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Found 74 results

  1. lewis0121

    Exercise... F*** Me.

    Ok I really don't feel like typing a lot but I am very exited and need to type this right now. long story short I have had red acne marks for the last 5-6 months now which have been healing over time but never completely for instance after a shower they will look very red for about 15 minutes. ANYWAY I have avoided exercise like the plague for the last 5-6 months doing litteraly as little as possible (accept walking to school) as I thought this would only create more acne or even pro-long my m
  2. During my many years struggling with mild cystic acne and after seeing many different Dermatologists, who put me on many different medications (including Accutane), I discovered that I must be the one to resolve my acne. If I was ever going to manage my acne, I must be proactive and study my skin in order to understand my acne disease process. So I began reading all I could about the skin and what role it plays with the body. Then I systematically examined my skin, trying to figure out what w
  3. Vitamin A + Zinc + Daily Exercise = Acne Under Control! Regimen: Facial Cleanser: Cetaphil for Oily Skin Twice a Day. (Mornings & Evenings). Differin Gel 0.1% Daily Before Bed Time Nature's Way - Vitamin A 10000 IU - 100 Soft-gels Nature's Way Zinc Chelate, 30 mg 100 caps 4 Days a Week 1hr Gym
  4. midwestgirlinthecity

    Post-Exercise Cleansing On The Regimen

    I have a question: I have been on the Regimen for a few days and am already seeing amazing results. However, I exercise in the afternoons. How should this affect my cleansing routine? Should I cleanse again after I workout? If I cleanse, should I apply treatment as well? I am not wearing any make-up during the day, at least not until I have consistently clear skin. Thanks for the help!
  5. scov93

    Intermittent Fasting Continued

    sorry people i also forgot to mention protein intake. high levels of protein also increase IGF-1 and testosterone. im not saying cutting out protein sources obviously thats stupid but try to not go over you daily recommended amount. also when it comes to you diet we all know the 5 a day rule or whatever arbitrary number the government of your country have decided on. ( basically have as much as you can ) focus more on veg than fruit because the sugar in fruit is still bad for you in large am
  6. Wondering if anyone has ever experienced a larger than usual breakout (I'm talking like 10+ spots in the space of 2-3 days) after introducing quite an intense workout regime into their daily schedule. I've recently joined the gym and have been doing anywhere between 35 minutes to 1 hour of cardio 4/5 times per week. Not 'light' cardio either. Before then I was pretty much only lightly active at best. I'm breaking out mainly around the lower portion of my face in little clusters --- jawline nex
  7. Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And.... ... Eliminating Sugar and most High GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) foods cleared the rest of my 'white heads'. This worked for me, and will work for you. What I have been able to learn and understand for the past several years is that each and every person is different, and everyone will need to find what works for them and them alone. No one can do it for you, but this will do more for you than you could ever imagine. If anyone wa
  8. Some general tips I know that have worked for me are: Drink a lot more water throughout the day, it makes you feel good and your skin feel fresh! Don’t touch your face, your hands are probably dirty and you are putting that on your face! Watch what you eat. Ideally you need to stay away from sugar, dairy and processed foods because they clog your pores and are bad for your health in general! Do some sort of physical activity, it’s not only good for your face but it is also go
  9. So, my skin has been pretty bad for a while now, but the last few days it has gotten significantly worse. Then today, I got my period and now I'm laid up in bed with the WORST cramps, possibly an ovarian cyst. A little backstory... my mom and several other female relatives have PCOS. I'm pretty sure I do as well, though I've never had an x-ray to prove it, but my last OBGYN always referred to me as having it, and I've experienced (very, very painful) ovarian cysts a handful of times in the past.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9qX4ao4yjU Hey everyone my name is Connor. I took Accutane for 5 months, 80 mg a day when I was 17 years old. I am now 19 and in the past few months have taken my recovery seriously and have made some great progress. I am feeling better now. I would like to share some experiences and what is working for. The main points I a want to get across are: You can recover. It is entirely possible. Depending on the how hard you work will determine how fast you improve.
  11. RadioActivate

    Exercising And Facial Sweat

    I'm currently on the regimen, and every morning at around 9:00am I do my first treatment. Every Monday & Wednesday I have karate class from 1:10 - 2:10, and I always work up a major sweat, so I take a shower afterward to clean myself off, but this of course, also removes the regimen products. Usually afterward I just add moisturizer to my face, so it doesn't dry out, and wait until 9:00pm to do my second regimen treatment. So my question is, should I continue on with this, or could it po
  12. I go training a lot lately and i need a carb boost to get through the workout. Today i "accidentally" had 93grams of sugar. Not added of course , it was an all natural smoothie mixed with some salad and green tea. It was a really intense workout about 90 mins so i know i would have used up the sugars, it seems likely that i will break out from this despite the exercise as you would still theoretically release the same amount of insulin if you didn't exercise and drank the smoothie. So what happe
  13. sorbet

    Yaz & Lifestyle Log

    Hello acne log! I hope this is the beginning of a happier time in my life. For me, acne = anxiety, depression and very low self-confidence, so I've decided to start this log to keep me on the right track to getting my skin clear. Quick background about my skin; I'm currently 21 and when I was a teenager my skin wasn't too bad until I was around 16-17, when I went on antibiotics, which did nothing for my skin. Even then I guess my acne was only mild. At 17 I went on the pill and my skin was
  14. I like my body to have that lean, toned look. To get that I have to do resistance training. Resistance training breaks me out. What to do? Do we have any fitness junkies here who tend to break out from strength training? What have you done to solve this problem?
  15. So lately I've been working out and exercising, eating right all of a sudden I start to break out badly again and this is really frustrating. I just wanted to know what treatments do you guys recommend ? and does the fact of me changing my diet and working out contribute to the fact of me breaking on what not? Ive suffered with acne before and I've used African raw soap and tea tree oil and it seemed to work but now all its doing really is drying my skin and irritating it ,so I would just like
  16. Hello, i'm new to this forum, and hopefully i'll be able to get some good answers from you. Currently I'm 20, and i'll be 21 at the end of the year. I used to have acne in my face and also chest and back, and I took the accutane treatment for almost 10 months, finally erasing it all from my body. Then, after 6 months, I started taking workout supplements like animal pak (Multivitamins) and also whey protein. After almost one or two months using that supplements, I had another acne breakout.
  17. just when I'm in the clear, I break a sweat and the acne is back in full force. I wash my face before and after but it doesn't seem to help. What does everyone else do? I know I'm not the only one here that works out.
  18. Twosteps

    Moderate/intense Acne

    I've been using this forum for years to try and come up with ideas to combat acne. Wanted to keep a record of what I've tried and how much I think it worked. I'm a 23 year old male. This first part is going to be a informal “patient” history. My current theories are in the second part. I got my first zit at the end of 5th grade. I thought I had a bug bite on my nose and one of my friends told me it was a pimple. I asked my mom if it was a bug bite and over ten years later here I am. C
  19. So, I'm on month 2 of accutane, my dosage has gone up to 40mg (but I'm to alternate days between 20mg and 40mg if it gets too much). I'm trying to get a bit healthier, get in shape and things, but I find I'm really really sore the day after exercise, more so than i was before starting accutane. I know it's one of the side effects, but has anyone got any tips on how to relieve it a bit? Thanks.
  20. SooOverIt

    Acne.org Rookie

    Does anyone else feel like this? I really never thought I'd be posting here, but I'm near the end of my line. I've followed some of these posts sporadically throughout the years when needed (thank you to all, seriously) but am currently - now more than ever - in real need of support and understanding. The short synopsis of my acne story? I had clear skin up until sophomore year of high school. I'm now 5 years strong with moderate acne mainly on my forehead and around my nose and chin occasion
  21. ReneeAwen

    My FAQ's/About Me

    From the album: About Me

    My FAQ's (Last updated 03/21/18): Greetings strangers! *^Me *^You So... Let's just jump right into it, shall we? Time to say goodbye to "Regimen's" and live life to the best of your ability! ------------------- A lot of people have sent me messages since I joined this site at the age of 22. Many of the questions were similar, so I decided to gather my top frequently asked questions (FAQ's) here based on what people have asked me numerously, and what people are probably sti
  22. RJT623

    I'm New :)

    I am a 32 year old wife and mother of two. I work in healthcare administration. And I HATE that I am still plagued by acne. After years of stalking this website during my battle with acne, I finally decided to join. Here's a little bit about me and my struggle... I started getting mild acne around age 12...very typical of the age and I was convinced that I would grow out of it...my mother swore that I would. I used every remedy that was available at the local CVS to a pre-teen with nothi
  23. A damsel in Distress

    Still Looking Up :)

    My skin continues to do pretty well. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I don't pick at my skin, except for blackheads because they drive me crazy, but I'm trying to stop that because i know my skin will get better if I do. I'm exerciseing a lot and so far not much bacne besides the one or two spots. I had a big HUGE cyst on my chin this week tho..and I'm sorry to say I picked..but it hurt soo much and it was KILLING me! I HAD to get that crap out. But either way, its healing up now, theres ju
  24. Hello everyone I'm a 20 year old male and I'm in dire need of help. The inflammation you see in my photo has been there for atleast a year now. It's never gone completely away and right now it's at one of the worst points it's ever been at. I went to a dermatologist and was given benzacliln and amoxacillin and I found that the benzaclin, being a steroid, made it worse so I figured it may be Perioral dermatitis and it was making it worse. Absolutely NO IDEA what this is but the rest of my skin i
  25. Tomorrow's food/regimen will be (I have veeeeery limited food options for certain reasons...): On face: Lotion, makeup (I'll check which kind I use tomorrow)Breakfast: Wheat toast and peanut butter Apple Snack: Banana Lunch: Carrots Hummus Apples Snack: Raw almonds Dinner: Salad (non dairy dressing) Cooked vegetable of some type Wash face with Purity Cleanser, some Nivea lotion (keep it simple, no picking...which I already did tonight. Ugh.) Anyway, I'm t