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Found 31 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’ve been using the regimen for about a year now and last week my eyes became very itchy, red, and swollen. They are still red and swollen but no longer itchy. The skin is sort of flaking away. Has this happened to anyone else? I never put BP near my eyes. I’ve used Benadryl with no change. Is there anything I could put on my eyes to help the redness/flaking? They feel very dry. (Clinics have been full capacity due to flu/cold season...)
  2. From the album: Benzoyl Peroxide reaction near eyes

    Yeah, it's swollen and messing up my winks. Good times.
  3. I use the acne.org regimen morning and night. I think I wasn't careful enough some time when applying the BP underneath the eye area, but I am not positively sure this was the cause. It is very noticeable off camera, to other people. Pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/143782565/temp/redness_1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/143782565/temp/redness_2.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/143782565/temp/redness_3.jpg How can I get this redness to go away, and what is it?
  4. I know this was covered couple of years ago but damn the benzoyl is stinging my eyes. At first i thought it was the moisturiser because it only happens when I put on the moisturiser but today I tried a different moisturiser and same thing happened. I'm very careful to avoid my eyes but my eyes water so badly after moisturising. Anyone else experiencinformation this? Is there a way to prevent it? Thank you
  5. I have been using Epiduo or TactuPump (Same thing, different names) since around December I think and it has helped a lot with my acne and I just have Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation left. Since around the middle of February I have had eye bags under my eyes, I think the cause of it was my sleeping late for a week or so, but after that I started sleeping 8-9 hours a night and the eye bags didn't budge. They're a little smaller now, but they are still here. I am worried because I never have h
  6. Ive had this for about two days, it wont go away! I have two days to make it go away!! Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. My entire face has a red tint to it except around the eyes. I noticed it a couple weeks ago, and it kind of looks like a mild sunburn. I know that accutane makes your skin extremely sensitive to light, but even if I don't go outside for a few days (summer=sleep all the time) it remains the same. I mean my skin's almost completely clear, but this redness is putting a damper on my results. What gives? By the way, I'm on 80mg a day.
  8. Hello,I pray that you all are feeling well today!I love Acne.org and have been using it since July 2018. It has been the only product to consistently clear my acne!However, I have one concern. When I apply the second step (benzoyl peroxide), the fumes always burn my eyes (I am diligent about not applying it too close to my eyes). Previously, I read that I may just have to get used to using the product, but I've been using it daily (in the mornings) since October 2018 with no relief. The burning
  9. It's commonly accepted that high androgen production contributes to oil production, which clogs up your pores, which leads to inflammation, etc. This is why dermatologists push birth control on me; they see that my skin is oily so obviously I must have a hormonal imbalance. Typical dermatologist visit (for me at least). This was probably true when I was a teenager going through puberty because my skin was oiler than the other kids and I would get small inflamed pustules all over my face. I al
  10. Trudi

    Day 15

    just over 2 weeks of accutane! i have to say the most terrible thing is itchiness, im so itchy all the time so i cant ever get to sleep but im so tired! and its been 2 fucking weeks:( also my eyes are terribly dry, around my eyes and one eyes always quite bloodshot when i wake up. its pretty horrible, my elbows are peeling too and i feel like im getting dandruff from this which is absolutely horrible but if i condition and leave it in for 3minutes it seems to get rid of it. and ive not had
  11. Hi there, I have been on accutane for just over two months now, first on 30 mg/day, then 45mg/day (i weigh 60kg.) Just before starting my third month I noticed that my left eye was very red and irritated. I bought eye drops and started my highest dose - 60mg/day, for 5 days before the redness drove me mad. I googled 'accutane red eye' and found dozens of horror stories of persistent, long-term accutane damage to eyes - including chronic dry eyes. Obviously this has terrified me, and four day
  12. Hi everyone, I've been using the acne.org regimen with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%, cleanser and moisturiser. This has worked amazingly for me and pretty much cleared up all my acne. I put a little bit of BP on my forehead , cheeks and nose avoiding putting BP anywhere near my eyes twice a day. however, I have recently started getting extremely dry and flakey skin around my eyes, eyelids and around my eyebrows. It is quite irritated as well. i have tried to moisturise my skin and even used
  13. I'm not sure where else to post this, but I've had this problem for a long time and decided to finally do something about it. Aside from the dark circles I have under and inside the corners of my eyes, I also have these small white spots there too. I lightly stretched the skin out so you could see it better. Sorry for the poor quality, it was the best picture I could take: I could be wrong, but I'm not so sure it's milia. The spots appear to be under the skin, and it doesn't feel raise
  14. Hey everyone! So i started the regimen about 6 weeks ago. The official 6 week mark will be tomorrow. I have been experiencing much of what was expected during the regimen like dryness and redness. I have been carefully following the regimen making sure to be extra gentle, using the proper amounts, etc. However, it does not seem that my dryness is not getting anywhere near 'better.' In fact, it is getting worse. The dryness is spreading to my neck area (where I do not even touch) and ev
  15. Hello all, thank you in advance to any responses! Attached is a picture of my problem. I was wondering if anyone could shed light as to what this is and how i can treat/manage it. I have lots of redness under my eyes along with little white dots that are located in the redness. I have always had it and was curious what its called and possibly if its acne related (which i have bad acne all on my chin, nose, forehead) Thanks alot
  16. Hello! For quite some time, I have had redness and little bumps between my eyebrows (above my nose). I think it was caused by me wearing my sunglasses and not cleaning them! As soon as I saw that I had a problem, I instantly stopped wearing my sunglasses, hoping the problem would go away. However, that annoying red, bumpy patch stayed. I started treating the area by giving myself regular facials, drinking green tea, taking skin vitamins, basically everything you can think of, I did. The weird t
  17. Hey guys/gals, so I've gone through 2 courses of accutane, had good results the first time but acne returned, skin was perfect for a while after the second treatment, but my acne has unfortunately come back a little bit, but it's not nearly as bad as it we pre-accutane. Anyway, after I finished my second course (and even before I took accutane) I noticed I had been getting a few white bumps around my lips, and a LOT of them around my eyebrow/under eye area, I think they are called Milia? After s
  18. Hey guys Concerned girlfriend here. So my boyfriend has had this mass underneath his skin above his right eye since we've been together. Yesterday he had the bright idea to try and pop it and it went down shill from there. He took a shower and the whole thing just popped open and a lot of pus and blood came out and i do mean a lot. Now his right eye and the cyst have swollen to massive proportions. His eye looks like he was in a fight and got popped right in the eye. We don't know what to do.
  19. Hello, I have a couple of problems that I believe are caused by excessive oil production. First, is that I have an excessive amount of dead skin on my face. When I get out of the shower my face is literally covered in thick white dead skin, I've gotten rid of it before with Aquaphor + moisturizer but it came back less than a week later, full throttle spreading all over my face again. I've been taking fish oil, multivitamins, drinking tons of water and moisturizing but it hasn't had any eff
  20. Hi ! So I am very acne-prone on my face, and very milia-prone under my eyes (what a joy....NOT. It's a pain to find a moisturizer/eye cream that works for me) I used a 10% Benzoyl peroxide face wash by clean and clear for 4 years and my skin was clear. (I developed acne at the age of 11) Well, I am 22 now, and ever since I stopped using BP, my face is break out central. It's horrible. I stopped using BP because my skin couldn't tolerate it anymore. And of course, me being soooo uneducated and n
  21. Hello, I pray that you all are feeling well today! I love Acne.org and have been using The Regimen since July 2018. However, I have one issue... When I apply Acne.orgs benzoyl peroxide, the fumes ALWAYS burn my eyes (I am diligent about not applying it too close to my eyes). The burning only persists for about 1-2 minutes (until the BP dries down), but it's still a nuisance to have burning/stinging/watery eyes during each application. Should I be concerned about my (eye) health? Has
  22. http://www.betterhealththruresearch.com/Iridologist.htm I have the "stress rings" and leaky gut lines strongly in both my eyes. This stuff really makes sense!
  23. Been On accutane for almost a month now, 20mg/day. Feel normal for the most part. Around 2 weeks ago I noticed my eyes were red, watery and uncomfortable. I purchased lubricating eye drops called refresh tears plus and have been using it consistently twice a day, and the problem soon went away. Eyes felt like they did before I took accutane or even a bit better. But this is only when I'm indoors.. When I'm outside i realised my eyes are quite sensitive to light and it's hard to keep my eyes open