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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am just about to finish my first month of accutane, and I've been taking 30mg per day. I have had several side effects such as achy joints and muscles (neck pain, back pain, ribs are sore), dry eyes, mild/moderate upper abdominal pain and a little headache now and then. But all of these things are perfectly tolerable...... except for the fatigue. About an hour after I take my dose (around 5pm) I start to get tired and can't maintain concentration on anything! It is so unbelievabl
  2. Hello everyone, time has come to make a post, hoping someone could give some directions or tips. About me: Male, 26 years old. Sensitive skin. Lifestyle: Work with computer, but love to exercise, mostly - running. Acne type: Mostly - blackheads and blackheads that turn in to whiteheads. Whiteheads can show up really fast and are filled with loads of white puss. They pop really easy and also heal pretty quickly. Since they are on top of surface, I get no scaring. No cystic acne for me.
  3. I'm 23, I've been a member on here for a couple of years now, and I have on and off moderate acne. This doesn't sound like I should really be that depressed, but I am. I've suffered with depression along side of my acne since being 17. They started at the same time, and they are definitely linked. My acne came as a surprise to me, because no one in my family has ever suffered. I'm the youngest of 5, all of whom never get even the odd pimple, and I have parents, and grandparents who have never
  4. Hi i’m only on day 4 of accutane but man im struggling already i havent had a proper nights sleep since ive started im up all through the night feeling so thirsty im drinking about 2 litres through the night alone which means im constantly awake peeing im so exhausted and drained because im getting no sleep!!!!!! Ive been getting headaches allll the damn time pain killers aren’t affecting them does anyone know if sleep gets any easier as time goes on???? I want to sleep within the next few month
  5. I am currently on the birth control pill Yaz (have been for 3yrs), 100mg doxycycline hyclate twice a day (been on for a month), One a Day Teen multivitamen (statrted two weeks ago), and Tylenol PM for my insomnia. However, for the past 3 weeks I havn't been my self, physically. I have felt dull, with absolutely no energy AT ALL. It feels like I am trying to drag tree trunks when I walk. Theres not a moment during the day that I don't want to be lying down sleeping. My eyes constantly feel swo