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Found 20 results

  1. So having oily skin, my first question is, is this really right for me? Is it good to just leave the oil on my skin without washing? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've read about people who have oily skin and had success with the routine, but I'm still a little worried. That's why I've been gently cleansing here and there. I definitely like the less is more approach. I don't know if I'm comfortable with doing nothing. Could using a gentle cleanser at night and rinsing with water in the morning b
  2. Hi guys so I'm really enjoying this idea of me blogging everyday on my skin, its very relaxing for me and its a nice way for me to unwind at the end of the day! Progress: So today I woke up and it was my time of the month, sorry if this is TMI but I thought I'd add it becayse usually around this time I'd get a few more breakouts. I surprisingly didn't have a huge pimple anywhere, but i did notice a 2 or 3 tiny pimples on my forehead but theyre tiny, barely noticeable Also the big under the sk
  3. Hello all, This is a recent problem I've been facing with my skin and hopefully I can get some help :,) So I started using a face wash that my friend let me use because she didnt want it anymore, but it has exfoliating beads in it and since I dont have tons of money I kept using it because I thought i could get away with it until i can convince my parents to buy me a new one. Long story short, it's making me suffer now because the over exfoliating (i also exfoliate once a week and my face ma
  4. After using an AHA+BHA facewash, i notice my skin is getting shiner, it is a tiny bit oily but after i clean it, the shine is still there. It's not only on my t-zone but also on my cheeks. Is it possible that my facewash cause over-exfoliating?
  5. So my acne is pretty bad and I simply cannot consider going lighter on the makeup per Dan's suggestion because sheer make up will not cover anything--- I used to use Paula's Choice clear system which includes a salicycid acid exfoliant that I applied with a cotton ball after washing my face with my hands and then using a clarisonic--- these steps were insuring that I removed all my makeup but they were not GENTLE so I know I need to stop them.... I just started the regimen and the gentle washi
  6. I have combination skin, (oily in t-zone and dry on cheeks) I exfoliate twice a day, is that to much? my skin is so oily and even after applying an oil-free moisturiser after exfoliating ( I heard oily skin is due to over-excessively dry skin ) hence the moisturiser. I'm going to cut back to exfoliating once a day in the evening but what do I use in the morning?!?! I dont know wether I should buy a cleanser but I have no idea if that helps and what even is it? I would really appreciate some advi
  7. I finished a 6 month course of Accutane last November, and my skin is in good condition now (no new breakouts since, starting to get oily again though). My dermatologist told me to stick with a gentle facewash and oil free moisturizer and use Differin (Adapalee 0.1%) gel at night. I've been doing this and haven't seen much improvement or difference with the differin. I've avoided manual exfoliation as I know it can be quite harsh. However last week I used a sample of a Dermalogica daily microfol
  8. How Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Reduces Acne Scars (and May Also Help with Acne)

    Introduction to TCA How TCA Works on Acne Scars How TCA May Work on Acne TCA Side Effects Efficacy of TCA on Acne Scars and on Acne Summary Introduction to TCA Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is an acid mainly used for the treatment of acne scars, and not acne itself. However, certain properties of TCA may enable it to treat acne. Since TCA is used for the treatment of acne scars, there are not many studies on...
  9. Hello! So I'm wondering if it is ok to use a exfoliator scrub while using salicylid acid cleanser at the same time? I'm currently using a Neutrogena face wash with SA, and once a week after cleansing I scrub my face geantly with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells. I've realised today that my face felt very tight after doing that. I've read somewhere that SA actually exfoliates your skin itself, but I always need to use some sort of scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  10. I need URGENT help. I've been on this water only regimen for 6 so weeks now and the dead skin cells are becoming an issue. without exfoliating, dead skin cells arise, and whenever i exfoliate with a washcloth REGARDLESS OF HOW GENTLE I AM I ALWAYS F**KING BREAK OUT. WTF.... i refuse to go back to using products. I need assistance. do help me, I have had enough of this turmoil i need to move on now. LITERALLY MY NOSE FEEL LIKE GRAVEL AND THANKS TO MY WASHCLOTH WHICH I USED 10 SO HOURS AGO I NO
  11. I'm hoping to get some feedback to find out if other people are like me. I don't have any acne at all* where I shave, so there's none on my jawline and rarely any above my mouth. I only get it on my forehead, nose, and upper cheeks. I theorize that shaving acts like exfoliating, and does away with acne, scars and red marks, albeit gradually. *Ok I get some, but it goes away a LOT quicker and it's only 1 spot a week at the most. Please answer the poll and provide any feedback you may have. Tha
  12. Everything You Need to Know About Benzoyl Peroxide

    What Is Benzoyl Peroxide? How Benzoyl Peroxide Helps Clear Acne How Effective Is Benzoyl Peroxide at Clearing Acne? Side Effects of Benzoyl Peroxide Benzoyl Peroxide Can Prevent Antibiotic Resistance What Is Benzoyl Peroxide? Benzoyl peroxide is a white, grainy/powdery substance that has been used in several industries since the early 20th century. The first time benzoyl peroxide was used as a medication was in 1905, when it was used as an antiseptic treatment for wounds. After this, it...
  13. My skin is red, dry and thin but when I moisturize dead skin comes off with it (gross I know). Should I exfoliate or not, my face is paler than my body because of over exfoliation?
  14. i'm peeling heavily from differin (it's my fourth month on it) and there is plenty of dead skin clogging my pores :/ some of it i am able to remove like a peel-off mask (from nose and forehead it goes off easily) but i don't know what to do about the rest of it. i have really sensitive skin and i can't use anything harsh for exfoliating like mandelic acid etc, scrubes and brushes are also not an option for me because even rubbing my face gently with a towel to get rid of that skin leaves it real
  15. Resorcinol - Everything You Need to Know

    While resorcinol is rarely found in over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatment products, it is one of five over-the-counter medications that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for the treatment of acne. The others include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, and adapalene (at 0.1% strength), which are much more common than resorcinol in acne treatments. Resorcinol works by exfoliating the skin. This means that it causes dead skin cells to shed from the skin. This is...
  16. Does Garlic Help with Acne?

    Garlic, or Allium sativum, has been a popular herbal medicine for centuries. Cultures around the world have used garlic as a folk treatment for conditions as diverse as arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, and cancer.1,2 Garlic contains many substances thought to be of medicinal value, such as B and C vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, and at least 33 sulfur compounds.3,4 Anecdotal reports also suggest that some people have experienced an improvement in acne after topically applying garlic...
  17. Hi everyone! I have started using mandelic acid as I haven't used aha's before and mandelic acid is a gentler on to start on. I've been on and off a version of the regime fir a year (I use alternative products as I can't get the actual regime delivered to me) and it almost works and then doesn't I then realized my skin needs a good exfoliation probably so my question is when should I apply the acid? Before or after bp? Morning and night? I also got niacinimide so when should I apply this?
  18. I exfoliated yesterday nd I been wondering is it normal for skin to turn red after exfoliating ? Then going back to normal in a few days ?
  19. Hi. I've been using The Regimen for about a week and a half now and so far my skin is looking great. Before I started The Regimen though I would exfoliate everyday and it kept my skin looking healthy. However, now that I'm using The Regimen I haven't exfoliated or touched my face at all and when I look in the mirror I can see layers of dead skin with lots of sebaceous filaments on my nose and chin. I'm concerned about this because my once healthy skin isn't looking so healthy right
  20. How You Wash Your Body Might Be Making Your Body Acne Worse

    People with acne often wrongly believe that aggressively washing or scrubbing the skin will help improve their acne. The opposite is actually true. Staying gentle is best. Dermatologists and scientists know that anything that physically irritates the skin by causing too much friction, tension, rubbing, or pressure to the skin, especially for an extended period of time, can cause acne. In fact, it is such a well known fact that it has its own medical term:...