. Until of yesterday, my trusty #1 non-drying face wash was Avene's cleanance, I was sure that there's no wash like it, smooth and nice, but yesterday morning my very last drop of it came to an end, so my mom went to her work and wanted to buy me a new one (my mom works in a pharmacy-drugstore) so she didn't find it on the shelves (does this happen to you too ?) So she looked at the ingredients for the very best of them, so she found this little green nice pump bottle, lurking in the shadows of al
  9. As evidenced in my last post, I’ve smeared a lot of crap on my face. But, what do I use now? And do I like it? CURRENT ROUTINE: AM: 1. I wake up, pissed off because I haven’t figured out a way to safely inject coffee into my blood stream. 2. Shuffle to bathroom. Shuffle to closet. Shuffle to dresser. Forget what I was doing. Groan. 3. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Okay, so let’s be honest. I bought the knockoff Wal-Mart Equate Skin C
  10. Many ppl tell me to use facial scrubs to clear all the dead skin cell or what not to help prevent breakin out. but.... once i do a wash, my skin just gets so dry that it makes more dead skin cells and actualy cloggs my pores even more, because my skin gets so dry and it flaks out. Then i apply a moisterizer ,but it actualy get worse too , ahahhaha. Don't know if I'm right, but dead skin cell or dirt + oil or any moisterizer = pimples ( because it cloggs the pores) thats what happens to
  11. Hey Guys, I am an 18 year old male in college, and I have been on accutane for probably around a month a few weeks. I am on 60mg (30mg 2x a day) I am using Cetaphil at night only, and splashing my face with water in the AM. My face hasn't showed any major signs of improvement and is really really red and splotchy. I also am continuing to get new breakouts at almost the same rate I did before accutane. I have multiple questions that have been in the back of my mind that I haven't had a c
  12. I’ve just recently started the pill ‘Ovranette’ and have been using it for nearly three weeks now. I’ve also just turned 17. Over the past year I have been prescribed many antibiotics for my skin but nothing really was working. In May I decided to start Yasmin and I saw a big difference in my skin for the three months I was on it but, I did some research on it and I just didn’t feel comfortable or safe using it so I decided to come off it and that’s when I switched to ovranette. I had seen lots
  13. Hello! So I'm wondering if it is ok to use a exfoliator scrub while using salicylid acid cleanser at the same time? I'm currently using a Neutrogena face wash with SA, and once a week after cleansing I scrub my face geantly with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells. I've realised today that my face felt very tight after doing that. I've read somewhere that SA actually exfoliates your skin itself, but I always need to use some sort of scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  14. I'm going to be starting Isotretinoin at the end of this month and I'm still undecided if I should use Cerave or Cetaphil products. I've been leaning towards Cerave's products at the moment because the hydrating cleanser looks like it would be a good, gentle cleanser that won't dry my face out along with the moisturizers. I've looked at many other forums were people have said what they believe is better, but they really have not helped me in my decision because they were comparing what they have
  15. I'm a 29 year old male and up until two years ago I've suffered from acne varying from mild to extreme, but now after months of testing products and research on how acne and oily skin works I've completely turned things around. I wrote a blog about how I did it and want to share my method with everybody. here's my little tutorial on{LINK REMOVED} I hope others find it useful, I wish you all great luck and better lives with clearer faces
  16. So I have been using Proactiv for about four years (I know, it's terrible but it actually worked well) until of course I stopped. I'm not sure if it was a combination of things or what happened but about four months ago I started to break out terribly, and at this point it is severe. I tried to stop Proactiv but crawled immediately back when things started getting bad. Well needless to say it isn't helping much I am now waiting (30 day waiting period for females to do the second pregnancy test)
  17. I've been using Clearasil 10% benzoyl peroxide cream for some time now, in the morning and at night. It works, but is a bit of a pain to apply and can leave a chalky appearance if I use too much, etc. I found Oxy benzoyl peroxide face wash instead (also 10%) and while this is much simpler to use, I'm curious if it's equally effective. For example, is putting the cream on before I go to bed and leaving it on more effective than using the wash before I go to bed? I hate this cream, but I also
  18. I have had acne since freshmen year of high school and not just acne BAD cystic acne. Freshmen year of college I used benzaolyl peroxide with a moisturizer and tanned a few times at my local tanning salon and ALL of my acne was gone. I was acne free for aboout 9 months until the summer when it slowly came back when I tried a new regime. I quickly tried to go back to just using the benazoly and it did not work and my acne came back more and more until around decemeber 2013 when I started using a
  19. So i have my acne under control atm .. im just closing in my 6th month of differin... i get a pimple now every 2-3 weeks or so im 17 almost and basically im just left with some hyperpigmentation and i heard aloe vera is really good for that... can i put aloe vera gel from the leaf itsself after differin ?? anyone have any experience of aloe vera gel??
  20. I'm going to start writing how I feel about my acne, the products I use, what works and what doesn't, and anything else acne related. Feel free to post your thoughts on your own acne, or give me suggestions on how I can treat mine. Background info: I am fourteen years old and have been battling acne for what seems like forever (but really at the MOST probably 2 years). I pick my acne to the point that they've become hyperpigmentation scars. I avg about 7 hours of sleep a day. I usually eat s
  21. Hello everyone! So about three weeks ago, I ran out of my supply of the Biore pore unclogging scrub and needed to purchase more. At the store I found the scrub but with a new design and the words "NEW LOOK" on the front. Thinking this is just a marketing strategy, I purchased it and have been using it since..... let me tell you when my face has made a turn for the worst.... its terrible! its almost becoming severe acne. After going to a dermatologist and turning down antibiotics, I decid
  22. Hi everyone! So I am an 18 year old male who has moderate acne. However it is very consistent on my chin, usually 1 or 2 pimples, always hanging around. I was on accutane for about 7 months which I regret going on because it never fully cleared me and my acne wasn't that bad from the start. I ended up wanting to get off accutane because the symptoms were getting old and it wasn't working like I wanted it to. I do have fair skin and a natural bit of redness to my face, however accutane turned my
  23. This is my first post. so hello everyone! I am 23 years old and have been dealing with acne since high school, i have tried almost every topical, pill, otc, prescription, diet, and home remedy you can think of. I am 5'4" and weigh 110lbs. I am just looking for support, advice, and comments as I go through this accutane journey. I am 19 days in and will be on accutane for a total of 5 months. During the first week of 40mg my skin was doing well, it seemed to clear up a little bit and the oil was
  24. I need help on finding something that is really going to clean my face and also is going to get rid of the dead skin
  25. Alright guys, I'm coming to you because I know you know best! What is the BEST salicylic acid face wash out there?? Just so everyone knows, my face can't tolerate BP, so there's no use mentioning it as much as I would love to use it! Thank you in advance Xo