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Found 22 results

  1. Well well well, here I am. Back again. Back in the early 00s this community gave me so much support. I thought I would come back and give an update. Back then I was known as "Guardedly Optimistic" now i'm "Guardedly Optimistic 2017" This is the thing, it's a journey. My skin is still very damaged; mostly visible under harsh over head lighting. But...and get this...I ended up pursuing my dream of being an actor and filmmaker! Yes, acne and scars and insecurities and all that crap was not goin
  2. I have always had oily acne prone skin and also with cystic acne. I have one scar in particular that bothers me more than any other and it's an ice pick and it's right on my cheek bone. I also have one on my nose that bothers me pretty bad. This past year I went to the dermatologist and he gave me spironolactone and tazorac. The spironolactone helped a lot with the cystic acne. He then had me do dermapen. I had 3 treatments before I realized I was blowing $200 everytime and it wasn't ever going
  3. I have this dilated pore on my forehead that has some pigmentation around it that i really want to get rid of. I have been covering it for 2 yrs and want it removed. From my research the only way to go is a punch excision. Anyone had anything similar or have any treatment suggestions? Any recommendations for any Dr's in London that may be able to help? Hoping to get my blemish free skin back...
  4. Hey guys, I am VERY self concious about my scars. I work in customer service, so i ALWAYS feel people are just looking at them. And it always makes me look down, and avoid at looking people in the eye. Its very disheartening to me. I had severe acne for 10 ish years. So I just wanted to know, what type of scars do you see? And what would you treatment do you think would be most beneficial? I went to a plastic surgereon and he recommended either Fillers, Excision, dermabrasion, or lasers. Wha
  5. Hi, Even though I have many other scar on my face , i am not bothered about others . I had reaction to tretenoin cream, may be i applied more , it created this big black nasty commedon type thing , it had happened to me earlier also in same area earlier , but at that time I was not able to figure out , so I had two big black comedons in same area , both of time I didn't went to doctor and used dermaroller over it. And the result is in attached file. Now after almost year i
  6. I have a small growing keloid on my earlobe... Do I have to get it excised or is it possible to get rid of it through injections?
  7. Hey everyone. After doing some research I've come to the conclusion that having a subcision treatment done would be the most effective for my scars. Not quite sure, but I think I have rolling scars. They aren't that severe, but definately not shallow. I've had fraxel, PDT, and C02 laser treatments done with minimal results other than the surface scarring. Has anyone on this forum had a subcision treatment done to the forehead, jawline, chin, temple, and upper nose areas? I know that's a
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a new member here, I had excision performed 4 days ago, I have 17 stitches on my both cheek. Just went back from follow up consultation with my plastic surgeon to see the progress of my excision. He said that everything look good and he will take the stitches out 3 days from now. If this turn out well, next month I'll have more excision, finger crossed!! But he said I don't need more excision cause the rest of scar too small and shallow, like a scare pores. I'll keep you guys
  9. Hello, so I have really bad scarring. I will post pictures as soon as I am able to. I have a mixture of rolling scars, boxcar and some ice pick scars. The ice picks don't really bug me. It's the boxcar scars and rolling scars that are literally driving me crazy! I am begging people to post your results good or bad with scar removal techniques you have either got done professionally or tried at home. I have noticed that once people get really great results they pretty much stop visiting the websi
  10. Hey friends! Haven't been on the site in a while but had a few questions I'd like to ask the community. I am wanting to pursue punch excision or just general excision for a handful of scars. I wanted to know about your experiences as well as possibly some doctors in the midwest. I've traveled to Chicago for a series of treatments of another type and won't go back. I know there is a specialist in Seattle (Dr. Philip Young) that seems enticing but if I can save some money by staying in the midwest
  11. I had an excision well over a month ago that I hoped would rid me of a hypertrophic scar between my eyes that was originally from a very persistent cyst. Unfortunately, I've been left with a hypertrophic scar not unlike the one I had in the first place, but this one is extremely red. My dermatologist/plastic surgeon has recommended the VBeam Perfecta Laser for it. I have done only cursory research on this treatment. While I do more research, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here and see if
  12. Hi guys, I'm in agony here! I got a massive cyst on my face more than 3 months ago. My dermatologist said it was too hard to drain and gave me a cortisone injection. It went down for about month, then came back and even spread a little. After a lot of home remedies and heat packing (none or which worked) I ended up going to get it surgically drained. The dermatologist made a small incision, squeezed it a lot, dug around with a scalpel and put a bandage on it. While she was able to get a lot
  13. Going to have excision soon... Has anyone had laser of any kind of their excision scar? I cannot really find any before and afters for this. Would be interested to see or know how much it can change or if it looks inconspicuous afterwards.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here has had excision or acne scar removal by Dr Philip Young? He's located in the Seattle area and seems to be fairly knowledgeable. I'm thinking about seeing him but I'm a long ways away and don't know if it's be worth making the trip or not. Thanks!
  15. I went to Dr. Nicole Schrader in Princeton for acne scar excision ($550). It was fast and almost painless. I was very pleased. She removed 4 scars that I have been in anguish over for years. I went about 6 months ago to Dr. Rappaport. He wanted to use different procedures to minimize. I had Infini (microneedling) OUCH!, and Fraxel and subscision. I only saw worse changes from these treatments. I never even went back to him for a follow up. It was a waste of money. ($1800) They numbed my
  16. I am Asian (23) studying in the Netherlands now. I did some research and want to get derma fillers (especially Bellafill)(oh i just read that its banned in Europe..:( ) or punch excision surgery for a depressed box scar on my face. I couldn't find any information about it in the Netherlands, only some plastic surgery clinics provide temporary fillers for treating scars. Any recommendations? (Belgium and Germany could also be on my list if necessary, but no UK since I need a visa for it)
  17. I had chicken pox last year and now have 15 holes on my face. I have done a lot of intensive research on excision as I have had restylane, C02, Non-ablative laser and although much improved, I can see I will always have a huge hole on my forehead which is always going to be visible in certain lighting. Hence, I really want to get this and another on my cheek just under my eye next to my nose, excised. I found this study http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2006/08/8127.html and many
  18. I'm new to this guys so I hope I'm posting this in the right place, and if I'm not I'm so sorry! I'm looking for any & all recommendations from those who've had good scar treatment results from doctors in NY or surrounding areas. After much research, I think the best bet for my deep boxcar scars is subscision and/or excision followed by fillers. I'm not opposed to looking at other things. But does anyone know of doctors who do this in the tri state area (ny, nj, ct). As a side quest
  19. Hi, I am a new member to Acne.org and would like to introduce myself. i am at young adult female living in the SW U.S., very out going, easy, laid back and grateful that i have few friends whom i hang out with that seem to dont mind my scars. I am looking for someone in the SouthWestern U.S. who has performed subcision successfully on deep box/pitted scars as well as rolling scars...mainly along my temples and cheeks to my jaw. Anyone who has had this done, are you satisfied with the re
  20. Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I've never had great skin, and am prone to cystic acne because of hormones. During my last pregnancy I got a cyst on my cheek that didn't go away. When it did it left an awful textured scar, the kind that looks awful under harsh lighting because of the edges. So, I went to a PS to excise the area (and two pitted scars next to the cyst scar) I hope documenting my journey will be helpful to others. I'm one week post-op now. I'm a bit concerned that the middle of
  21. As a result of accidentally knocking off three large pustules on my nose (while doing things like brushing my hair away or putting on my glasses) I've been graced with three horridly obvious scars on my nose. They are in a line; one icepick on the tip, and two moderately deep boxcars above them. The boxcars are also quite dark looking (pih?).They look horrendous and I need to get rid of them asap. My acne is under control now (thanks antibiotics), by the way. What options are available for