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Found 13 results

  1. I'm 23, my acne started when I was 14. When I was 18 I was treated by isotretinoin with good effect, but in the last some months my acne came back. I have spots mostly on forehead, but the biggest are above, in the end of eyebrows. One dissapear and another show again. For right and left side both. I have tried many vitamins, diet, tea, many water etc... Do you know why break out occur mostly in the same place, above the eyebrows?
  2. I am so upset and it's hard for me to type about this because it makes me want to cry. My skin was really bad in January and after a year I managed to clear it up. Three months later I break out all over again and I haven't changed anything in my skincare and I'm even eating healthier. I get a cluster of whiteheads between my eyebrows and I tend to stay away from makeup. It feels like sandpaper. I use the cerave foaming face wash http://www.ulta.com/foaming-facial-cleanser?productId=xlsImpprod51
  3. Over the past 5 days started to get what looks like to be some acne right inbetween my eyebrows, I havent had acne here for a long time and was wondering if this might be something else? and yes... you can tell from the picture I did pic at it some hoping to pop it, but didnt work. also wanted to add I'm a 30 year old male, had tons of acne issue when i was younger up to my mid-20's.
  4. Hi so I'm really stupid and tried to fix my own eyebrows with tape.. and it left red marks where the tape was and after 3 days it's still there and it's a little bit rough .. how do you sort this out? ? Please help !!!
  5. Hi guys. I'm fairly sure that my acne is caused by hormones. I broke out very suddenly at 18 when my PCOS was diagnosed (and also really beginning to give me problems in other areas too). My diet, exercise, enviroment etc has stayed the same as when I had clear skin, and my acne is always at it's worst during hormonal fluctuations (testosterone spikes and monthlies). The doctor that I saw told me that my spots were related to my PCOS. So, I already pretty much know the reason of my breakou
  6. Today i had my eyebrows done. I never wax them, they are tweezed. my question: While on Accutane can you dye (if you know what i mean) your eyebrows? When i told the women who do this that i'm on Accutane she said that she thinks that i should't do that and i should ask other people who were/are on Accutane if it's safe and the hair can be dyed? :/ if is not safe i will not dye my eyebrows. i'll wait untill i finish with it. i didn't know where to post it
  7. Hi. About five weeks ago i had picked at these annoying bumps in between my eyebrows. The area had cuts more visible than the bumbs themselves and i was miserable. Through the healing process i had developed hyperpigmentation in the area. It soom healed but the marks were were slightly still there. When i looked in the susunlight the area from which was picked at seemed slightly raised on the edges. The area was slightly more Brown than the rest of My skin. Yesterday, i had simply been looking a
  8. Hi guys! I'm new to the site but could really use some support & advice. I'm on day 14 of 30 mg/day accutane. The biggest difference I've noticed in my skin is my blackheads are SO dark and my chin where there used to be lots of little clogged pores feels like straight sandpaper. I'm assuming it's because my oil production is starting to decrease? But I feel like my blackheads are just everywhere and evident. Pore strips aren't helping either. Has anyone exfoliated while on this dose of
  9. Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ] Return capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \ shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский alt alt Preferences I have been off of accutane since November of last year. I never waxed my eyebrows once when I was on it, but is it safe to now wax my eyebrows? I have always feared to do it because I do not know if I need
  10. I've had dandruff for more than 10 years on my scalp, but that's not the topic today. Some dandruff has started appearing 3 weeks ago on my eyebrows and below them. Then I saw flaky, dandruffy-lskin on my nose (as you can see). Today I noticed something an inch away from my nose.... what is that? Acne or dandruff? What to do about it?
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm on my second week on the Regimen and my skin is super sensitive right now. A lot of dryness and scaling. I want to get my eyebrows waxed today. Do you guys think it is safe? Has anyone tried waxing their eyebrows and/or upperlip while on the regimen? I'm scared that it will irritate my skin since it is super sensitive right now. Help Please!
  12. I have been dealing with the same awful breakout for years and I feel like I've tried everything, I'm so fed up and it's really effecting my life and self esteem. I basically have a constant cluster of deep pimples that cause daily whiteheads to form (small and yellow, green, or white) between my eyebrows and occassionally on my eyebrows. My forehead is now very bumpy as well now. The cluster is very angry, red, scaly, and hard to cover with makeup. It never completely goes away. I have hormonal
  13. This doesn't concern me as much as my other acne, because it's far less noticeable and can be hidden with my bangs. But for the past few months I've had acne recurring in between my eyebrows and right at the top of the bridge of my nose. It looks congested, rarely comes to a head, and is just kind of bumpy and clogged. Sometimes it feels like tiny cysts. BP has helped some but it's still there. Slightly red. BP has made it flaky and dry as well. I wonder if it might be my bangs or shampoo